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Found 39 results

  1. Fun and engaging!!!!!

    Been off for a few monhs due to burn out and WG not selling me my year member ship without a bunch of [edited] flags at Christmas, so I thought what the hey and loaded up the game again. I had a few good fights then got into a scrap with an Enterprise on the other side. My KGV faces a lone DB squad with hard turn fighter up. No other fighters or Tbs in the area to distract my AA. And several crits and 2/3 of my hp later (unrepairable of course) they sail away. I finish the game GG every one and uninstall.......maybe I'll check back in another 6 months.
  2. So I've got a bit of a dilemma. I seriously want to get Enterprise when she comes out again (which is who knows when, but still). But, Prinz Eugen is being sold now when she hasn't in awhile, and she is the one out of the 3 specials for sale I'll be likely to get. But would it be worth it to get Prinz at this point, or should I save my $40 for the Big E? What are the pro's and con's of Eugen? Is she worth getting at all? I don't have many German Cruisers, so it wouldn't be redundant like getting another Hipper or anything.
  3. My Adventures in Enterprise

    Ahh... Enterprise, has it really been 8 months since I got her, my first CV above T6... wait a minute. You heard me right, first CV over T6, and what a harsh teacher she was. I learned manual drops and strafe, as well as positioning (old training + Co Op). My first Randomwas against a strike Lexington, how glorious. The next 2 against Enterprises and my computer with 500,000 ping and a disconnect. The 4th where I was outplayed and caught out by enemy Iowa, ouch. Now I have fun whenever I click the battle button, as the fighter reserves are huge. So even if I lose most striking power (thanks disconnect), I can still contest the skies. By no means do I consider myself good now, even though I demonstrated some skill with my Ryujo win rate. Any advice going forward? Please be positive, if you hate CVs, feel free to leave now, otherwise, anything is appreciated. Sorry to those who had to deal with my abysmal CV play.
  4. Is Enterprise worth it?

    I was looking through the selection of premium ships and saw one ship that caught my eye, the USS Enterprise. It looked pretty great, especially with these stats: Enterprise was a carrier constructed in 1938 using the last tonnage reserved in the Washington naval treaty. It was the second of three Yorktown class aircraft carriers. Similar to an enlarged and improved ranger, and using knowledge learned from the first three classes of carriers: the mighty Lexington class, the small and slow Langley, and the purpose-built Ranger. It was armed with 8 5" MK24 38 cal guns. It operated an air wing of almost 100 aircraft and was close in size (50ft, as close as most ships get) and was capable of operating larger aircraft as they came along. At the outbreak of Pearl Harbor and ww2, she pulled into port to give out much-needed supplies. During the battle of midway, she helped sink Kaga, Akagi, Soryu, and Hiryu. She also played a major role in the Philippines and Leyte Gulf. She was overhauled in 1943 and became much more efficient carrier, getting improvements and making her similar to the Essex class carriers. She earned 20 battle stars, presidential unit citation, WWII citation, American campaign medal and many more. That's pretty great, assuming that the Enterprise in-game can live up to the achievements. Its the most expensive premium ship in the game, at 14k doubloons, and I'll have to save for it quite a bit. Is it worth it? How is its armor, secondaries and hull stuff, because I sometimes have a tendance to be the last person alive and circled by a small cruiser or a destroyer. How is its air group compared to the other premium, the Saipan? Plz tell me, I'd like to have a lot of info about it and how it plays. thanks
  5. Hello colleagues, this work is dedicated in Honor of Veterans. Enterprise (CV-6) "The Big E" The Veterans Camo - Stars And Stripes Forever. was part of a world of warships contest If I have the updated version, I'll explain how to install it: 1- Download this file 2- Unzip it in your game folder \World Of Warships\res_mods\\ 3- Run the game 4- In the port you must remove the permanent camouflage The way to use with camouflage: 1- Download last version of Wows Unpacker 2 - Extract camouflages.xml 3 - Open with some text editor (notepad) 4 - Find this line of text <!--//USN UNIQUE Enterprise colour scheme 20--> <colorScheme> <name>colorSchemeUSNP20</name> <color0>0.000 0.000 0.000 0.000</color0> <color1>0.000 0.000 0.000 0.000</color1> <color2>0.000 0.000 0.000 0.000</color2> <color3>0.000 0.000 0.000 0.000</color3> </colorScheme> 5 - edit the colors leave all the values in 0000 as aparace in the previous paragraph 6 - save the document 7 - copy camouflages.xml to World_of_Warships\res_mods\last upadate. do you have any question? Leave a comment. God bless America
