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Found 37 results

  1. Am now at the mid-tier USN dds Farragut-Benson with a scary battle or two in the Gearing with my clanmates. My win rate is going up but my battle damage is going down. I find myself doing more things to help the team (like providing smoke screens and using my long range torps as area denial) and less time being a sneaky dd driver. I also seem to be dying later in the game a lot more than I'm comfortable with (usually circling back to defend a Cap or trying to help out a cruiser who's gotten themselves in a fix). I understand that historically, this was the role of these ships. they were fleet dds. It doesn't mean that they play that role in WOWs. There has to be a balance between defending teammates and attacking targets. I'm wondering if I'm being too cautious with my gameplay, especially in light of better CV play and radar cruisers. Team wins are nice but on a personal level, I like it when I'm near the top of the list with damage. I would ask if anyone would like to join me in a training room in a pure dd on dd Tier VII battle to help me improve my gameplay on attacking red dds. Then, I'd like to take on some radar cruisers in the training room in order to practice how to hide from those guys. Anyone game to help make a WOWs player better?
  2. What is the best strategy to defeat a Farragut (or other Tier VI gunboat dd) with the Nicholas? I have both, so I've picked on my fair share of Nick captains in the past. I've been seeing more Tier VI gunboats in games with my Nicholas lately and I haven't found a good way to confront them. I've tried ambushing from behind islands (too smart to fall for it), gunning from smoke (they torp spam my smoke and push me out of it). My last game, there was a Farragut, and when she capped, I would reverse the cap when she left. We eventually won the game, but that darned Farragut basically pushed us around the map and was still alive at the end of the game. Is that the answer, avoid a cap fight if a higher tiered dd gunboat is in it? Sometimes in a game, you have to wrestle a cap or two back from the red team or you lose on points. On another thought, what combat flags do you guys use on your Tier V-VII USN dds? Is Sierra Mike useful (they are already fast)? How about Juliet Whiskey, Victor Lima, and/or India Xray?
  3. Currently, I have my highest point captain in my Clemson (16) My Farragut captain (11) isn't that far behind, but it feels like it takes much longer to get each point with him. Should I just switch captains (I'll take the $$ hit that it takes to keep each of them at the same skill level)? Captain's skills at higher level ships tend to count for more than at the lower tiers. The only reason that I haven't done it yet is more psychological than tactical. I hate to diminish my success in the Clemson because she's my "go to" ship when I need to get a win after playing higher tiers or different lines and getting pummeled. I love the Farragut's game play, but at Tier VI, she has many enemies (radar, hydro, planes). It makes for intense game play. At the end of a long day at work, there are some nights that I just want to play WOWs and not be the tactician. I just want to shoot stuff. So, can I still be a seal clubber in the Clemson with an 11 pt captain? If so, what so you suggest as Captain's skills? If I keep them the way that they are, how do I speed up my Farragut captain's skills? Lots of Coop battles maybe?
  4. Now that I have Tier VI dds, new dangers await me. Specifically, how do I tell if I've been spotted by radar or hydro and how can I tell which ship it is? I've been watching UrPeacekeeper videos, but I can't figure out how he knows when he's spotted. Thanks in advance.
  5. Got my MOJO back in the Clemson (thanks all for the help) and tonight I have my very first 15 point Captain of the game (whoop, whoop!). She's a beast, but I'm thinking that those points would be better served in a higher tiered ship. Here's what I have right now: Ship Captain's Points Comments Clemson 15 A beast of a ship now. My go-to when I need a good game Nicholas 11 My least favorite of my USN dds. I probably haven't given here enough of a shot (I did grind to an 11 pt, but used Free Experience to get there) Farragut 6 Newish to this ship. I am enjoying playing her but I do feel overmatched in Random play Here's my questions: 1)should I put my 15 pt captain in the Farragut? If I do, what mix of captain's skills makes sense now that AA is more of an issue?, 2) If I want to keep my 15 pt captain in the Clemson, how about switching the Nicks captain with the Farragut's? Same question as before but with an 11 pt captain, 3) In general, do you guys tend to have your highest point captains in your highest tiered ships? My highest tiered IJN captain is in my highest tiered ship (Fabuki) and I'm enjoying her a bunch. I'm having a little trouble giving up my Clemson captain now that I feel comfortable.
