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Found 26 results

  1. I wanted to share a battle I just had. It's by no means one of the best games ever, but for me, I thought I did really well. Also, this was one of the few games in Essex that actually turned a profit, so the game thought I did good. While still rough around the edges, I am getting used to Essex, and starting to do well (even without the B hull). My dream of Midway couldn't be closer!
  2. Hi guys, I was looking through possibilities for a tier 9 premium ship, one in the 15-20k doubloon range. I found two carriers with very similar stories that were yet so different. I hope you will share your ideas in the comments (that’s what they are for, duh) and that you will like the interesting ships that I would like to see in game. The USS intrepid was an Essex class carrier, the fifth to be launched. Commissioned in ‘43, she served in most major surface action in the Pacific until the end of wwii, most famously Leyte gulf. Her reputation as “unsinkable” was bennifited by surviving multiple kamikaze attacks despite serious damage. Used as an auxiliary carrier throughout the late 40s she was overhauled into a slant deck carrier, serving a substantial second life in Korea and Vietnam The USS Saratoga was a converted battlecruiser, capable of carrying over 100 aircraft, and having a spectacular armament of 8 (4x2) eight inch 203mm guns and 12 5 inch guns as well as over 100 small caliber machine guns and 20 or so aa cannons. Serving in the pacific, she arrived in midway just in time for the Guadalcanal campaign. After serving in support of several island hopping landings, she was retired for use as a training ship and was eventually sunk at operation crossroads in 1946 I would like to see one of these craft in game, though both would need some buffing and nerfing to end up balanced-ish, but both show real promise. Let me know what you think in the comments down below
  3. I really wanted to wait and see if Pigeon was going to bring back rewards for visiting museum ships, but my groupon was running out. So I went to visit the USS Hornet yesterday and had a pretty interesting trip, including a behind the scenes tour from a surprisingly generous and knowledgeable docent. I took some pictures in glorious 4k resolution if anyone is interested in seeing them (Except of the restricted areas. I didn't want to push my luck). The album can be viewed here. I also went to the USS Iowa back in December. If anyone is interested in those they can be found here.
  4. Essex vs. Midway

    So I'm pretty close to upgrading to the Midway, although I'm having concerns on whether or not its worth it. With the T8 Torpedo bombers I think it could be problematic seeing more T10 ships then I do already. Other opinions? On a side note, does anyone know how T10 cv queue is?
  5. I normally don't post on here, but I'm getting desperate. Apologies for the long post. I play all lines, but I mostly play CVs since I'm more of a strategy game person than an action gamer (27% of my games are CV, compared to 26% for cruisers, 26% for battleships, and 21% for destroyers). I was perhaps one of the few people that enjoyed playing strike Lex (for those who weren't around before the patch, it was 0-1-3). Sure, it was incredibly lacking in air cover, but its damage potential was off the charts. I managed to not only set my damage record in it(290k), but also managed to average a solid 85k per round. While Shoukaku wasn't as much of a monster damage dealer, she could still do solid damage while providing air cover, and I love her for it. I boasted 55% and 56% solo winrates on the two tier 8 CVs, respectively, as well as a 75% wr on Enterprise (albeit only 16 battles) and a 53% solo wr in total, so I think I can say I'm not a potato, at the very least. Yet when I got to Essex (still grinding silver for Taihou, which is a bit tricky when you're grinding every single line at once), it's like I just hit a brick wall. That 41% wr is a black mark on my CV record; a valley in an otherwise smooth climb towards higher wtr. I heard good stories about strike Essex and thought it would just be a tier 9 strike Lex with a fighter for air cover, yet I only just got Essex before the patch, so I didn't have time to try out 1-1-3 Essex. I heard all the USN CV players on forums proclaim that Essex would no longer be useless against Taihou. What I found was disappointment and frustration, if I'm going to be honest. At first it thought it was typical new ship blues or the tier 8 planes, but then I realized something else. I just couldn't seem to match the success I had with strike Lex on the new Essex. Hell, I'm actually doing less damage in Essex than in Shoukaku or Lexington. A list of frustrations I have with Essex right now: tier 8 fighters: yes, I realize that Essex's air control is quite solid, and I generally manage to kill more planes than I lose to the enemy CV (usually because I try to bait enemy fighters into rushing in and then surprise strafing them when they thought I was not paying attention), but Taihous, with their faster and sturdier planes, still manages to give me one hell of a fight. I've seen their fighters actually outrun my strafe when they started squarely in the middle of the strafing box they didn't fly to the side to avoid it; no, they actually outran my strafing fighters, like the equivalent of someone fleeing from a cannonball and actually managing to outrun it