  6. New CV Captains? Need to Learn Manual Drops? Only have 3 minutes?! This video is for you!
  7. I got separated (my own fault) and hounded for an entire round by four or five ships. While they were chasing me, the rest of my team dominated. Last week to enter for a chance at a USS Enterprise Premium. Also channel update stuff. TwitchCon and let’s battle. Hope you guys are doing well. Let’s hear your stories of turning tragedy into triumph.
  8. Unpopular opinion, yes. First, the link for the Enterprise giveaway: https://gleam.io/0ilFS/uss-enterprise-giveaway Now about conqueror. TL:DW. It’s too soon to say whether it needs nerfing. W/L has normalized and is in line with other T10 BBs. Damage is still very high, but so was Yammie’s when the game went gold. I suspect this will go down as well in time. If not, then we can talk nerf. No need for knee-jerks though.
  9. I was thinking this Sunday, October 1st Time 8-11pm Eastern US time. Chapter one “attack at Guadalcanal” USN task force 2 carriers USS enterprise and a Lexington class carrier(Saratoga) 1 battleship USS North Carolina doing escort duty and shore bombardment and 2 heavy cruisers a New Orleans class cruiser and an Indianapolis. And 4 Mahan class cruisers doing shore bombardment and AA protection. USN OBJECTIVE is to take out the Japanese Air base at Guadalcanal represented by 4 Carriers beached on the island THESE CARRIERS CAN NOT BE TAKEN OUT BY AP OR TORPS ONLY BY HE AND HE BOMBS. IJN group 4 Zuiho class carriers together beached on the island representing the airfield together the USN will have a delay so you can get into position. And 1-2 Ryujo carriers with 2 tier 2-3 DD escorting each Ryujo only. IJN OBJECTIVE don’t let the USN take the air base protect the air strip don’t let it get destroyed. Chapter Two “first battle of Savo Island” "night battle if we had a night map" USN task force South group HMAS Canberra (perth) USS Chicago (Indianapolis) 2 Mahan class DDs. The north group 3 New Orleans class cruisers Vincennes, Astoria, and Quincy with on Sims class DD and a Mahan class DD. Eastern group of USS San Juan ( Atlanta class) and HMAS Hobart (Perth Or a Leander) and west group 2 Mahan class dds doing scouting perimeter duties. USN objective protect the Island from all Japanese opposition and protect oil coliers from attack (Langleys)(optional). IJN group 1 Chokai (represented by a Mogami class cruiser or Atago or ARP Takao as Chokai try not to use the flashy paint if you can lol) 2 Aoba class cruisers (Aoba, Kako) 2 Furutaka class cruisers (Furutaka, Kinugasa) and a Tenryu and Yubari cruisers with one Kamikaze class DD. IJN OBJECTIVE push the USN task force out of the island and kill 4-5 cruisers. Chapter Three “battle of the eastern Solomon’s” RUN ENTERPRISE RUN IJN TASK FORCE, 2 Shokaku class Carriers (Shokaku, Zuikaku) and 1 Ryujo class carrier 1 Kongo Class Battleship providing AA support only. And a screening AA cover force protecting the carriers consisting a Mogami ( because we don’t have a Tone) Chikuma cruiser ( also a Tone class but will be represented by a Mogami ), 2 Kagero DDs (Amatsukaze, Tokitsukaze) and 2 Musuki’s dds and 2 Minekaze providing screening protection from aircraft. IJN OBJECTIVE is to SINK THE ENTERPRISE. USN Task force, 2 carriers USS Enterprise and USS Saratoga (Lexington class carrier) 1 battleship USS North Carolina providing AA screening. 1 Pensacola class cruiser (Salt Lake City) and Northampton class cruiser (Indianapolis) 1 Portland class cruiser (Indianapolis), light cruiser San Juan (Atlanta class) and 5 US destroyers Farragut, Sims or Mahan no more than 3 of one type of Destroyer. USN OBJECTIVE is to SURVIVE AND. Protect Enterprise at all costs and protect Saratoga and Sink 1 IJN carrier and escape to fight another day. how to get into the training rooms >
