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Found 35 results

  1. Hello colleagues, this work is dedicated in Honor of Veterans. Enterprise (CV-6) "The Big E" The Veterans Camo - Stars And Stripes Forever. was part of a world of warships contest If I have the updated version, I'll explain how to install it: 1- Download this file 2- Unzip it in your game folder \World Of Warships\res_mods\\ 3- Run the game 4- In the port you must remove the permanent camouflage The way to use with camouflage: 1- Download last version of Wows Unpacker 2 - Extract camouflages.xml 3 - Open with some text editor (notepad) 4 - Find this line of text <!--//USN UNIQUE Enterprise colour scheme 20--> <colorScheme> <name>colorSchemeUSNP20</name> <color0>0.000 0.000 0.000 0.000</color0> <color1>0.000 0.000 0.000 0.000</color1> <color2>0.000 0.000 0.000 0.000</color2> <color3>0.000 0.000 0.000 0.000</color3> </colorScheme> 5 - edit the colors leave all the values in 0000 as aparace in the previous paragraph 6 - save the document 7 - copy camouflages.xml to World_of_Warships\res_mods\last upadate. do you have any question? Leave a comment. God bless America
  2. New CV Captains? Need to Learn Manual Drops? Only have 3 minutes?! This video is for you!
  3. I got separated (my own fault) and hounded for an entire round by four or five ships. While they were chasing me, the rest of my team dominated. Last week to enter for a chance at a USS Enterprise Premium. Also channel update stuff. TwitchCon and let’s battle. Hope you guys are doing well. Let’s hear your stories of turning tragedy into triumph.
  4. Unpopular opinion, yes. First, the link for the Enterprise giveaway: https://gleam.io/0ilFS/uss-enterprise-giveaway Now about conqueror. TL:DW. It’s too soon to say whether it needs nerfing. W/L has normalized and is in line with other T10 BBs. Damage is still very high, but so was Yammie’s when the game went gold. I suspect this will go down as well in time. If not, then we can talk nerf. No need for knee-jerks though.
  5. I was thinking this Sunday, October 1st Time 8-11pm Eastern US time. Chapter one “attack at Guadalcanal” USN task force 2 carriers USS enterprise and a Lexington class carrier(Saratoga) 1 battleship USS North Carolina doing escort duty and shore bombardment and 2 heavy cruisers a New Orleans class cruiser and an Indianapolis. And 4 Mahan class cruisers doing shore bombardment and AA protection. USN OBJECTIVE is to take out the Japanese Air base at Guadalcanal represented by 4 Carriers beached on the island THESE CARRIERS CAN NOT BE TAKEN OUT BY AP OR TORPS ONLY BY HE AND HE BOMBS. IJN group 4 Zuiho class carriers together beached on the island representing the airfield together the USN will have a delay so you can get into position. And 1-2 Ryujo carriers with 2 tier 2-3 DD escorting each Ryujo only. IJN OBJECTIVE don’t let the USN take the air base protect the air strip don’t let it get destroyed. Chapter Two “first battle of Savo Island” "night battle if we had a night map" USN task force South group HMAS Canberra (perth) USS Chicago (Indianapolis) 2 Mahan class DDs. The north group 3 New Orleans class cruisers Vincennes, Astoria, and Quincy with on Sims class DD and a Mahan class DD. Eastern group of USS San Juan ( Atlanta class) and HMAS Hobart (Perth Or a Leander) and west group 2 Mahan class dds doing scouting perimeter duties. USN objective protect the Island from all Japanese opposition and protect oil coliers from attack (Langleys)(optional). IJN group 1 Chokai (represented by a Mogami class cruiser or Atago or ARP Takao as Chokai try not to use the flashy paint if you can lol) 2 Aoba class cruisers (Aoba, Kako) 2 Furutaka class cruisers (Furutaka, Kinugasa) and a Tenryu and Yubari cruisers with one Kamikaze class DD. IJN OBJECTIVE push the USN task force out of the island and kill 4-5 cruisers. Chapter Three “battle of the eastern Solomon’s” RUN ENTERPRISE RUN IJN TASK FORCE, 2 Shokaku class Carriers (Shokaku, Zuikaku) and 1 Ryujo class carrier 1 Kongo Class Battleship providing AA support only. And a screening AA cover force protecting the carriers consisting a Mogami ( because we don’t have a Tone) Chikuma cruiser ( also a Tone class but will be represented by a Mogami ), 2 Kagero DDs (Amatsukaze, Tokitsukaze) and 2 Musuki’s dds and 2 Minekaze providing screening protection from aircraft. IJN OBJECTIVE is to SINK THE ENTERPRISE. USN Task force, 2 carriers USS Enterprise and USS Saratoga (Lexington class carrier) 1 battleship USS North Carolina providing AA screening. 1 Pensacola class cruiser (Salt Lake City) and Northampton class cruiser (Indianapolis) 1 Portland class cruiser (Indianapolis), light cruiser San Juan (Atlanta class) and 5 US destroyers Farragut, Sims or Mahan no more than 3 of one type of Destroyer. USN OBJECTIVE is to SURVIVE AND. Protect Enterprise at all costs and protect Saratoga and Sink 1 IJN carrier and escape to fight another day. how to get into the training rooms >
  6. Hello colleagues, I will leave this here in case anyone interests you. this work is dedicated in Honor of Veterans. Enterprise (CV-6) "The Big E" The Veterans Camo - Stars And Stripes Forever. was part of a world of warships contest To install copy the folder to World_of_Warships\res_mods\last upadate. Any questions leave me a comment. God bless America
  7. well i bit the bullet and bought the Enterprise as ive been getting back into the USN CV's and liking what ive been playing. TLDR: its a good ship, that is lots of fun, once you learn to accept your primary damage is dive bombers and how to manually drop them. My setup - 2/2/2(AP) AGM1, AGM2, AGM3, Defensive AA Mod 1, DCSM2, CSM1. Captain skills - 1) Servicing Expert, Dog-fighting Expert, Evasive Maneuvers, 2) Expert rear gunner, 3) BFT 4) Air Superiority. (totaling 12/19 points.) Planned skills - either CE+ TAE, CE+ PM+ TA, or AFT +TAE. ill start out with what i hate about this ship. the torpedo bombers. their drop pattern is atrocious. to add even more unnecessary complexity, when you lose bombers, the entire strikes aim gets thrown off forcing you to re-adjust the bombers, as they will now come in at an angle rather then flat on. i DESPISE these torps, and i have gone a couple matches now simply ignoring them, they almost make me wish i had a 303 option instead of the 222. - HOWEVER take what i say with a grain of salt, as your mileage may vary, i prefer manually doping bombs to torps, so my bias may be showing a bit heavily here. her fighters, i have only run into 1 ship i could not outplay in terms to both damage and fighters, and that was an AS LEX, he simply shut me down almost from the very start of the game. that match i managed to only get 14 plane kills and 16k damage, well below my average of 30 planes and about 50k damage. all in all they are good fighters, with decent speed, lots of ammo, and decent health. Now i get to her bombers. in my opinion these AP bombers are the best damage units i have ever had in a CV. flat out, these things allow me to accomplish pretty much any mission, even in t10 matches, except hunting DD's. while the lack of DD hunting capability is rather annoying as both the bombs AND the torps are incapable of this mission, they are made up for by the massive damage potential of these bombs, and the ability for my fighters to safetly scout DD's for my team to kill. i wish i could outfit the Ranger with these bombs, but unfortunately for now Enterprise is the only one that has them (that is available). here is the best game i have had in it so far. 2 destroyed, 105k damage, 21 shot down in a TX match. http://plays.tv/video/59b35d4eb2528d866e/second-game-in-enterprise-all-seemed-click-for-me-in-one- ignore the background noise, i cant figure out how i get rid of that, and i also cant figure out how to re-enable replays with the new all in one manager for WoWs, as the files are in different places and they are seemingly no longer enabled by default. all in all i am loving this ship, and will probably be using it for the foreseeable future while i try and get a 19 point captain for my Ranger.
