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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, thank you to everyone willing to read this post. I thought it over, and I realized something that I denied for too long, "I'm not as good as I thought I was." So, I'm asking everyone here: What makes a good player? How do you know what the right call is? Do you always focus on capping to win, or focus on farming the most damage you can, as "doing your job?" How does a player become competitive? The top 1,000 players that you can recognize as a boon to your win, or a major threat that you must watch for. I want to become a unicum one day, but I'm unsure how to reach that. Also, a super-tester would be nice. I want to be the player that is always trying to be recruited because of their skill. I ask for everyone's advice since I don't realize how little I know until I realize how much there is to know. “Life will give you whatever experience is most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness. How do you know this is the experience you need? Because this is the experience you are having at the moment.” -Eckhart Tolle, A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life's Purpose I know there is nothing wrong with being average, but I want to be a playmaker. There is a stigma, behind the phrase "Get Good", but what's so bad about that? It just means you have more to learn, and that's ok. So, I ask everyone, please teach me what you know, and make me the better player for it. I humbly ask this not to gain an ego or an overabundance of confidence, but to become a key asset to my team. Thank you for reading; sorry if this was scattershot, I don't normally make topic posts.
  2. For the longest time, ever since the first German Ships were put into the game (Of course Excluding Tirpitz), Those that served with the German Empire have lacked the proper flag that they actually flew, I.E. The Imperial German Navy Ensign. Instead of getting their proper treatment these ships are relegated to being forced to fly a flag that many never even saw let alone flew from their masts. The flag I'm of course referring to is of course the Kriegsmarine Ensign. Having these old ships like König Albert or Emden, to name two examples, not using the proper Imperial Flag, whilst just across the pond, the ships that served under the Imperial Russian navy get special Treatment in getting their proper Imperial Flag different from that of the rest of the ships that, while although they're in the same tech tree, get to use their historical U.S.S.R. Naval Ensign. Making for a blatant and obvious double-standard that requires immediate attention and fixing. As it is not right, nor fair, nor justifiable by any means for one nations ships to get preferential treatment in this manner whilst the other's are disregarded and mistreated. The solution is quite simple, given how not only is the programming in place to do so, as it's already applied to the aforementioned Imperial Russian/U.S.S.R. ships, but there's also the ability for certain ships to select between two different main flags for their ships. As such it would be a very easy fix for wargaming to address and correct, not to mention due to how simple of a fix this would be it unfortunately gives me a slight inclination to believe that this was either done on purpose with full knowledge of the historical inaccuracies it would entail, or that it was a simple case of gross miscalculation and ignorance to not realize when researching these ships to be added that they didn't serve under the Kriegsmarine. I'm only left to guess here in the dark as I have no clue as to what exactly transpired during the development and research of these ships. A clear cut case of this would be the SMS Kõnig Albert, as it never even survived to see the rise of the Reich, let alone ever serve under their Ensign, as she was broken up for scrap in 1936. As a result it makes no sense, when during assumed research, for the WG Dev's to have found it accurate, let alone acceptable to have her fly the Kriegsmarine Ensign. What I and many others are asking for is Simple with two options, Either A: Give all the ships that served under the Imperial German Navy and not under the Kriegsmarine the following Imperial German Navy Ensign and or Reichsmarine Ensign depending on which navy they served under. Or B (which is if they want to go for even more detail and historical accuracy): In addition to option A, If the ship served First under the Imperial navy but survived to serve under the Kriegsmarine as well, then give the Captain/Player the choice to select which flag the ships will fly, with the Imperial Flag as the Default, using the same system the Commonwealth, Pan-Asian, (and I think/assume as I do not own) Pan-American Cruiser Nueve De Julio. EDIT: if for some reason current German law prohibits the use of the Imperial German Naval Ensign, than a "Censored" or slightly altered version of the Ensign (Similar to what was done to the Kriegsmarine Ensign by WG) would still be preferable and more acceptable than the current situation where the Kaiser's ships are stuck flying the Füher's colors. And so that route is a viable option for Wargaming to take. Which in all honesty is a little more than disrespectful to not only those ships, but German Naval History itself. Naval Ensign of the Imperial German Empire (1903-1918): The list of ships that need to be changed to the Imperial German Ensign are: SMS Emden SMS Dresden SMS Kolberg SMS Karlsruhe SMS Nassau SMS König Albert SMS Kaiser SMS König SMS Bayern SMS V-25 SMS G-101 SMS V-170 Reichsmarine Naval Ensign (1921-1933): Reichsmarine Naval Ensign (1933-1935): (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reichsmarine#Ships_and_equipment ) List of ships that should be given one of the two above Ensigns as options/default setting in addition to the Kriegsmarine Ensign are as follows: (I will be using RM here to stand for Reichsmarine, even though yes I know it stands for Regia Marina I'm using it here for simplicity's sake instead of putting "German Cruiser/Destroyer/Battleship" every time) RM Konigsberg-Class RM Leipzig-Class (Nurnberg was the second of this class) RM Deutschland-Class (which Graf Spee was a part of) RM Ernst Gaede (Due to her Design date being during the time the Reichsmarine was Germany's operational navy) In the game's current state it is downright unjustifiable, disrespectful to the ships themselves, and creates a baffling double-standard that requires immediate re-evaluation and correction on Wargaming's end. Whilst I do not intend to come off rude or insulting towards Wargaming or her staff, this blatant oversight has troubled me ever since the first German Cruiser Line was introduced into the game, and has always been a nagging thorn in the back of my mind whilst playing any of these ships. As I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way, or the only one who would like to see this changed in some way either identical to the idea I proposed or something similar. Upvote if you think this should be corrected, or if you agree with the points I've made. I'd love to hear your feedback, both players and Dev's alike. If you have any Ideas on how to improve this or where/if I've made a mistake let me know and I'll give credit to you directly and add it to the post. If you personally disagree with what I have stated above, or don't want this changed for some reason, let me know your reasons why below