  10. Hello colleagues, I will leave this here in case anyone interests you. this work is dedicated in Honor of Veterans. Enterprise (CV-6) "The Big E" The Veterans Camo - Stars And Stripes Forever. was part of a world of warships contest To install copy the folder to World_of_Warships\res_mods\last upadate. Any questions leave me a comment. God bless America
  11. well i bit the bullet and bought the Enterprise as ive been getting back into the USN CV's and liking what ive been playing. TLDR: its a good ship, that is lots of fun, once you learn to accept your primary damage is dive bombers and how to manually drop them. My setup - 2/2/2(AP) AGM1, AGM2, AGM3, Defensive AA Mod 1, DCSM2, CSM1. Captain skills - 1) Servicing Expert, Dog-fighting Expert, Evasive Maneuvers, 2) Expert rear gunner, 3) BFT 4) Air Superiority. (totaling 12/19 points.) Planned skills - either CE+ TAE, CE+ PM+ TA, or AFT +TAE. ill start out with what i hate about this ship. the torpedo bombers. their drop pattern is atrocious. to add even more unnecessary complexity, when you lose bombers, the entire strikes aim gets thrown off forcing you to re-adjust the bombers, as they will now come in at an angle rather then flat on. i DESPISE these torps, and i have gone a couple matches now simply ignoring them, they almost make me wish i had a 303 option instead of the 222. - HOWEVER take what i say with a grain of salt, as your mileage may vary, i prefer manually doping bombs to torps, so my bias may be showing a bit heavily here. her fighters, i have only run into 1 ship i could not outplay in terms to both damage and fighters, and that was an AS LEX, he simply shut me down almost from the very start of the game. that match i managed to only get 14 plane kills and 16k damage, well below my average of 30 planes and about 50k damage. all in all they are good fighters, with decent speed, lots of ammo, and decent health. Now i get to her bombers. in my opinion these AP bombers are the best damage units i have ever had in a CV. flat out, these things allow me to accomplish pretty much any mission, even in t10 matches, except hunting DD's. while the lack of DD hunting capability is rather annoying as both the bombs AND the torps are incapable of this mission, they are made up for by the massive damage potential of these bombs, and the ability for my fighters to safetly scout DD's for my team to kill. i wish i could outfit the Ranger with these bombs, but unfortunately for now Enterprise is the only one that has them (that is available). here is the best game i have had in it so far. 2 destroyed, 105k damage, 21 shot down in a TX match. http://plays.tv/video/59b35d4eb2528d866e/second-game-in-enterprise-all-seemed-click-for-me-in-one- ignore the background noise, i cant figure out how i get rid of that, and i also cant figure out how to re-enable replays with the new all in one manager for WoWs, as the files are in different places and they are seemingly no longer enabled by default. all in all i am loving this ship, and will probably be using it for the foreseeable future while i try and get a 19 point captain for my Ranger.
  12. So, we have a second chance at the Enterprise. The first time around, the ship was largely regarded as mediocre, with a gimmick that was strong against German BBs. With the arrival and large population of British battlewagons in the game now, has the Enterprise's stock gone up at all? I've read that the Nelson's armor scheme is effective against US AP bombs, but is this true of the other high-tier UK BBs? Is it a good time to join the continuing mission? Or is the Grey Ghost still just a cold spot? Live long and prosper.
