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Found 7 results

  1. Some good news for that other Eagles group. One of my all-time favorite groups.
  2. Well I cant see the Eagles winning 1 single day at this moment and as for people switching sides to get there eagles camo it does not look like it to me. I went for the sharks from day 1 completed the event got my quota then for 2 days sat and watched as nothing changed, I eventually hit the Eagles button but not for the permanent camo but merely to get containers, at the moment there good value if I don't get the main prize wont be to worried. It will need more than Dasha riding in like Joan Of Ark to save this motley crew of Eagles devotees, sorry Eagle Loyalist I'm in it for the loot as I said. Right now Sharks are almost double the points ahead today already and its just going to get worse for poor Eagles. Cant wait for the next lopsided event those crazy kids at Lesta think up. regards
  3. So for whatever reason today, I am not getting the option to switch sides for the GO NAVY event to get my +2 points for the Eagles side. I've been playing for hours now, hit the max contribution for points and it STILL has not come up at all today. It's bad enough this trigger is completely random (as far as I'm aware), but it's been at least somewhat consistent since it started with offering the option around the half-way point/getting 2 crates on the side I'm on. Now it's like it doesn't exist. And no, I didn't accidentally click out of the option or anything like that: I still have the same amount of Loyalty points as when I started today and am still on the side of Eagles.
  4. Sharks are still winning easily. So I guess all the Sharks are waiting till Monday to switch teams?
  5. Felt like crapwhen I woke up this morning and called in to work. I played 35 games taking at least 8 hours today, maybe more. I also read the rules, you don't get more loyalty for more points which is counter intuitive. I looked up the top Sharks player a few days ago, he was a unicum CV player because you get the most points for wins and kills (the quests are too random) that makes sense. Eagles are still losing by 2 mil points, but the balance will shift soon.
  6. John_the_Impaler

    Dasha's Eagles mission

    So, I (and hope most of the people in the server) will switch to Eagles on Aug 10th (Day 16 of the event) so in theory I will just have the time (and only if enough people does this), to achieve 3 Eagles wins to get the extra 20 eagles tokens. At least that's what I understood from the video, so I was thinking: will there be enough people switching to Eagles that same day to turn the tide of the competition and let the Eagles get their first win? Because if the response is negative, no one will be getting their extra 20 tokens. Sorry in advance for the poor grammar, English is not my native language.
  7. I'd really be interested in seeing a breakout of the number of battles for each team by type of match: Ranked, Random, ClanBattles and Coop.