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Found 2 results

  1. So what happens to duplicates for completed collections? Like you complete the collection but you still are getting duplicates. I completed the current event collection (Anniversary) but I noticed that even though I am still getting duplicates (you are guaranteed on for each container you get for missions like Lucky 3 and Weekend Madness). Obviously you can't use them for the Collection they are for anymore, so where do they go then? While I can understand why WGing doesn't do this, wouldn't allowing them to be used for previous collections actually be a smart thing? Would mean players would keep earning the containers (or even paying for them if that's their thing), meaning WGing would earn more moola. Though they'd maybe have to make two duplicates for a collection be worth one unlock for past collections. Since I can imagine there will be players who would throw salt around for WGing allowing new or currently active players to still unlock collections they were present for. However I'd say this would be a consumer friendly idea. The newer or currently active players would have access to the past collections, but would just have to work a bit harder. Which I'd consider a level of compromise. Otherwise if you are still earning containers for something like the current event ends up wasting one of the items you are guaranteed. Which I know is a fact because each and every event container for the Anniversary event going on right now has given me a collection item.
  2. (I pulled one more collection item after this screenshot, so it's now 31 duplicates & 30 items)