also, yes, Essex holds my highest average plane shot down per match (26.4) not to mention these tier 8 fighters drop like flies against any high tier AA; oftentimes I hear a squad report being under attack, and the next second 2-3 planes drop from the sky; scouting is nearly impossible, even against destroyers, when your planes are that fragile these fighters tend to get overwhelmed trying both to outduel Taihou's fighters while also defending against Taihou's 3 torpedo bomber squads (I'll be honest, I ignore the dive bombers since their only threat is fire damage and they're fast as heck) tier 8 torpedo bomber: no cross-drop really hurts, but it's something USN CV players have dealt with for a long time, so I'm used to that what I'm not used to is the more consistent exposure to tier 9-10 AA without having the corresponding plane buff to deal with it I've heard some people argue that the tier 9 bomber health upgrade compensates for this, but what everyone forgets is that Taihou gets the same upgrade as well as tier 9 planes and more squadrons simply put, these planes melt under any sort of AA; hell, today a fletcher in a division with a Taihou managed to bag 42 of my planes; the carrier got little more than half of that tier 9 dive bombers I'll be blunt: I find AP bombs to be quite useless at this tier; most battleships are immune, all cruisers have heavy AA, and destroyers are barely affected; at least HE is versatile and still hits hard (1000 lb bombs rock, don't know why they're more inaccurate than IJN dive bombers though) the problem with having only 2 dive bomber squadrons is that stacking damage over time (DOT) is quite a bit tougher simply put, I used to pair 2 dive bombers and the torpedo bomber with the remaining dive bomber in strike Lex and used them to tag team ships, with the torpedo bomber group going first since most people would rather repair floods than fires; then I'd use the all dive bomber squadron to set fires and watch the red ships cook now, since it's no guarantee one dive bomber squadron can set 2 fires, I have to alpha strike any ship, thus giving up all DOT still, they're the least of my complaints If you want information on how I play CVs, I'll provide a short description: start of match move fighters over a cap or between 2 caps with both of them close enough to support each other (but not close enough to get strafed at once) carefully watch enemy fighters, and when they get impatient and rush my seemingly afk fighters, set a strafe if the strafing squad gets engaged and is outnumbered, do a strafe-exit and strafe with my other squadron; this usually works, although I've also had it fail before for unknown reasons (like the enemy squadrons, despite being slightly off the center of the strafe, coming out completely unscathed) hold my bombers back until enemy fighters are down (or unless I know they're occupied elsewhere and can't intervene) target battleships (destroyers if I think they're not paying attention, but generally I find getting guaranteed torp hits on a BB is more efficient than gambling on a destroyer), ignore cruisers unless they have terrible AA like Atago; this also applies to USN BB's and DD's unless I see an AA-heavy ship like a Des Moines using defensive AA, I prefer to press my attacks through dfAA I honestly am not particularly aggressive with my CV placement; usually I'm hiding behind the rest of my team instead of hiding behind an island closer to the battlefield also, I don't run any signals, camos, premium consumables, etc. I'll be honest, I prioritize killing enemy fighters over spreading my planes out to better cover my team (my logic is that once all the enemy fighters are dead, I'll have a clear run for my bombers and can deal with any subsequent enemy CV attacks Recently, on advise of a CV unicum who I shall not name for the time being, I've tried being more aggressive with my play, sending in bombers even if enemy fighters are still up, but all I've found is that the enemy fighters massacre my bombers while my fighters desperately stall before being wiped out by enemy AA I've seen another thread about Essex help (the answer was to play it like a Hiryu), but it has honestly been very little help. With the incoming Midway nerf, I'm wondering if I should simply abandon hope for the USN CV line and treat it like any other line, rather than a line that I genuinely enjoy (like the USN or Russian DD lines). Am I doomed to give my hopes solely to Taihou and the IJN CV line, while Essex is burdened with the disappointment of crushed hopes and dreams? As someone who volunteers on one of the four remaining Essex-class carriers, I sorely hope that won't be the case. P.s.: this is my first time posting here, so please be gentle
  6. So after years of grinding up the US CV line, I finally got to the Essex, one of the ships I remember being hard to defeat in the hands of a good CV player back in the days when you had only US and Japanese ships and the days when the Midway had jets. Now I'm most likely an average CV player at best but I play them pretty often but ever since I got to the Essex, all the skills I had to learn over the years such as lining up the manual drops and strafing seems not productive at tier 9. Every-time I play the Essex now it seems like a guaranteed loss and now I see why you don't see many people playing them in high tier games anymore. Ive tried the training room and co-op to try to familiarize myself but still struggling. What can I do?
