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Found 3 results

  1. I've been playing for years and it's a beautiful game in many ways. The ship models especially. But I find myself wanting a more realistic world as time passes, and this would be my primary request: More complex destruction/damage animations. I understand how this would probably increase the size and load on the client side where all is rendered. It would be sweet if there were much more than shell hole graphics, identical fires, and the occasional breaking keel. I'd like to see: 1. Big chunks of missing ship from detonation, ramming, and destroyed modules 2. Ships breaking apart in multiple places 3. Ships sinking in different ways, over many different times from a few seconds to many minutes 4. In general, a greater variety of destruction animations There's more I'd like to see, but I wanted to focus this topic on the above and similar. Comments welcome. <o all.
  2. I don't know exactly when it happened, but recently there must have been a change from an update regarding the volume in the game. Roughly a few months ago I found myself having to fight with the the audio settings for the first time in years. The music at the battle results screen, explosions when my ship or a nearby ship is sunk, and torpedo hits are disproportionately loud compared to all other sounds. When I set the sound effects volume to just above zero, yet have all my other settings (other than in battle music) set much higher, the explosions, torp hits, and battle results music are still easily 4 to 5 times louder than even when firing main artillery. Despite fiddling with all possible setting combinations I no longer can find a balance that fixes this. Seasoned players have even come over to help get the settings straight and they, too, were mystified at the volume disparity and found no solution. In order to make sure my neighbors whose house is 30 feet away from mine (literally- they laugh and text me every time I blow up, take a torp hit, or a battle ends)I have to turn the sound so low I can't hear engine sounds, in-battle voice messages from my captain or other players, and ambient sounds. I've been using the same sound system for over 2 years and never once needed to adjust it until recently. I can only assume that a more recent update something was changed. Regardless of why, in the end it seems like it would be wise to add additional volume controls specifically for the battle results music, explosions, and torp hits just as there is for gunfire and voice announcements. Either that, or turn down all three volumes compared to the other sounds.
  3. RockChunker

    Own ship explosion sound

    Is there any hope that WG will change the volume of your own ship explosion back down where it used to be? This is such a childish thing. The game goes along fine until "KABOOM". Then I get yelled at by everyone in the house to "Turn the ^&*#% sound down" and I can't blame them. It's way beyond necessity. I tried headphones, but mine are studio quality and it actually hurts when this happens. Now, as an adult, I pretty much know what my ship explodes. I don't need to be deafened when it does. This is a kiddy need thing. Kids have a need to have this. They think overdone graphics and firecrackers in your ears are cool. This needs to be turned back a notch or at least give us a slider control for own ship explosions. Does anyone agree? Sincerely, RockChunker