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Found 4 results

  1. OMG_Noob

    mass-transfer events?

    Hi, When is going to be another mass-transfer events? Cause I want to get all my ships from EU to NA account, I recently migrated to England from Holland. And I am waiting for my Ships migration from EU to England :) Would another mass-transfer event be after BREXIT? Thanks
  2. I will post PSAs and Dev blog stuff here and try to catch all of it. If you want to see the latest changes and what has been going on since Dec 2018, here is the place. This post is current events and past events will be in post 7. Important PSAs not related to events will be in post 2 and past ones in post 8. Dev blog stuff will be in post 3 and past Dev blogs (after patch has been out) will be in post 9. I will also post them as the next item, to bring up the notification that something was added. Here are the event PSAs with the latest ones first. Jan 28th Jan 17th When Events are over, they will move to a post a few posts down. Events will stay here until the last bit is done, so for events with temporary currencies, they can stay long after the event is over until when the temp currency is converted to credits. ================================================================================================================================ PvE Clan News & Discussion thread for my fellow clan members so they can find it easy.
  3. So i have been thinking about the British DD lootboxes and how some people get all the missions and others get none of them let’s say within 20 containers Notser and Nozoup said similar things about loot box implementation. WG released the metrics on supercontainer drop Chance and the drop chance of certain items a while back. Why can’t they do the same for Premium loot containers and normal loot containers? I think transparency is warranted. Unless profit blinds us all.
  4. So the current event will last for three months which is pretty much right before Christmas and we all know there will be some kind of Christmas/New Year event(s) as well. Prior to this we had the Anniversary event, we had the Eagles vs Sharks and it feels like it's just been one very long period of just...events. Are there too many events now? I got friend that are fully in to the free2play model, not paying anything, and they started out wanting more events and loving it but even they have uttered that they are getting a bit tired as in event fatigue. Earlier, events was something we could look forward to as something different and a bonus to regular gameplay but now it is getting served on a daily basis and it is not only wearing people out but also taking away the 'special' thing about event imho. I know the competition is hard among companies and their games and they always do things to keep us in their game, occupied, but could they be shooting themselves in the foot to a certain degree as well here? Events draw all kinds of people and a whole lot trade ideas and do their best to do as little as possible to get as much as possible, path of least resistance, and quality of matches during events have always been questioned. People spamming ships and games hoping the team wins for them is one "tried and tested" method when winning is a requirement, when kills are a requirement people sit and wait not doing anything until a ship is almost done for then half the team opens fire to get the kills which leads to 'desperation' for some where they just go ahead and ram someone for at least one kill and moves on to the next game. In essence, events bring out...odd behavior in a lot of players which leads to a lot of frustration for those that just want a regular match, though a lot can be said that this was only the case a couple of years back, and it wears people down and out. Thing is, before we had breaks between events and things returned "to normal" for a period of time and we had time to recharge our batteries, all of us. I don't know about you all but I for one would like a little less frequent events and some shorter too. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this, wish you all a good weekend.