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Found 8 results

  1. Asym_KS

    The Division Star Event

    Oh-Kay, this is the second time I've seen this event and this time, there are some differences: The Strike Team and the Coordinated Attack are new BUT, where are the Rules posted for this event??? "Certain Missions" is referenced but, I must be missing the Information page for what counts and how to obtain the ST and CA stars??? Anyone know?
  2. _Rule_Britannia

    halloween event

    just an idea but rather then a repeated event next year maybe do something around war of the worlds or the movie Battleship hell i would find even something like space invaders funny ^hero ship HMS Thunderchild hero ship USS Missouri. you all love it :) GREYWOLF again these are just ideas of what wargamming could do for an event
  3. Hi, so I just got into a great game with my Z-23. Finish 3rd on my team in a Tier X game, landed a couple of torps, helped sink two destroyers, got capture ribbons, etc. My team won, easily. The problem is that I got two kills with my guns. Opening fire on low health targets is perceived as "skill stealing" by some players, and it will sometime get you negative karma. It doesn't happen very often, but often enough that it gets noticeable; every time I get kills by opening fire on low health targets, I come back in port, check my karma and sure enough, there is 1 out of 18 chance maybe it will get decreased by one. Reality is; it can happen with any ship that has a fast firing rate, and lightly armored targets that get uptiered often can't engage targets with guns until they're soft enough that the exchange of fires won't last more than 1 or 2 reload for the enemy target. Securing those kills as fast as possible and ensuring they don't get to return fire on your team is how you help your team achieve victory, but it will add frustration to players who are looking for kill ribbons. Some players are just "greedy" by nature and nothing is going to change that, but the issue is somewhat magnified by the fact that many players need kill ribbons to complete mission objectives and campaigns. Thus, if we are (un)lucky enough to get the kill, we do "steal" something from them given the current game design, as it increases the amount of time they will need to complete an event, a mission objective, a campaign, etc. We're stealing their time, basically, as we play the game objectives. This fuel toxicity, which is something a good game design should actively try to remediate. My suggestion is to introduce a new ribbon, for dealing a certain amount of damage to a target. Upon damaging a target by 25%, 30% or some arbitrary numbers that will need to be defined, a player will obtain this new ribbon. A tentative name for the new ribbon could be "devastation". The goal behind it, is to provide an alternative for "destroyed" ribbons required in mission objectives. Which means a ship that dealt significant damages to a target will get compensated even if that target gets sunk by another fragile support ship that has high RoF. I would also suggest that the new "devastation" ribbon yield more base XP that the traditional "destroyed" ribbon, and that a new achievement tied to it gets introduced. The idea here is to lower the perceived value of the destroyed ribbons, and rewards damage dealers even more. This would only be fair because the destroyed ribbons are more situational, and sometime a pure matter of luck (especially when you stick fires/flood on a target that is getting focused, and get the kill because of it). Overall, this is a very small step to fight the toxicity in a PVP environment but I believe every positive steps count, and should get considered. Thank you.
  4. Last night as I'm reviewing the last couple of directive mission sets for the current dockyard event, I noticed there were a few that allow clan battles. I think to myself that's great! It's nice if we can piggyback an objective with a game mode we enjoy, and we have a new season starting Wednesday. So I go down the list to see how many I could be working on during the new clan season... wait a moment, Roman numerals VII-X. Hmmm... clan season was announced weeks ago, followed by another announcement a few days ago, that it is a tier VI... well now I'm hearing the (waa waa waaaaaaaa) in the back of my head. I also saw missions for Z-35, which isn't released yet. So, just some constructive feedback here Wargaming. I can appreciate that development and implementation can be a complicated process but it would be great if the folks deciding the events could coordinate a bit better with the teams deciding on mission requirements. I can understand the Z-35 situation if it's just not quite ready for release and too difficult to time it (and technically if it does release in the next 30 days or so, we'd still have a shot at doing those missions if we chose to buy the ship). Putting missions out though that are immediately impossible due to the requirements and what modes or tiers can possibly participate though, that's a bit more manageable in my humble opinion. I'm making the assumption this was an honest mistake or miscommunication, not meant to intentionally irritate anyone. Oh and on the off chance that I didn't read the missions right last night, feel free to tell me to get my eyes checked and ridicule me mercilessly for the error, but I'm fairly sure I read my screen correctly. :) All in all though, I'm still finding this sequence of directives doable and enjoyable. Anyone that bothers to read this, thanks for your time. O7. May your shells fly straight and true, and your torps land on red ships instead of green ones!
  5. I will post PSAs and Dev blog stuff here and try to catch all of it. If you want to see the latest changes and what has been going on since Dec 2018, here is the place. This post is current events and past events will be in post 7. Important PSAs not related to events will be in post 2 and past ones in post 8. Dev blog stuff will be in post 3 and past Dev blogs (after patch has been out) will be in post 9. I will also post them as the next item, to bring up the notification that something was added. Here are the event PSAs with the latest ones first. Jan 28th Jan 17th When Events are over, they will move to a post a few posts down. Events will stay here until the last bit is done, so for events with temporary currencies, they can stay long after the event is over until when the temp currency is converted to credits. ================================================================================================================================ PvE Clan News & Discussion thread for my fellow clan members so they can find it easy.
  6. So i have been thinking about the British DD lootboxes and how some people get all the missions and others get none of them let’s say within 20 containers Notser and Nozoup said similar things about loot box implementation. WG released the metrics on supercontainer drop Chance and the drop chance of certain items a while back. Why can’t they do the same for Premium loot containers and normal loot containers? I think transparency is warranted. Unless profit blinds us all.
  7. So the current event will last for three months which is pretty much right before Christmas and we all know there will be some kind of Christmas/New Year event(s) as well. Prior to this we had the Anniversary event, we had the Eagles vs Sharks and it feels like it's just been one very long period of just...events. Are there too many events now? I got friend that are fully in to the free2play model, not paying anything, and they started out wanting more events and loving it but even they have uttered that they are getting a bit tired as in event fatigue. Earlier, events was something we could look forward to as something different and a bonus to regular gameplay but now it is getting served on a daily basis and it is not only wearing people out but also taking away the 'special' thing about event imho. I know the competition is hard among companies and their games and they always do things to keep us in their game, occupied, but could they be shooting themselves in the foot to a certain degree as well here? Events draw all kinds of people and a whole lot trade ideas and do their best to do as little as possible to get as much as possible, path of least resistance, and quality of matches during events have always been questioned. People spamming ships and games hoping the team wins for them is one "tried and tested" method when winning is a requirement, when kills are a requirement people sit and wait not doing anything until a ship is almost done for then half the team opens fire to get the kills which leads to 'desperation' for some where they just go ahead and ram someone for at least one kill and moves on to the next game. In essence, events bring out...odd behavior in a lot of players which leads to a lot of frustration for those that just want a regular match, though a lot can be said that this was only the case a couple of years back, and it wears people down and out. Thing is, before we had breaks between events and things returned "to normal" for a period of time and we had time to recharge our batteries, all of us. I don't know about you all but I for one would like a little less frequent events and some shorter too. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this, wish you all a good weekend.
  8. anonym_JEJgAhN5LeMR

    What's In Your Wallet?

    I just got my Tachibana today and noticed I am up to 15 Premium ships now and that made me wonder just how many people are turning into collectors and what do they have? I wasn't much of a collector in WoT but this game seems to have more events and contests and except for the 3 ship pre-order bundle i bought last April, I haven't had to pay for any of my ships... one of the reasons i like this game! So... What's in your Wallet? Here's mine....