  7. I have enough XP and coins to move up from the Lex to the Essex. But after the "rebalance" I wonder if its worth it. I get a few more planes and one more squadron but the planes are still T8. I was really looking forward to owning the Midway but she has been downgraded also. WG has taken away our choice of loads. Maybe, USN CV T8-10 has become just a coop toy?
  8. New CV Captains? Need to Learn Manual Drops? Only have 3 minutes?! This video is for you!
  9. How to Essex?

    I really need help on figuring out this ship.... If it is a mirror match up (against an enemy Essex) I can hold my own as long as he doesn't run 3/0/2 flight mod. What I need help with is figuring out how to counter a Taiho. I've tried looking at youtube videos, but those are a year old and when the Essex still had 1/2/2 loadout, so not very up-to-date. I play it like I did my Lexington but I'm usually running out of planes earlier and I can never do well against a Taiho. I go in with 1 or 2 Dive Bombers, then follow up with my Torpedo bombers and Dive bombers. I use my fighters to escort/defend against Taiho Torpedo bombers. Here is my loadout. Flight mod 1/1/3 All tier 9 planes Stock hull (going to upgrade soon) Air Groups Mod 1 Flight Control Mod 1 Air Groups Mod 3 DCS Mod 1 Steering Gears Mod 2 Concealment Expert Captain Skills: http://shipcomrade.com/captcalc/0001010000010000001000000001000115 I've talked to other Essex Players and they say my build is solid... Am I just gonna have to pray I don't get matched against a Taiho? (please don't troll and tell me to sell it and play Japanese CVs, I'm already at Shokaku and I don't need the credits)
  10. I saw it on youtube that other players can i have 2 Torpedo squadrons and 4 dive bombers in the youtube video. However it doesn't seem that I can get rid of the fighters in order to have have the Torpedo squadron today. My question is simple: can Essex now carry 2 torpedo squadrons and 4 dive bomber squadrons? If so, how? Many thanks!
  11. Earning credits in CVs is broken

    So I realize i was sunk, fair enough. But if was in my Yamato or some other ship of a HIGHER tier and I did 188k Damage I wouldn't net a whopping -1k credits. Maybe I'm just crazy, but something seems to be very off here.
  12. 1. Remove defensive AA from IJN CVs. The American "thing" in WoWs is better AA. In terms of CVs, the Americans get worse speed, maneuverability, concealment, and secondaries, they should at least get better AA. This would mean than IJN CVs can't just ROFLstomp American strike loadouts with fighters since they would have to be more circumspect with their fighters, else they risk being deleted. 2. Buff the bombs and panicked dispersion to 5.3 levels. For the vast numbers of ships that have defensive AA, it's no longer possible to target BBs through defensive AA, the sole advantage of American CVs is negated. Then, buff American CAs to have an improved version of defensive AA that increases the drop circle to current sizes. I envision the US CVs as more of a blunt tool. A broadsword to nuke capital ships instead of the Japanese Katana that slices through DDs and CAs. Currently, the IJN CVs do pretty much everything better than their American counterparts. Make America(n cvs) great again.
