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Found 4 results

  1. I just found an article on how HMS Emerald, among other ships, was used as part of Operation Fish in 1940 to help transport Britain's gold supplies to Canada in order to keep them out of Nazi hands should Operation Sealion have taken place. It's not much, but I found it quite interesting since I'd never heard about Operation Fish before and I figured there might be a few people here that might want to read it too. Hope you enjoy it! Sincerely, 1Sherman.
  2. black_hull4

    "Backline Useless"

    So I just got HMS Emerald, and my first game was...weird. 2 Brothers, bottom tier, I quickly find out she can reach 34.4 knots, nice! I'm doing my on thing on the east flank, firing into perfect broadside targets. Pretty soon the last enemy ship is a Colorado. Our Zed-31 now decides to rush him through open water, with predictable results. He is then followed by our Nelson, who gets citadeled out of existence pretty quickly. And that's when a player begins screaming at me in chat for being "BACKLINE USELESS." I'm still whittling the Colorado down for one of my teammates to take him out. Then I tell that player that I've done 24000 damage so he can shut the up. He says something else that I don't even understand After the game ends I look & I have 65 hits on target & 2 defends, now well over 24K damage. Guess who that was? Is it any surprise that it was the Zed-31? He scored above me by...4 XP. Now, I was going to blacklist the guy, but the Discord mates wanted to see exactly how his chat would get. So I reminded him that he was the one who charged an open-water Colorado in the first place. One Hosho game later: So was I really "BACKLINE USELESS?" I'm inviting all of you forumites to analyze my game and tell me yes, no, why, and what I could've done better. Please let me know if the replay file doesn't work. backlineUseless.wowsreplay ♦
  3. NippleSnipplez

    Tips for UK Cruiser Line

    Any tips/strategies for a beginner playing the UK Cruiser line? I'm currently at the Tier V Emerald and I honestly feel like I just get instadeleted when running into anyone on the enemy team, BB blow me up from far away before I can gap close, DD come out of nowhere and blow me up, my AA seems really inefficient against CV's but I honestly die before having trouble with them most of the time, I've only really had success against other British Cruisers. I never sail in a stright line when I am detected, I change up my speed and which direction I am going constantly but it seems to really only postpone death. I know I'm supposed to stick to my team's BB but it's pretty difficult when I start way ahead of them and am faster than all of them even when at half speed. I do not want to say that the Emerald just sucks because I know the fault lies in my gameplay somewhere but it really feels like it does.
  4. I was reading through the patch notes for update 0.8.6, and in the section which discusses buffs and nerfs for individual ships, I found this little nugget: British cruiser Emerald The armor thickness of the citadel deck has been increased from 25 to 40 mm. By increasing the thickness of the deck armor, we’ve added more protection for the cruiser's citadel deck against penetrations by attack aircraft rockets, 203 mm HE shells, and no-ricochet penetrations by AP shells. I know some people (@LittleWhiteMouse) who might be happy about this. Still, I don't know if this is a big enough buff to actually make Emerald better. Will this actually help the ship, or will it just cause more BB overpens to penetrate and cause more damage? I sure hope it helps Emerald, she has so much going for her (if you ignore the armor).