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Found 4 results

  1. admiralsexybeast

    FDR or Ragnar?

    I'm really not sure which one I would prefer. I currently have enough steel to get Ragnar, but I'm about 4k short of being able to get FDR. This will be my 6th steel ship as I already have Bourgogne "my favorite," Stalingrad, Shikishima, Incomparable, and Mecklenburg. Both of these are my B tier picks and the last 2 current steel ships I'd be willing to spend steel on. I'm not interested in Plymouth, Austin, or Vallejo as CLs just aren't my thing. I'm a noob at CVs, but FDR intrigues me with the sheer amount of plane HP and the large amount of ordinance she drops. If I practiced with her, I think she would be an asset in ranked and especially CBs against BBs and camping CAs. The thing that interests me in Ragnar is that she has such a large gun caliber for a DD, she chews up other DDs in a 1v1 more often than not, and the fact that she citadels most CAs. I think for those reasons, she would also be an asset in competitive. I do believe that it would be easier for me to master Ragnar more quickly as I have substantially more DD experience that I do with CVs. However, as far as being a unique experience, I think they are equally valuable in their own ways. Any thoughts or feedback is greatly appreciated!
  2. my Idea is that WG change the Hull FDR to version 1950 and ADD tactics Planes as has the Hornet. the FDR is actuallity Clone of Midway, Sure the FDR looks Beast with new Upgrade Hull 50s.
  3. Clan Battles Season 11 have begun and Boggzy needs to know about the two new Tier X CV's and how they shape the meta! Who better to help out than a guy who plays carriers with a laptop trackpad? Trackpad, also known as "JustDodge" joins him to go over the finer points between the two. 00:00 - Intro 04:29 - Hello, Trackpad 07:10 - MvR, General Impressions 13:41 - FDR, General Impressions 20:20 - Competitive Formats (CB) 22:40 - vs. Petro 26:15 - FDR the "Flying Battleship" 27:55 - What about Hakuryu? 29:40 - The Return of the DD? Anchor: https://anchor.fm/the-new-guys/episodes/Episode-054-FDR-vs-MVR-w-Trackpad-el2gf5 YouTube:
  4. Felipe_1982

    FDR embargo has fallen?

    Hello, FDR has her embargo fall? Richtofen too? I know Richtofen will hit our shores on 08/05/2020... But already? I see ST doing matchs today...