  13. Intro: Although the US high tier CVs used to be the most brokenly overpowered ships in the game, they are now among the worst ships. The Lexington, Essex, and Midway consistently make it on the top 5 worst performing ships every week. In this post I will try to identify the reasons for this trend as well as suggest some improvements. Reasons US CVs suck: Dive Bombers deal inconsistent damage US CVs are limited in tactical flexibility US CVs are limited in strategical flexibility by poor choices in plane Migration of skilled CV players to IJN CVs Dive Bombers have a high potential damage (over 70k damage per squadron), but they're limited by their large drop circle, which translates to poor accuracy in the most precise DB drops. Studies show that on a perfect drop against a Shimakaze that a single squad of 1000lb bombs does around 2000 damage. It's possible to only deal 5000 damage to a battleship even on a perfect drop with unpanicked bombers, if the bombers are panicked, forget expecting damage. This makes using dive bombers both unrewarding and often frustrating. Also, while there is the strategy of stacking fires, it is difficult and more easily done in an IJN CV (this will be discussed later). A possible way to buff US CVs is by decreasing the size of the One suggestion to improving US CVs is by decreasing the size of the manual drop circle. I personally like this solution for two reasons, first and foremost it reduces the RNG inherent in US CVs at present while also increases the skill ceiling of US CVs. Secondly, it makes it easier for the opposing ship to actually dodge US bomb drops. At the present, dodging a US bomber is impossible and ships should just concentrate on giving the enemy bombers a suboptimal angle rather than trying to avoid the bombers entirely. What I meant by lack of tactical flexibility is that US CVs only have one real way to effectively contribute to the game, which is by using their DoT to attack capital ships. These attacks usually involve sending one or two sets of dive bombers to drop on an enemy ship, then using the other two squadron of attack planes to follow up with DoT. However, due to the limited potential of dive bombers mentioned above this is usually only effective against battleships. Against battleships, this tactic is limited by the massive AA of high tier ships, both USN and IJN, exacerbated by splitting the attacking squadrons, and the sheer duribility of battleships. A healthy battleship can usually survive anything less than an 100% perfect alpha strike by the US strike package and their repair and heal go a long way to recovery. A possible solution to this is by giving the Lexington, Essex, Midway an extra fighter squadron in their strike package.This would give the US CVs the ability to challenge IJN Air Superiority, although at the cost of some hangar space for bombers. The fighters would inhibit the superiority of the IJN TBs while allow the US planes to do more damage (because of less loss due to interception). What I mean by poor strategic flexibility is the compromise that each of the US CV FCS modules bring. By running Air Superiority, an American carrier sacrifices the ability to influence the match through damage, by choosing Balanced, the US CV chooses to be inferior in every single way (except 2/1/2 Midway which has better fighters the Hak) to an equivalent IJN CV. By choosing Strike, the US CV loses the ability to protect her destroyers (everything less can should be able to fend for themselves). An IJN CV can stack DoT better than a US CV because of their TB, which cause flooding, which must be instantly repaired. The US TB squadron(singular) often gets focused fired to death, leaving the dive bombers to do damage. A possible solution to this is the one mentioned above. Another possible solution is by standardizing the squadron size to 4 plane squads, however I dislike this approach because then Us CVs would lose their main difference from IJN CVs and when Essex and Midway were 1/2/2 squadron size really wasn't a issue. This last issue... not really anything we can do except buff US CVs to competitiveness and hope more people push up the Is tree or older CVs player come back. That's it. I hope that WarGamming notices this post (or at least this issue...) and implements or tests one of these changes.
  14. I am ready to buy the Tier 9 Taiho but before I do, how long are the average queue times for Tier 9 CVs currently for random battles? I play between 7pm to 10pm CST. Also can upgraded tier 9 planes withstand tier 10 anti aircraft firepower?
