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Found 4 results

  1. commodore_torakula

    To fly your emblem or not

    ....I'm curious about you guys' opinion on this....I've earned the level 2 IJN emblem (25 wins in T8-10 while scoring in the team's top 3....I'm up to 37 so far, so I'm on the way to the 3rd one), and I'm proud of it (a modest thing, but mine own), but I stopped flying it because it occurred to me right away that it might make me a "focus" of the enemy to some extent....So for the longest time I've been flying the 3 year player one with the newish "50 ship collector shield" background....which I suppose merits some small recognition by the enemy as well, if they're paying attention.... ....Personally, I usually check the lineups before the load-in to see which players have emblems that I might want to take special care with, or else sink if I can pull it off....I pay most attention to see if, in the case of a CV match, the red and green teams' CVs look like they have a skill advantage....and the DDs too....but of course plenty of dab hands are, I assume, not going to be flying their emblems. ....So, do you check the lineups like me? ....And do you fly your emblem proudly or do you dummy up and use a nondescript one, or what?....Thx in advance for your response.
  2. I've been gone from the game for ages. How does this work specifically? Do I actually have to have all the ships I've ever acquired in a port slot? What happens if I buy a ship then sell it? What happens if I research a ship, but don't actually purchase it?
  3. Today I noticed my Rank Battles Expert Badge is gone. I assume since Rank Battles is over, that the medals would go away. However I still have the one Rank battle badge for my profile. Shouldn't that be gone too? And BTW, the description needs to be added and mark saying "valid only during Rank season."
  4. So.. I have selected my Battleship Elite Emblem to be displayed instead of the 'patches' As of yesterday I was happily flashing the bad boy in people's faces when they died and when you hovered over my name. Today, it shows as selected in the port, it shows it beside my name in the patch/emblem screen. When I leave the emblem select screen and hover over my name in the clan chat, it shows the boring anchor patch. It does this in game too. WHY IS THIS HAPPENING? **EDIT** I believe I fixed it by selecting the lower level emblem (Battleship 1 eww) and exciting emblem screen, then reopening emblem screen and picking flashy emblem back again.