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Found 123 results

  1. I keep getting disconnected from the server about once per round in Random Battle. As I'm playing, the screen will freeze for a few seconds and then I'm taken back to the World of Warships login page with the orange Login button. I can reconnect right away, but my ship was idle while disconnected and I'm usually nearly dead by that time. I'm on a 100 Mbps cable connecting which has low ping. I don't have problems with any other online games. Do you have any ideas on what I can try to troubleshoot this? The connection only happens while playing World of Warships. Thank you in advance.
  2. Game crashed with Critical Error

    Recently updated World of Warships and tried playing it and got this error...
  3. Beginning 4 days ago (January 20), my PC began locking up while playing World of Warships. This doesn't happen every time I play and I can't find any combination of in-game actions, length of session, or other factors which would explain it. I've been playing off and on since shortly after release (stopped playing for most of 2017 & returned just before Christmas) and have never had this issue before with this or any program on my machine. My stats: Intel I7-6700K 4GHz 16 GB RAM Windows 10 Home NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Water-cooled with multiple fans, all working flawlessly The machine itself is about 18 months old, and again I have had absolutely zero issues with it until the past couple days. Things I have already tried: Updated all drivers (only the NVIDIA driver was out of date) Confirmed that all power save options were disabled Ran Memory Check Ran Disc Check Ran System File Check Manually adjusted virtual memory to manufacturer recommended settings Clean install of WoWs I don't believe this is a bug with WoWs specifically, as I'd played dozens of games between the last update and when these crashes began happening. Two other significant changes were made right before the issues began, however: a windows security patch was issued/installed (I have since uninstalled the patch which made no difference), and our modem was replaced with a new XFinity modem/router combo. I currently have bridge mode enabled on the new modem to continue using my existing router (NETGEAR Nighthawk X4S AC2600), which I connect to via a USB stick. I mention this because yesterday evening the USB stick "crashed", which was resolved by unplugging it and then reinserting...I did notice that the connector was very hot to the touch when I first removed it from the USB port. I've ordered a replacement unit (I've been using the current one for about a year), which should be here later today. At this point I'm at a total loss on what to do next. I was running Performance Monitor on my second screen during the most recent lock and saw absolutely no spikes before the machine locked up. Going through the notification logs has shown no errors reported prior to the crashes, and no error messages which hadn't been happening intermittently for months without causing problems (things like Windows Hello for Business not being compatible). If any of you more technologically inclined folks have any other suggestions, I'd love to hear them...I'm not really up on advanced PC tinkering, but I'm not afraid of doing some providing I know exactly what to do & why. Again, I have only had this issue while WoWs was running on the PC (several times while playing and once while running in the background). EDIT: I do have Aslain's mod pack installed on the computer, but I am not currently using any of its mods in the game.
  4. I haven't been able to play wows for a couple weeks because of classes but when I finally got back, I noticed that wows had sent me this email (check attached screenshot) saying I got these rewards, but when I logged on, they didn't show up. Any help?
  5. Saludos: Hoy al querer iniciar mi juego desde el escritorio como siempre hago me sorprendio ver un reporte de error de Crasheo del juego apenas pulse el boton jugar. Al ver esta situación intente varias cosas: .-Probé a lanzar el juego un par de veces mas y nada seguía apareciendo el reporte de error .-Probé con el modo seguro y lo mismo .-Intente con la herramienta que revisa la integridad de los datos del juego y nada .-Reinicie mi pc y volví a repetir el proceso de revisar el juego abrir en modo seguro y nada, el reporte de error sigue apareciendo No quiero tener que reinstalar el juego porque es perder el día completo en descargar el juego y todas sus actualizaciones nuevamente
  6. https://imgur.com/a/yZLdF win 10 - 64bit reinstalled firewall to default reinstalled NIC reinstalled game reinstalled windows Same result
  7. PTS 0.7.0 Game Crash

    Selected battle mode CO-OP. Saw some hint texts. Clicked on the start button around 5-6 seconds left and got a "Critical Error Occurred" message. "The BigWorld client has encountered an unhandled exception and must close (EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION: 0xC0000005 @ 0x01964A73) (Write @ 0x00000000 )." I did not include the dump of the thread IDs.
  8. i just press the play button and it does this. i reinstalled i 3 time restarted my computer im out of ideas. was working fine 3 days ago. NVM somehow restarting my computer one more time did it im so confused right now.
  9. Critical error on startup

    Just updated the game and now every time I try to launch it, it has a critical error and fails. The launcher boots up fine but a few seconds after I hit play I get the critical error message that says world of warships has crashed. I saw a few people had this problem back in July but I've never experienced this before and the last time I played was back in October. I recently did a windows updated don't know if that would make a difference though. So is this because the update moved things around or the windows update screwd up some files or is it just bad luck, ether way how do I fix this?
  10. Game Launches into some korean prelaunch version

