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Found 2 results

  1. So i have saved up enough European Tokens to cheat my way thru the Euro tech tree. Sorry lol My question is can i use my free XP to research the Oland and use my tokens on the oster? Or would i have to use tokens on the Oland and then the Oster? Thanks
  2. I find it amusing, even ironic, playing the required number of missions of the curiously named Directive 4 "Hero of Europe" without using any "European" ship. I have that PITA named Viribus, but, Hero? Of Europe? That ship makes one a hero in masochistic patience. Like in previous directives, habits and patterns default to the usual mainstays, making Coop battles in Tiers VIII and above a ridiculous dash to who can achieve the most in less than 3 minutes. It is always atrocious, like some insane joke foisted by WG on PvE players, because PvE probably does not provide a sufficient and sustainable cash flow. Once again, I went to lower tier ships just to have a fair lopsided chance of completing missions, like the usual number of incapacitations, number of citadels hit, or a number of torpedo hits. Did some YOLO just for the heck of it too. I then tried to go back to Tier X before calling it a day, and scored this with a Kremlin. Coop is really fun when the pieces fall into place. One thing I really like about Directive No. 4 is the length of its missions. 25,000 BXP. 100,000 XP. Reasonably long directives and the rewards are to me, useful. Plus, Scenarios! Yes! Killer Whale is in rotation now, and thank God, I still have not been matched with captains that prefer farming those enemy reinforcements only to drop the ball later. Tried to have some bit of fun before this remote work starts the day, but the server is being updated now for April Fool's. I'm wondering also if I'll get enough tokens to get another early access. If not, that's perfectly okay. I still won't gamble anything for something that can be played in a few days. So far this is my tally, as of yesterday. How about you, fellow players? Are you done with this? Stay safe, and as always, wash your hands!