  15. This is mostly my personal thoughts on this matter, I have little evidence to back it up, but that unsurprising on the WoWs forums. When did U.S. CVs go so wrong? They are terrible now. Midway's winrate is barely 46.0% on the NA server, Essex is doing not much better at 46.2%. Where better to start our search than 0.5.3, the biggest U.S. CV nerf ever. Midway lost her 1/2/2 loadout for a choice of 2/1/2 or 1/1/3, in return, her DBs got a 30% increase in damage (doesn't sound like much, but is pretty massive) AA was significantly buffed, with DP guns becoming the main DPS. This improved the AA of a formation and made large groups of ships impervious to CV. Midway also lost her jets, which were basically immune to interception and zipped around at light speed. Any one of these three nerfs would've been massive, in conjunction, they were almost too much. Not quite, however. Maybe player quit the U.S. CV line because of this patch, but the ones who didn't learned and adapted. They used the DBs to their fullest potential and best effect - CV sniping. Like Midway, the U.S. DBs would absolutely burn down any CV that was caught. 5.4 Focus fire does 20% more damage to Aircraft 5.5 Here's where I think U.S. CVs went from "difficult to play" to inferior in every appreciable aspect to IJN CVs. They added defensive AA to CVs. Now, it's no longer possible to even try to snipe the enemy CV. Before, there was a debate on the expenditure of resources in a CV snipe, now, it's just impossible. Without the threat of the snipe, CVs could freely use fighters to interdict enemy strikes. This meant that fighter became much more important, a change which favored the IJN CVs, with their balanced loadouts. No longer was a pure strike package the way to go, the strength of the U.S. 1000lb bombs became insignificant under the strafe of a fighter. Also, panic drop size was increased, no longer possible to expect damage through defensive AA. Some might say that 5.3 was the death of U.S. CVs, but I disagree, I think this change did them in. 5.6 AA buffs across the board. By now the U.S. horse has already been beaten to death, this change is insignificant. "I am very quiet. Let the months and the years come, they can take nothing more from me, they can take nothing more. I am so alone, and so without hope that I can confront them without fear." -U.S. CVs
  16. TL;DR I think anyone who captains both CVs at high tiers (VIII-X) will quickly agree with me that high tier American CVs are underpowered. Actually, "underpowered" is not the right word, they're strong independent CVs that'll burn down anyone who takes them lightly, but when compared to IJN CVs.... The best word I can think of is blunt. IJN CVs are like a multi-tool, you need scouting? They've got you covered? Need that DD taken down? That BB? Shokaku, Taiho, Hakuruyu, they're up for it. The Essex though... IMO the Essex is like a hammer. Need a nail pounded in? Great, you've got a hammer. Need to wash those dishes? Great, you've got a hammer. Need to clean your car? Hammer time. What I mean is this: IJN CV Advantages over US CVs: More squads Easier to scout and spot DDs/Torps/etc.. Faster reloading planes (Also faster planes too) (And more maneuverable planes) More agile and maneuverable CVs, with lower detection ranges Allows captains to get closer in thier IJN CVs (if they so chose) Every loadout has a decent fighter complement Escort Strikes F*** up enemy CVs days Guard/spot DDs (This'll win caps) Torpedos instead of bombs More consistent damage Easier to annihilate DDs Cross strokes are undodgable by anything except Lo Yangs, Bensons, and Fletchers (sometimes not even those) Good versus any class IJN CV Disadvantages Planes are paper sometimes (That's about it...) US CV Advantages Strike Package is pure f***ing damage 30k Bomb Damage possible with single wave (Unlikely though) Large, fat tanky squads RNGesus sometimes decides you land 6 hits for 20k damage on that DD (Because reasons) Fighters are large fat and tanky as well, strafing is significantly more effective with U.S. planes US CV Disadvantages Planes are slow and unmaneuverable Forced between having great fighters with terrible damage or great damage with terrible fighters Slow, fat, and extremely visible CVs Having only on squad of TBs means everyone focus fires that to death And no cross strokes RNGesus sometimes decides to punish you I've seriously missed 6/7 bombs on a stationary Iowa - no joke Damage must be done with DoT, otherwise, it's just not enough Planes are slow and cumbersome I've said this before, but it's really true I think that U.S. CVs are only good for one thing, and that's nuking lone battleships. Otherwise, the IJN CVs are just better. The IJN CV can provide support in more ways than a U.S. CV can dream of. For example, in one of my Shokaku games, I started off by destroying a Fubuki, I set one squad of fighters to guard some friendly BBs, sent the other to intercept an enemy wave of planes, then used it to spot a DD, I used one set of bombers to light a Tirpitz on fire, then, when it Damage Controlled, I lit it up again and called out to my team that it's DC was on cooldown. It burned veryyyyy quickly. Mind you, this was in the first few minutes. Granted, this was an exceptionally good game (we won in like 10 minutes), but parts of this plays out in every Shokaku game. In my Essex? Unload planes. Nuke ship. Reload bombers. Try in vain to intercept enemy strike. Repeat. I don't know if I'm doing something wrong (I don't think I am), but the Essex is A: Unfun and B: Not very effective at anything except dealing damage. You just don't have the squads or the fighter power to be able to exert control over anything else. I try, but I usually just end up regretting not having that extra squad when it comes time for my strike. I haven't played the 2/1/2 Midway yet, but for my Essex, this is just life. Here's what I'm talking about visually: That's my highest damage Essex game... In the end, what I'm saying is that it is important to support you team and be useful. U.S. CVs are really only good at damage. The CV that supports her team is far more useful than one that does not. IJN CVs > U.S. CVs, even thought U.S. has better striking power (though that advantage is marginal). I think the best trait in a good CV (and good CV player) is consistency.