  6. Is it just me, or are you guys playing Tier V and VI dds getting harassed more by air power lately? It seems like the opposing team tries to take us out early. Any suggestions as to how to counter this? I've tried swinging wide, but that takes me out of the fight for too long. I may survive, but I don't help the team much. I've smoked up and turned my AA off, but burning off a smoke to counter planes means then I don't have the smoke when the cruiser comes around the island and nails me later on in the game. My captains in my Tier V-VI boats (USN and IJN) are in the 8-12 pt range, so I don't have the flexibility to configure them to be stronger AA ships. Any suggestions as to how to counter the air threat would be appreciated. Also, is there a way in the training room to set it up so that I can practice dodging air launch torps?
  7. Greetings fellow ship enthusiasts! When reading the notes for the update, I saw mention of a new premium, USS Monaghan. I can only assume this is DD-354, a Farragut-class destroyer with a celebrated war career, firing some of the first shots of the Pacific War at Pearl Harbor. However, she and another of her sisters, USS Hull, would meet their end in Typhoon Cobra, December 18, 1944. She capsized after running out of fuel, and took all but six of her crew of 100 with her. Well, according to official records. According to the book Halsey's Typhoon by Bob Drury and Tom Clavin, there was a seventh survivor of the loss of Monaghan: Radar Maintenance Technician Keith Abbott. Abbott transferred to Monaghan at the last minute, and according to the book, his papers got bungled up in the Navy bureaucratic machine. Hence the term "ghost sailor", as he was not "officially" assigned to the destroyer at the time. On the subject of Typhoon Cobra, there are other books out there, one by Bruce Henderson that allegedly debunks Abbott's tale. I have only read Drury and Clavin's account, so I do not know the details. If anyone out there has read the book Down to the Sea and knows about this, I'm interested to hear Henderson's claim. Otherwise, just a fun fact for the masses about a ferocious storm and the three destroyers and 790 men it took in its fury.
  8. So use your speedboost XD
  9. I think the screenshots say it all... A battle won by 17 points and 63 hitpoints. If I had any other skill aside from it at tier III, I'd be dead. Needless to say, the enemy team wasn't terribly pleased (Their total hit pool at the end of the game was 53479, or approximately 848.87x more than us). Unfortunately, I don't have the replay, which would show firstly a horribly embarrassing failure of torpedobeats (Went into a full spread from their Fubuki, ate a torp)... but then later some pretty sweet shell-beats. By far Farragut's biggest weakness is that tiny health pool of 11500 HP... SE is a huge help! More worth it than BFT, and I think better than SI as well... *Also, yes, I am only just starting out my ranked season. I haven't had much of a chance to play for the last month or so...
  10. C hull?

    Im currently playing my Farragut and almost every match there is at least a CV, if not two per team. Wich means lots of planesboth spoting and atacking me. Its worth to use the C hull and DF? Its worth to lose one gun and EB? The same question for other DDs in the USN line.
  11. Three Farragut Builds

    With the re-spec/re-train discount and all the talk about Tier 6 Ranked, I decided to play with different Farragut builds. The following are just my ideas and what works for me. Your mileage will vary. Random: http://shipcomrade.com/captcalc/0100000000000001000011110000000119 First two rows self-explanatory, as is Superintendent. BFT cuz killing red DDs always good.Vigilance cuz adding 25% to detection range helps you and your teammates, increasing your available reaction time. And Demo Expert because raising your fire chance per shell from 5% to 7% is a 40% increase. Try it... you'll like it! Competitive Build: http://shipcomrade.com/captcalc/0100000000000001010011010000000119 Almost the same except Survivability Expert in place of Demo Expert. You're not supposed to be setting capital ships on fire. You're supposed to be spotting and smoking for the team, and you can't do that if you're dead. Also helps in DD vs. DD battles. Ranked Build: http://shipcomrade.com/captcalc/0100000000000011010001000000001119 I found Radio Location (aka RPF) very useful in the last Ranked season. It provides additional info for you and your teammates. Now it's not as helpful with short-range 6.4km torps IMO, but with 7 vs. 7 knowing which direction the enemy is coming from so you can get in that first salvo makes a big difference.