  8. So, we have a second chance at the Enterprise. The first time around, the ship was largely regarded as mediocre, with a gimmick that was strong against German BBs. With the arrival and large population of British battlewagons in the game now, has the Enterprise's stock gone up at all? I've read that the Nelson's armor scheme is effective against US AP bombs, but is this true of the other high-tier UK BBs? Is it a good time to join the continuing mission? Or is the Grey Ghost still just a cold spot? Live long and prosper.
  9. Dear WG, I had hoped with a Sci-Fi Carrier weekend and You selling the Enterprise you would have come up with a perma Sci-Fi themed Camo for the Enterprise. Being a Trekkie and a STO player, I would have shelled out 3000 Doubloons for an addition Permanent Camo for the Enterprise. Don't get me wrong the current one is nice you did a great job, but it would be nice to change it up without having to buy a bunch of temporary Camos. I think you would have sold a bunch too to those who have Enterprise already. Sincerely, gcangel82
  10. Disclaimer: No fact, figures, or anything of substance will be discussed in this article just conjecture, hearsay, and slander. You are warned any attempt to quote this article to win an argument will be ridiculed by this author. Let me start with I wrote this piece against the advice of counsel and in defiance of several cease and desist notices and the guy with a hockey mask and a machete I met at the lake. He was a nice guy says he normally goes to the lake on mid month Fridays this week was an exception. Enterprise I bought this ship because I work for a company that is named after it. I don't buy ships because people like myself say buy this ship because you are crazy not too, you are BTW. I buy ships based largely on emotion. Which is the reason my port is full of ships I almost never play. Because they get reported to the authorities should they ever leave port to sortie in random battles. Enterprise is that rare exception. When I bought I knew I was never going to play random battles every again. She is much like the slandered till removed Graf Zeppelin. Which is perfect for coop play because they both play well against another copy of themselves. But unlike GZ, Enterprise won't get your team to rage quit should you ever be dumb enough to forget to switch back to coop. After one to many loses due to team that don't in order to win you have to kill the other team and or score more points. Enough with the salt. Enterprise is the queen of the end game she loves to get the tag in and body slam from the ropes in a Mortal Kombat style finishing move. Final Opinion: You don't own the greatest ship the US navy has ever had in service, The Big Easy button, you must be former Warsaw Pact country, or Canada?
  11. Okay I am trying to get the most out of my Enterprise Captain Build I have 19 pts included is a screen print of what it looks like. I have watch Fara's Vids and wanted other opinions on what I can do to make this just a bit stronger. Understand I am not a great CV guy, I have my good and bad games. I am AVERAGE at best, but want to do my best too. Thank You for Your Suggestions. You can see I have: Priority Target Aircraft Servicing Expert Dog Fighting Expert Torpedo Acceleration Torpedo Armament Expertise BFT AFT Air Supremecy
  12. So, after getting fed up with people dragging [edited], I hoped into my Enterprise to let off some steam. Then this craphappened. EDIT: Changed title after realizing I went after wrong group.
  13. Hi Pigeon. So on Enterprise's stat card in game, the "Ships in series" info line says "2" when it should say "3". There were three Yorktown-class aircraft carriers, USS Yorktown (CV-5), USS Enterprise (CV-6), and USS Hornet (CV-8). It's a minor thing but one I'd like to see fixed. Thanks for your time. Fair winds and following seas captains!
  14. The Enterprise will be sailing out of the premium shop in twelve hours or so, and its hard to say when she'll make a return. I haven't seen very many in game, but the ones that I have crossed paths with tend to do very well. So, now that she's been out for a couple of weeks...what's the verdict on the ship? Were the early reviews correct, in that she's a challenging ship to play that will only do well in the hands of the very best CV players? Or is she a better ship than she was given credit for at first, with strengths to offer average CV skippers as well as the best of the best? Basically, I wanted to create this topic to let anyone that was still on the fence about picking her up have a chance to get some post-preview/review feedback on how the ship has performed out in the wild.
  15. Warning, wall of text with no pictures or videos for support. I bought the Enterprise on July 4th with some hesitation due to the t7 planes but figuring that I could make it work. My carrier experience has been the USN line up to the Midway, including Saipan, and the IJN line up to the Hiryu. All my CVs have winrates of 50% or higher except the Langley (26%). USN experience is confined to strike setups with the exception being Midway's stock configuration (mainly about not relying on team mates to deal damage and sink ships). I have played over 1.300 battles in CVs as a solo random pub player. My averages for the Big E after 32 battles are (23 victories): Damage: 100.173 Plane kills: 31,3 Ships sunk: 1,6 Spotting damage: 62.364 Those numbers are skewed a little bit towards the low end as that four of the battles were games I had to go AFK due things coming up at home where I had zero to little impact on the game. Once I was sunk by an allied destroyer two minutes into the game. List of initial concerns about the ship: 1.) t7 aircraft, how well are they going to hold up to t8 AA? 2.) How strong/weak are the AP bombs? 3.) Are there enough reserves for the strike craft? 4.) How will that torpedo pattern work out? Addressing concerns: 1.) I was concerned about just t8 AA because t9 AA can be spotty and t10 AA will punish planes of any tier. With AGM3 mounted as a module, I noticed little difference between the actual durability of the planes on the Enterprise compared to those on the Lady Lex. They died at about the same rates when attacking an NC or Bismarck. I was happy to discover that my DBs and TBs did not melt faster than the planes on the Lady Lex. The fighters are fine, they lose while inflicting little loses one-on-one to Lex's fighters and only slightly weaker that Shok's fighters. I found myself using the alt attack at every moment to hope to gain any advantage against opposing fighters fighters. I found myself okay with this due to the large fighter reserves and can treat them like the Soviets treated their soldiers at Stalingrad. 2.) The AP bombs deal tremendous amounts of damage. Unfortunately those high numbers (30k+ damage hits from two DB groups) only occur when attacking select targets. Bis, Gneis, Sharn, and Tirpitz and amazing targets. Bayern gets nothing but overpens while it is rare to get more than one citadel hit on any non-km battleship (usually seems to be around 10k-25k per two DB groups). If the AP bombs are OP, which I think not, it is only because of how narrow the drop circle is and against select targets. It is really nice not to rely on rng to hit and the effect of the DF consumable barely affect the size of the drop zone. I did something stupid at the end of one game and attacked a Des Moines that had DF active and got a devastating strike while he focused down the TBs and the DBs citadeled him to hell. In the end, I would consider the AP bombs OP vs select targets and situational overall. Though, I can just imagine twenty one of Midway's DBs attacking a BB with the narrow drop and the hinted heavier AP bomb being a bit OP. I do love farming BB tears though. 3.) As long as I was not consistently throwing aircraft at AA heavy ships, I had mostly full air groups at the end of a match and never actually ran out of DBs. As long as you pick your targets and not find an Atlanta or Minotaur in smoke, the reserves are plenty to handle most situations. 4.) The TBs need nerfed. With USN CVs, I can usually land four or five torpedoes on a long ship. With my Hiryu, I could land six pretty consistently on the long ships with the option to cross drop when required. With the Enterprise, I can land six+ high damage USN torps and still cross drop on DDs. The pattern is annoying, but that has not prevented me from out damaging my Hiryu or Lex based solely on torps alone. End thoughts/opinions An Enterprise can outmaneuver and out damage an AS Lex, overwhelm a balanced Lex, and shut down a strike Lex. Lex is also not very good, even if you know what you are doing. The Shok is tougher nut to crack due to flexibility and I believe comes down to the better player. The Enterprise is probably OP, but only in certain situations because the AP is only effective against certain select ships. If you use the HE DBs, then why are you not using the Shok? Does anyone else have anything to say about the matter?
