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Found 8 results

  1. _Starbuck

    Suspend 2 Tier Rule for Dynamo

    I was playing Operation Dynamo in a division with another member of my clan last night. He wanted to play the Tier 8 Cossack and I planned on bringing the Tier 6 Monaghan. Unfortunately, the game would not allow us to launch into battle because our ships were separated by more than one tier. I had to change to the Sims in order to play the battle with my division mate. The +/- 1 tier rule is understandable in most instances, such as entering random battles with a division, but it is completely not relevant in other certain circumstances. In this instance, it was merely an annoyance. If only certain specific ships are allowed, as they are in Dynamo, then it stands to reason that other restrictions should be lifted as common sense dictates. This is a very minor issue and only impacts players rarely (I would assume), but I hope WG will give it a look and smooth out that small rough edge. Thanks.
  2. In response to the thread below, I have decided to upload this screenshot. Oh yeah, @Lord_Zath streamed this one. Edit: It was a lucky game during the British arc. That game, the Icarus derped into the minefield and a schnellboot died there trying to chase the former.
  3. So I got this question lingering around in my head since the the wip tier 8 french prem DD received buffs to her guns and nerf to her main batts reload booster as mention in the development blog fb page. When released, will Le Terrible be available for use in operation Dynamo(when the operation does comes out again) like Cossack as well as Operation Hermes too?
  4. ...at least I can shoot down some planes.
  5. So, let's have ourselves a running tally of the max planes we shoot down while doing Dynamo. I did 57 yesterday with Sims, and just did 78 with Sims. I'd throw the screengrab on here, but I don;t use an image hosting service, so, no. It is, however, up in the SYN Discord. 78 freaking planes is insane.
  6. IronMike11B4O

    To Sims or not to Sims

    After consistently shooting down no less than 41 planes per battle in Dynamo I laugh when I see people take non AA boats into this OP. The Irony is Gallant is one of the worst boats to take into Dynamo. If you can get 53K commander XP in a COOP why not? Sims captain skills that matter for this. BFT, AFT, Manual AA and take the AA module for extended AA range you can start swatting planes at 7.2 km.
  7. LadyJess

    Park Lives !

    A very nice surprise. Park actually lived to the very end. Sorry no video replay but, just some screen shots of the event. Congrats to all team members for lending a hand in this one.