  12. A while back, you all challenged me and I accepted. After talking about RPF, you had noticed it had been a while since I last played DDs heavily. Based on that, I said I would start playing them more in order to understand your plight.This is the start. I grinded through both the Farragut and Mahan, both during a time of heavy change in DDs. With that, I am going to give you the results of my findings on both ships, and what I think are the strengths and the weaknesses. At least as far as my own play style is concerned. I'll be sure to report back after I grind the Benson as well.Let's discuss!
  13. I just ran about 8 battles in my Farragut with one of my favorite division mates. We always manage to pull off some really good games, not really in terms of damage, but just plain team play. I wanted to get a battle in before we divisioned up so I took my Farragut out for a quick little spin. I got a blind-torp kill on a quite oblivious enemy DD and then proceeded to go around the ENTIRE map of Rings and cap not 2, but three capture circles, 2 of which I did by my lonesome. I love this ship, and I would 9/10 recommend her to anyone wanting a good ship at tier 6. She can certainly punch above her weight, seeing as I am pulling in consistent 50-80k dmg games at Tier 7 and 8. Anyways, just thought I would put this out there. For all of those who get the joke in the title. I thank you. Du bist klug!
  14. Hello all! I have recently gotten my Farragut and absolutely love it. The 5 guns (I really don't feel like going with Hull C, I like the 5 turrets too much) and the 6.4km torpedoes fit my play-style very well. Up-close and personal. The torps are quite nice to have after being stuck with the 54 knt, 5.5km torps of the Nicholas and the extra .9km feels a lot larger than it actually is. That is not a bad thing though. The guns are very fun for picking on battleships from inside smoke and I have smoked an Ognevoi in a direct gunfight, which was quite the feeling of success I can assure you. I was wondering what the best captain build that you guys found was. Best strategy for torp runs? General thoughts on the ships? Thanks for the help folks! - Shield
  15. The handling, the guns, the tight torps, the small size... So god damn good. Encounters a Fubuki at Point A, beat it into submission before its smoke screen finishes emitting. Quickly re locate to cap B. Then proceed to burn down a Nagao shooting over an island... beautiful, just beautiful. Stock configuration, only with guns, 33000 dmg, 1 kill, no brain required only need to hold down M1. Should I abandon my IJN DD waifus and go with glorious USN master race? Moderated by Volier_Zcit
  16. Greetings, I'm sucking very badly with this ship, I just can't click on how to play it. First tried as a Nick-like dogfighter but I feel her too fat on the wheel to reliably dodge torps at short range, too slow to run away, too big to avoid being hit at close range or trying to go black. I just lack the survability to go close range, I don't know if it is I've the bad luck of constantly running into people that knows how to shoot, but anything closer than 8 km and I'm taking a truckload of damage. Next tried a more "russian" approach to it, but I've found I'm not the rainbow kind of person, At 10km+ I can't reliably hit anything but BBs, and the shells have a high chance of just doing no dmg at all, also fires are very unreliable (not running DE). Unless I use torps, I find it hard to do more than 10-15k dmg on guns alone. Some tips would be great, thank you.
  17. Done for the weekend.

    Done for the weekend. Burnt out by the grind, frustrated at my own moronic inability not to become salty, and just plain tired. Finished the Arpeggio Challenge unexpectedly Saturday night, (didn't realize how close I was,) and finished level ten of Science of Victory just today. Used many different ships for both, but did the home stretch in Missouri, Benson, Farragut, Independence, and Ryujo, with just a touch of Warspite and Bayern, Admittedly, my choice of ships across both events was influenced by needing Tier 6 and up ships to accumulate base xp for the Arpeggio event. Despite the fact I used both of them to burn through the events that much faster, two ships in particular were the greatest source of frustration. How poorly I did in them; despite not being all that bad in the types; only served to reinforce the dislike I feel for higher tiered games. Yeah, I don't have many games in those ships, but I still think I should have done better in them... In the end; it probably comes down to my expecting high tier games to be pointless exercises in futility, (an unfortunate legacy of bitterness resulting from my getting into such games way before I should have,) and that negative attitude becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy. Though a thoughtful poster on another thread of mine gave me advice on how to deal with Honorable Service, I'm still not sure I'm going to bother with it beyond the token single mission I've already completed.
