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Found 13 results

  1. World of Warships Ship Opinions 14: New Mexico Dreadnought or Dread-not? New Mexico is in a bit of a pickle these days. I’m just here to make sure that it’s easy to understand her position in context to the rest of the competition at Tier 6, and let’s just say that it’s not really pretty at the moment. Fuso has a longer firing range, Izmail boasts better accuracy, Dunkerque and Prinz Eitel Friedrich both fire faster, Normandie can bring more firepower in a brawl, and Bayern, Mutsu, Warspite, and V.W.1941 all have the ability to overmatch 25mm armor plate. So then, where the heck is New Mexico in the middle of this whole damned situation. Well, it’s still a great ship, it’s just difficult as heck to make it work. Well then, let’s review. Armor: Dreadnought Pros: All or Nothing armor protects underwater citadel reliably, healthy chunk of hitpoints, improved heal and damacon. Cons: HORRIBLY Vulnerable to HE shells and 380mm/406mm overmatch New Mexico’s armor scheme is fairly typical of most dreadnoughts, with all of her armor compressed into a thick and chunky belt that allows her to soak up a good deal of damage from equal or lower tier Battleships. She also has an almost underwater citadel that prevents her sizable 53,200 point hitpool from getting rick-rolled by a battleship AP salvo to the face, and like most American BBs, she gets an improved repair party and damacon to help mitigate damage better under concentrated fire. That being said, most equal tier BBs with 380mm guns or larger will spank her at any angle, due to having 19 or 25mm plating everywhere but the main armor belt, which also makes her doubly weak against Heavy Cruiser HE and IFHE-specced Light Cruiser HE. I also forgot to mention that, like almost every American Battleship, she also has a 19mm Citadel roof that can easily get smashed by a BB with any gun 380mm in caliber or larger at medium range (thankfully, you don’t see these very often). Overall, New Mexico is surprisingly durable, but don’t expect to be able to tank like something such as Bayern or an Izmail. Rating: Good Armaments: Shotgun Pros: 12 356mm guns in a very convenient 4 x 3 layout, Artillery Plotting Room Modification 1 gives incredible range, high AP shell velocity and damage Cons: Laughable accuracy, reload and turret traverse. New Mexico’s guns are somewhat ( read: very )inconsistent. Having American Battleship Dispersion and high shell speed allows for less lead and relatively consistent long range salvoes, which is only helped further thanks to her ability to mount Artillery Plotting Room Modification 1, which brings her range to around 18.7km. That being said, the guns are also prone to misbehaving at times. The 1.5 sigma rating ( that she shares with Fuso ), means that, despite the good dispersion curve, the shells tend to spray all over the place, like with German Battleships prior to 0.8.11. At least the Fuso’s reload isn’t horrible, either. New Mexico has one of the longest reload times of all BBs in the game, with a 34.2 second reload that puts her far behind even ships like the Dunkerque in terms of DPM and the ability to rapidly punish cruisers for making mistakes, and this weakness is only compounded on by a horrid turret traverse rate of 3 degrees per second. Only Arizona has a longer reload, but the Pennsylvania-Class Superdreadnought has far better accuracy to make up for it. Overall, New Mexico could be worse, but it could also be far better. That being said, using that same horrid dispersion to simultaneously Full-HP delete a Krasny Krym and an Emerald at the same time is so damn cool. Rating: Good AA: American Battleship Pros: AA mimics that of high tier USN BBs in terms of effectiveness scaling, Durable AA mounts Cons: Long Range AA effectiveness is questionable at best. New Mexico’s AA defense is quite powerful, to say the least. It boasts a fairly solid AA defense all across the board, and the AA power scales up as enemy squadrons near the ship, similarly to the likes of North Carolina, Iowa, and Montana, along with incredible AA mount durability. That being said, the Long Range AA is, well, questionable. Bayern and Prinz Eitel Friedrich are the kings here, thanks to the infamous 105mm L/61 Dop. C/38 that they carry, which not only boast better durability than the Mark 19 Mod.6 guns that the New Mexico carries, but also have superior DPS and Flak power as well. To add insult to the injury, New Mexico carries 8 single mounts, while Bayern wields 6 dual mounts and P.E.F has 8 dual mounts, which equates to greater effectiveness and AA power overall. To make the point clear here, New Mexico’s AA is good for what it is, but it is far from being the best at this Tier, never mind competing with Colorado or even the ( WiP ) California. Rating: Acceptable Maneuverability: MOVE, YOU OVERSIZED LUNCHBOX!!! Pros: Tight-[edited]turning circle, quick-[edited]rudder Cons: So slow that I could walk faster than this thing New Mexico is the slowest of the slow, and I’m not being hyperbolic when I say that I can walk faster than her in a straight line. Her top speed of 21 knots is painful to work with, but then again, such a thing is fairly typical of American Standard Battleships, as they all top out at 21 knots until Tier 8, when the line speeds up to 28 knots with the North Carolina and the South Dakota Class. Her turning circle is fan-freakin-tastic, at just 640 meters she turns tighter than some of the gunship destroyers and as tight as some cruisers, which is damn right impressive on it’s own, and adding to this is a quick-[edited]11.9 second rudder shift which also means that she can do torpedo beats as well as some cruisers and destroyers. Overall, she can turn like a ballerina, which is damn high praise for something that looks like a total lunchbox and weighs the same as a mountain. But that speed… To quote Jim Carrey: “ GIVE ME A BIG. FAT. BREAK!!!” Rating: Acceptable Stealth: Fat, yet somehow not fat Pros: 13.8km surface detection on something the size of Everest, tiny air detection radius Cons: Remind me again why Bayern thinks he’s a Conqueror? New Mexico is a huge ship, so the size of the detection radius should be equal as well, right. Eh, no. New Mexico has a base surface detection of 13.8 kilometers with camo installed, which is a damn sight more impressive than poor old Fuso. With the appropriate commander skill, NM can minimize its surface detection to 12.4 kilometers, which is also a damn sight more impressive than Fuso’s pathetic 16.5 kilometers. That being said, there’s a very particular German Battleship called Bayern that currently holds the trophy for the best minimum surface detection of all Tier 6 tech tree battleships, at 12.1 kilometers, which is even more impressive than New Mexico’s minimum detection radius. Advantages of this include being able to swing around and deal a heavy blow as fast as humanly possible, before the other guy can react appropriately, as well as disappearing quicker. If you’re in New Mexico, you aren’t disappearing quickly, but if you’re shooting at a cruiser, and they don’t see you coming, they’re gonna disappear, and not in the good way. Rating: Good The Verdict ( wut? ) Armor: 4 / 5 Armaments: 4 / 5 AA: 3 / 5 Maneuverability: 3 / 5 Stealth: 4 / 5 Overall Score: 18 / 25 ( Gudbote ) General Writer Verdict: This ship definitely earns the Dreadnought moniker. To be better, she’d need to drop a good 4 seconds off her reload. I decided to revert to the old 25 point scoring system because I found it easier to read and digest. New Mexico is fun when you are smashing things apart, but not so much when you have to relocate, but that's just my opinion. You readers can make the choice about how fun it is to play or how unfun it is. Also, I have to apologize for being so late with this review. I was hoping to get it out last Wednesday, but then I got hit with the flu ( THE FLU, NOT CORONA ), so yeah, I’m 6 days behind schedule. Hopefully I can get the Cruiser comparo test and the follower requested Fuso review out by this weekend ( shoutout to @destawaits for this suggestion, give him a +1 ) I might even do a redux of some of my earlier reviews, who knows? Peace!
  2. Capt_Ahab1776