    I was playing WoWs and I needed to restart my computer. The restart was not related to WoWs in any way and when I went to launch back into the game, the game client loading screen looked like this picture. There was more text on the screen at one point but could not capture it in time because it was freaking me out. It looks like Korean text on the screen and I am at a loss for what it says. I noticed the Pre-Alpha version on the top left of the screen but holy heck am I at a loss for what happen. The game is supposed to launch into the NA server but some how ended up with this. Can anyone let me know if WG is working on a Korean client and it somehow has files in everyone's WoWs directory? After the loading bar spams sliding from left to right, it eventually loaded up to the NA server log in page but I'm too paranoid to jump on any more. HALP!!!
  11. Cannot Gift a Ship

    Hello, I'm trying to gift my buddy the USS Texas but when I click on the Visa option, the icon will spin for a couple of seconds and then nothing will happen. This happens with the PayPal and any other option too. If I try to buy the ship for myself, it takes me to the right screen. Is anyone else having this issue? If it helps, my buddy's account is level 13 and he's only been playing for a couple of weeks now. Thank you!
  12. yesterday I had a memory access violation exception which I believe is WoWs client exe trying to access a protected address in memory. This crash happened at the end of the match. This crash I think is resolved by disabling DEP or making an exception rule for the app. but not fix for bug, fix would be not to access protected memory by the exe. 2nd crash I have as of today after the patch is at the very beginning of the match. Crashes to the desktop, no error stack trace. Not sure what this is. No mods here or nothing funky. little digging, found crash dump files for 2nd type of crash that started occurring today at the beginning of the match. Appears to error similar to crash type 1 above... app is trying to access protected memory and windows is shutting her down. I'm going to create a DEP exception rule allowing wows to access memory it should not and see if that helps. Scratch that Idea it does not work. Crashed on second attempt after disabling DEP. WorldOfWarships.exe Stopped working 12/5/2017 9:31:05 PM All Users 0xc0000005 Access Violation 0x00733919 WorldOfWarships.exe Debugged crash with VS2015 and it is pointing the crash to a particular dll, UCRTBASE.DLL appears to be causing the crash. Possible Solution 1 Still digging looks like a common problem this thread hints at problem is more than one audio driver installed. I currently have a USB Dolby 7.1 gaming headphone that has its own audio Driver.... I'm going to uninstall that bad boy today and give it a shot. Possible Solution 2 If the audio driver thing does not work out, here is a writeup for this dll for shadow of war causing issues. This describes needing the exe to be launched as admin. I'm going to try this after the audio driver suggestion. https://steamcommunity.com/app/356190/discussions/0/1484358860944996931/ Possible Solution 3 Read that Preferences.xml causes issues like this sometimes... I'm going to try kneecapping that and see if it persists. **Update** after opening ticket with support solution 3 is the recommended first try. **Final Update Resolved** Option 3 resolved it as WG Support called it. Possible Solution 4 This suggest it might just be a good old fashioned programming bug. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/38286268/exception-thrown-at-0x0f640e09-ucrtbased-dll-in-consoleapplication5-exe-0xc00 Possible Solution 5 WOT had similar issues after a major release. Devs recommended resetting display settings in launcher. This may do solution 3 item above among other things. Going to try that today. https://worldoftanks.com/en/news/general-news/core-3-0/
  13. Critical error Occurred???

    Download aslain, then booted up game, logged into one game and was botted, now every time I try I get Critical error occurred message sayng Message The Bigworld client encountered an unhandled exception and must close(Exception ACCESS_VIOLATION current thread #7172 native trace and a bunch of other stuff, I have had this happen in the past, but I did a check and repair game integrity and or rebooted my computer and it fixed it. Not this time any ideas??
  14. when i logged in today and i loaded my dock it showed my currency with warning symbol on it, i was and still am not able to buy anything
  15. Hi guys! So, us at Hinon were chatting about the newly announced Salem and looking at the model, when @RivertheRoyal pointed out, "Are Salem's guns longer than DM's? I was just wondering, because DM's guns always seemed stubby to me, and I don't get that feeling from Salem." So, started a round of comparing DM's rifles to Salem's from @renegadestatuz @Nuk_ @Jnobsir and I, and low and behold... Des Moines. Salem. Notice the barrel's length and size? IRL Des Moines for clarification. So I started staring at it, and thought, "Those look like 6"/47s more than 8"/55s." So the comparison was made: Cleveland. Des Moines. Close up comparing the two. Especially the #2 turret looks very off. And it very much appears to be a 6" gun and not an 8" gun. (Visually, and just the barrel, not the turret, not game performance wise) For added reference, here is Baltimore with her guns (Same gun, same caliber, just different loading system): With DM's, and Cleveland's guns for reference. So it appears that while the turrets are not Cleveland's, nor are the guns really, Des Moines' guns are still too short. What are your thoughts? Are we just seeing something that isn't there? Or are we onto something that has been hidden since beta and only now with the Salem coming out do we have a point of reference. If it is a visual error, I'd like to bring it up to @Pigeon_of_War Credits go to River for pointing this out and for Cleveland and Des Moines on Ocean port. Jnobsir for the rest of the images that are not historical photos. Fair winds and following season captains!
  16. Can't install game

