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Found 5 results

  1. Dear WG, Please fix the special captains of the Dunkirk and Jutland series. Their special abilities have been relegated to the most insignificant skills imaginable. The Jutland captains had enhanced skills for Vigilance and Jack of all Trades. It seems only fair that they should get at least a 5% enhanced skill for the one point BB skill that reduces the Repair Party and Damage Control Party reload time. That's just a tiny fraction of what they once had. They should also get the same kind of skill on all other ship types, and not some paltry 1% addition to something weird. That's just wrong. Secondly, the Dunkirk captains, one of which you had to win, had three really good 2 point skills. These should translate into the same skill as the Jutland captains and also the Grease the Wheels (already done) skill or something similar on other ship types (reduced rudder plane shift time for subs, -10% aircraft restoration time for CVs), etc. etc. The 2.5% addition to a skill that your ship may or may not have is stupid and insignificant. The French and Pan Asian special captains retained their special skills to some extent, so the Jutland and Dunkirk captains need the same consideration. Thank you.
  2. Watching the Chris Nolan movie version of Dunkirk still strikes me as inspiring. Tom Hardy plays the RAF pilot role well. This reminds me of our Operation Dynamo within WoWS. I remember I made a video about the RAF with their involvement in the Dynamo scenario. Too bad we can never play the battle mode again in WoWS.
  3. I mainly use Cunningham on Audacious and Ark Royal, but I was planning on putting him into the Cossack as well to take advantage of his unique consumables skills. I assumed that his Master of All Trades skill (a very useful buffed skill, it was twice as good as the stock JoAT) would be replaced by a buff to both Consumables Specialist and Consumables Enhancements like the Dunkirk brothers get (who also came with MoAT. As it turns out, Cunningham only gets a buff to Consumables Specialist. The only thing I can figure is the Dunkirks got both skills since the crappy buffed smoke screen skill they had went away. I'd be okay with this if MoAT was replaced by the useful Consumables Enhancements while the far less useful buff to the smoke screen diameter was replaced by far less useful (at least for UK ships) Consumables Specialist.
  4. Tpaktop2_1

    Video - Dunkirk Movies list

    With Operation Dynamo coming back to Operations in WoWS with update 0.7.9, I got a movie that I had not seen that was inspired by the Dunkirk evacuation that I would like to pass on to all. My wife and I watched last night "Their Finest" movie. I got to say I was not bored by it. This movie got me to understand more how the movies of that time was to bolster the English moral during that trying time of history with England. Their Finest (2017) A former secretary, newly appointed as a scriptwriter for propaganda films, joins the cast and crew of a major production. During the London Blitz of World War II, Catrin Cole is recruited by the British Ministry of Information to write scripts for propaganda films that the public will actually watch without scoffing. In the line of her new duties, Cole investigates the story of two young women who supposedly piloted a boat in the Dunkirk Evacuation. Although it proved a complete misapprehension, the story becomes the basis for a fictional film with some possible appeal. Which reminds me of these other Dunkirk films Mrs. Miniver (1942) Dunkirk (1958) So if you got free time and you want to binge watch the Dunkirk movies, here you go for ideas.
  5. I just completed the Dunkirk collection. I now have my first 10 point commander outside the USN. Jack Dunkirks' skil bonuses are nice. I look forward to playing him.