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Found 4 results

  1. Keep America Great [KAG] is recruiting! We are an active, competitive clan (currently Typhoon League). We have a mature and skilled player base with tons of experience and resources. Strong leadership and teamwork is the foundation we've built ]KAG] on. We currently have over 40 active players and run Clan Battles and Sync-Drop divisions regularly. We also do mock clan battles and scrimmages against other clans between the regular Clan Wars seasons. We always seek to learn and improve ourselves and provide our members with all available resources. Another unique feature of [KAG] is quarterly competitions focused on teamwork in which our members can earn prizes, usually doubloons or premium time, for winning the event as a division. We have members from around the world with a large variety of backgrounds and experiences. Our basic requirements are as follows: 50% win rate, 50,000 avg damage, and 1,200 avg experience. Active in-game and on Discord. Team player with a mature attitude. (As you can tell by the clan name there are no safe spaces 😁) If your stats are not quite there, but you would like to be considered for a sister clan we are creating soon for players of all skill levels then just let me know! If you have questions or are interested and would like to check us out message @Ivan_Namirettov and I'll send you our Discord link. GLHF and see you around!
  2. SteelShadow105


    Ok, I understand that in order to get a good amount of xp you have to get an array of ribbons and deal a good amount of damage. What I don't understand is that I do those very things and yet I still get crapxp. I've played matches before where I did far less, yet still got better rewards. I've never minded having to grind to get through the tech tree, but I've gotten so close to just stop trying because I have matches like this that makes it take Forever to climb up. I still remember how many matches I had to play just to reach Kongo and Myoko. Not to mention the even slower crawl to New Mexico. I've always tried so hard to get as much xp as I can that I don't even play the game anymore, I just play to get damage just so I can get decent progress on a battleship or cruiser that I don't even like playing. I know part of it is just my capabilities as a player, but it isn't always just me. In that match I was the one who had received the most xp for my team, so everyone else on my team, whether the did damage or not, practically received no rewards. That's not even the first match I've seen like that. I've noticed that many matches I've played the most a team would get is around 9-800 xp. How does anyone make progress with that? Even when I do get above 1500 base xp I still feel like I never really got much further. Sure it wouldnt take too long to reach a 100k xp or so to get to your next ship (especially when you have premium), but thats not even including the hulls you have to research, or the other modules just so you can play the ship where it can actually be effective. All I'm trying to get at is that the xp system never seems consistent, and in the end gives so little progress, especially when it comes to new comers trying to get to their ideal ships. If there is any advice on this I am happy to listen.
  3. Some background: Tried CV pre-rework albeit at a mere Tier 4. I wasn't particularly interested in the "RTS" style of the controls at the time. Having said that, I also haven't put it the time to learn it either. As a Destroyer main (my 1st Tier 10 was a Shimakaze) two years ago, which have now changed to all three types of ships. Essentially, being evenly spread across all classes of ships currently. I was on the receiving end from the 1st wave of the CV rework implementation, and the following second iteration, to current. Lately, I have tried the CV side to really see what the change was about. Frankly, the UI was intuitive and a vast improvement from the RTS style. Which suited me fine. Truthfully (and nefariously), I also wanted to learn how the view from the CV side was about. So I can counter them with my non-CV ships. Grinded through the "Fly Strike Win" directives, to earn the necessary "florins" to unlock the Tier 4, Tier 6 CVs (IF I was able to unlock T8 with Florins only, I would've as well). Sidebar, Thank you WG for allowing us to convert the Florins into Premium time. Now unlocked the Tier 8 CV, played some battles with her. Things that I have noticed with T8 CV game play. I can't speak for the "nerf" of the particular RN squadrons (Bombs), since I wasn't able to play it prior to two previous patches (ergo, after the changes). Having played the entry level CV (Tier 4). I have learned that it's not as easy (maybe I was incorrectly having large expectations) as some may have alluded to. It may be the introduction tier, but the word "enjoyment", "fun" is not. I have quickly skipped (and sold) Tier 4, to 6. Once on Tier 6. I have enjoyed far more than previous tier battles. It was quite literally like night and day. A massive jump, yet the Match Making (hence forth as "MM") would devilishly even out (or take the last bastion of perceived enjoyment) the enjoyment from you. However, this immensely pales in comparison with the Tier 8 MM. With Tier 6, one had chances and opportunities to "Fly, Strike, Win". With T8 MM, it's perfectly okay with playing against Tier 9's. But when faced with Tier 10's. It is not "fun" for the CV players. Interesting anecdote : I have read on the forum about how DD players have voiced their concerns with such passioned crescendo. That they "can't do anything against CV's". Whilst I agree from the