  13. Dear WG, I had hoped with a Sci-Fi Carrier weekend and You selling the Enterprise you would have come up with a perma Sci-Fi themed Camo for the Enterprise. Being a Trekkie and a STO player, I would have shelled out 3000 Doubloons for an addition Permanent Camo for the Enterprise. Don't get me wrong the current one is nice you did a great job, but it would be nice to change it up without having to buy a bunch of temporary Camos. I think you would have sold a bunch too to those who have Enterprise already. Sincerely, gcangel82
  14. Disclaimer: No fact, figures, or anything of substance will be discussed in this article just conjecture, hearsay, and slander. You are warned any attempt to quote this article to win an argument will be ridiculed by this author. Let me start with I wrote this piece against the advice of counsel and in defiance of several cease and desist notices and the guy with a hockey mask and a machete I met at the lake. He was a nice guy says he normally goes to the lake on mid month Fridays this week was an exception. Enterprise I bought this ship because I work for a company that is named after it. I don't buy ships because people like myself say buy this ship because you are crazy not too, you are BTW. I buy ships based largely on emotion. Which is the reason my port is full of ships I almost never play. Because they get reported to the authorities should they ever leave port to sortie in random battles. Enterprise is that rare exception. When I bought I knew I was never going to play random battles every again. She is much like the slandered till removed Graf Zeppelin. Which is perfect for coop play because they both play well against another copy of themselves. But unlike GZ, Enterprise won't get your team to rage quit should you ever be dumb enough to forget to switch back to coop. After one to many loses due to team that don't in order to win you have to kill the other team and or score more points. Enough with the salt. Enterprise is the queen of the end game she loves to get the tag in and body slam from the ropes in a Mortal Kombat style finishing move. Final Opinion: You don't own the greatest ship the US navy has ever had in service, The Big Easy button, you must be former Warsaw Pact country, or Canada?
  15. Okay I am trying to get the most out of my Enterprise Captain Build I have 19 pts included is a screen print of what it looks like. I have watch Fara's Vids and wanted other opinions on what I can do to make this just a bit stronger. Understand I am not a great CV guy, I have my good and bad games. I am AVERAGE at best, but want to do my best too. Thank You for Your Suggestions. You can see I have: Priority Target Aircraft Servicing Expert Dog Fighting Expert Torpedo Acceleration Torpedo Armament Expertise BFT AFT Air Supremecy
  16. So, after getting fed up with people dragging [edited], I hoped into my Enterprise to let off some steam. Then this craphappened. EDIT: Changed title after realizing I went after wrong group.
  17. Hi Pigeon. So on Enterprise's stat card in game, the "Ships in series" info line says "2" when it should say "3". There were three Yorktown-class aircraft carriers, USS Yorktown (CV-5), USS Enterprise (CV-6), and USS Hornet (CV-8). It's a minor thing but one I'd like to see fixed. Thanks for your time. Fair winds and following seas captains!
  18. The Enterprise will be sailing out of the premium shop in twelve hours or so, and its hard to say when she'll make a return. I haven't seen very many in game, but the ones that I have crossed paths with tend to do very well. So, now that she's been out for a couple of weeks...what's the verdict on the ship? Were the early reviews correct, in that she's a challenging ship to play that will only do well in the hands of the very best CV players? Or is she a better ship than she was given credit for at first, with strengths to offer average CV skippers as well as the best of the best? Basically, I wanted to create this topic to let anyone that was still on the fence about picking her up have a chance to get some post-preview/review feedback on how the ship has performed out in the wild.