  18. I have a buttload of credits burning a hole in my pocket and am thinking of upgrading to the Mahan today. From the stats on wiki there appears to be little difference between the two. Is it worth getting or could I use those credits elsewhere? I actually prefer the Russkie DDs to the US ones because of the latter's girlie rainbow arc guns.
  19. USN DDs Farragut and Benson In Ranked.

    So - as a fairly new WOWS player - season 5 of ranked is the first one I had an opportunity to play. I enjoyed it - but it didn't stick. By the time I got to Rank 12, it had pretty much run its course for me. There is repetition in random, of course - but I found ranked to be very repetitive. The same ships, same objectives and the same meta - over and over again. Anyway - that was my mileage - everyone's will vary, for sure! I began the T6 section trying out a few cruisers - but, as I play mainly DDs, I soon had my 17 point Benson commander aboard the Farragut - and he ran through the low ranks (not sure we lost a star after I went with Farragut). I believe this was the last game of the T6 ships - a bit of play using Farragut as pure gunboat. By the end, I was feeling bad for the Fuso skipper - that must have felt like a long match! When I made the jump to the T8 portion, it seemed natural to post the Benson commander back aboard his vessel - and stick with the USN DD. I had success - but the games were tougher, more team dependent - and my skill level is not high enough to carry game after game. After gaining a few ranks - I could see how long the grind ahead of me was going to be - and I traded it in for the variety of random and my port. This was one of my last games in ranked - with the Benson turning in a pretty balanced performance. Hope you enjoy them!
  20. Farragut OP Plz Nerf

    Just decided to upload this. A game I had no idea was about to happen; a game that made me fall in love with the USN line. Although I had to sell you Farragut, you will live on as the Benson. I'll buy you back someday too. This game was a defeat; we ran out of time; the enemy won on points. On the other hand, if there had been more time, I might've been able to break the 200k mark by killing their last remaining bb. 200k mark in what? Damage, credits? Check below. TL;DR FARRAGUT OP; PLZ NERF
  21. With Tier 6 ships being used in League 4 of the new season of Ranked Battles I knew the Farragut would be my ship of choice. Like many I prefer the 5 guns of the B hull versus the 4 guns of the C hull - with no other advantage than upgraded AA I see no reason to go with the C and lose a gun. Several months ago I was bitten by the historic skins bug and my res_mods folder is full of the fantastic work by Tanz, AwolFreedom, Stig and countless others. Unfortunately the lowly Farragut has not gotten much love from these talented artists, particularly the B hull. I was able to find a very nice skin by Nappelcommander which I used for some time but being a nitpicker I wanted to make some tweaks, particularly not making it look like such a rustbucket which was a carryover from the original Wargaming art. I ended up re-doing it completely but owe him a debt of gratitude as I did use his skin as a guide. My skin is as close to historically accurate as I have the patience to do - it depicts Farragut in Measure 31, Design 7D. While Farragut did not wear these colors until after she was upgraded to C hull standard the original design depicts her in the 5 gun configuration so it's just bending the truth slightly. The front 5" guns use the same artwork, while the real ship had the two turrets painted slightly differently this cannot be overcome in the game. Bear in mind the Mahan shares this same artwork so installing this file will affect Mahan's guns as well. I hope you enjoy this ship - I think it looks very sharp and I know I'll like seeing it in Ranked this weekend! Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?rycn3wpwnyyd7vg Reference Photos:
  22. I'm liking the Farragut

    So Finally urged myself to purchase the Farragut and I can say I'm quite happy with her. Her guns are decent (well for USN standards) the extra turret is nice, she has a decent range and detection running at 12.6km (have yet to get AFT) and that 11.4km detection while firing is nice. Her torpedoes are decent, have yet to upgrade them but that will come eventually First actual match in her . Yeah 3k base XP in a stock Farragut with a retraining captain (so no LS, SA, Superintendent the works), also had the AA module for some stupid reason in the second slot, was quite a fun first match
