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Found 8 results

  1. Was looking through pictures posted in FB by Battleship Texas. Came across one that really gives you an idea on the situation For steel plate that was initially uniform thickness, there is alot of variation now.
  2. USS Texas Foundation website. First time in over thirty years. Looks a right mess, but taking care of that is what they're in Galveston for!
  3. Not her first visit to Galveston! Web page about USS Texas, and her visit to Galveston for the 1988-1990 drydocking. http://battleshiptexas.info/html/History/1988-1990.html
  4. first of this was posted back in June New Jersey Battleship youtubed a video tonight. Orleck is on its way to a Drydock. The question now is, will she be able to be fixed up to go to Jacksonville, or will she be scrapped.
  5. tugboat is just enough out of view, you can believe its moving under it's own power.
  6. Hello, my name is KingCakeBaby, formerly Cannibal4Christ. I played my first game of World of Tanks in April of 2011 and have dedicated probably an average of thirty hours a week over the past eight years to Wargaming’s various titles; with this year being the exception due to the birth of my son in January. I want to pause for a moment because I want that to sink in. I have been with this company for the greater part of a decade. I have been here longer than most of the moderators, forum administrators, community contributors, developers and even upper management. There’s very few employees you can name who have been here longer, or put in as many hours as I have not just in playing these games, but also in helping in their development. I was an alpha tester for World of Warplanes, World of Warships, World of Warships Legends and even with World of Tanks Generals. I was a supertester for World of Warships for the first two years before life and circumstances overtook me. I’m not very well known in the game or on the forums. I try not to post unless I have something important to say and typically someone tends to beat me to it. I’m an average player at best and I admit that I have yet to grasp some of the finer points of the game. Even so, I don’t think there was ever a time when I did not get great enjoyment from logging in and doing what I do. I also have a great deal of loyalty towards this company, to the point that this is really the only game I play anymore. When an unpopular changes are announced I take the wait and see approach and have usually been rewarded for my patience with an eventual equilibrium. When people complained about having to pay for certain things my response was always that this is a business and there is a lot of money that goes into development, marketing, logistics, servers, employees, events, etc. I remember the matchmaking flood of Type 59s and E-25s so I can also understand why premium vehicles cost as much as they do. I say this to illustrate the point that I have never been one to fly to the pitchforks or unload on the forums when something doesn’t go my way. I expect hiccups and issues and growing pains from a game that is in a state of constant evolution and I am not one to cry about things that I can’t change, I just do my best to wait for the patches or adapt to the changes and enjoy myself regardless. I’m too damn old and been through too much in life to be riled up by a video game. I never understood the protest posts on the forum, being of the mindset that if something bothers you that badly why wouldn’t you move on to something that doesn’t and honestly a lot of them are fair petty. That changed a couple of days ago. With the announcement of the Puerto Rico event I was incredibly excited and decided to make time to play again this holiday season even if I have to pull all nighters. I put $100 to the side to make it a little less painful, because I assumed the total price for the bonuses would be anywhere from $50 - $100 in an effort to make some profit and to somewhat mitigate the damage of PRs clogging the queues. I updated the game and was pretty quickly confused and disappointed when I opened the directives tab. In the past, when someone complained that WG was an evil corporation trying to swindle their poor and unassuming player base with shifty money grabs I always rolled my eyes, but wow. I know there has been a lot of feedback on the PR issue already, and I fully expect mine to be lost among them with no one reading this and no one caring, but honestly I am so frustrated that I have to write this out anyways. I’m not particularly disappointed that I won’t be getting the ship. There are plenty of steel ships that I will never see as I have no way of gaining steel in any meaningful amount and no, 75 per tier X is not that. The thing that really breaks my heart is the very blatant lies told to the players about the feasibility of obtainment. The reality is the best player in the world could not get this ship for free in the time limit allotted with the missions the way they are. They are lies by the way, regardless of how you try to spin it. There are enough screen caps floating around from passages on the official channel and employee comments that I’m not going to go into it. I will say that, as someone who studies law and works in the