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Found 3 results

  1. I never thought that my first 2 contributions to a game would be in defense of the actual company. I have noticed lately a few YouTubers going out of their way to complain about every aspect of World of Warships. I've seen crying about all ships and mechanics, the direction of the game, etc. As someone who was just coming to the game. I had a great time before going to youtube for help. Literally, every single complaint was not game-breaking as it dramatically is described. When has a player base lost the concept. This is a business that developed a game. Nothing in life is free. But this company offers you to play their game for free. This game has to turn a profit in order to be able to stay in business. They offer various items that you can buy to help make your game more to you're individual liking (You're not forced to buy them). They allow you to choose which country you would like to play and ship type without making you pay or unlock it. The maintenance downtime almost doesn't exist which is unheard of in most games. I could go on. My advice to new players. 1. Youtube content is to be taken with a grain of salt. When you're looking up ship info on youtube, you're more than likely not going to be told that they are running every advantage the game has to offer. They don't want to soften the praise received so typically it's not mentioned. A fact that in particular Youtubers like to leave out is that when the post-match stats hit, they leave out the part of having every flag, hull, mod, camo, captain, etc. You will not have that as a direct example. 2. Games update and change. The content you see from years ago is most likely not still valid or accurate today. 3. Every patch or addition WG brings in, will be complained about. It's an amazing wonderful community here. Unfortunately, a portion of the game influencers run to make videos when it's a change not to THEIR PLAYSTYLE. Not yours or mine, there's. You need to take what you're told with a grain of salt. Last week I watched video after video about the current poor state of the game. I NEVER THOUGHT THAT UNTIL I TURNED ON YOUTUBE. I thought WoWs is an amazing game and I couldn't figure out what was so wrong? I played and didn't see any of the "Sky is falling" over dramatization. Very few games in the history of video gaming have ever self-destructed over a single patch. 4. "Dead eye will be the death of us", "The time of secondaries is over". I literally just read several forum, facebook and youtube posts where people were having record matches with secondaries "Brawling is dead" False. Still seeing tons of it. What I am seeing is the result of YouTubers play strategy. It was social influencers who preached cover and demanded newer players to hang back and use the islands for cover. Now that they are doing that, the players that got good off of sniping are mad. Nobody is taking objectives because they are doing WHAT THEY WATCHED ON SOCIAL MEDIA. The current playstyle isn't WG's fault, I hate to be the one to explain that. 5. ALL GAMES WILL NOT BE PERFECT. WG has a large player base. Some have been around for 6-7 years?!? It's impossible after all this time to provide PERFECT updates and material. Impossible. The game is catered to millions, not just 1. One thing I've learned in 30 years of gaming, your time comes around. 6. Think "Big picture". You ARE NOT IN THE MEETING ROOM WITH THE DEV"S AND STAFF. You have no idea what their release tracker completely says. You have no idea what's being done behind the scenes. Instead of losing my cool, I usually wait a couple of weeks during a pandemic to see what updates were done to fix any issues. The staff is supposed to fix any issues in 5 minutes right? With this much coding? Try cutting the WG staff some slack. 7. I do know no one at WG. But I've been here long enough to see a raging video community that is raging FOR ALMOST NOTHING. Your emotion is coming from social media. If the game was that bad you would not be here. Quit letting others influence your enjoyment of a game. Remember this is a matched base game. You will not unlock everything on day 1. And at the end of the day, it's just a video game. -Zach
  2. Aghostinthetank

    FYI Free Azuma Draw on FB

    Just an FYI for those with Facebook, the official World of Warships page is giving away a free Azuma. All one has to do is submit a picture of their favourite Japanese ship in the comments of the post along with their username and region.
  3. Just wanted to let folks know about the question being asked on WoWs facebook for a 'possible' commanders voice. I don't know about you folks, but I think it would be epic to get @Femennenly or @TragicLoss as a voice for one of our commanders and just wanted to let the forum community know about it. if you have any other sweet ideas please list them here or hop onto facebook and post them there. Cheers All.