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Found 4 results

  1. admiralsexybeast

    FDR or Shikishima?

    So, as someone who has been a BB main since the beginning and also despises CVs, especially in competitive settings, I really can't believe that I'm contemplating this choice either. However, I'm mainly looking objectively at their potential in CB and ranked battles. When it comes to competitive modes, I'm more of a play to win than a play to have fun type of player. That being the case I tend to go for ships that trend well in those modes rather than what my "personal taste" wants. Also, I'm not a great CV player, however, I'm attracted to FDR because it seems to require very minimal skill and knowledge. I base this theory off my observations of it in game, as well as knowing that it has a massive number of planes in each squad and the HP of those planes is insane. Basically it appears that FDR can penetrate any AA bubble no matter how strong and get of 2 or more drops before having to break off due to the sheer number of planes and the HP they have compared to other T10 CVs. A clanmate of mine ran her and had great success at affecting the outcome of the game despite having little CV experience. It seems FDR's ability to affect the tide of the battle is borderline OP, especially in CBs and ranked, which is why I'm considering her over Shikishima. Now, as a BB main, Shikishima is more attractive to me on the surface by a longshot. However, from an objective standpoint, I really don't see her having nearly as much of a direct impact on the game compared to the FDR. I would really love having a Yamato hull with those huge guns, good aa, and secondaries. However, outside of those 3 things, she really doesn't have anything else going for her that Yamato doesn't already cover. Also, Yamato is one of my lesser liked t10 BBs, as I really don't like her lack of versatility compared to other t10 BBs. Since Shikishima plays more or less the same as Yamato, I really don't see myself enjoying her as much as I've enjoyed other T10 premium BBs like Bourgogne, Ohio, and Thunderer. In closing, my natural instinct as a BB main is to get Shikishima. She is within the class I play the most and perform the best in. Also, even though she will likely never be among my favorite BBs to play, I know I could still do well with her and not feel that I made a bad steel purchase. On the other hand, if FDR is really as game breaking and noob friendly as she appears to be, I think she could serve me well in competitive settings. As I said her planes appear to be literal juggernauts that charge in and do massive damage no matter how intense the AA fire and typically have plenty of HP to spare for a follow up attack or 2 before having to break off. Which one would you all get?
  2. Litigo_1970

    This CV [edited] HAS to stop

    /Rant on Decided to play some tier 4 for the 5 Epochs campaign. 4 CV game after 4 CV game after 4 CV game. Unbelievably frustrating. Most t4 ships have effectively ZERO AA. Even your own CV can't drop fighters to help you at that level, so you are literally just a floating target barge with no defense or counterplay. NOT FUN. I got so frustrated I gave up on the low tiers. Figured I would take out an AA boat and at least have some defense. Dusted off Gearing and loaded her up with a 19 point AA specced captain, AA equipment, AA flags, and Defensive AA. First game, the enemy Midway hits me in the first 30 seconds. I was maneuvering, had priority AA sector up correctly, Defensive AA up, AA flags, AA equipment, AA 19 point captain, and all of that AA did exactly NOTHING. The enemy CV took more than half my hps in one strike, within the first 30 seconds of the game. For a DD that can't heal, losing more than half your HP in the first 30 seconds, with no defense, is just [edited]. WG, the CV rework FAILED. CVs are BROKEN. STOP adding MORE overpowered CVs (FDR, MvR, I'm looking at you) and FIX WHAT IS BROKEN before you lose your entire playerbase. /Rant off
  3. Clan Battles Season 11 have begun and Boggzy needs to know about the two new Tier X CV's and how they shape the meta! Who better to help out than a guy who plays carriers with a laptop trackpad? Trackpad, also known as "JustDodge" joins him to go over the finer points between the two. 00:00 - Intro 04:29 - Hello, Trackpad 07:10 - MvR, General Impressions 13:41 - FDR, General Impressions 20:20 - Competitive Formats (CB) 22:40 - vs. Petro 26:15 - FDR the "Flying Battleship" 27:55 - What about Hakuryu? 29:40 - The Return of the DD? Anchor: https://anchor.fm/the-new-guys/episodes/Episode-054-FDR-vs-MVR-w-Trackpad-el2gf5 YouTube:
  4. Felipe_1982

    FDR embargo has fallen?

    Hello, FDR has her embargo fall? Richtofen too? I know Richtofen will hit our shores on 08/05/2020... But already? I see ST doing matchs today...