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Found 3 results

  1. After the CV rework is complete I am expecting to see a lot of planes in the air. Just like DD's, the CV's prime target will be BB's. (DD's are to nimble and CA have too good AA) This means in order for your high value BB's to survive they will need a cruiser to follow them close everywhere they go. And as we know a BB will not come closer that 20km to any enemy ship, which is outside the range of cruiser guns. So, that means the new role of cruisers will be to shoot down planes and protect against DD's. In this new role, what will become the most popular cruisers for say tier 7 and 10? Got to think Atlanta is on that list. or Do you think cruisers will continue to operate the way they do now and leave BB's helpless against planes and destroyers? Appreciate your thoughts.
  2. ThatOddMan

    Is camping normal?

    Maybe I am not correct but I have thought of cruisers and destroyers as part of an escort fleet for battleships and aircraft carriers. At least that is what I know out of the game. As a battleship, do I position her at the back where most cruisers and destroyers are? Duplicate Post. Sorry..
  3. mark_in_missouri


    Where is the best place to sail when escorting a ship. WG has has become harsher about colliding w/ your allies however its still useful for cruisers to help protect BB & CVs from enemy aircraft/ DD. I seldom division w/ other ships but just pick out an allied BB or CV that's pretty much by themselves and has weak AA thus communication is very limited to non-existent.