  23. Start out the day joyously with four straight losses in my Farragut... Okay; screw that; leave and go to breakfast and to renew my license plate at the DMV. Okay; all better now. Four straight losses in Farragut... Then finally a win. Not a good showing. 2 good games, (including the win,) three so-so games, and four 'what the flip was I doing' games. (Grinding my teeth now...) OH-KAY... Captain is training across various ships, trying to get 16th skill point. Put him in Atlanta. How much worse could that possibly be? Immediate win, pretty good one too, at least by my standards. Feeling better now. Switch to Marblehead. Another good game and a win. Switch to the last of the training ships, Indianapolis. Two terrible games, (10k+ danage? Come on self, you can do batter than that...) So, I did better. I will concede though; the Furutaka was a straight up citadel kill, The Nagato was a 'Enemy battleship sunk!' that happened THE VERY INSTANT I rammed the Fuso, which was clearly still alive after the ram, thus confusing me tremendously, (he received a 'Die Hard,' but later sank from flooding.) I wouldn't know until looking at the score page later that my secondaries apparently hit the Nagato ONCE, set him on fire, and he burned up and sank. I really had no idea the ship was even that close, all I could see in my tunnel-visioned death-ride was the Furutaka and the Fuso. Yay! 90k damage! Good game for me! My best stress relief this evening was actually in a loss, but I got to do something, (with help,) that I've always wanted to do. SINK a Tirpitz with my New Mexico. Not a particularly spectacular game, only 40k+ damage, but like I said. Battle on 2B. A Colorado and Cleveland call for help from NW map area, so I have the Orator whip up 'BATTLE SPEED!' like it's Ben Hur or something, and rush over as quickly as I can. (Despite that decision being based on what looked like a stable situation, somehow everytthing fell completely apart in the next few minutes.) Tirpitz finished the Colorado off, then the Cleveland, then he turned his sights on the 'poor little New Mexico.' Fire exchanged as we closed, I believed I had the upper hand in that; then I remembered the torps. I was far enough away fro an evade, but saw I was hemmed in by an island, and so decided to try to stay bow on was my best bet. More fire exchanged, the Tirp finally broke into a turn, so I cut in to either comb the torps, or ram if I survived. The torp pattern precluded continuing the ram course, but one missed, or didn't arm, and I took three on the belt, AND DIDN'T FLOOD! By that time secondaries were flying everywhere, and I noticed vaguely that somehow a mob of red destroyers were in our cap; it didn't matter though, I was now cutting hard trying to get my main battery guns back on the Tirpitz to shoot one more time before I figured he'd fire and finish me off... "COME ON! COME ON! IS FOUR TORPS ALL YA' GOT?!?" (I didn't know until later he only hit with three.) Aiming outside binocular mode so I could better see what was going on, each main battery fired as it lined up, and just after the after-most turret fired i got the glorious message 'ENEMY BATTLESHIP DESTROYED!' YAHOO! Finally beat a Tirpitz in my New Mexico! Even if it was with help! That poor Tirpitz driver probably thought a new Mexico would be a piece of cake, especially when he 'stupidly' got close, and if I'd been smarter I'd have stayed away from him, even if New Mex is a torp troll-beast, but for a game ending in defeat, it was a glorious way to go out. (One of the DDs mobbing the cap finished me off with shell-fire, and apparently at some point an ally hit me for 2k+ damage... I never noticed...)
  24. Hi guys. I sent in a game replay to steelreserv and he posted a nice video about it - I thoroughly enjoyed the commentary. Thought I'd share since this is one of my highest base experience games to date.
  25. Stealth Torping in a Farragut

    I wish I had a replay but I finally pulled off a stealth torp in ranked battle in a Farragut. It took like 2 minutes to set up but it was so worth the effort.It's such a tiny window to use to pull off the stunt but the opportunity presented itself in a way that was too hard to pass up. On the North map I went to B while main force went A, I was uncontested in B so I continued West by NW. I was mostly content spotting back there but then a Myoko traveled in a straight line due E. I started my intercept from the N with a slight angle W so that I would be able to turn hard to port without being spotted. While traveling forward and parallel to him i fired torps at 7.6 KM to give myself a buffer to break away and watch. Haven't done the math but I estimate I got him with about 5 KM of torp travel. But I tagged him with 4 and sank him. I just wanted to share this to give you other Farragut drivers some incentive to try and pull it too since so often you hear that you can't. It ain't easy and it is very time consuming to set up but when you are given the chance it is well worth the reward of pulling it off.