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Found 1 result

  1. So I've been meaning to bring this up for awhile; given that Wargaming recently purchased Fractured Space's developer: https://www.pcgamer.com/fractured-space-developer-edge-case-games-joins-wargamings-new-mmo-team/ While WGing does not OWN Fractured Space, they do have access to the same ideas and talent brought in (and is why this is NOT promoting another product). And I really liked Fractured Space and many did also, and the reasons it ran into problems are TOTALLY different from what WoWs is. So, to those that played it, what features in Fractured Space/Modes/methods/concepts would you like to see here? As WoWs is much closer in similar gameplay than WoT's is to Fractured Space. Personally, I'd like the the armor facing system to be transposed. In Fractured Space, your armor degraded with damage, and the more damage it took, the more damage you took, until it was totally degraded and you received massive damage. To mitigate that, you could change facing, in the case of a space game, you had 6 faces, top, bottom, port and starboard, bow and stern. Within each you had zones (similar to how WoWs breaks up your ship into 3 zones now), so that if you break the forward port armor, the rear port armor is still sorta okay) you could change facing to shift fire from one armor section to another to reduce damage, and armor passively regenerated over time (when it was not taking damage). In this game you could have 5: deck, bow, stern, port and starboard. I think this would be superior to the current armor system that is largely based on angling, and instead make it more about movement; taking too much damage on your port, shift sides and let your port side repair while you starboard takes the damage. I think this would work better for 2 main reasons: 1) It encourages movement and punishes bowtanking/camping gameplay (as if you keep taking damage in that 1 spot damage increases, not decreases as damage saturation works now) and 2) It gives a meaningful way for ships like DD's or CL's to compete against BB guns by having weak, but fast regenerating armor facings that work in favor to their more dancy gameplay style. There are other features WGing can leverage from their new acquisition as well but I wonder if anyone else sees possibilities.