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Found 1 result

  1. (Yes, yes, mock away or whatnot. Just make sure to give genuine feedback as well) I started the night at rank 5 with 0 stars and ended the night at rank 7 with 3 stars. It's true there are some battles where I'd judge myself as not having pulled my weight, but there are some battles where I consider myself to have carried. Yet when I look at WoWs numbers, I cannot help but wonder exactly what I'm doing wrong, if anything. A 33.33% to 37.5% WR (managed to win on the 20th battle) is frankly atrocious and even bots can do better. Yet my average damage, while not exceptional, is still decently above average. Moreover, just yesterday I had a 7 battle session with Massachusetts and went 4-3 with 1633 PR and 72k average damage, so I thought I was getting the hang of Mass. and ranked. At this point I'm wondering: is it a bad streak or a case of something else (Mainly in Massachusetts as I've already finished the Vladivostok grind and only took it out for a few rounds out of frustration)? Am I just not good enough to rank out? (Summary screenshot provided to provide more info) Yes, I am frustrated, but I'd like to know first if it's something I'm doing wrong. All constructive feedback is welcome.