    AA for Dreadnought

    Hello, I had just read a thread about the worst premiums. I read some one had mentioned the Dreadnought as one of the worst. I have the Dreadnought and, very happy to have her, (Thank you WG). I have no plans on selling her as she is very historic and I do have a little bit of a collector bug now and again. I reserve her for exclusively Co-op matches when I do play her. Now with the reintroduction of bot CV's into Co-op. Is there a chance she could be armed with her regular tech tree tier contemporary, Bellerophon's AA? Currently she has none so it is WASD to the rescue. Even with a addition of the Bellerophon's AA it would by no means make her OP. Maybe just make her more viable and a possible Random mode ship?
  3. Not sure if this has been posted before. The creator, Historigraph, have some good videos including one about a CV attack on Taranto (couldn't post the link as it's sponsored by a WG competitor ) and is worth checking out.
  4. This is a Random Battle in playing the tier 3 premium ship Dreadnought on the Big Race Map. This was amusing to me, however I know it was frustrating for the new enemy players. I made some tricky shots in this match. In the end, I received Confederate, Devastating Strike, Fireproof, Dreadnought, Kraken, High Caliber Now if I can get my Lion to perform just as well. Ha!
  5. I've been helping an EU player get his NA account going by running Divs with him the past few days and tonight this happened. Seal clubbing, yeah, it kinda is and yes I feel very dirty but in my defense, the top two players on the red team have over 1700 battles in the SC, and over 1800 battles in the Umikaze. Now I need some bleach so I can feel clean again.
  6. Being a casual player (not on every day), I have lost track on this daily and the required progress. Well first things first. I am referring to the mission to obtain the Dreadnought. It takes 40 combat missions. Normally this is a no brainer. But I have noticed that not all the missions count, only the daily-normal, daily-hard. So given this, please correct me if I am wrong, a player needs to complete (simple terms) 30 daily-normals and 10 daily-hards? Are there any other missions that count toward this goal? Did I miss something maybe? At the moment I think I am at 9. Not certain without logging into the game. Which would put me behind the curve I would believe.
  7. With the start of December, the new month of daily missions rolled around, and I was happily surprised to see a Dreadnought mission available. I was less happy when I saw the requirements. 40 daily missions. Granted I'm sure many people will breeze through this, but I just don't have the time, or drive, to push through two daily missions. I can generally do all the flag requirements, but even if I managed to do a mission a day, that brings me a total of 9 short. And with the holidays and lack of internet on some days... yeah that's not happening. So Dreadnought will be available for individual purchase, I hope?
  8. Francois424

