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Found 2 results

  1. So, @6Xero9 had called out and claimed, they feel CVs are balanced (and feel having this many CVs would be fine). Okay. So, I'd like Wargaming to do a 2-3 week experiment on live. And what is this experiment? Let's have 2-5 CVs per game. To people and those in WG who feel CVs are fine and support their existence, it seems the concerns and points raised to CVs fall onto deaf ears. And time and again, it is touted that people who dislike CVs are in the minority. Let's once and for all prove what's what to the question: Is CV balanced, or not? Now, i'm sure people will backpedal. But I want you to realize... by admission, if a ship type is balanced in relation to power over the rest, then there should be zero reason to treat the class special over the others. Right? Everyone should be able to play their pixel boats without a care in the world, whether he/she sees 4-5 BBs, CA/CLs, DDs, or even CVs. The rest of the classes can have that many, why can't CVs? In the end, let's put your money where your mouth is both WG and supporters of CVs: Gather the numbers and playerbase feedback after this experiment, and let's see what population numbers look like. And it will be very curious for those who not only oppose this simple and straight logic, for those who don't... Please outline why is it that CVs must keep a limit of 1-2, but also are balanced in power as opposed to any other ship type in the game. And please explain why this limit exists if its not for balance reasons. No matter which side you stand on, and if you even fall into that last category... I'm sure what people have to say in defense of both why CVs are balanced or OP will be interesting should this idea get attention. Additional thoughts: How about we let just two CVs in all games? Or the divisioning of two CVs? The reality is, the feedback of the players I doubt would change much.
  2. Hello Fellow Shipmates, I am looking for a "mediocre" captain to join me in an experiment with warships involving two players. The requirements for this captain in assisting me are the following; 1. Must have an overall win rate between 45 and 48 percent. 2. Personal stats cannot be hidden. 3. Must have at least 3,000 Player versus Player battles. 4. Must be willing to share email information, and provide statistical performance/data/input for one ship in at least 30 battles on an excel document. 5. Must have at least one 19 point commander and a ship Tier VII or higher with less than 25 battles played in PvP. 6. Must be ok with personal play statistics and performance from experiment being shared on these forums for educational purposes and to help explore ways in which players really benefit from commanders on their ships. 7. Must conduct all PvP battles solo and be prepared to record results/screenshots/etc. 8. Prefer you have a mic and access to discord, but not required. 9. Prefer you have a premium account for statistics data, but not required. 10. Prefer your input goes beyond just sharing the data; in helping with feedback/analysis, but not required. As always two collaborative heads are always better than one. Please ping me back in this thread if you are interested in assisting me in gathering data, finding trends, and reporting on this back to the community regarding the general performance of assigned ship captains and their commander points impact on gameplay. Please identify what tier VII or higher ship(s) you would be willing to play. I will review the candidates who volunteer and select one. First to volunteer who meets the criteria, goes to the top of the list. Note: If you volunteer, I cannot guarantee any rewards from your support other than the satisfaction of knowing that the information you provide could impact how people perceive their assigned commanders and commander skills and what benefits those skills have in games. -Kongo