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Found 3 results

  1. What will be the fate of 19 pt Commanders in the upcoming skills update? Will they still remain "elite" as in the ability to generate ECXP ? I have over 30 19 pt commanders and I think it would be a bit unfair to remove 19 pt. Commanders elite status by moving the goal posts up to 21pts. Will WOWS compensate those with 19 pt Commanders? Could we get some clarification on what is WOWS plans are @Hapa_Fodder ?
  2. What is the fastest way to get coal? I want to be able to get some premium ships by getting coal, and I would like to know what the fastest way to get coal is. I would also like to know what the fastest way to get free exp, and exp is. I am on the German tier 8 Bismarck, and I want to know what the fastest way to get credits and exp is. If someone would be so kind as to tell me, I will try my best to attempt to get it done. 😀
  3. Hello all, In the Might Prinz Campaign - Step 6 - Final. The objective is to earn 1000 base experience (without adjustments). Seems like its doable but what most of us forget about is all those pluses we usually take advantage of. As I learned in a previous step, this also means without premium. This step can be done in any mode however randoms I thought would be a better place to get this taken care of. What I end up seeing though is due to ship placement at the start, ship choice or just plain someone gets the damage, cap or kill before I can I am not making it to that 1000 level. Of course it comes down to what ships you are comfortable in, I get that. So I have been trying with my Hindy, I have also tried with my Massachusetts (crazy fun secondaries) and Missouri. But I am not racking up the points, even with decent damage. What ships do you plan on using to achieve this goal? I have thought of taking my Yammy into co-op but then again, typically its the DDs that get to the kills before the slower BBs. Its a luck of the draw of course. In any event I'll continue to wack away at this along with the other sub-campaign missions.