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Found 6 results

  1. I was just wondering for completing all the tasks in the Dutch Cruiser event. Is there enough free Dutch Tokens to earn to be able to unlock all 8 bundles or do we have to purchase the 1000 doubloons bundles for tokens? I would like to get all the permanent camos without having to purchase anything. Or if we don't get enough free tokens this event, will the second part allow us to earn the respected amount of tokens to complete the bundles? Thanks
  2. @Hapa_Fodder Please pass on serious concerns over the complete broken aspect of the ships. Points to consider: 1) armour extremely strong for a cruiser that is above their peers. 2) guns extremely strong compared to their peers. 3) concealment that defies logic; 281mm guns stealthily in smoke than german 281? 4) complete game breaking air strike. .... Recommendations: 1) to counter 1,2 and 3- increase detection range. 2) increase gun re-load times. 3) air strikes; 1 max per AMMO charge, no stacking. Cool down of 2 to 3 minutes. Decrease planes, or bombs dropped. Fire chance lowered to 5% to 8%. Run-in start at 8 km range for AA to have meaning. 4) lower plane health. ..... As a huge lover of the game, and veteran of all the changes, this one class and AMMO type is game breaking to the point of having to stop playing. Sincerely a Closed Beta WOT and WOWS player.
  3. It takes 5-10 seconds for the planes to arrive, why an additional 2-3 seconds delay before they drop? It makes an already hard to use and weak consumable that much harder to use.
  4. So everyone is looking at the high tier Dutch cruisers, but the airstrikes piqued my interest about something a little farther down the line. I want our Dutch specialist @Lert to give his opinion. First of all, we REALLY need Dutch cruiser & destroyer subforums at this point. Second, how the heck do you pronounce "Kijkduin"? The tier 6, 7, and 10 cruisers are going to be very hard to pronounce, and I can't wait for replays to start coming to YouTubers. Jingles might just call the ships "Dave." Darn, I want a "Prins Bernhard" to replace one of those tongue-twisters, named for one of the most hardcore Dutchmen of WW2. A literal royal pain for the Germans. And now the main event: So we know that Kijkduin will get airstrike. As a tier 6, she is eligible to participate in Defense of Naval Station Newport. This is the hardest Scenario currently in the game. Multiple waves of Axis ships attack a naval base that a 7-player team must fend off, with limited help from an AI US Navy & the base defenses. The enemy ships have camouflage equipped that decreases their detection radius & nerfs players' dispersion. I believe they also carry flags to increase their survivability. However, there are 3 "Surveillance Stations" that spot the enemy fleets as they attack. Using this to her advantage, Kijkduin may be able to drop airstrikes on enemies as they get spotted, then use her high speed to retire back towards the team. I don't know what the range of her airstrike consumable is, but she may not have to go very far from support. Late-game she won't even need to leave the base perimeter. The Superintendent captain skill & Type 2 camouflage will increase her usefulness. I predict that having a Kijkduin on the team will make this Scenario much easier. ♦
  5. ArIskandir

    Fighting the Dutch

    Had the chance to have a scuffle against De 7 Provincien and be on the receiving end of Airstrikes. It dropped on me 3 times: First time it got me going through a narrow path so I couldn't dodge, he landed as good a hit as possible... I got hit by about 8k of HE damage and 1 fire which I promptly repaired, it was a nice hit but not really worse than a BB HE salvo. At this moment I noticed 2 important details: Airstrikes have a radial deploy from the source ship, this means you can minimize your profile and the damage taken by going broadside-ish to the source. Airstrikes reveal the bearing of the attacker, they follow a vector between you (target) and source (attacker). In this case it is a confirmation the Dutch moved down to B cap. Second strike missed me completely, I approached at an angle and speed boosted out of the path: At this moment I noticed another detail: Airstrikes don't count for PT counter, I think they work as torps. This is interesting because it can be used to do preventive dodges ... just like torps Third strike came as expected, preceeded by the already familiar PT counter "blip", this allowed me to just hit the brakes and let the Airstrike land safely in front of my ship: By this moment I noticed a final detail about the dutch cruiser. Their DPM is really low. As conclusion, some pointers when dealing with Airstrikes: Airstrikes spawn radially from the source, don't get stuck bow in against the Dutch. An airstrike might be a way to "open your broadside" if you try to doge, be careful. Airstrike work like Torpedoes in terms of PT counter, you can gain a couple seconds to start your dodge. Dutch DPM is on the low side and lack of torpedo armament makes them very vulnerable to be rushed, if they miss their airstrikes there's little alpha threat to stop a push. Hope it helps, cheers
  6. Title about sums it up. We all know that air strikes are quite possibly the most broken and ridiculous idea that WG's introduced to this game in recent memory - a title for which there are many, many, MANY contenders - and we also all know that, like Deadeye, they aren't going to do a single thing to fix it before it goes live and metastasizes across the game. Each air strike is like having a pair of RTS CVs gang up on you and beat you to death, except it's at the instant and limitless beck and call of a line of cruisers with strong armour and best-in-tier concealment, and the worst part is that it'll just set a new bar of insanity for WG to top with the next line of ships they introduce. As such, I'm curious as to how many people are going to finally just say "enough is enough" and call air strikes the straw that broke the camel's back as they uninstall World of Warships forever. I'm thinking myself I might just do that since I barely play the game anymore already, but I'd kinda like to hear if anyone's in a similar mindset as I am. I look forward to whatever answers I end up getting. Sincerely, 1Sherman.