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  1. As much as I enjoy seeing well known players - say Notser - who are even live streaming - yay - in contrast to their pov on the matter there is the pov of their opponent team. I suppose it somehow relates back to carving your initials in a tree - which eventually leads to the tree getting ill and dying before it's time. But when there's a famous person on the reds, your team - the greens - get a sudden super dose of numbness. I tried steaming up with about half our team on the west side of the map while the rest went east (Neighbors). I was in my Texas. Before I could catch two of our dd and two cruisers, they all died because their sole goal - so it appeared - was to get close enough to fire on Notser. LMBO... he was on the east side behind islands. So the red team just picked them off one by one, leaving stupid me to try to salvage something from it. Not possible really when 3, 4 maybe more ships are drawing down on you. I "should" have known better than attempting to catch fast DD and cruisers to help them. I guess the numbness spreads rather easily. Moral of story? Don't chase the stars - focus on strategy and sinking the closest threat ships.