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Found 4 results

  1. Wargaming doesn't care whether or not you are good at the game. You are no longer rewarded for how you play but rather rewarded for the amount of grind and ultimately the amount of money you are willing to throw at the game. It is a sad reality that pushes the community away from skill and more towards the in-game shop. It is a practice that was started by League and EA and, it should be despised. However as a community we have accepted it and are letting WG dictate to us that money is more important than the player and the community as a whole.
  2. So I am wondering how the auction house can exist. This is definitely gambling. You have a set minimum bid and you are not told what the maximum bid is. So whatever you bid is just blind. How does the auction house not go against EU gambling laws. Yes you do use in game currency to buy it, but the prices at which the items in the Auction House will go for will definitely surpass what one might earn from the game. People are definitely going to spend money and because it is blind bidding, it is gambling.
  3. Seeing that its essentially daylight robbery right now in terms of free XP conversion rates, I suggest as a act of good faith to those who have stuck with WoW, that WG lets players once a year or a single time convert all their elite XP into free XP at no charge. Like many others, we simply cant afford to convert the ship xps that we've accumulated over the years as it would cost hundreds to thousands of real dollars. It would be great if they allow us even for 1 time to unlock the millions of ship xp
  4. LowSpeed_US

    How much cash ...

    How much cash one can inject to get all the ships in this game? Have anyone calculated the cost yet?