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Found 4 results

  1. I believe the fastest and easiest way to see and change the Economic Bonuses applied to a ship is from the new Economic Bonuses entry under the captain/ship summary in port. Here I've attached a screenshot of the system comparing two ships: For V. Cuniberti on the left there are Economic Bonuses applied. For Asashio in the center there are also Economic Bonuses. But which bonuses are using up Economy Boosters? That's not shown. Experienced players will see Asashio is a premium ship and assume the bonuses are derived from there. Great job! But if additional Economy bonuses are enabled on a premium ship it's still unclear which bonuses are due to premium status and which are from boosters. In the left most image I applied a border around the bonuses derived from boosters. Bonuses have color coding (gray, green, blue, red) for worst to best. Having an indicator like this makes it apparent when a bonus is applied without needing to check another screen before each battle.
  2. After much delay due to health reasons.... I finally, got to the bottom of the new Economic system... Now.. Praise the company For a smooth transition (from old to new) Easy to manage econ bonus HUD So easy even a cave man can do it... Just log on and the system did the work... All I saw were the notifications popping up.. After it was done (felt like 5 mins).. I finally got to seeing the new system on the live server... The Economic boost/benefits tab/selection was a little hidden on the port HUD... It was located under the captain manning the ship... (Maybe a little more obvious location or font, would've been better). From there you have options for boosts... The confusing part was... Some boosts stated cost in dubs HOWEVER Other boosts never state a price... Just the amount you have. So buyer beware... Also the auto resupply toggle was off for my ship by default... The signals are in the equipment tab which is a plus.. So far, nothing to be mad or emotional about (Oh Canada!)... Good first impression so far... So how about giving the new Econ system a try in regular battles... The parameters are as follows Only perma camo used Tier V DD premium used No premium time No econ boosts.. Random Battles only The finish line was only to achieve the second container at 12k cpt points... These parameters were used for the new system... In the old system, the only changers were using tier 7 schores Now if you're a player with a camo fetish in the old system Playing mid tiers and avoids tier8 and above like the desert avoids a shower. Not using premium time This is your guide... In the old system... It took me 9 battles (7 wins and 2 losses), to reach the finish line. In the new system... It took me 6 wins our of 7 games to reach the second container... Conclusion... The new system just feels, more of a wringer for those who are not spending... This means its a grind (more so now more then ever.. You have no choice but to spend)... I use to hoard Camos because... I'm a proud member of the WOWS camo fetish club (Maredraco as O/Nosso Presidente) . They look good and they had a purpose... NOW ??? I have a camo fetish (for no reason) AND a bonus econ hoarder... If I dont have to use it... I dont lose it and frankly, I rather have the old system back... The value has shifted to using (or hoarding or selling) camos for no reason... Using (if needed) Econ bonuses if need be... This to me doesn't make any sense when you need your players to consume.. (Granted a percentage will spend on bonuses and that's cool... I just dont not see the point after the changes done).
  3. The new economic bonus system is nice in the ability to focus a bonus to a single area (i.e. Commander XP) while not getting a potentially unwanted bonus to some other are (i.e. Ship XP) by having to run a camouflage with a collection of odd bonuses tied to it. The new system has a "Mount Best" button. This is nice but it's not a smart tool like the "Mount Recommended Signals" option. The "Mount Recommended Signals" tool takes into consideration the class of ship, and presumably the capabilities of the ship. It's not a simple "mount all signals" button. With the "Mount Best" economic button the best (i.e. most rare/expensive) bonuses are applied. The system does not care about other factors. If I am playing a Premium ship or a tier X why would I run a Ship XP bonus? Same goes for a Tech Tree ship after I've already researched the next ship in the line. If I am running a 21 point captain I may not want a Commander XP bonus. I see a use for Elite Commander XP but I'm not sure there's ever a good reason to run a Ship XP bonus on a premium, tier X ship, or Tech Tree ship when the next tier is already unlocked. The Signals interface makes it clear when a signal is not a good choice for a ship. It would be great to have a warning indicating when extra Ship XP in these cases is a waste. I can imagine new players mashing the "Mount Best" button and sailing off to drive in circles and shoot islands while using up a rare Ship XP booster.
  4. Wow, this could have been a real bummer: I was playing Gearing in ranked all night, and suddenly I got a message that my Captain XP bonus had run out. I hadn't selected any since Gearing already has 21 pts. I checked, and I had been burning econ bonuses in all categories. I would be very burned if I had been using her for Co-ops to do division stars with my clan mates. Come to think of it, I had been doing some yesterday with other ships. Probably wasted some. I went through all of my ships and deselected the bonuses that WG had thoughtfully put on for me. Some had huge bonuses for ships I would never play except at Xmas or maybe to clear a bar in Naval Battles. I think all Econ Bonuses should have been turned off until the player wants to put them on. This has probably burned more than one player in the last two days.