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Found 16 results

  1. So recently I had this game. As time ran out, both teams had 4 surviving ships each: 2 battleships, 1 cruiser, and 1 carrier. This particular game had only 2 caps, one for each team. Neither teams managed to threaten the opposing team's caps. I kind of assumed that there are multiple things that would prevent a draw on WOWS. Also I've never seen a draw. It seems to be rare if not impossible in comparison to the probability of draws on WOT. I suppose the experience was rather disappointing for me as I ended up with almost 180k hp worth of damage. This ended up being the highest damage count game I've ever had in the QE. But I suppose IT at least shows how good of a damage dealer the British BBs are. Potent HE shells and high fire chance in combination of short fused AP shells are capable of a lot of things... In particular, hits to the unarmored or under-armored parts of the enemy ships seems to result in very good alpha strikes, and the AP shells in the QE are an utter nightmare for enemy cruisers. So have you ever had a draw on WOWS? Should there be more ways to prevent this from happening? Feel free to share your experience and thoughts on this.
  2. Rare Ranked Draw

    I got killed and then exited out of the match. This was the last thing I expected to see when the match ended. There was one ship left on each side and after this result, I wished I had stayed in to watch.
  3. I just had this daily win on my Amagi. The results were pretty OK, 150k, Confederate, and damaged 11 of their ships. However, the score at the last minute were exactly the same! It was up to our Tirpitz to either kill the other enemy Tirpitz, OR get into their cap to stall to win by the very slightest of point lead victories (3?). However, with the counter at 10 seconds left, and his ship too far away to even make it into their cap, it was all up to RNGsus to lead his very last volley to finish off the enemy's Tirpitz at the last second, to put us over the top. While I managed to make it to the top of the scoreboard for that match, props go to our Tirpitz. His heroic deeds earned him many compliments for me lol Replay Link
  4. Matter-AntiMatter-Didn'tMatter

    Yes... Obamajive in his sooped-up Orlan denies me the win in my silly, short-range, machine gun Swan. A classic luck v good battle (I'm the lucky one).
  5. Most Intense Tirpitz Draw?

    So I had this game on my Torpitz, which ended up on a draw. We were doing fine, but along the way, everyone died, save me. It was just me against an Akizuki, Nurmberg, and a Colorado. 3v1 (Actually, 4v1 at some point, so almost pulled off a Solo Warrior there ). Replay Link Against the odds, I managed to kill Akizuki (did 11k on him), a yolo Nurnberg (had to torpedo beat his spread and nail him with one of my own), and finally ram the Colorado, to make it a draw. I would've torped the Colorado, but I had so very little HP, I couldn't afford to angle to bear my torpedo tubes, so I did the next best thing. Ram the fellow. Somehow, I managed to pull off more points (I had 1504, to his 1497) than the Atago on the red team, who got Witherer, HC, Confed, First Blood and Dev Strike. Living the Tirpitz life, yo.
  6. Wo_9's Dominion Mode Draw

    When Wo_9 messaged me saying that he had an interesting draw for me to look at, I expected that the points would just equal out at the right time as the clock was ticking down. Boy was I wrong... It seems as though when both teams lose their last two ships at the same time, the point lead of one team is not used as a tie breaker... which is somewhat understandable as it rarely happens. But this outcome was very disappointing to both teams, and Wo_9 especially, who totaled 277k damage and 5 kills by the end of this truly interesting battle. It shows that draws can still happen though!
  7. ¡Greetings all! Well guys, this topic have one function: be a place for those who enjoy creating ships of the ww1 or ww2 in any kind of format: 3D Modeling, hand drawing, paper model, wood, etc, also, minecraft and lego are allowed too, then ¡dont be shy and show us what you can do! and you are able to discuss about your work or about the work of others. Just post your WIPs designs step by step or ships already finished, ask for help or tips with your work or look at those fictional or real ships and enjoy the creativity of the comunity. I will post my own work to start this: Well, after a few months, finally i can show you something a bit less empty... Was a lot of work to gather some info about a few things to take in mind at the time to make each part of this bridge, for now is looking good, but it need some improvements, but lets start with this: As you can see, this bridge have a lot in common with the Yamato-class figure (is almost the same bridge), but with some differences, some of them listed here: -The main telemeter system, for the main guns and secondary guns: The size of the telemeter for the main guns is 14 meters long, and 9 meters long the other, then in the next picture we have: -The machine-gun control towers among two enclosed 40mm (2in) AA guns and the auxillary machine-gun control towers (the small ones) Another picture to look the arrangement of each component (keep in mind one thing, the two quadruple enclosed mounts are a placeholder, because i still have to model a periscope or a dual 40mm mount (or why not both) to fill that empty place, keeping in mind the weigth over the structure: At the bottom of the structure, you also can see three 40mm AA mounts and next the rangefinder for high angle fire control system, the ship will have four of those systems. For now i can say this: the bridge is almost completed (like the 85%), but it will have a bit more of details soon. After that, i will start work over the main guns. And to finish this post, i will leave two more pictures, one taked from the top side of the structure and one of the side: Hope you like this idea, i will wait to see your works guys
  8. A Draw???

