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Found 3 results

  1. mifanshijian

    Scenarios Division/Clan

    I know it might be awkward for you guys to find someone who like to play the Scenario Mode. However, we found that it is much more faster to avoid hidden pits of the Tech Tree when you play Against BOTs. This is the major reason for us to establish a Clan which can farm Free exp and Commander Experience fast. However, not too many players in NA understand this kind of approach. For example, we can farm 50K Free Exp within 20 min if you have the right camo and tactics. Feel Free to join our Discord down below.
  2. Ok boys I will try to be brief and straight to the point. Its to long of a tier X grind from Ranked 16 to 2. No ocean map. Excitement don't start until halfway into the match for the majority of the games (at least in matches that I have participated so far). Some tier 10 maps are too big for the event IMO. At tier X with the current Ranked system, The Conqueror is the must toxic ship because It has the unfair advantage of out farming damage then anyone in the fleet it joins A Conqueror driver, never has to play the objective per se. All he has to do is out damage the fleet and well his star is saved from being taken away. The effect this has on the fleet it joins is Even in a lost, he will never lose a star because his damage farming capabilities This causes the rest of the fleet to try to win at all cost but, if its a loss, its no longer a wait to see who saved there star situation. Thanks to the overwhelming fact the conqueror can out damage the fleet (and probably tops the red team as well if he could). Everyone will lose a star except the Conqueror. I believe its an unfair situation. But if WOWS lets you get away with it, HECK I would use it too. But its not right. lol I can probably think of more but its a feed back thread... Speak your minds, I love Ranked, I mean its the above points that sours me to it but over all I enjoy the format. If anything I suggest a solution. A Tier 10 only ranked with different rules/regulations and a mix tier ranked with the current system. I feel player retention for the long run doesn't start at tier X. Its in the lower tiers. GL/HF
  3. Kongo_Pride

    Azure Lane Mission

    So, I wanted to highlight this post by clearly stating, I am not a "ship girl" collector. That said, I did invest in the Belfast because it would go well with a rare ship and I was curious as to what the mission might look like. Needless to say, my investment did not disappoint. When I realized she gave a commander 200 percent bonus commander experience per a battle...I got very excited. I immediately used my reserve of elite commamder experience to get her to 19 points. Now, it is farming time. Farming elite commander experience with her has been great. Realizing 20 to 30k elite commander experience in a single battle with a tier vii has been nice. Think of the dragon flags and what they offer. Now think of a commander that can do quite a bit of the same hoarding and give it a mission that lasts a couple of months. I would call that a bargain. Thanks WG for the easy commander experience pinata.