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Found 1 result

  1. So I grinded all day to finish the directive. My friend and I got our containers at the same time. He opened his first and got 2 with 140 and then a 20 and another 40. So then I open mine and I received a 10, 20, 10, and then 10 again. Like with is that. How did I get such miserable RNG. At this rate I will barley get the tier 5. And then each "bundle" cost 1k doubloons and they offer 92 of then. That is almost 400$ worth of doubloons. I would much rather buy a container with cash that would off the same guaranteed number of tokens like the British dds did. I mean come on how much do they want you to pay. This is complete [edited]. I put so much time and energy in this looking forward to the new dds and I feel like they just say F you to me. They went from guaranteed number in containers to complete gambling and now it is just a matter of throwing money at the game. It is like if you do not have money then they just don't care or even want to make it reasonable. First was the Paid Rico, oh sorry Puerto Rico. I mean will they just let this ship die or even make it reasonably attainable again. I feel like every update just gets worse and worse.