  16. Do what you feel like in Randoms; since having given up on the effectiveness of carriers in mid-to-high tier games; it's not my place to make recommendations; however in Co-op; especially since there seems to be so many games lately with mostly 'bot' players; I would recommend using the HE bomber loadout. Fewer real players means it's more likely you'll encounter cruisers and destroyers, (MM pretty much never fills out empty slots with battleships,) and in that situation you're just hurting yourself bringing AP bombs.
  17. Lovely long ships and Enterprise.

    Just picked up Enterprise, and still playing it in Co-op to get a feel for it; Pretty much what others have said; the wide torpedo spreads and AP bomb specialization can suck wind at times, but there are occastionally nice moments; like a 50% hit rate with auto-dropped torpedoes, and a poor Kurfurst who ran into an island and just made it easy to hit with the AP bombs. As a few general comments; I work second shift and didn't get Enterprise until I came home Monday night. Most of the games it was just me and 1-2 other real players, but we still managed 2 wins out of the three games I played. Such fun trying to learn a new ship and having to rely on bots for protection; yay for low server population at night. The captain I used is 19 points, (EARNED, not purchased, and is currently in Independence, though previously in Ranger,) and the Air Supremacy skill helps in Co-op just like it does with all my other carriers. Looks like Enterprise will wind up being my first Co-op only carrier. Don't much care about other players who constantly find targets to strafe, bomb and torp to death; all I ever find are people who know how to defend themselves. With my weak micro, apparent inability to set up strafes, (remember what I said about 'know how to defend themselves?') inability to deal with AA, and seeming lack of strategic sense; I refuse to inflict myself upon a high-tier Randoms team. Staying in Co-op means all of that is less of an issue.
  18. Hola Colegas, comparto un camuflaje que hice para concurso del foro. Me tomo 16 horas trabajo en photoshop e ilustrado así que lo guardo en esta Zona de Arte. Aclaro las imágenes pasaron a propiedad de Wargaming. Enterprise "The Big E" es una nave que participó en muchos combates y tiene mucha historia por eso lo dedique a Los Veteranos. Cualquier duda pueden dejarme un comentario. Agradecimientos al amigo HaruSket que me presto su CV. Vista en el Puerto Vista de la Cubierta parte de atrás y frontal Vista dela Proa Vista de los Aviones y Puente de mando PD:fotos tomadas con los gráficos en medio usted puede descargar el camuflaje desde este link: Veterans_Camo para instalarlo solo copiar la carpeta a donde tienes su World_of_Warships\res_mods\ usted tiene pereza de descargar pues vea el video:
  19. Enterprise and German Nerf

    Someone said recently that Des Moines will make playing the enterprise pointless, Forget about Des Moines... I stopped playing German BB's the day she went on sale I have all the german BB's and love the GK .. I have paused on them because I got wiped out from full health in Bismarck by 2 squadrons on Big E's dive bombers ( No I wasn't camping but pushing like a true German does ;)). So Jumped on the Prize Eugen AA spec'd I melted 2 full squadrons of her dive bombers before she could get close to the Bismarck 7km behind me. so If your a German BB player and want protection maybe a German cruiser doing what cruisers are supposed to do is the fix. This would require a div mate as "support" in Random is like healthy food from McDonalds .. non existent, yes they claim it has vegetables but such a low percentage and is mainly oil, starch and salt. (so for those who do give support o7) WG has me confused or the CC's have me confused they all say that we need to stop camping especially BB's, but they have effectively nerfed the only line in the game that is suited to pushing by implementing these 1000 lb AP bombs that basically nerf German BB's while the main culprits of camping IJN (Yamato) and USN BB's (North Carolina, Iowa, Missouri, Montana) are basically immune to them. USN cause AA and IJN cause deck armour. So get used to the camping meta being the norm if not more pronounced. So buy the enterprise if you want this to continue and your not a skilled CV captain, If you buy her you have no grounds on which to complain about camping BB's cause you have just supported the meta by buying this ship. I don't play CV so I might be misinformed but I am disappointed with the way Russians are continually under powering USN ships and making Soviet ships OP.. This is coming from someone who is not biased by merican patriotism or Love for mother Russia I'm Australian don't care much for Bias either way but I want a balanced game that we were supposed to get .. Rock paper scissors. This is impossible when players play for personal reward and not team play. Once again I refer everyone to Zoups take on WTR..... stats maybe indicative of win rate and damage done but not good play. Anyone can sit back and snipe from range like Arty or hide behind an Island.. but it takes skill to support a fellow team mate, secure objectives and win a match... these things are not shown in WTR except maybe win rate, which I agree does show a players ability to carry potatos like me to a point, by beef is how some players arrive and achieve this win rate. sitting in the back remaining full health while those before have sacrificed themselves and weakened the enemy so all you have to do is fire 1 or 2 salvos to finish them off while remaining bow on is not skill. Yes its a tactic a selfish one I believe, I would like to see stats like High Calibre, dreadnaught, clear sky maybe a reward for DD's that achieve 2-3 caps call it Domination and reward them with speed flags or a new reward flag that maybe gives 2% concealment implemented into stats, these are stats that show that you have contributed to the win all game not just at the end. Too many players are getting krakens etc and don't even top the team in base XP. eg a kraken "earned" in a win and only getting 1100 base Xp for a BB is well questionable Just my Dollars worth ( I would say 2 cents but Aussie dollar is pretty weak compared to your green back ;P) good luck and fair seas
  20. How to be a successfull WTR snob

    After 14000 games over 3 servers since OBT I have finally worked out how to be successful in WOWS I used to try and play the Objectives, support team mates, caps and using my BB's to tank damage. I finally have worked out this is NOT how to be successful in this Game. I have a new strategy... its radical and I don't know if anyone is really going to believe me or try this strategy :p This is how to be successful in WOWS.. are you ready? 1. Never ever, under any circumstances play the objective. 2. Always sit at the back of the fleet and shoot at only long range targets. a; If a dd is closer and your in a cruiser do not ever fire at them cause you wont get much xp from shooting them, your better off shooting only at BB's only cause they give you the most xp b; If your a dd never ever cap until all other dd's are dead.. because other dd's that try this usually get sunk early, then they have the nerve to wonder why no one supported them.. silly dd's. c; If your in a BB, stay way back with the CV because they are the most important ships in the game.. without the CV the team cannot ever win .. no matter how bad a player he is the most important player in the game. d; If your a CV remember your the most important ship in the game. you never have to provide Air support for your team mates especially those one who are trying to play the objectives... 