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Found 1 result

  1. Something I didn't realize until today is the fact that you need to earn 4 mill credits across 6 different nations: What does this tell me? Oh, that WG wants every younger player to open their wallets for the "free" PEF who more than likely doesn't have ships across 6 nations, and even if they do... 4 mill credits is alot for those who don't have premiums. And of the 10 nations you could play, 4 of them demand premium ships. So what that means is you'd have to be decently established with econ flags and/or premiums to earn her. Two buddies of mine who are around a few hundred games or so in I was telling them "definitely play to earn a mediocre, but solid premium" pretty much was pointless. I feel bad for alot of people who will have to grind this out hard to earn her as it will be many and the average player I highly doubt owns a nice premium for so many nations. For a decent portion I suspect this will be merely outright impossible. Nothing will be done and this was merely to rant and lament my disappointment, as greed here has been rapidly taking over the pay model for this game and i'm sure some here remembers my thread I posted recently on the matter. I simply won't recommend this game to interested friends asking for my opinion. This time of year is a time of giving, but for corporations a time to have dollar signs in their eyes. At least for those who stop to think about how this was done and how you (WG) as a business have conducted yourselves for this past year, know which side of the fence you stand on. Truly a shame. By the way: I am not F2P, look for yourself and have even purchased PEF. Just thought i'd add that in. And for those disagreeing about my opinion: That's fine, go ahead. I'm a member of the community and have every right to say what I want on a subject so as long as it isn't insulting/breaking forum rules. I'm merely here to express my opinion. If people agree, fantastic. If people don't, that's fine too. Edit 2: Seems there was a thread/poll to leave your opinion, i'll leave that here.