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Found 1 result

  1. So this morning I'm in a battle. At start I allways look at enemy comps compared to my teams. I notice a certain clan in a destroyer. Knowing the capabilities of the destroyer, and assuming that player is very unicom in it based upon the clan the player is in.... I call out in all chat, attempting to make player play a little conservative and knock him off his game, "if we kill the [destroyer] fast we will win this game. That player responded by saying I'm griefing him and It is a EULA violation... Now to be clear, I don't know enemy player at all. I was not attempting to troll and apologized with a sincerity . @Hapa_Fodder, can you explain to a 58 year old what is greifing ? Is calling out a target to focus on early against Eula or is it a valid psychological warefare tool? I don't intentionally break the rules of a game i love so much... Just would like some understanding. Thanks. .... BTW, I was in the t9 lion holding a flank by myself. 4 kills, including that dd 170k damage... Was a close game.