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Found 1 result

  1. ricochets_and_more

    Mid Tier DD gameplay "against" CVs

    I'm currently grind the US DD line and after watching some threads I have this come to mind: (I'm a Farragut thus I'm speaking from tier VI to VIII perspective, and this thread will be my understanding of DD under current meta and me asking for advice before step into Mahan, Benson to face tier Xs and Midway, Haku) Part I: 1.This is the part I'm taking about the whole strategy not tactics Since in terms of spotting ability CVs overwhelm DDs, DDs are most likely to take direct damage from planes and additional focus fire from surface vessels: (1)As a DD if your side has already been occupied by enemy CV(s), you quickly take cover(which is less likely if you are in the open sea where the Cap is) to take less damage from focus fire and play the defensive, and get into position(I find it not likely to happen at most time because of the sequential air strikes) while (hoping) friendly carrier(s) do the counter-spotting to hinder the enemy push and the enemy DD(s) doing the same. (2)If your flank is not occupied by CV(s) currently, you do the same stealth meta strategy: (US DD) Limit the movement of enemy DDs, Hunt for enemy DDs, Gain Cap control, Support allied DDs/flank and finally Deal some damage. (If you've checked and are wondering why my stats(in Farragut) look so peculiar, well... you can call it sheer luck, and here's my explanation: in terms of 1(1), I pretty much fail to retreat and am focused to death; as for 1(2), I often fail at the last stage of my listed role because allies get the kill or make them retreat, or I'm just blown out of water under focus fire) 2. If you are suddenly radared while commencing the 1(1) stage of action, at least for me, "Ugh, FK this why I'm so screwed up..." and take constant damage(*to death) from CV(s) while (hoping) our CV(s) descend the same fate on my enemy counterpart(s). Or, I just retreat instantly which means surrender Cap control and hope being able to carry out both stage 1(2) then 1(1) (which is even more unlikely to be done because teammates won't be evenly distributed around caps and carriers have bigger fishes to feast on) 3. Never rush tier VIII CVs, spotting them is not even recommended, that's CV's job (Doing so will result in high chance of double carriers immediately focusing you to death or at least make you cost dearly for spotting them) Part II: New and first time putting up a thread here, glad you have the patience to reach here. After reading the whole, you pretty much find that I'm still quite a noob as a DD captain apparently and that's why I'm asking for help & advice for improvements. (I'm a American CA reroll and I grind this line according to my experience in CA before the rework. After reaching Gearing hopefully, I'll re-grind the American CA line to come up with strategies against CVs) It's very kind of you to point out my misplay as much as you can. Or if you agree with me, I'll just keep to this strategy until I feel just fine with my skills to move upwards.