  17. It took me around 50 games to control Essex. Control means that I start to earn credits instead of lost money and start to sink more than 1 ship per game. I play mostly with strike CVs and the 1st thing was to re-learn how to use the fighter. At the beginning the fighter duties distracted me and I did nothing well, couldnt prepare a decent strafing of enemy planes, nor the manual drops. Then I finally start to assemble attacks and use the fighter for clear the path to the bombers. This is a major tactical advantage above Lex. But the 2nd thing is not. In this tier, (at least before the patch 0.5.5) sniping CV is almost a fixed doctrine. With Lex, I do not go after enemy CVs because for me is a nice way to waste 5 to 10 minutes of battle with very low probability of success. A well equipped Lex will have (like me) a solid AA and Shokaku has 2 fighters to cover herself. Essex however has a weaker AA (less high caliber cannons) and against Tahios 3 TB squads is really hard. Till now, I havent found a successful tactic vs Tahio even after the patch (and I invest all the commander skills in AA improvements). With Lex I have better chances vs Tahio cos the AA envelope is larger. Witout closer AA support, Essex will lost 50% HP for sure. At this point I can not say that Essex or Lexington is better, I can say (at least in my case) that u have to play different. Lex can stay alone, Essex can not.
  18. More Stock Grinds Lol

    Just got my Essex!!! Right now, I'm averaging a fire truck red 16k damage done per match lol. Stock is not fun... Edit: Whoooo! just went up to almost 30
  19. Was just in a battle, took a torp from a DD and was flooding. Secondaries did not fire off till I repaired it. Working as intended?
  20. They will absolutely murder any ship the find. Notice how when it was first announced Midway/Essex players were rage posting nerf. Then the they took to the test server and the posts have stopped. Now they are quietly waiting for 5.3 and the destruction they will project. Numbers: Squad of 7 DB will hit a BB or CV for ~26,000. 3 squads of 7 will have the ability to alpha strike a tier 9 BB. They will be able to alpha strike another CV with much more ease. its not a nerf at all.
  21. Weirdest thing ever. Got a CQE in an Essex but got 0 secondary hits for 17,100 damage. It looks like I magged a Fletcher, but it didn't count as a hit. Anybody else ever had anything like that?
  22. Essex for SALE!

    I have a moderatly used Essex for sale! Been hit with a nerf bat a few too many times and she burns through credits so fast you would think her engines run on them, but I am sure YOU Sir may just be masochistic enough to make this baby yours! Act now I and will through in this fully upgraded Pensicola. She is tricked out and customized to down enemy planes like nobodys business. Rarely used since carrier play is almost non existent and after the new patch she will have a better home in your port as a musem than in a Random, or Ranked battle. But who can argue with free, right???? Buy this Essex NOW and be grandfathered in and keep your 2 TB Strike Package loadout!