3. Playing the objective is never a good idea in fact its the worst thing you can do! The idea is to get as much damage as possible without ever worrying about winning the game. that is for other players who have some weird idea that objectives are important to winning the game. 4. Remember to always buy Doubloons and premium ships. Doubloons allow you to convert XP and use free XP to skip lower tier ships so you don't have to learn any skills or intricacies of the line your playing that might help you be one of those players that are silly enough to play the objective 5. Shoot at ships that other players have gotten down to very low health. Then you can get the recognition and XP for sinking it. some people call this unsportsman like behaviour but if you do this 5 times in a battle you get rewarded for it.. (what would they know) 6. This is the most important thing in the whole game so take notice or pay the consequences....... Stats... you need to be able to show everyone how much damage you have dealt, how many kills per game you get and how many high tier ships you have. This is the most important thing!!!!! I used to be one of those silly players who tried to play the objective I order to help my team win... Fortunately I have finally worked out how ridiculous this strategy is... Yes I'm a bit slow up top but at least I finally worked it out. I wish everyone all the best if you play like this then you can become great!!!!!
  21. Enterprise-Not sure about her yet

    First off I have yet to purchase the Enterprise, that's going to be later in the weekend. So the Big E is out, and I am happy with some things they changed before release (notably the T9 Mode slot) it allows for competitiveness while still holding a slight handicap. I've read LWM's review and it brought up some concerns of mine, her fighters look like they might have issues with clearing the skies (they're T7 some I'm not suprised), her torpedo drop worries me due to its large size, and while I'm intrigued by the AP bombs damage against BBs the fact that it can hardly damage Cruisers and DDs, let alone enemy CVs does worry me. Her lack of anti-DD attacks worry me but I'm going to wait until i get her to form an concrete opinion, if you've bought the ship and have some experience with her I'd love to hear your thoughts on her.
  22. Until July 6 at 12:00 PT / 15:00 ET, I'm looking for QUALITY WEB CONTENT, SCORCHING HOT TAKES, and SPICY MEMES, for the WorldofWarships.com Community Scoop on Enterprise! Here's the kinda stuff I'm looking for: VIdeos Reviews, opinion, tips on Enterprise. Cool footage of you dominating in Enterprise Hilarious footage of you sucking in Enterprise Short Text (1 paragraph or less) Your overall opinion on Enterprise -- What she's good for and/or what she isn't good for. Tips/Tricks/Tactics Build/Loadout Recommendations of Enterprise Retelling of a cool moment you had in Enterprise Spicy Enterprise Memes, GIFs, Shenanigans, etc. SPICE ADVISORY: Our legal eagles consider images directly from movies/shows/etc to be TOO SPICY for WorldOfWarships.com. Your memes and such are much more likely to make it through if you stick to game footage, public domain assets, stock photography, and/or original art. I’m shooting for a healthy mix of informative content and blatant ship-posting. So have fun, but keep in mind that Community Guidelines are still a thing.
  23. The following is a review of Enterprise, a ship provided to me by Wargaming. This is the release version of the vessel and these stats are current as of June 29th, 2017. It's about time. Quick Summary: An aircraft carrier with enormous hangar capacity and deep fighter reserves. She's held back by low tier aircraft, weird torpedo drop patterns and an overspecialization for nuking German battleships. Cost: $59.99 USD including a port slot. Patch and Date Written: Patch to 0.6.7 June 10th to June 29th, 2017. Closest in-Game Contemporary Kaga, Tier 7 Japanese Carrier Degree of Similarity: Clone / Sister-Ship / Related Class / Similar Role / Unique Enterprise shares a lot in common with Kaga. They both use downtiered aircraft. They both boast huge reserves. Their torpedo planes both have unique drop patterns. Where they differ primarily is their load-outs. Kaga is more strike-aircraft friendly, with more of her reserves and specializing focusing on the use of her torpedo planes and dive bombers. Enterprise has enormous fighter reserves and attack planes that are far less intuitive to use. PROs Enormous hangar capacity of 96 aircraft. Option of using AP bombs which can (easily) land 8,000 damage citadel hits on enemy battleships per bomb. AP Bombs are easy to use with a very accurate auto-drop function. Balanced 2-2-2 flight groups -- a rarity with American carriers. Fast reload time of her aircraft squadrons for an American carrier. Good anti-aircraft defense. Good anti-torpedo protection. Has access to the 6th upgrade slot. Makes German Battleships cry. It's not only a Yorktown-class, it's freakin' CV-6! CONs Aircraft operate in 5-plane squadrons instead of the usual 6 for American carriers. Enterprise's aircraft are all tier VII instead of tier VIII, making her fighters especially difficult to use effectively. Drop pattern of her torpedoes is enormous and clumsy, making it difficult to land more than 1 or 2 hits per drop. AP Bombs have limited reliability against anything other than battleship targets and are all but useless against destroyers. Her hangar reserves have nearly half their capacity dedicated to her under strength fighters. Largish surface and aerial detection ranges. I can't believe it took Wargaming this long -- almost two years past the start of Open Beta to get USS Enterprise into World of Warships. Well, she's finally here. The hype surrounding this ship on the North American server has been extreme. I have received more messages asking me when this review will be out more than any other ship in the past. I'm happy to finally deliver. GrafZeppelinKai from the World of Warships wiki team will be joining me to provide a look into the history of this auspicious vessel. History Lessons with GrafZeppelinKai Design By the 1930s, the USN had been developing their carrier doctrine for over a decade, and has acquired a wealth of knowledge. The previously built Ranger – while the Navy’s first purpose built carrier – was seen as a failure. As such, the new Yorktown-class carriers were built with protection in mind: the Ranger’s greatest shortcoming. Both the main belt and the bulkheads were 4-inches thick. This was deemed sufficient to mitigate damage from 6-inch shells from enemy cruisers. In consequence, the horizontal protection was limited to just 1.5-inches at the thickest. Later in the war, Enterprise would receive torpedo bulges. It had both air-filled and water-filled pockets to absorb and spread out the shock of impact. To simplify design, the aviation facilities were similar to the ones on Ranger. The single hangar was built on top of the hull main deck, whilst the flight deck was built on top of the hangar. The hangar itself was not fully enclosed, with side panels that opened up to the elements. This allowed for aircraft to be warmed up on the hangar deck, and during combat, fires and fumes could be ventilated. Standard to fleet carriers, Yorktown-class had three elevators, and two catapults on the flight deck. Interestingly, she had a third catapult on the hangar deck for reserve use. In total, the Yorktown-class carried 90 aircraft. Originally, her complement favoured dive-bombers as they were used both as scouts and bombers. By late into the war, her complement shifted to majority fighters, as they were the best defence against kamikazes. In order to make them flexible in combat, the Yorktown-class was designed with over 30 knots as a requirement. As such, they were equipped with 9 boilers and 4 turbines that generated over 120,000 shaft horsepower. In speed trials, this