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Found 1 result


    Credit Earning Thoughts (HELP)

    For a long while now I've been using the Massachusetts and the Tirpitz as my credit earners, both are pretty decent earners, the Massachusetts a little more so. I'm finally reaching that point in the game where you've researched almost all the tech trees that interest you, and I find myself wanting to go back and re-purchase some of the ships I sold that I enjoyed or are just cool ships. However to do this I'm going to need some 90 000 000 credits, and I feel that I'm going to need a better credit earner. So my question is what is better, a T9 premium (of those that are or will be available), or a regular T10 (which one?) with their permanent camo? I also heard something about a kobyashi camo? Are those different than the T10 perma camos? I already have 1 T10 prema camo and its for the Midway, from what I can tell its a rather good earner 500k-600k on average. The problem with that is the outrageous service costs, even with the perma camo (T10 cv's are extrememly expensive to sail 250k-300k credits per round for those that don't play cv's). So in actuality you actually on make maybe 400k credits a round, which still isn't bad, but isn't particularly favorable over Massachusetts. My thought is however I could however, get a T10 perma camo that isn't for the Midway, say maybe the Conqueror, somethings that's supper easy mode to get big damage. Let me know what you guys think. Thanks!