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Found 2 results

  1. UltimateNewbie

    Balance changes - UK CLs

    I am curious about the nerfs to the Leander and Fiji (in particular) in the recent patch notes - specifically in the below: Leander really isnt overperforming in damage - indeed, it is almost perfectly in the middle of T6 cruisers. Yes, the Fiji is in the top quarter of damage dealing for T7 cruisers, but what do you expect when you increase the firepower (ie, number of guns) by 50% in one tier? Both have a relatively high winrate at about 52%, but that is because people who know how to use them are shooting at - and killing - destroyers, which wins games, instead of farming fire damage off battleships at max range. They are high-risk, high reward ships. I note that the reload time for the Edinburgh has also increased, to a lesser degree, even though she is in the bottom third of damage dealing for T8 cruisers and decidedly middling in terms of winrate - which hardly seems necessary for a balance pass. Is the overperformance WG is targeting the damage stat, or the winrate? If the latter, do you think WG is going about it the right way? What would work better to reduce winrate without gimping the ship? Also, what ever happened to doing only marginal changes but more frequently? Why not try with 0.1 sec changes in a few increments to see if you are getting the results WG are intending? Mainly, I think what will happen is that the performance against DDs will largely be the same, but it will become even more difficult to put down capital ships that are charging towards your smoke where they already take almost no damage when they're bow in - making the ships more frustrating to play, rather than truly fixing them. What are your thoughts?
  2. So as the title says, though semi-misleadingly, I am wondering on the communities opinion on whether or not the Fire Control System is worth grabbing for someone rushing down the line! This is not to say I dislike the ship, seeing as she is quite enjoyable to play actually, and the play style is a nice breath of fresh air from my typical BB play, and USN cruisers.I just intend on getting to the Minotaur ASAP as that is my friends preferred tier of play. I also do not intend on going in with no idea on how to play the line. Thanks for the input! Lt_Chrispy