allowed for speeds in excess of 32 knots. The Yorktown-class had a plethora of anti-aircraft weapons for defence. For long-ranges, the class was equipped with the new 5”/38 DP guns. In combat they proved to be excellent weapons. For intermediate ranges the ships were armed with the 1.1”/75 guns, known as the ‘Chicago Pianos’. For short ranges, .50-cal machine guns were peppered over the ships. Over the course of the war, the latter two weapon systems were replaced. The machine guns proved to have inadequate stopping power, and the Chicago Pianos had poor handling characteristics. Throughout her service life, Enterprise underwent constant modifications to maintain combat effectiveness. She was equipped with state-of-the-art CXAM-1 radar set before the war in 1940. This gave Enterprise the capacity to detect enemy planes and coordinate her own: a life-saving ability. In 1942 20mm cannons were slowly replacing the .50-cal guns. As well, her hangar catapult was removed and her wooden crash barriers were changed to canvas ones. In 1943, Enterprise received a major refit. Her ‘Chicago Pianos’ were replaced with 40mm cannons, and she received new fire-directors. She was also the first carrier to receive equipment for night-fighter operations, along with a new CIC. Finally she had her torpedo bulges installed. Enterprise’s last refit in 1945 replaced most of her 20mm for more 40mm cannons. USS Enterprise (CV-6) was the second of the Yorktown-class aircraft carriers. She was laid down 16 July 1934 at Newport News Shipbuilding in Virginia and launched 3 October 1936. Service History Commissioned into the Navy in 1938, Enterprise spent the first few years of her career as a movie star and as a transport; hauling aircraft to various US airbases in the Pacific. In early December 1941 she undertook such a mission when the Japanese conducted their attack on Pearl Harbour. Although she was due in port on December 6th, the same storm that shadowed the Japanese delayed Enterprise’s arrival. While on-route, her scouts did briefly clash with the attack force. Now on wartime status, Enterprise refuelled and rearmed in a record 7-hours and was back out at sea, in her first wartime patrol. Enterprise was the first US ship to sink a Japanese vessel when, on December 10th, she sunk the submarine I-70. Immediately on the offensive, Big E spent the first four months conducting constant raids against the Japanese. In February she attacked the Marshall Islands to deny the Japanese a forward operations base. Between February and March she raided Wake and Marcus Islands to disrupt troop and supply movements. By April of 1942, Enterprise rendezvoused with her sister ship USS Hornet and provided her an escort while she conducted the famous ‘Doolittle Raid’. In June 1942 Enterprise, along with her sister ships headed to Midway Island in order to ambush the oncoming Japanese Fleet. Over the course of one day, Enterprise’s dive-bombers managed to sink Kaga and Akagi, whilst crippling the other two fleet carriers. The Japanese manage to cause some damage; USS Yorktown was sunk. In the end, the balance of power started to shift. By July, Enterprise was committed to the Guadalcanal campaign in the Solomon Islands, undergoing constant patrols. In August, Enterprise came toe-to-toe with a massive Japanese invasion force. Despite heavy damage, Enterprise managed to aid in the sinking of Ryujo. In October of 1942 the Japanese Navy sent another massive force to combat the beleaguered Americans. Despite serious odds, Enterprise was able to secure time desperately needed by the Guadalcanal garrison to reinforce, but at a heavy cost: USS Hornet was lost. Big E was now the only functioning US carrier in the Pacific Theatre; it was now Enterprise vs. Japan. She needed rest but Enterprise’s presence in the Solomon was crucial; crews were pressed to repair her while she was underway between patrols. She continued to guard the Solomon until the summer of 1943 – engaging the Japanese twice more – until she got some required respite when new Essex-class and Independence-class carriers came into commission. Back in duty by November of 1943, Enterprise committed to the “island hopping” campaign to secure the islands of the central Pacific. During the next seven months, she assisted with the invasions of the Gilbert, Marshall, Caroline, and Mariana Islands; working up to the Philippines. During this time, Enterprise was the first carrier to introduce night-fighter operations in the Pacific. Desperate to stem the US near the Marianas, in June 1944, the Japanese confronted the Americans in the largest carrier battle in history. After two gruelling days the IJN lost three carriers and 500 airmen; Japanese Naval Aviation was no more. By October, Enterprise had fought all the way to Leyte, where she contributed her strength to the eponymous battle. By December, Enterprise had fully converted to night operations and spent the next three months raiding the South China Sea. By February 1945, she supported the landings on Iwo Jima. March was spent raiding the Sea of Japan, and Japan itself. She spent the last two months of her war career supporting the Okinawa invasion until a single kamikaze took her out of combat, and the war in May 1945. Her only post-war service was ferrying back American servicemen from overseas. By now the Navy had dozens of newer fleet carriers and summarily, Enterprise was deemed surplus and decommissioned in 1946. Despite attempts to preserve the highest decorated US ship in history, Enterprise’s story came to its melancholic end in 1960 – in the scrapyards. Dive bombers engaging an enemy Bismarck. Options Enterprise comes with the option of what type of bomb to load on your Dive Bombers -- an HE or AP bomb. These are selected from the modules tab and they're selected the same way you would a researched component but without an attached experience cost. Enterprise also has the same number of upgrade slots as a tier 9 or 10 aircraft carrier, giving her one more than Shokaku or Lexington. Consumables: Damage Control Party Defensive Fire Module Upgrades: Six slots, standard aircraft carrier upgrades. Premium Camouflage: Tier VI+ Standard. This provides 50% bonus experience gains, 3% reduction in surface detection and 4% reduction in enemy accuracy. Your build is going to be pretty standard. In your first upgrade slot, take Air Groups Modification 1. You want that extra 10% dps to your aircraft guns. In the second slot, it's Air Groups Modification 2. Don't neglect your fighters -- they're a huge part of playing Enterprise well. In your third slot, take Air Groups Modification 3. This will give your Dive Bombers and Torpedo Bombers comparable hit points to other tier 8 attack craft. In slots four and five, take Damage Control Modification 1 and Damage Control Modification 2. This will give you a little extra fire and torpedo protection. Finally, take Concealment Modification 1 in your final slot to help you sneak about. Air Groups Aircraft Types: Grumman F6F-5 Hellcat, Grumman TBF Avenger, SBD-5 Dauntless Dive Bomber Flight Control Groups: Two fighter, two torpedo plane, two dive bombers. Base Squadron Sizes: Five aircraft for each squadron type. Hangar Capacity: 96 aircraft with 43 fighters, 25 torpedo planes and 28 dive bombers One thing that will immediately stand out with Enterprise is that all of her aircraft squadrons run at five planes instead of the usual six of American carriers. This provides an accelerated reload time of all of her squadrons compared to Lexington, though she still lags well behind Shokaku. Fighters Similar to Kaga, Enterprise is the second premium carrier to use down tiered aircraft. Her fighters are the F6F-5 Hellcat found on the Ranger at tier VII and the stock Lexington at tier VIII. Nearly half her carrier capacity is given over