  23. Essex Captains

    Hi Essex Captains I was wondering if you might be able to provide some information about matches you are currently getting into at the moment. I am very close to the Essex however have found over the past couple of weeks that CV captains have fallen off a cliff due to the recent patches, to the point where it can be up to a 10min wait for my Lexington. The average I would have to say is around 4-5mins. However I'm finding some of these matches just silly, today I was matched with 2 DDs (CV, DD, DD vs CV, DD, DD) and others around the 4-8 a side. I was wondering if the Essex is hitting the same MM issues or if there are more Essex captains and players out there than their T8 comrades? The reason I ask is that if its the same queue times and match quality I'll sink my hard earned credits into a Benson instead. Have to WG that its a bit disappointing to grind through the USN line, finally get to the decent carriers and find that no one is actually playing these tiers anymore.
  24. ((I don't know if this type of thread was made already, I'm guessing it most likely has but..)) It has gained so much notoriety due to its unfathomable strength, that absolutely no one should tread lightly with it. Not even when saying it's name..
  25. Hakuryu Help

    Ok.... First off, this is not a bash CV thread. I am looking for people with EXPERIENCE in the Hakuryu to assist me here. I'm having some problems. History: I got to the Hak around the time CV MM'ing changed and you had to sit in Q for 20 minutes to get a fight. I was attempting to grind out the 100K+ XP in a tier 10 required to fully outfit. As it stands now I still have stock DBs and still have the 2/3/3 Flight Mod @ 30K to unlock. (As well as I think 2.4mil creds). I'm struggling with this CV. I'm struggling because somewhere along all the fighter balancing and changes made, that I cannot shoot down Essex and Midway TB or DB squads. I've been running the 4 fighter load out as I got tired of getting rushed by Midways at the start of the game not being able to stop the damn wave of planes with my 2 fighter squads. I thought, hey, I'll get the 4 fighters and protect myself, doing less damage to ships but at least being able to survive the match longer than 2 minutes. As most of you are aware, the Tirp spam happened, tier 8+ CAs are boring to play, so the matches recently have been devoid of any sort of CA support to assist in Barrage ability to at least make the Midway/Essex TBs spread some and not eat 10 of them at once. My main issue here is the fighters. Fighters are supposed to eat TB and DB squads. Fighters v Fighters I expect to lose a one on one engagement versus a USN CV. Grinding through the line I came to accept that was going to be the fact. The only use an IJN fighter squad was, was to stop the USN fighters from shooting down your TBs. Strategically this worked enough to buy yourself time to get damage in a few ships before you ran out of fighters. ..at this point though, my fighter squads are running out of ammo before shooting down the oncoming TB and DB squads. What the hell is this? No way a TB squad should survive a fight squad attack at any time. I'm often losing more planes than I am shooting down. If I select ONE TB squad with TWO fighter squads, I might shoot that one down, but the second TB squad either gets too far ahead of my fighters, or if I catch it, my fighters run out of ammo before killing it. Usually leaving over half that squad alive. This problem is exasperated if there are TWO USN CVs on enemy team. I simply cannot survive long term if they both keep attacking me, solely because I don't have enough ammo in my planes to remove the threat. Now this isn't a whine about getting out strategized or out moved. If an enemy CV sneaks his planes into me when I didn't see them thats on me, if I intercept TB squads with fighter squads, I SHOULD SHOOT THEM DOWN. This is an EQUAL TIER TO EQUAL TIER scenario. I can't believe a Midway player can just send his TBs at an enemy CV without fear of losing more than 4 of this 12 planes. This is easy mode play at it's finest. I think WG has messed up the fact they needed tier 10 planes to have enough HP to survive ship AA, but have forgotten to adjust the fighter loadout to compensate for the additional HP on these planes. Now, to Hakuryu players out there, how are you dealing with this currently? I'm fairly certain I have enough games in CV to understand the mechanic of this, so I don't think I'm doing something wrong with my fighters. They are engaging enemy TBs and losing those fights. (By losing I mean not shooting down enough planes to protect me, or my team). Should I just ditch the fighters and go three TB squads and just mad rush the enemy CV at the start? ..because I feel like this is silly game play. Please, thoughts on those in the know.. not those with no CV game nor less than 300 battles in this game.