  19. Warning, wall of text with no pictures or videos for support. I bought the Enterprise on July 4th with some hesitation due to the t7 planes but figuring that I could make it work. My carrier experience has been the USN line up to the Midway, including Saipan, and the IJN line up to the Hiryu. All my CVs have winrates of 50% or higher except the Langley (26%). USN experience is confined to strike setups with the exception being Midway's stock configuration (mainly about not relying on team mates to deal damage and sink ships). I have played over 1.300 battles in CVs as a solo random pub player. My averages for the Big E after 32 battles are (23 victories): Damage: 100.173 Plane kills: 31,3 Ships sunk: 1,6 Spotting damage: 62.364 Those numbers are skewed a little bit towards the low end as that four of the battles were games I had to go AFK due things coming up at home where I had zero to little impact on the game. Once I was sunk by an allied destroyer two minutes into the game. List of initial concerns about the ship: 1.) t7 aircraft, how well are they going to hold up to t8 AA? 2.) How strong/weak are the AP bombs? 3.) Are there enough reserves for the strike craft? 4.) How will that torpedo pattern work out? Addressing concerns: 1.) I was concerned about just t8 AA because t9 AA can be spotty and t10 AA will punish planes of any tier. With AGM3 mounted as a module, I noticed little difference between the actual durability of the planes on the Enterprise compared to those on the Lady Lex. They died at about the same rates when attacking an NC or Bismarck. I was happy to discover that my DBs and TBs did not melt faster than the planes on the Lady Lex. The fighters are fine, they lose while inflicting little loses one-on-one to Lex's fighters and only slightly weaker that Shok's fighters. I found myself using the alt attack at every moment to hope to gain any advantage against opposing fighters fighters. I found myself okay with this due to the large fighter reserves and can treat them like the Soviets treated their soldiers at Stalingrad. 2.) The AP bombs deal tremendous amounts of damage. Unfortunately those high numbers (30k+ damage hits from two DB groups) only occur when attacking select targets. Bis, Gneis, Sharn, and Tirpitz and amazing targets. Bayern gets nothing but overpens while it is rare to get more than one citadel hit on any non-km battleship (usually seems to be around 10k-25k per two DB groups). If the AP bombs are OP, which I think not, it is only because of how narrow the drop circle is and against select targets. It is really nice not to rely on rng to hit and the effect of the DF consumable barely affect the size of the drop zone. I did something stupid at the end of one game and attacked a Des Moines that had DF active and got a devastating strike while he focused down the TBs and the DBs citadeled him to hell. In the end, I would consider the AP bombs OP vs select targets and situational overall. Though, I can just imagine twenty one of Midway's DBs attacking a BB with the narrow drop and the hinted heavier AP bomb being a bit OP. I do love farming BB tears though. 3.) As long as I was not consistently throwing aircraft at AA heavy ships, I had mostly full air groups at the end of a match and never actually ran out of DBs. As long as you pick your targets and not find an Atlanta or Minotaur in smoke, the reserves are plenty to handle most situations. 4.) The TBs need nerfed. With USN CVs, I can usually land four or five torpedoes on a long ship. With my Hiryu, I could land six pretty consistently on the long ships with the option to cross drop when required. With the Enterprise, I can land six+ high damage USN torps and still cross drop on DDs. The pattern is annoying, but that has not prevented me from out damaging my Hiryu or Lex based solely on torps alone. End thoughts/opinions An Enterprise can outmaneuver and out damage an AS Lex, overwhelm a balanced Lex, and shut down a strike Lex. Lex is also not very good, even if you know what you are doing. The Shok is tougher nut to crack due to flexibility and I believe comes down to the better player. The Enterprise is probably OP, but only in certain situations because the AP is only effective against certain select ships. If you use the HE DBs, then why are you not using the Shok? Does anyone else have anything to say about the matter?
  20. Do what you feel like in Randoms; since having given up on the effectiveness of carriers in mid-to-high tier games; it's not my place to make recommendations; however in Co-op; especially since there seems to be so many games lately with mostly 'bot' players; I would recommend using the HE bomber loadout. Fewer real players means it's more likely you'll encounter cruisers and destroyers, (MM pretty much never fills out empty slots with battleships,) and in that situation you're just hurting yourself bringing AP bombs.