to these fighters which means, down tiered or not, they form a crucial part of Enterprise's designed role. Functionally, she will have a very hard time running out of fighters. Even with upgraded squadrons of six planes each, you will have to lose five full squadrons before the new ones you launch will be below full strength. I'm not saying it can't be done, but you're going to have to go out of your way (or go full potato) to do it. Enterprise really broadcasts how unfriendly a carrier she is to inexperienced players with these fighters. They're slower than contemporary aircraft with less planes per squadron, less HP and less DPS. Enterprise's Hellcats will be outfought by enemy USN fighters (she can almost hold her own against a Shokaku) and they won't kill attack planes fast enough to save a beleaguered ally. Proper use of the strafe mechanic is key and this will really ramp up the learning curve to be successful with this ship. If you struggle to make use of strafing to engage not only enemy attack planes but to out play other fighters, it will be difficult to enjoy a lot of success with her Hellcats. You'll often feel that you're fighting a losing battle to win air superiority with Enterprise, but the presence of your fighters is paramount to pushing your attacks through and chewing up the enemy reserves. Enterprise has the hangar capacity to pull it off, but it will often feel like an exercise in frustration to wrest away air superiority. Torpedo Planes Like Kaga, Enterprise has her own, unique drop pattern with her torpedo bombers. This is done in two lines, with two torpedoes in the front and three in the rear. Casualties come from the rear most aircraft first, starting from the outside and working their way in. Enterprise does not carry very deep reserves of her torpedo planes with a total of twenty-five on board when the match starts. At first glance, Enterprise's torpedo planes are largely disappointing. Their drop pattern is enormous and easily avoided. The torpedoes themselves run a parallel course and do not converge or diverge in the same manner as Japanese or other American carriers respectively. About the best thing that could be said about these torpedoes is that they can cover a large area when it comes to flushing out ships hiding in smoke. However, the large gaps from her individual salvos are mitigated with Enterprise's second torpedo plane squadron. A stacked drop may provide sufficient density in the pattern to make dancing to the torpedo beats a real challenge. This by no means makes Enterprise's torpedo planes "good" -- they're not. But used in this manner, they're at least functional. Wargaming clearly didn't want to make Enterprise outright overpowered with normal USN CV drop pattern with two torpedo squadrons, especially when combined with the outstanding damage potential of her dive bombers (see below). As a result, we have this rather unfortunate drop pattern which on its own isn't very exciting but is no doubt an important balance mechanic. One of the oft spoken downsides to Enterprise's attack planes -- their low hit points, can largely be mitigated by giving her the upgrade Air Groups Modification 3 which isn't available to Shokaku or Lexington. This bumps up Enterprise's 1,510hp torpedo aircraft up to 1,736hp per. This compares very favourably to the 1,710hp found on Lexington's TMB-3s, giving Enterprise's attack planes only slightly less overall survivability due to the 3 knot difference in top speed and having one less aircraft per squadron. In summary, Enterprise's torpedo planes take skill to use effectively. Stock, they're terrible. Once upgraded with the proper module, they have an acceptable level of survivability little different from Lexington's. Individual drops are easy to avoid so it's imperative they be used on either vulnerable targets or that you stack or cross-drop with your squadrons. On a per squadron basis, Enterprise will not be doing as much damage as other CVs with her torpedo bombers and you're unlikely to be able to a delete an enemy ship at will. However, they form an important component of her strike package. Reference Mahan (104m long) for scale. If you find the gaps between Enterprise's torpedoes look punitively large, it's not just you: they're enormous. Enterprise has arguably the most ineffective torpedo drop pattern yet seen in the game per individual squadron. Coordinated drops with both of her squadrons are needed to land an acceptable number of hits per sortie. However, even with such tactics, it will be incredibly challenging to cause catastrophic levels of damage to a target in a single pass. You're going to have to do a lot of work to get the same damage output another carrier might manage with less effort. Dive Bombers Part of the explanation of Enterprise's lackluster torpedo drop pattern resides with the damage potential of her dive bombers. She's the first carrier to be given the option of using armour piercing bombs and it really feels like her damage output has been balanced around their inclusion. As such, Enterprise is one of the first carriers to where dive bombers aren't playing second fiddle to torpedo planes when it comes to damage output. Now, Enterprise may still use HE bombs -- these may be selected in port before starting a match through the list of upgrades available for the ship. These bombs have the same performance as those found on Ranger and Lexington -- she's just dropping one less bomb per sortie with Enterprise's reduced squadron sizes. Things change when she uses her armour piercing (AP) bombs. These weapons cannot start fires. They can ricochet if they strike a surface at less than a 45º angle. Effectively, they count as a 305mm AP shell being dropped vertically onto the decks of her targets. These weapons detonate for up to 8,000 damage each on a successful citadel hit, giving the maximum damage potential for a fully upgraded, six plane squadron at 48,000hp. The auto-targeting area is oblong, almost conforming perfectly with the dimensions of a Bismarck-class battleship. A manual drop reduces this by 10% easily ensuring all bombs will land atop of her decks but I found this to be generally unnecessary -- left to their own devices, the bombers were accurate enough to ensure 2/3s of their ordnance landed against most targets. Citadel hits are commonplace, especially German Battleships, making hit point recovery through their Repair Party consumable from such attacks problematic. Realistically, you can expect between 10,000 to 30,000 damage per bombing run against most battleships. And this is really the best target for Enterprise's AP Bombs -- enemy battleships (especially German ones). The performance of the bombs becomes suspect, at best, against any other targets. They will land nothing but 800 damage over penetrating hits against destroyers. Against cruisers, their performance is a mixed and unreliable. Some targets, like Moskva, are as vulnerable as Battleships. Others, not so much. Enemy Shokaku can only take citadel hits to small sections over her overall length. Lexington takes even less, making it nearly impossible to land anything more than 800 damage hits per AP bomb. Like Enterprise's torpedo planes, her dive bombers greatly benefit from taking the upgrade Air Groups Modification 3, which puts their hit points per aircraft better than those of Lexington, though it's worth keeping in mind that there are less aircraft per squadron giving the flight an overall smaller hit point pool. Air Group Performance A lot of undue fuss will be made about Enterprise's tier VII aircraft, but I've found their tiering to be largely irrelevant for her attack planes. Air Groups Modification 3 gives her comparable survivability for her bomber squadrons. Enterprise's Hellcats are really where the struggle is found and yet she can