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Found 6 results

  1. Here I am, on a wednesday doing what I've never thought I would be doing just last monday... a Farewell thread for WoWS. Honestly I never imagined the end would be like this, I expected in time I would lose interest and just fade away, not something as dramatic as a 3-day eviction notice, make your farewell and move on... but that's the way it is and it has been a very interesting and enjoyable journey. I'll need to make this much quicker than I wanted, it isn't like I can delay it until tomorrow ... so I apologize for this being hurried and leaving out a lot of things that could be said but won't be. I started WoWS back in 2016 and being an experienced gamer, the first thing I did was diving deep into the Forum and Wiki to learn all that was needed to learn to play the game. Suffice to say I got hooked into the community (as a rule I never do, I'm very solo oriented) and really enjoyed the Forum exchanges, back then it was really wild, a lot of trolling, meme wars and funny adult grade interactions... very enjoyable. In time the Forums became much tamer, polite and "civilized"... not a bad thing per se, just different but still enjoyable and the Community was still very interesting, open and amicable. I've been very active in the Forums since then and hurts me deeply to lose a Community I've been part of for so long (at least for a game's time span). Why I love the Forums so much? There are many reasons and a bit of context may help to understand. Most of you may not know but I am a "professional migrant", I've moved countries 3 times over the last 15 years, always "leaving all behind" and starting anew in a new place, with new people, new relationships, new work line, new environment. The last time I was badly burnt, it was painful as I left behind a lot of very good people and solid relationships I deeply cared about. It was about that time I started my journey on WoWS and the community here helped me "fill the gap"; as you guys know, we males establish relationships based on the activities we do (coworkers, sport team mates, etc) and WoWS was the most "social" thing I did so I started to build an attachment to the Forum community. In time it developed on a warm familiarity with many of you guys as we all shared a "secret": we all play and enjoy WoWS!. In hindsight, and facing the prospect of Forum closure, I realized it has been the Forum and the Community what has kept me engaged to WoWS. All the developments, new mechanics, ships, gimmicks, etc... they were most interesting because it was a topic to discuss and argue with you guys, a new mechanic to learn presented the opportunity to exchange ideas, a new ship was a chance to read some reviews and formulate my own opinion, a good game was even better because I could "brag" and share it with the Community, a bad game was "sweeter" because I could come here, rant and vent it all out, a bad designed mechanic was bearable because it provided me the chance to make the best out of it and share it with you guys, an interesting match was much more as it presented the chance to make a video and maybe a bait thread to spark interesting discussions. All of that will be lost to me and even if I still love the game, the whole experience will be greatly diminished. Why I won't go Discord? Many reasons too, first as @DrHolmes52 said somewhere else, as an engineers I hate the design and interface. It is a bit of a professional slap in the face, I really dislike Discord layout and operation. Then if it was not enough, it is too much of a Social network fo rme to like... the fact I have to put myself in "not disturb" mode to not be bothered by stuff I don't care about is a telling sign that's not an experience I enjoy. I've been there, I've done that (my clan has a Discord server I ghosted many months ago) and know for a fact that's not the experience I want. So no, screw Discord, it isn't for me, I don't like it, I don't want it and it may burn in ashes for all I care. Why I don't go Reddit? I hate Reddit, long before I knew about WoWS. Again is a matter of disliking the interface and the mechanics, I don't do Reddit, not my cup of tea. The WoWS has the added issue of the community there being very homogeneous in their dislike of "everything WG", I've always considered it a den for all the disgruntled, banned players from the Official Forum... and if you can't say something on the Forum, most of the time is because your delivery is faulty, not your message. Also for me personally is the "Rorschach in Jail" factor, I do like or at least I'm not strongly opposed to many of WoWS most controversial developments and I have and innate tendency to question and defy "groupthink" and herd behavior... default "bad because WG" is not something I do, so I'm positive Reddit would be a tiresome experience for me, I could devolve into full time troll and that's not what I like for my WoWS experience. Why I'm leaving a game I still love? This may also be a bit difficult to understand without the full context, there are also many reasons but I think I will stick to the deeper one. If you have beared with me and read so far, you deserve to know I'm from Venezuela. I've witnessed and lived the process of having your country, your society and your whole life eroded and destroyed by factors beyond your control. The current process we are experiencing on the Forum and the Community rings too close to home and hurts too much for me to bear with it... I've gone through it before, I know how it ends: The promise (lie) of a brighter, better future for everyone in a new environment... the hard truth of having your environment degraded, your Community fractured and witnessing how all those things that made your experience "special" are lost, taken away without you having any input or control over it. I know how it ends, it hurts so I won't go there... I'm making a clean break now. On to the Farewells... This is by need not as I wanted it to be, from the whole lot of names that use the Forums and make the Community I can only name but a few, to all of those unamed Forum partners that helped make this place a unique and enjoyable Community, my salute and Farewell, Live long and Proper. Even those I will name, most I will need to lump into "cathegories" for brevity even if I know the uniqueness of every one of you after many years of interaction. So starting with my "master" @clammboy, many of you might not know in my first interaction with him I was very rude and disrespectful, which later I regreted and apologized. He has such a character that he not only forgave my stupid comments but showed me sympathy as a good master does with a rash student. And what a good master he is... when I was bragging about being able to "hard carry" a WoWS match, this guy was "hard carrying" a numerous family in real life in such a way I wish I'll be able to emulate, he reminded me the value of humble hard work and sacrifice for the things you love and are of real value. Your memory Master Clamm is something I'll be sure to treasure beyond the sphere of this game, I never openly told you before but you really gave me a valuable lesson for life. Then comes @Capt_of_Satisfaction, what can I say about a guy that gift people happiness without expecting anything in return, not even recognition? For those of you that already don't know, this guy is the infamous "Anonymous Benefactor"... in times of Forum "Darkness and Gloom" this guy singled handed started what I consider one of the best initiatives I've ever seen. On a personal level he is as solid and steadfast friend, someone you could count to keep your back on difficult times... it was an honor to cross paths with you mate. . On to those I consider "kindred spirits", people to whom I feel an innate affinity and I'm sure I would befriend in real life and have been here in virtual form valuable interlocutors. @Wolfswetpaws one of the most decent and polite persons on this Forum, a true paragon of respect and tolerance in this community. @paradat so close to my own way of living and experiencing the game, always full of positive input, never the challenge is too big or the odds too bad. @Ahskance to think we started off separated by the great "CV divide" and managed to reach a common ground of undertsanding and respect, you uphold all the values I would treasure on someone I would call a friend. @Slimeball91 from music, to how we understand the world and the game... there's so much shared ground, I'm glad to have met you bro. @DrHolmes52 that sense of humor man and also an engineer, it feels like some good colleagues I have the fortune of working with and also a fair reflection of some of myself. @HazeGrayUnderway your passion for history really outmatches mine, I could always count on your to share some valuable insight on different historical topics. A big part of what I liked about this forum is it is filled with very intelligent people, for a change it makes me feel somewhat "normal" and not the weird guy in the room, I bet you guys also experience that recurring feeling of always being the "smart guy in the room", at least here with so many smart, cultured people I got to feel "at home", even if did not share perspectives or have disagreeing opinions it was always a true pleasure to interact with you: @YouSatInGum @Merc85 @Cit_the_bed @El2aZeR @Pugilistic @Retarie @torino2dc @Karstodes and too many more to be named on one post, you know who you are... and of course my pal @MnemonScarlet deserves a special entry, I'm leaving with the pain of having never played a match along you pal. There's of course what I call "The Old Squad"... all venerable players, sometimes grumpy but always good interlocutors with valuable input and insight to share wit the Community. Starting by you dear @Estimated_Prophet I've rarely seen negativity being so self concious, friendly and congenial, you manage to make negativity a virtue and a positive trait :). @Asym_KS wisdom, @iDuckman unquenchable sarcasm, @MN1234 good vibes and many more. I'm running out of time so things need to speed up, to my fellow forum regulars @Jakob_Knight, @Skuggsja, @Elijah2159. I t has been a pleasure to interact with you To the ladies of the Forum @LittleWhiteMouse I so thoroughly enjoyed your writing, your technical work was top notch but it has always been your writing that set it apart and above of other's. @SaiIor_Moon always enjoyed a lot interacting with you, you really bring color, cheerfulness and that femenine je ne se qua to this all too male environment. A quick mention to my bro @Crucis, even if sometimes I messed up with your nazi-grammar-mania, I deeply respect you and value your opinions. I'm also quite the grammar nazi for my native language ... btw, next time I log I'll be resigning my clan tags, no point you guys carry along with a corpse. Thanks for having me in o7. And last but not least a guy that brings such a warm feeling to my heart that even if we rarely interacted I always took the time to read whatever you had to say, your candor and goodheartedness is unsurpassed in this Forum. If I weren't such a narcissistic psychopatic antisocial being, I would had reached to you and took you along for a good team WoWS experience... it is you @Justin_Simpleton wish you the best and never stop trying buddy. So time's up. That's it, maybe we'll cross paths again somewhere else. And there's also the small chance the Devs back down and revert the Forum-be-gone thing... In which case I'll be gladly ungone.
  2. BrunoSchezer

