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Found 3 results

  1. Jef_Roberts

    Dutch Tromp class cruisers

    I see talk of a "Pan European" tech tree/collection, which would I assume include the Royal Netherlands Navy. I have posted before and I know others have as well that the Dutch have a long maritime history and a fairly large collection of indigenous designs - many of exceedingly high quality or interest and as such ought to be worthy of their own tech tree. I think the two cruisers of the Tromp class are a good case in point. Conceived of as destroyer flotilla leaders but evolving into compact light cruisers in the design and construction process, they emerged as interesting and indeed unique vessels, both of which served with distinction and survived the Second World War. Compact ships with a tight turning radius and powerful armament for their size. Tromp was completed as designed, while her sister was incomplete at the time of the invasion of the Netherlands and was towed to England where she was completed with English armament. Tough, maneuverable gun platforms with destroyer speed and heavy armament. I would love to be able to play this pair of interesting vessels.
  2. Jef_Roberts

    Royal Netherlands Navy

    Okay so now we have an Argentine cruiser to go with our Polish destroyer and a mostly phantom line of Pan-Asian ships, including an Indonesian destroyer that they bought from the Netherlands Navy. Can we get some Dutch warships in World of Warships? A navy with a long and distinguished history, unique and indigenous warships designs, innovations (the Hazemeyer Bofors was a revolutionary anti aircraft weapon when the US was still equipping its ships with Chicago pianos (quad 1.1s) and Britain was mountain 2pdr pom pom mounts). There are virtually complete tech trees for both destroyers and cruisers that would require only minimum padding with paper ships - the same as was done for Germany and Russia - and a substantial tech tree for battleships as well (all paper ships) culminating in the Project 1047 battle cruiser, a gorgeous cruiser killing beast of a ship. Let's at the very least get some Premium ships to honor this fine navy.