hold her own against a Shokaku with the proper skill setup. It really comes down to which CV player can better manage her planes. However, it's worth saying that Enterprise cannot stand up to Lexington's Corsairs. When Enterprise takes AP bombs, she's really choosing to specialize in damaging enemy battleships over all other targets. Her wide torpedo salvos already damage her ubiquity in engaging targets like destroyers and the ammunition selection of her dive bombers will remove any pretense of being able to threaten them. Enterprise can deal big damage numbers in a game, but like any ship that focuses primarily on farming damage against enemy BBs, I don't find these damage totals to be nearly as effective as those from other carriers. Enterprise struggles to assist in neutralizing destroyers -- a key component to stealing the initiative from the enemy, especially in early stages of a match when they're often operating beyond the smothering flak umbrella that's so dominant in high-tier game play. This specialization doesn't necessarily make her better at killing enemy battleships than other carriers -- it just gives her a different method of doing it when she takes AP bombs. A battleship would be just as dead from taking a double stack of Shokaku torpedoes chased with dive bomber fires. Summary: Fighters are under-strength, but between an enormous hangar capacity and proper skill setup, she can hold her own against a Shokaku. Good luck against an Air Superiority Lexington, however. AP armed Dive Bombers are a fun gimmick and are very effective against battleships -- not so much against anything else. They are super easy to use, however, and are a good fire and forget weapon. Enterprise's torpedo bombers are much harder to use efficiently because of their enormous and ineffective drop pattern. Stacking the squadrons or using cross-drops is key to ensure hits but she will not output more damage than a Lexington with her torpedo planes or compete with the effectiveness of a Shokaku's torpedoes. Enterprise's fighters have an uphill battle ahead of them in every match. Don't dismiss them out of hand, though. Firepower Secondary Battery: Eight 127mm guns in single mounts, four to each side. Enterprise's secondaries aren't anything special. She has eight single mounts of her 127mm guns, four to a side with four mounted forwards and four aft. They have a 4.5km range and are immediately forgettable. Manoeuvrability Top Speed: 32.5 knotsTurning Radius: 1070mRudder Shift: 13.1s Maximum Turn Rate: 3.14º per second. Enterprise truly is a fleet carrier with her decent (but not great) top speed. This will largely keep her out of trouble, at least until her team goes belly up. Like all carriers, her turning circle is enormous which in turn leads to a horrible rate of turn. You're not going to be dodging much in Enterprise, but I don't think anyone really expects her to. DurabilityHit Points: 51,400Maximum Protection: 21mm + 102mm through the bow to a transverse citadel bulkhead. Min Bow & Deck Armour: 21mm extremities, 25mm flight deckTorpedo Damage Reduction: 28% At 51,400hp, Enterprise has the exact same hit point total as Shokaku when she's fully upgraded. This pales compared to the enormous Lexington which has an advantage of an additional 5,900hp. Enterprise is very lightly armoured overall, with her thickest steel plates being found in transverse bulkheads protecting her citadel fore and aft, with most of everything else being sandwiched layered compartments between 19mm and 40mm thick. For HE protection, Enterprise isn't well set up to resist damage. Her flight deck is 25mm. Her flight hangar is armoured at 38mm, but there are large sections of her hull that are 19mm to 21mm thick. One thing she does boast over other carriers is excellent torpedo damage reduction at 28%. With Damage Control System Modification 1, this increases up to 30%. This is the second highest damage reduction for any CV in the game behind only the tier 9 Essex. Concealment & Camouflage Base Surface Detection Range: 14.6km Air Detection Range: 13.8 km Minimum Surface Detection Range: 10.7km Minimum Aerial Detection Range: 10.4km As high tier American CVs go, Enterprise isn't out of the ordinary when it comes to her concealment rating. For surface/aerial detection, Lexington comes in at a whopping 17.5km / 15.0km surface detection range. Ranger came in at 14.2km / 13.3km and Essex at 14.9km / 14.4km, so she's right in the ballpark of what we would expect. The combination of modules and Captain Skills can bring this right down to an acceptable level and it's not like she's going to be up close where the action is anyway. So her stealth rating is not bad, but it's not great either. Anti-Aircraft Defense AA Battery Calibers: 127mm / 40mm / 20mmAA Umbrella Ranges: 5.0km / 3.5km / 2.0kmAA DPS per Aura: 64 / 185 / 180 Enterprise has respectable anti-aircraft firepower, though it is primarily built around personal defense. It pales compared to Lexington's own strength of fire and she's especially lacking in long-range firepower needed to blunt strike aircraft. Enterprise does have the carrier version of Defensive Fire, this may thwart a clumsy carrier-sniping attempt but overall, her anti-aircraft firepower isn't sufficient to keep her safe from multiple strikes. At best, you can hope to make such attempt expensive. An Enterprise captain cannot be complacent. Bad drop. Only two out of six bombs hit this North Carolina due to a hasty aim. Jedi Training Enterprise conforms to most of the skill choices for strike-squadron aircraft carriers for the American navy but with one catch. Your core skill build should be the following for the first 11pts: Take Aircraft Servicing Expert at tier 1. Also take Dogfighting Expert right away before moving up to tier 2. The order isn't particularly important, just take both before moving on. Follow this up with Torpedo Acceleration at tier 2. Next comes Torpedo Armament Expertise at tier 3. And finally take Air Supremacy at tier 4. This all should look pretty normal, especially for players that normally play Japanese carriers. The importance of Dogfighting Expert is paramount for Enterprise. This will bump her fighter DPS when she engages planes from Shokaku or Lexington, bringing it up to a maximum of 68dps when combined with Air Groups Modification 1. Lexington's Corsairs will have 69dps.and Shokaku's Shiden have 77dps. From there, take the usual assortment of skills that help carriers. Concealment Expert should be at the top of the pile. AA guns skills, Advanced Fire Training, Basic Fire Training and Manual Fire Control for AA Guns are nice but not amazing on Enterprise. Emergency Takeoff is situational -- you're likely dead anyway if it comes to this, but if you have the points to spare, go for it. Overall Impressions Skill Floor: Simple / Casual / Challenging / Difficult Skill Ceiling: Low / Moderate / High / Extreme Welcome to Hell! To succeed with Enterprise, new players must master fighter strafing. On top of this, they also have to have a good grasp of manual torpedo dropping -- except this is hard-mode manual torpedo dropping, not regular ol' easy-mode of torpedo dropping with Lexington torpedoes. To top it all off, they also have to keep an index of high AA firepower ships in their heads from tiers 8+ otherwise their planes will evaporate when they're not top tier before they drop. This all just to do an acceptable level of damage. For the veteran knowing when it's acceptable to sacrifice planes to make a drop on a high-value target is difficult. Managing Enterprise's reserves to win this war of attrition efficiently is key. Trying to juggle your fighters against forces that can outrun and/or outgun you isn't fun. And finally, getting her ordnance on target is always a challenge, particularly when it's not just sniping