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Found 8 results

  1. Have an idea to improve the game? Got a favorite ship you would love to see in the game? Upcoming event you think we might benefit giving attention to? No such thing as bad ideas, just keep 'em classy!
  2. The last update of the upcoming cv rework says they will be removing all the "odd tier" cvs; 5, 7, and 9 of both the USN and IJN. They offer "credit and freexp" as "refunds." Anybody else agree that this does not seem to have ever happened before? The removal of entire vehicles from the game. The compensation offers nothing to consider not only the time and effort expended in the past, but also the inability to use these ships in the future. And what about all the hours spent grinding on these lines? We don't get that back. Something more needs to be offered if this is really going to happen. Nothing will really make it ok, but how about at least some doubloon compensation. If tier 5, 7, 9 ships are assigned average premium values of say 5k, 7k, 9k, it woukd at least take some of the sting out of losing our babies. Maybe give us cv players a little sign that you actually care about us. And how about compensating all the hours that we played on thise ships, much of it premium time, now lost in the proverbial toilet... I have over 1200 battles in cv, and win or lose I enjoyed every one of them. Now thinking about it just makes me salty af. So much time wasted carefully considering tactics and honing skills just to have one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life stripped away to be replaced with worthless creds and xp. We don't want creds and xp. We want our ships. We play the game to get ships. We buy doubloons get portslot, to get ships. Wg seems like they listen to the whiney crowd, I get it, bexause they have to. Now I am the whiner. Listen to me now. Chime in if you agree/disagree. Not gonna just sit here and take it because some squeaky wheels are too fing lazy to figure out how to play a ship with planes in the air. I play all classes and have never had an issue with cvs, whether dealing damage as one, or being dealt damage by one. It's not right to take away ships.
  3. Pigeon_of_War

    Soon, there will be Haida

    Hey Captains! Soon you will have the opportunity to acquire one of the most venerated ships in Canada, HMCS Haida. I recall last year receiving LOTS of feedback to get this ship into the game, in this sub-section of the forum particularly. @LittleWhiteMouse in particular was was extremely vocal about this ship. Thanks to talking to lots of colleagues at the development studio in St. Petersburg, lots of patience from @Ev1n_NA , and a lot of hard work from our historical research team, the ship will soon be in the game. It was an interesting journey to help make this ship happen, and I hope you all enjoy it when it does arrive!
  4. Malarkey_


    Is there currently any option to submit feedback outside of the 'support ticket'? I just don't get any support from them and more often than not they say 'it's being worked on" or something else to close my ticket.
  5. the dispersion of the 2 ships main gun firing has been annoying me lately since the real thing was way better and should be buffed to reflect as such. This is after having played both Yamamoto and Montana/Iowa to compare myself, Yamamoto seems to have better dispersion. Although Dispersion is based on the fire control capabilities and Iowa and by extension Montana (had it been built) would have far outclassed Yamamoto, yet this is not reflected in-game and it bugs me. My sources to give ample reason: https://nationalinterest.org/blog/the-buzz/the-ultimate-battleship-battle-japans-yamato-vs-americas-13737?page=0%2C1 http://www.combinedfleet.com/baddest.htm info provided is based off of a author who put way more time into researching this than me, and i found it to be a decent read.
  6. It would be good if the new special commanders have their own voices. For example: the dolphin could sound like a dolphin. Queen Bee should at least sound female but it would be nice if they added a buzzing quality etc. This is a chance for the developers to immortalise themselves in the game and add voiceover actor to their resume. Needless to say I added a poll.
  7. Hello Captains! As a follow up to the last Weekly Thought, what games did you see at E3 2018 that struck your interest, and why? For me personally, it was DaemonXMachnia, Smash Brothers Ultimate (You are not ready for my Ganondorf or Captain Falcon), and plenty of others. I want to hear your thoughts, and Please keep this constructive and no advertisement of said games (As in, "you should all go play this for X reason!" That will get deleted.)
  8. Doomwaffel

    Frustrated Des Moines player

    I played the US and IJN line of cruisers since I began playing and focussed on them, but even after getting close to a Lv19 cap on the Des Moines it just never stops beeing frustrating and somewhat of an unfullfilling gameplay. It just doesnt feel good most of the time, partially because I just dont get the design/ intended idea behind her but also because you always have to be on the defense - You get surprised by something you die. But maybeI just drove myself into a corner and have to look at it in a different way so maybe you guys can give me some feedback and your impressions on this ship. The DM has a rather short range for a T10 ship, but its sayd that the guns make up for it. > This builds the idea of a close combat brawler, so you would expect a ship that excels at close combat. The DM has one of the biggest citadels in the game and is really squishy overall > So NOT a brawler ? The DM has no defensive options or deturrents > No smoke, no torps, It has the radar so it can fight DDs in close combat, IF no other ship is around. Again, the radar gives you the idea that you should go 1st and smoke that DD out, but that usually only leads to a short match and a quick death for you. + Other Cruiser DO have these options and protected cit, so your gun advantage doesnt even do that much unless they show broadside (in which case most of them can shoot torps at you) If you build a Cruiser that is all about guns, you would expect a citadel machine, but overall you get better results with high velocity/accurate guns like the Moskva, which can citadel even BBs across the map. While we are at it, lets compare the DM to the Moskva: the Moskva shoots rather fast as well, has more pen power, is way more accurate, even has pretty good AA. It has 15k HP more, partially better armor AND even the radar though a different one. It also has a giant citadel like the DM, but it can fire effectively from afar. The biggest downside of course is the giant spotting range of the Moskva. So we have a ship that has close to no combat options (boring) dies easily (frustrating) and excels only in 3 things: A) Staying behind a rock/fleet and shoot from cover with short ranged guns that barely hit moving targets anyway past ~13km B) AA - which is cool once you get to use it C) Kill DDs if you get close enough and without any enemys around In combination with the good concealment you only have 2 options: The rock spamming or trying to get close to the flank of a ship and start surprise shooting him and HOPE that you kill him fast enough before he turns onto you. :( With the new upgrades WG had an idea and gave us the option to be more mobile while removing the range upgrade. Which is a good thought, now it needs more tankyness too and you can actually move away from that rock. I will play the DM until the cpt is done but right now I am very frustrated with her. Let me hear your thoughts and impressions. thanks