    Dreadnought, WG, Please.

    Here we go again, feel free to not read if you have time to grind 40 missions in December or want the Vanguard (which I do not) WarGaming, why are you not letting me purchase the Dreadnought? I am (for good reasons) pretty angry at you right now. I've been waiting for this ship from well before Mikasa (which you also refused to sell to me for the longest of time on NA, thought it was available for 10$ on the EU way back when), and now I go thru the list and see Vanguard alone. I see the bundle. I do not see a Dreadnought alone for sale. Why? Just answer me why did you do this? Is this another of these "staged releases" we had a few years back? Please tell me we will be able to PURCHASE the ship for money/doublons ! This is infuriating. I wont have the time to play much in December. Between family commitment, work, Christmas season... and a few other personal issues. But I have money. Don't pull another Mikasa on me, make that on us (for those players in same shoes than mine). Let me buy that ship. thank you. ( Now you can flame me all you want, I don't care )
  9. .... Not on NA, of course, but we can see the bundles on RU. On EU server there is no article, only the bundles in the Premium shop https://worldofwarships.ru/ru/news/action/premium-shop-november-2018/ Thanks to glorious Google Translate: So, no ability to buy Dreadnought separately for now, gotta first fork over for Vanguard too. If this is too much, you only need to do 40 missions in December. I have to say I am disappointed personally, a pricetag around 10$ would be fine for a quick grab on such a historical ship. As it's been said time and time again, there are only small differences between Dreadnought and Bellerophon, so I don't think the modelling took or cost that much even. Bundling it with Vanguard looks lame to me. The 40 missions are 20 days of completing both normal and hard chains, which is exactly what someone needs after 3 months of grinding for the RN arc and the Cossack.... Will completely get over the fact there isn't even a camo or carousel icon for Dreadnought. This is 1 step forward, 2 steps backward.
  10. embeddeddear97

    Upcoming ship models

    Woke up to a bunch of emails from the modelist maxromash that makes ships for wows, here are the 3D models for West Virginia 41, Charleston, witchita, vanguard, and Dreadnought. West Virginia https://sketchfab.com/models/8386087c12474362b71756e31581511a?utm_source=triggered-emails&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=new-upload-by-following Charleston https://sketchfab.com/models/7c4b7128d3954749bfd11e232f3400d4?utm_source=triggered-emails&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=new-upload-by-following Wichita https://sketchfab.com/models/2c2b3bd549b744de8d0f5b605ee70116?utm_source=triggered-emails&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=new-upload-by-following Vanguard https://sketchfab.com/models/946f2db414d24336b6fec4d1eeffd7e6?utm_source=triggered-emails&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=new-upload-by-following Dreadnought https://sketchfab.com/models/5b1d62fc047d423daf6629422708bfc5?utm_source=triggered-emails&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=new-upload-by-following
  11. Sir_Davos_Seaworth

    Finally, the Dreadnought...

    Well, lots of ships getting dropped today....but this one has me talking to myself.. I have "Rule Britannia" playing right now...
  12. So yeah, I am asking another thing here because why not? In all seriousness, I am resorting to the superior knowledge of this forum to ask the question that is on the tittle. Out of the three classes of battleships built and commisioned by South American navies: The Rivadavia class for Argentina The Minas Geraes for Brazil: And Almirante Latorre for the Chileans Which one was the best one on paper and imagining that all external variables are the same which one would win?