    I was just playing a match on the PTS in a Fuso on Fault Line and we captured the enemy base but it registered the game as a draw. From the results screen it clearly shows I have an assisted base capture ribbon, but it also shows the game as a draw. How is this possible in a standard battle? I don't seem to be able to paste an image of the screen shot here. The post editor keeps saying my post is too long with a picture (45KB) added. I attached it as a file, I hope that is adequate. Thanks
  9. The last time I saw one of these was when I first played the game, and games were decided by one team being dead, or being capped. Kind of pissed me off though, as I got the enemy battleship down to 4k health after flying through tons of fighters, only to have him taken down to 1k hp by a kirov as the game ended.
  10. 1st Draw

    While I knew they were possible, this is the first draw I have been in. This battle was crazy, for a while it looked like we were going to lose, one of the enemy carriers had his torpedo game dialed in. Then we started catching up until it was a tie, then they were ahead, until we killed one of their carriers to bring it back to even. Just crazy, everyone going don't die to our last battleship. http://wowreplays.com/Replay/1785-Hosho-Big-Race-1st-Draw-Arn__ Edited to add: Just realized I never asked the question... Has anyone else ever gotten a draw, how often do these happen?
  11. No More Draws?

    I was watching Aerroon play a high tier match and noticed something strange. His team won on points, but they didn't reach 1000, nor did any team cap both of the cap points. The game timed out and his team was ahead by a couple hundred or so. In the past, games ended in a draw when one team failed to either kill all the other team's ships or reach 1000 points. Has something changed? Are draws gone? Does the team with the highest score simply win if the clock runs out, or is this some special rule for higher tiers? Here's the link to the video. Thanks.
  12. It's not easy if you do not have experience working with pixels and layers. But I will try to make it really simple to help anyone get right into it. We will start by choosing a ship. The USS Sampson (DD-63) is the ship of choice for this example. First step on our journey is locating the texture files used to paint the Sampson in game. We will open the World_Of_Warships folder and continue deep into the directories. Make your way to the TEXTURES folder. ..\World_of_Warships\res\content\gameplay\usa\ship\destroyer\textures\ Location of the default textures successful. Notice there are 5 files with the Sampson name. ASD002_Sampson_1917.mfm ASD002_Sampson_1917_a.dds ASD002_Sampson_1917_ao.dds ASD002_Sampson_1917_mg.dds ASD002_Sampson_1917_n.dds We will be skipping some really advanced stuff which will exclude 4 of the files. All that is needed is in the _a.dds file. Make a copy of the ASD002_Sampson_1917_a.dds to your desktop. Install and run DDS Converter. Convert the DDS file to a BMP. Install and run GNU Image Manipulation Program. Open the BMP with the GIMP. We could get into more advanced graphic techniques and separate the ship components into layers. But let's keep it simple as intended. We are going to add a basic decal to the hull. For this I found a HD transparent PNG image of a bumblebee. Save Bob the bee to your desktop. Drag and drop the bumblebee image into the GIMP Layers window and move it to the top. With that same "bee" layer still highlighted. Select on the main menu the following: Layer -> Scale Layer... Change it to 50% and scale. Lets move Bob closer to the front of the ship. On the Toolbox window select the Move Tool (4 arrows point out icon). Grab the bee and move him into place. We could blend him in using the Mode options for the layer (look for Mode: Normal drop down menu on the Layers window). But we will keep it simple and continue. Right click on the Layers window and select Flatten Image at the bottom. Go to File on the main menu and select overwrite ASD002_Sampson_1917_a.bmp. Install and open Easy2Convert BMP to DDS. Convert the BMP back into the DDS. Add the new DDS to your res_mods folder in the correct place and tada! If you get a black ship then you need to open a FRESH bmp from the original DDS with GIMP. Copy the flattened skin you created and paste as new layer over the FRESH bmp. Flatten Image and OVERWRITE. The format settings and variables are kept in check so the game doesn't get confused reading it. If you have a word or image that is upside down or backwards you will have to reverse the effect in GIMP by Layer -> Transform options. If you have any other problems reply.