  21. Lovely long ships and Enterprise.

    Just picked up Enterprise, and still playing it in Co-op to get a feel for it; Pretty much what others have said; the wide torpedo spreads and AP bomb specialization can suck wind at times, but there are occastionally nice moments; like a 50% hit rate with auto-dropped torpedoes, and a poor Kurfurst who ran into an island and just made it easy to hit with the AP bombs. As a few general comments; I work second shift and didn't get Enterprise until I came home Monday night. Most of the games it was just me and 1-2 other real players, but we still managed 2 wins out of the three games I played. Such fun trying to learn a new ship and having to rely on bots for protection; yay for low server population at night. The captain I used is 19 points, (EARNED, not purchased, and is currently in Independence, though previously in Ranger,) and the Air Supremacy skill helps in Co-op just like it does with all my other carriers. Looks like Enterprise will wind up being my first Co-op only carrier. Don't much care about other players who constantly find targets to strafe, bomb and torp to death; all I ever find are people who know how to defend themselves. With my weak micro, apparent inability to set up strafes, (remember what I said about 'know how to defend themselves?') inability to deal with AA, and seeming lack of strategic sense; I refuse to inflict myself upon a high-tier Randoms team. Staying in Co-op means all of that is less of an issue.
  22. Hola Colegas, comparto un camuflaje que hice para concurso del foro. Me tomo 16 horas trabajo en photoshop e ilustrado así que lo guardo en esta Zona de Arte. Aclaro las imágenes pasaron a propiedad de Wargaming. Enterprise "The Big E" es una nave que participó en muchos combates y tiene mucha historia por eso lo dedique a Los Veteranos. Cualquier duda pueden dejarme un comentario. Agradecimientos al amigo HaruSket que me presto su CV. Vista en el Puerto Vista de la Cubierta parte de atrás y frontal Vista dela Proa Vista de los Aviones y Puente de mando PD:fotos tomadas con los gráficos en medio usted puede descargar el camuflaje desde este link: Veterans_Camo para instalarlo solo copiar la carpeta a donde tienes su World_of_Warships\res_mods\ usted tiene pereza de descargar pues vea el video:
  23. Enterprise and German Nerf

    Someone said recently that Des Moines will make playing the enterprise pointless, Forget about Des Moines... I stopped playing German BB's the day she went on sale I have all the german BB's and love the GK .. I have paused on them because I got wiped out from full health in Bismarck by 2 squadrons on Big E's dive bombers ( No I wasn't camping but pushing like a true German does ;)). So Jumped on the Prize Eugen AA spec'd I melted 2 full squadrons of her dive bombers before she could get close to the Bismarck 7km behind me. so If your a German BB player and want protection maybe a German cruiser doing what cruisers are supposed to do is the fix. This would require a div mate as "support" in Random is like healthy food from McDonalds .. non existent, yes they claim it has vegetables but such a low percentage and is mainly oil, starch and salt. (so for those who do give support o7) WG has me confused or the CC's have me confused they all say that we need to stop camping especially BB's, but they have effectively nerfed the only line in the game that is suited to pushing by implementing these 1000 lb AP bombs that basically nerf German BB's while the main culprits of camping IJN (Yamato) and USN BB's (North Carolina, Iowa, Missouri, Montana) are basically immune to them. USN cause AA and IJN cause deck armour. So get used to the camping meta being the norm if not more pronounced. So buy the enterprise if you want this to continue and your not a skilled CV captain, If you buy her you have no grounds on which to complain about camping BB's cause you have just supported the meta by buying this ship. I don't play CV so I might be misinformed but I am disappointed with the way Russians are continually under powering USN ships and making Soviet ships OP.. This is coming from someone who is not biased by merican patriotism or Love for mother Russia I'm Australian don't care much for Bias either way but I want a balanced game that we were supposed to get .. Rock paper scissors. This is impossible when players play for personal reward and not team play. Once again I refer everyone to Zoups take on WTR..... stats maybe indicative of win rate and damage done but not good play. Anyone can sit back and snipe from range like Arty or hide behind an Island.. but it takes skill to support a fellow team mate, secure objectives and win a match... these things are not shown in WTR except maybe win rate, which