industry, a ‘misunderstanding’ on the part of the consumer based on what was said by the provider is still the legal definition of false advertising. Someone with more time and energy might be able to make something of that, especially since this isn’t the first time there’s been such a ‘misunderstanding’ between Wargaming and the player base. The other issue I take offense to is the response by @Sub_Octavian. That was not an apology, that was tantamount to an insult towards a very passionate and loyal fan base, even if they are occasionally misguided in their zeal. I tend to defend the position of the staff as much as possible because I don’t think it’s fair the amount you guys are dumped on from ungrateful players, but after reading that you couldn’t have offended me more if you had personally slapped me. You know better. The company knows better. They definitely should by now with how often they find themselves in this situation. You shouldn’t be milking your fan base, you should be rewarding the amount of money and time and dedication they put in over the year; for playing through the broken reworks and game mechanics while keeping faith that you guys are working on it. Believe it or not, people tend to spend more money on products when they believe the company actually values them. There is a large amount of the player base who is more than happy to pay for things, but you guys really need to find some kind of balance. I don’t expect free things, and I acknowledge that I have gotten some in the past and I am grateful for them. Honestly you guys used to be really generous and still are sometimes with the occasional captain skill resets and the like. It just seems that for the past three years, any time you’ve done anything under the guise of doing something for the players it always comes with a price tag or a caveat. The dockyard is an amazing example of something that could’ve been for the players. It’s a new concept that was universally praised as a great addition to the game (how often does that happen?), and if it was made to act as a campaign or similar mechanic it would even be amazing to have another long term goal to work towards in a game where you guys just released the research bureau because you’re afraid you lack end game features. Give players the opportunity to pick a ship to work towards. They could have tiers with coal ships being easier while steel and specialty ships might take the better part of a year. Unfortunately you’ve already forever tainted this amazing concept. I know there will probably be some spin and damage control coming in the near future, but it’s going to be an empty and transparent gesture. My hope is that you guys take the opportunity to learn from this and move forward in a positive direction that restores the faith that I and many others have lost over the years and specifically with this fiasco. Sit down, have a meeting and come up with some checks and balances so this doesn’t happen again. Actually do something to show the players that you appreciate them and listen to their concerns. This adversarial relationship that exists between WG and the players is exhausting, and I don’t think either will last much longer if mutual respect and understanding isn’t found. I’ve spent all year looking forward to the time when my responsibilities would allow me to play again and all year looking forward to introducing my son to his first warship when you guys come to the USS Hornet next month, and now I don’t want to do either. For someone who has been doing this for eight years, the complete lack of enthusiasm I now find for this company is incredibly distressing. I hope you recover WG, but more than that I hope you are better for it. Regards, KCB

    BB 36 on the move

    Local news in Houston is reporting the Battleship Texas will be closing to the public after this Sunday 08/25/2019. She is scheduled to receive $35,000,000 in repairs primarily to the hull. The drydock facility has not been named and neither where she will end up following the repairs. The news report made it clear she will not be returning to her berth in LaPort, Texas near the San Jacinto battle field and monument. Repairs are estimated to take no less than 6 months and could easily extend to 2 years. I am amazed at how vague this report is and how devoid of details it is. They also claim information concerning the future home of the Texas is unknown. How many places are there to park a 107 year old Battleship? Is repairing the hull of the old girl the way to go? Months roll by without a word concerning the future of the Texas and then suddenly all hell breaks loose with activity. What happened to plans to take her out of the salt water for ever? Sounded like the way to go to me. As long as she remains in water, especially salt water, her life expectancy will be in doubt. I first saw USS Texas in 1957 and she was a sad sight to see. The teak decks had been covered with concrete and more surfaces were covered with rust then were painted. Very little of the interior was open to the public. The renovations since then have been awesome. WG has donated a great deal to the preservation of the Texas. I am no longer in Houston so I am at the mercy of TV affiliate news coverage for any information.