    Farewell Forum

    Well, I cant believe this will my last post. Well guys, have been a lot of time since I posted something relevant here, real life may have a huge place in my lifetime and that is in part why I startet to not showing or post here over the years (also other factors like being tired or just not having time to do). I would like to say thank you to all of you, @COLDOWN, many thanks for your words in the topic of @Trophy_Wench and you for your words to my friends and "compas". And to all my friends who are not over here, in the forum and the game anymore, even if you dont read this, many thanks for your friendship and support over the years. This might be the end of this platform, but not to the game, at least for now. We know everything have a end, even us, but I would just say goodbye and hope I could see you all a few more years in game at least. I will miss my profile photo in the forum, yeah I just can upload it somewhere else but a special person made that for me and just cant do that. Was made for this place, and here will rest until is deleted we all the data. I will miss the topics about what we will see in future, the ships, game modes, just cant believe this....sorry, but even if this place is destroyed, it will have a place in my heart. It was a good since the Alpha until now. Well guys, many thanks again, get care of yoursefls and good hunting in the seas...
  3. Thanks to everyone who has posted on the forum over the years. I have enjoyed getting all the different perspectives on the game, and especially appreciate all the tips, guidance, and links to bonuses. I am going to miss checking in with the forum to see what is going on. The Discord stuff looks pretty sad by comparison. Special thanks to @LittleWhiteMouse for the ship reviews. I seriously doubt many folks recognized the credibility you provided to the game design. Wishing you all following seas!
  4. Well, it's come to this has it? The end of the forum. What a long, strange trip it's been. That pretty much sums up how I feel right now. And with the time that we have left here in forumland, I would like to ruminate on some things. First and foremost, a big thank you to everyone who ever took the time to read, comment and updoot (or downdoot) my theorycrafting ramblings over in the suggestions area. I am in the process of archiving them personally so maybe someday I can repost them in a new discussion thread in some other format. With that said, there was still a lot of ideas ruminating in my brain bucket for lines I wanted to explore: more Spanish stuff, Commonwealth CL's and DDs, I wanted to revisit the American BCs at some point and of course subs, so many fuggin subs. Who knows where or when I'll pop up again? Reddit, perhaps. Dicksword? Eh, to frenetic and trolly for now. We'll see. Anyway, having gotten that out of the way I wanted to share my thoughts on this decision simply because well, I don't think less of WeeGee for this move, nor will I stop playing the game or give up on the community completely from this move. I think that in all honesty this was inevitable. They weren't wrong in their post on the main site in saying that the general trends of communication across the internet is, well, 3rd party apps and software. Traditional forums are dying, and whether we noticed it or not, we in forumland were a vocal minority in a much larger pond of players who just don't know or care about the forums. Even the discussions we do have become somewhat cyclical, especially as we have many people who just post here every day, multiple times a day to the point where it becomes a minority of a minority of "conversation drivers" lets call it. Yes Reddit is... reddit and Dicksword sucks to keep up with when large groups are involved but they have SIGNIFICANTLY larger reach than this semi-obscure place ever did. And while yes, I am just as much of a FUDD as the rest of you, I also accept that we must change, and that change is inevitable. Lastly, I want to just give a shout out to some of the other theorycrafters whose work I greatly admired and respected. So thank you to @COLDOWN, @Talleyrand, @Fr05ty, @Lert, @Lord_Magus, @Kingpin61 also @TZoli_EU even though he's not around anymore, his artwork and historical research were invaluable. I'm sure I've forgotten a few more but rest assured I appreciated each and every one of you. And of course @LittleWhiteMouse and @Chobittsu for their tireless work on ship reviews and giving us the knowledge how to spend or not spend our hard earned money on this game. Good night, and good luck...
  5. InfernoYak

    The end is Nye

    So i saw the news of the end times approaching and even tho im not active on the forums im gonna miss it. Personally i love the forums because it allows you to quickly find a answer to your question you google your question then add forums to the end of it boom you've got 5 posts to pull info from same thing with reddit easy as that which made it lovely if i needed to find general info on stuff that may get a little more trickier once we move. I feel that once we move to discord its going to be alot harder to pull information about specifics of ships to more broad things like questions about events specific ship characteristics or just playstyles that people have found, discord as much as i love it for voice communication and even there text messaging it is not easy to find information compared to a forum site due to the fact that discords search feature is awful. yes i understand splitting a team between discord and the forums is just extra people they could have elsewhere but discord is good for simple notifications not this, and i feel that may impact the community more than they think especially at such short notice. Sure they have a reddit that could act as a makeshift forum but i havent really touched reddit in years and ive heard quite a bit of controversy so that isnt stable either. im gonna be a bit disappointed when the forums go down but hey, what can you do. this is my first and odds on last post here Hope to see Yall on the seas Farewell!
  6. I thought of a experiment of the other two Iowa Class battleships that aren't in the game but people are saying that I am spamming useless info for the ships. I want to let you know that I don't have a clear idea if and even a remotely if, these ships are going into the game, I made New Jersey as a Vietnam era kind of battleship, Wisconsin in the 90s era. I tried doing an idea on what it might look like for a battleship that may go into the game, that backfired, so I did the other posts to keep things in general, because I don't expect these things to go into the game whatsoever, I don't mind that they aren't going to even a 0.000000000000000000000000000000000000...1% chance, I just wanted to put a ship idea that has enough description that you guys/gals can see without going fully into the details for Wows. Clearly, people don't like that too, so this is my final suggestions USS New Jersey in Vietnam era and Wisconsin in 90s era. Thank you captains for destroying history to be remembered This is my last suggestion, congratulations, a job well done