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Found 1 result

  1. Ok, this is important info everyone should know in case you get any of the Doubloon and/or Token bundles for the UK CAs. The bundles are separate in tracking what you get, but the early access ships are the same. So for example, a T5 UK Hawkins CA from a Token bundle is the same as a T5 UK Hawkins CA from the Doubloon bundles. If you get an early access ship from one bundle type, you can get the SAME ship from the other bundle type. So for example, you get a T5 UK Hawkins CA from the Token bundles. You can still get the T5 UK Hawkins CA from the Doubloon bundles, even after getting it from the Token Bundles. And it works the other way too, in that you can get it from the Doubloon bundles and still get a duplicate from the Token bundles. If you get a duplicate either way, the duplicate is paid out in credits. Even if you spent 1k dubs to get it, you still get credits if it is a duplicate.