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Found 3 results

  1. Even after the reload buff this ship has no role or purpose. I despise this thing. And don't give that "oh you're just not playing it right" [edited]. Any ship can made "good" by shear circumstance. It cant brawl (turning radius and vulnerability to torps), it can't BARELY even engage in medium range fire fights because of its gold awful dispersion, and its armor scheme allows 20k salvos even with good angling, turtleback be damned. You combine all of this with a massive bloated ship with mediocre AA and you have the most hated BB in the game. To add insult to injury, all other BBs had their Cits lowered so the relevancy of turtleback armor is now near useless. WG. Buff. This. Ships. Dispersion.
  2. A bit long, but the Hood review seemed popular: Feel free to disagree... enjoy or dont enjoy Other mehbote reviews: Myogi Monarch Hood
  3. richie_macrophage

    FDG - Worth keeping in port anymore?

    Right now I have the FDG in port (Haven't reached Grosser Kurfurst yet). But I wonder, is it worth it to use it right now? For me the Grosser Kurfurst feels powercreeped, having good secondaries at tier 9 really doesn't seem to be a big pro. Meanwhile, it has massive detection, superstructure, poor arcs, armor, etc. Is it better that I just sell it, or keep going on? Is Grosser Kurfurst also worth it for tier 10 at all? I feel like the Montana is better, a ship I already have, since it's more flexible. Or something like the Republique or Conqueror would be ships that would be better to work towards