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Found 4 results

  1. Today i was watching a community contributor opening santa boxes on a youtube video. He got very excited to receive a couple ships i have myself that are apparently very rare. So my question to all you, which of the no longer widely available ships do you have in your port that is your favorite? What makes it so special to you? I personally love to play the Belfast. It is such a powerful ship despite the lack of a torpedo armament. The fact you have smoke, radar and acoustic search allows you to pop smoke, spot DDs and their torpedoes, plus its got the ability to melt down higher tier battleships. There are some secondaries too. I wonder if a secondary build would be viable? Currently im running a multi purpose credit grinding set up using both inertial fuse and demo expert. And occasionally ill throw my other brit captains in the Belfast. Id like to hear if anyone has this ship too and how they use it.
  2. Just curious to see what ships have really stuck with players over time, and new favorites as well. For me > Yoshino Helena SMOL Bayern Shima Honorable mentions aki,kiti,gumo I expected the Grozovoi to be the end- all be-all ship for me but I think it literally outperforms my current abilities... plus consumables all out of order :,)
  3. Firestartergold1

    Favorite Country

    Just comment your favorite country. I personally really like the subs from the Halloween event and their fictional country.
  4. As some of you may know, I only play 1 ship and that one ship is ~(You know)... But I am curious why I see all these players in game that have their name after a ship like "ShimakazeXx1" (I just typed that in, not calling anyone out). But then I see them playing a multitude of different ships that are not their namesake. Does that make you feel weird because you are not keeping true to your name, or is the purpose of it to honor and remember the ship?