I agree does show a players ability to carry potatos like me to a point, by beef is how some players arrive and achieve this win rate. sitting in the back remaining full health while those before have sacrificed themselves and weakened the enemy so all you have to do is fire 1 or 2 salvos to finish them off while remaining bow on is not skill. Yes its a tactic a selfish one I believe, I would like to see stats like High Calibre, dreadnaught, clear sky maybe a reward for DD's that achieve 2-3 caps call it Domination and reward them with speed flags or a new reward flag that maybe gives 2% concealment implemented into stats, these are stats that show that you have contributed to the win all game not just at the end. Too many players are getting krakens etc and don't even top the team in base XP. eg a kraken "earned" in a win and only getting 1100 base Xp for a BB is well questionable Just my Dollars worth ( I would say 2 cents but Aussie dollar is pretty weak compared to your green back ;P) good luck and fair seas
  24. How to be a successfull WTR snob

    After 14000 games over 3 servers since OBT I have finally worked out how to be successful in WOWS I used to try and play the Objectives, support team mates, caps and using my BB's to tank damage. I finally have worked out this is NOT how to be successful in this Game. I have a new strategy... its radical and I don't know if anyone is really going to believe me or try this strategy :p This is how to be successful in WOWS.. are you ready? 1. Never ever, under any circumstances play the objective. 2. Always sit at the back of the fleet and shoot at only long range targets. a; If a dd is closer and your in a cruiser do not ever fire at them cause you wont get much xp from shooting them, your better off shooting only at BB's only cause they give you the most xp b; If your a dd never ever cap until all other dd's are dead.. because other dd's that try this usually get sunk early, then they have the nerve to wonder why no one supported them.. silly dd's. c; If your in a BB, stay way back with the CV because they are the most important ships in the game.. without the CV the team cannot ever win .. no matter how bad a player he is the most important player in the game. d; If your a CV remember your the most important ship in the game. you never have to provide Air support for your team mates especially those one who are trying to play the objectives... 3. Playing the objective is never a good idea in fact its the worst thing you can do! The idea is to get as much damage as possible without ever worrying about winning the game. that is for other players who have some weird idea that objectives are important to winning the game. 4. Remember to always buy Doubloons and premium ships. Doubloons allow you to convert XP and use free XP to skip lower tier ships so you don't have to learn any skills or intricacies of the line your playing that might help you be one of those players that are silly enough to play the objective 5. Shoot at ships that other players have gotten down to very low health. Then you can get the recognition and XP for sinking it. some people call this unsportsman like behaviour but if you do this 5 times in a battle you get rewarded for it.. (what would they know) 6. This is the most important thing in the whole game so take notice or pay the consequences....... Stats... you need to be able to show everyone how much damage you have dealt, how many kills per game you get and how many high tier ships you have. This is the most important thing!!!!! I used to be one of those silly players who tried to play the objective I order to help my team win... Fortunately I have finally worked out how ridiculous this strategy is... Yes I'm a bit slow up top but at least I finally worked it out. I wish everyone all the best if you play like this then you can become great!!!!!
  25. Enterprise-Not sure about her yet

    First off I have yet to purchase the Enterprise, that's going to be later in the weekend. So the Big E is out, and I am happy with some things they changed before release (notably the T9 Mode slot) it allows for competitiveness while still holding a slight handicap. I've read LWM's review and it brought up some concerns of mine, her fighters look like they might have issues with clearing the skies (they're T7 some I'm not suprised), her torpedo drop worries me due to its large size, and while I'm intrigued by the AP bombs damage against BBs the fact that it can hardly damage Cruisers and DDs, let alone enemy CVs does worry me. Her lack of anti-DD attacks worry me but I'm going to wait until i get her to form an concrete opinion, if you've bought the ship and have some experience with her I'd love to hear your thoughts on her.