    So I have been playing this game for over a year and never really had any problems. A few days ago I tried launching the game, only to get an error saying it couldn't launch. After many failed attempts I decided to just uninstall and reinstall the game. The download was very slow so it spanned over hours. Since I had to leave for a long time, I didn't want the pc to stay on for that long, so I stopped the installation for the time being. After I came back I resumed installation, but after awhile it would just sit there, it would never resume. Since It didn't download that much, I decided to uninstal it again and tried to reinstall. Took another day. Before I went to bed I saw it only had a few gigs left. Cool it would take only a few hours. When I awoke this morning it had closed itself. I reopened the launcher, but it would refuse to resume. After a few more tries it would pop an error screen after I tried resuming. I have no idea why it won't complete the download. I have plenty of space on my pc, and all of my other games haven't had this much trouble installing. I would appreciate any feedback. It'd be great to finally get back to this game...
  17. wg's fictional refits created some weird problem: apparently some helmsmen must have eyes like x-men to navigate their vessels this is kaiser's second hull - as you can see additional rangefinder on top of the turret is completelly obstructing view from the navigation bridge konig's second hull has the exact same issue emile bertin's helmsman also received this challenge with additional bofors. however unlike german bb's this could be fixed with some effort. with moving the bofors on top of the conning tower the navigation bridge will have free view again. however some surrounding devices will be still obstructed. but this is probably better solution the very same thing arrived with british battleships as well...this is second hull for iron duke in this case the solution is pretty simple since the platform is very convenient. just lift that a bit higher and visibility wont be obstructed orion has this problem as well while in her case navigation bridge has clear view. only view from conning tower is blocked and again this can be easily fixed
  18. Hi! So I just got done trying relentlessly to install the latest update, and it goes to the installing portion then stops and says "Critical error, this application cannot continue. Check logs" (Which is attached) I run no mods, and am on windows 10. any help? thanks!
  19. Mac version Mouse problems

    I am not entirely sure this is a bug... but it is just about as annoying. On the mac edition of WoWs the mouse cursor doesn't "lock" when you're in a match/controlling the ship unlike literally every other game with a similar method of looking around, This poses problems because whenever I aim up or down the task bar or the dock open and cause lag... or randomly open programs instead of shooting... which is VERY aggravating, because I either can't shoot the thing I'm aiming at, or someone takes advantage of the lag and sends me a "parting gift" if there is any way to prevent this I would very much appreciate it, and anyone also unfortunate enough to have to play on a mac
  20. Team Killer Flag...but no damage

    I played my first battle of the day a few days ago in my Arizona and did pretty well, killing 3 enemy ships. When the battle was over, I noticed I was "Pink" and "You have received the Team Killer Status". But I did NO damage to our team. NONE. ZERO. Not even an accidental bump with ships, which is the only damage I have ever given to members of my team. Something must be wrong, since I did not case even 1 HP of damage to my team. I suspect there is a bug in the latest patch, because if TK flags are being handed out to people with no damage at all, something is seriously wrong. So I submitted a ticket, with this very unhelpful reply: Thank you for contacting Wargaming support regarding your in-game pink status. Even if it's just a few shots here and there, the automated system records it all, so while a player may not turn pink for a single event if it becomes a recurring pattern they will gain that status. As for how long this will last, we cannot give you specific numbers as it is dependent on your ratio of enemy damage vs. friendly fire damage over a period of time. To reduce how much time you spend pink, get back in the game! Every point of damage and kill you successfully inflict on the opposing team will reduce your pink status rating, until it finally disappears. Hope this helps! Thank you for contacting Wargaming support. Best Regards, Emilia Mayer Wargaming America Support
  21. Error

    Played my T8 Jap CV Shokaku earlier today and earned a Clear Sky Medal. I put down 50 planes in that battle. I later checked my stats on my Shokaku. Checking under the most planes destroyed in a battle. It showed only 46 and not 50. Does it take a day to update the stats?
  22. Wows crash

    Wows crash. Pls help https://imgur.com/a/Ni0ld WorldOfWarships-2017-10-03_19-08-01.crash
  23. I first installed the game with an MacBook Pro, but I decided to uninstall it TOTALLY after month, so I deleted the hidden files inside it and deleted the application... but then when I want to re-install it, it won't appear anymore! like this: Really need help!!!!
  24. I haven't ever had this happened before so I'm at a loss. My game is up to date and i did that check & repair as well. I did that integreity thing check already btw. Accident posted in the forum issue section as well my apologies. v Picture v
  25. Launch Error

    Application c:/Games/World_of_Warships_NA/WorldOfWarships.exe crashed 09.18.2017 at 09:38:15 Message: The BigWorld Client has encountered an unhandled exception and must close(EXCEPTION_ACESS_VIOLATION : 0XC0000005 @ 0X01A3E510) (Read @ 0x000000000) Current thread #2652 native trace (0): WorldOfWarships.exe!0x01A3E510 (0): WorldOfWarships.exe!0x01A3DEDD ........ ect (Picture at the bottom) v I have played this game for good amount of time and never had any start up issues till now. It has been going on for 2 days now. Is their something wrong with my end or "bigworlds" end? I think I'm in the wrong place to post this lol.