previous patches (pre 0.8.2) this may hold some truth. But now with two patch changes, I would have to disagree with such statements. I fly my T8 Rocket/Torpedo/Bomb planes to T10 Destroyer Daring/Gearing/Harugumo (and some T9's). My planes would all reduce to orange health instantly. Loitering any longer in the AA bubble would kill them all. Again, very quickly. So DD mains here, with their strong arguments does not hold any weight any more ( Sorry, but not sorry. My former DD Main brothers/Sisters ). Specially with the current changes (0.8.2). One could argue that I should try it with T10 CV's. Here's the caveat. The progression to T10 CV is, ironically as such; 4, 6, 8, 10. There is no in-between tiers nor do the MM accommodate to the Tier 8 players. Whilst some may get the odd winning streaks with their T8's. Or fortunate MM's more often than most. This player, have had so far fought 111 battles with T8 RN CV alone. Would you like to know how many battles with majority of over 60% of Tier 8's/9's in roster was versus Tier 10's? 19 battles out of 111. That is roughly 21%. I read somewhere in the forum that the chances of relatively appropriate MM was around 30% mark. So I have one could say, have had an unlucky streak with MM. Looking back, I have had more enjoyment with Tier 6 CV than 8 (I now regret selling T6 CV). Especially considering the Service Cost per battle. Or shall I say Penalty costs per battle. Being the all mighty CV player that sways the pendulum to the win was rare for me, even more so with Tier 8 battles. No matter what I've tried, in Tier 8 MM. It is nearly impossible for me, or that is the experience so far (who knows, WG may eventually cater to the little people like me). I have last night, had a very close (because our particularly salty Worcester loitered around the spawn areas. Ran away from all caps, and contacts, and from the views of the rest of the players not just yours truly. Along with another BB. Didn't really help with much) loss/win. It was a four CV battle in total. 2 x 10's, 2 x 8's. We had a super unicum T10 CV player (after checking out his profile), and me trying to help. I can say quite frankly without any bias that, that player did all he could to turn the tide. No matter what he and I did, we could not secure that win. So the argument that CVs can literally change the course of the battle is yet to convince me otherwise so far. I believe that the psychological impact the T10 CV's brings, just like when you see Montana's, Yamato's. Is the same. What matters (the win overall), really comes down to AAA capable ships (hell, any ships) to pull their weight appropriately. That is what I've noticed in my novice point of view of playing RN CV (T8). So, the question is why did I play so many battles with such an uphill battle against with the MM's that I've experienced. I wanted to hone my CV craft more (I still think that I'm not good enough), and also I got the Permanent Camo ( "Perma Camo" ) for her. Which even after a bad battle (some resulting in sub 8 minute battle times with losses), I'd lose around 16,000~38,000 credit losses. Which is something I can swallow, considering that it is a "high tier battle". If it wasn't for the Perma camo & Premium Time during the grind. I'm not sure I would've played her beyond 30~40 battles, and that's pushing the estimate. The credit losses would cripple my already low credit balance. Adding to the fact that, I've been having sub optimal MM battles. It wasn't enjoyable at all, and I would've resorted to not playing her at all. Would I keep grinding to T10 RN CV? The answer is, I'm not so sure I would. Knowing that my MM percentage is already lower than most by a large margin. Without having a Perma Camo, and Premium time. My losses would place me into a negative balance, very very quickly. p.s. For those of you who would inevitably check my stats, to form a rebuttal. It is in my EU account as; LowSpeedHighDrag EDIT: spelling
  4. KAG is "Keep America Great!": Top 50, Level 9, Competitive - Join one of the fastest growing clans on the server! Why Join? We are an active, competitive clan with a great community of members playing with and against each other daily. We seek to improve our members through active training and feedback. Our port is continuously upgraded to provide the best possible benefits to our players. You will have guaranteed opportunities to play Clan Wars and other competitive team modes. Get more valuable resources like Steel and Coal. Receive rewards for self-improvement and contribution to the Clan. And, most importantly, have LOTS OF FUN with a bunch of awesome teammates! Requirements: These are the standards that we expect our members to attain. You should match or be close to a few of these to be considered - Average Damage per battle of 50,000+ (D/B) 50%+ Win Rate (W/R) .95 Frags per battle (F/B) 1,200 Average Experience per battle (E/B) Must be active on Discord Again, this is our standard for an excellent candidate and if your statistics are close to these then we welcome your application! Summary: If you're looking for an awesome clan to improve your game experience and have fun while playing then we are the one for you! As stated before we are very active and you'll always be able to ask questions, give advice, and div-up and sync-drop. For example the clan was started just five months ago and we have already reached Typhoon League and Level 9 ratings! Our player base is conservative-minded with several being Military and Law Enforcement members so conversations on current events are commonplace. If you have questions or would like to apply then message @Ivan_Namirettov on the Forums or in-game.