  13. Too good not to share. Average battle low-tier 4-5. About 8 minutes into the show we started loosing numbers fast. The enemy ended up chasing a DD away from our fleet which left them with my ship at 60% and two carriers vs 4 BBs, 2 cruisers, 1 carrier and a DD. They were all so stretch out after chasing our rogue DD that while each came in to attack the carriers I was able to light them up with a range of 16 and fire rate of non-stop. Roasts them well and let the carrier slap fish into each. The last of them was the BB in the screenshot. I took him head on and got around to his starboard side while his guns where on the carriers. Right at the end of the battle when the timer stopped the battle here were the conditions. I had under 1000 and he had under 3500. He turns hard to get me at the last minute so I swing and keep firing. If my torpedoes would have hit along with my volley he would have sunk. At the exact same time he was turning hard to the right and would have sunk me. We both needed 1.5 seconds to win. Amazing! The best god damn draw I have ever seen. Hope you enjoyed, it was honest and truly exiting for once.
  14. I'm sure many of you have noticed that your ships aren't actually going the speed in km/h that it displays in-game. They're often traveling about ~6x the indicated speed (give or take). So if your ship says you're going 30 km/h, you're actually traveling around ~180 km/h on the map. The rate your ships travel is sped up significantly like this so that your battles don't last hours on end. This is a good thing IMO. That being said, the rate at which they currently travel is still a bit slow in comparison to a game like WOT. In WOT its much easier to prevent draws due to most tanks being able to traverse the map rather quickly. In this game, it often takes several minutes for a ship to go to one end of the map to the other. This makes forcing draws very easy in comparison to WOT; hence the higher draw rate in this game. One possible solution to this inflated draw rate could be to increase the speed your actually traveling on the map even more. So instead of going about 6x the indicated speed, increase it to ~8x the indicated speed or so. By increasing actual traverse speed: Games won't last as long The 20 minute timer won't be used as much as it is now Players will be able to put their in-game ship into the next battle more quickly Players will be able to battle in more games per hour Reducing the time to grind without changing XP or credits Players will see fewer draws The one lone ship at the end trying to troll the enemy team by trying to force a draw will be less successful *Note this traverse speed buff would work best by increasing all other aspects of timing (besides the in-game clock) by the same amount as the traverse speed.
  15. Thought of a probably already posted idea to have a sort of overtime for the "normal" game mode. If one team is capping the enemy or both at the same time it goes into a say, 5 minute overtime. For example if the last guy is a border scumming carrier or a destroyer in the farthest corner of the map that has decided that no one should benefit from the game and the team with most of their ships starts capture, then it goes into an "overtime". It would only work one time, no double overtimes but it would allow the capping team to cap and/or hunt down the last guy. Because it is just frustrating when the last guy adopts a MAD(Mutually Assured Destruction or "I am taking you with me") policy and decides the "winning" team should lose as well.
  16. Game types need work

    So I have been playing this game for a couple weeks now and I love this game. The only big problem I have is that when games are clearly won, they are rarely actually won. There is way too much weight on the objectives in this game, and not nearly enough on map control. I just played a game in which we had 5 BBs left, and the enemy had 2 DDs at the 6:30 minute mark. We decided to head towards cap and shoot at the DDs while we went. The DDs took pot shots at us and launched torps while retreating, not able to cause any real damage and not delaying us. At this point we have won the match but we aren't able to get to cap, even though we have dominated the game and taken the map. There really needs to be a system to stop DDs and CVs from just running and hiding when the game is clearly won by the other team and causing a draw. At that point the team with the most ships should have the win, and the losing team should be fighting to turn the battle instead of the winning team trying to hunt down the last couple ships to avoid the draw. There would be far less draws and it would create situations where players that are losing have to actually outplay the enemy team to take the win instead of just running away. I am not sure how exactly to handle this, but something along the lines of: If a team has the majority of the ship points left, probably over 2/3, then the team with the majority wins the battle by having taken map control and destroying the enemy fleet, I don't mean for this to be a rant, I love this game and this is the only huge problem I see with the game. It just seems to east to force a draw and it is so painful when you work so hard for the win and get cheated out of it. Let me know what you guys think. TL;DR: How can we handle the ends of games better?