dumb, lone battleships. Then comes the question of juggling damage over time effects versus with fires / floods or eschewing that and going for AP bomb drops instead. There's so much to know for small but appreciable gains in performance! Mouse's Summary: This is not a new-player friendly carrier ... and carriers aren't new player friendly to begin with. This is worse. This is an expert's carrier and they may not want to bother with the amount of work needed to make it excel. I'm happy to see they went with what amounts to a historical load-out of Enterprise's air groups. I just wish that had a more positive effect in game play. I totally get why the torpedo drop pattern is enormous. No one wanted to see two carrier flight groups dump double-USN torpedo strikes and make CV-6 overpowered. They're just not that fun to use though. German Battleships: Beware! Enterprise isn't broken. She's not a bad ship either. In the right hands, she can be a very good tier 8 carrier. Her tier 7 fighters, with the right skills and consumables are workable. They're not doing you any favours, but you can make them work. Being downtiered with her attack planes doesn't matter. I personally feel that only having 5 aircraft per squadron is more of an issue than them being tier 7. Access to the 6th module slot largely mitigates this flaw. Her dive bombers are actually a lot of fun. It's very satisfying to drop bombs and see them do as much as 30,000+ damage to an unsuspecting battleship. I'll be honest -- her torpedo planes are not great. It takes two squadrons to do the job of one of Lexington's squadrons. And even then, they don't do the job as well, at least not with a whole lot of cleverness on behalf of Enterprise's player. I understand why they're like that. If they had any tighter of a drop, they'd be too good. So fine, I can swallow that especially given that her dive bombers spit out so much damage on select targets. I think Enterprise's greatest flaw is also her greatest strength. She's built to make battleship lives miserable and short and she's damn good at it. Meta wise, this will make Enterprise will probably end up with some respectable average damage totals because of this preferred enemy type, but I fear that she's not as versatile as other carriers when it comes to engaging other ship types. The argument will be made by some that Enterprise does not up-tier well. This is fine. Neither Lexington or Shokaku. When she's top tier, the lives of ships like Bayern, Scharnhorst, Gneisenau, Tirpitz and Bismarck are going to be especially bleak if they don't run with air cover protecting them. German Battleships are finally going to be collecting all of those citadel hits they've been dodging since their release, and that makes me smile. I would have to say that, overall, I am pleased with the end product Wargaming has produced. I was doubting for a time that they would be capable of producing a premium aircraft carrier that wasn't polarized between being absolutely worthless and ridiculously overpowered. Enterprise strikes a very good balance, all told (even if she's a nightmare for inexperienced players). I can't say how the consumer will respond -- Enterprise is not the next best and brightest star in the game. She won't be the flavour of the month, not with her current stats. As difficult as this review process was, Enterprise is a welcome addition to the game in her current form. Would I Recommend? Let's clear the air: Enterprise wasn't a fun ship for me to play. I hated playing her. I don't want to play her again. This entire testing period was an exercise in extreme frustration and one of the most negative experiences I've had yet as a Community Contributor. I've tried to remain as objective as I could through this review and not let these bad feels get in the way of covering her merits and flaws objectively. I don't think I was entirely successful in that, and for that I apologize in advance. For PVE Battles How well does the ship maintain profitability in Co-Op modes and how does she fare against bots? Mouse: Enterprise isn't going to be a big credit earner in Co-Op battles, though she doesn't have any overhead costs to worry about except repair and rearming fees. She can do just fine against bots. She doesn't have the big "delete anything" punch of Shokaku, though. Still, she's pretty profitable even without a premium account, so I'll give her a green light here. GrafZeppelinKai: I was able to perform well with Enterprise against bots. As I didn't have to worry about enemy fighter strafes and I was able to autodrop my AP bombs, it made micromanaging my aircraft more simpler. I could see this as a benefit for newcomers to CVs. For Random Battle Grinding:This includes training captains, collecting free experience, earning credits and collecting signal flags from achievements. Mouse: Tier for tier, Saipan is the better boat. It's hard to recommend a tier 8 carrier when the tier 7 carrier is just so much better. If you don't have access to Saipan and you're looking for a trainer and credit earner, don't get Enterprise. Get a Saipan. So again, a big nope. The only way I could really justify it here is if you really hate German Battleships and want to pee in their cornflakes. GrafZeppelinKai: She will not be forgiving to newcomers here. Enterprise counters certain targets well and will naturally fall into a specialist role. This means players will have to have a greater understanding of proper target selection; something that only comes with experience. For Competitive Gaming:Competitive Gaming includes Ranked Battles and other skill-based tournaments. This also includes stat-padding. Mouse: No, Shokaku is better at nearly everything short of landing citadel hits with bombs. GrafZeppelinKai: Although I'm very curious as to see how AP dive-bombers will alter the current meta, I feel her decreased effectiveness in engaging cruisers and destroyers means she isn't as versatile as her tech-tree comrades. For Collectors:If you enjoy ship history or possessing rare ships, this section is for you. Mouse: Absolutely here. It's the USS Enterprise! GrafZeppelinKai: To quote Pigeon_of_War: “Mother. F***ing. Enterprise!!!” For Fun Factor: Bottom line: Is the ship fun to play? Mouse: I didn't like her, but I hate carrier game play, so that probably isn't the most objective answer you're going to get. Her AP Bombs are fun though and I do have to say, it's very cathartic to land regular citadel hits on German BBs with them. GrafZeppelinKai: Although I'm a terrible CV driver, the AP bombs have really intrigued me and I enjoyed learning how to use them. The feeling of watching the enemy hitpoints melt is therapeutic. What's the Final Verdict?How would the ship rate on an Angry YouTuber scale of Garbage - Meh - Gud - Overpowered? GARBAGE - Grossly uncompetitive and badly in need of buffs.Mehbote - Average ship. Has strengths and weaknesses. Doesn't need buffs to be viable, but certainly not advantageous.Gudbote - A strong ship that has obvious competitive strengths and unique features that make it very appealing.OVERPOWERED - A ship with very clear advantages over all of its competitors and unbalancing the game with its inclusion.
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    Looking at the Wikia the Enterprise might be better opposite the Kaga if the Enterprise had weaker planes. Anyone else picking one up in hopes they have T8 coop missions? http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Enterprise
  25. OK, all ya'll Enterprise vets, The Enterprise is coming out a day from when I posted this. I want to know what ya'll think about it (Enterprise), and if I should buy it. I am not a regular CV player, but it looks like a good CV. What are all it's pros/cons? (not the ones listed in the wiki) Thank you all, and happy shipping...?