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Found 9 results

  1. Didn't score 100K damage but with a 3 point captain, 2nd of 3 total games in the ship, managed to get all 3 achievements just as I died. Islands of Ice not my fav map but was on C cap when it was taken and moved toward B cap. I noticed reds coming thru the gap between A and B (couple BBs and a CA - Missouri, N Caro, Baltimore) so I decide to do what I can to help take them out and had 2 kills. Got the kill for the Baltimore and the Bismark - great teamwork as they were focused. Helped take down the Missouri when another N Caro pops up at 7 KM and help take it down. Then pops and Edinburgh and a Bis. Avoided the first salvo of torps from the Edinburgh. Took one torp from the second salvo, meanwhile the rest of the team is beating down the Bis when my secondaries start on the Bis, Edinburgh tries to smoke and turn - take him out with a cit, eat his torps, secondaries take out the Bis to get Close Quarter Expert, Double Strike, and Kraken... Damn exciting and completely unexpected... No idea I even had a chance to take out the Bis. Heard the secondaries but didn't see that the Bis was so low. I had to chuckle when I saw the 3 immediate achievements (esp the Kraken as those are pretty rare for me).
  2. Duke of York rebalancing

    So on the launch kick with premium time and grinding for my Fiji, I've been swapping between Emerald/Leander and DoY on the downtime, and did research on it too. It can definitely be said, the ship is kind of a hotmess, though not to the degree of other premium ships. Rather, it has a case of strange identity. During testing it was tried as a no-heal battleship with DF and Hydro, but was changed. Aswell, she pays for her AA-suite and Hydro with increased reload from 25s to 29.5s and a slower rudder shift, and even has one heal less. This might not sound that big a deal, but with a ship that can be overmatched relatively easily and can't use all her artillery without showing total broadside, it's an important aspect. Oddly enough, neither Texas or Kii pay such heavy prices, and both of them represent incredible AA for the tier. Duke of York for whatever reason also received improved bounce angles on her AP, so the reasoning behind how she was designed after the original concept failed is beyond me. However, I have an idea for rebalancing the Duke of York and making more significant in her uniqueness, while still retaining some identity in common with other Royal Navy premiums. I bring the Belfast and Perth to the floor. Both are premium versions of their tech tree leadships, but they pay prices for certain advantages over them. Namely, these ships have access to HE, at the cost of the special RN AP that the TT versions have; Belfast also paying with her torpedoes (though she gains a consumable in return, like DoY). While they lost a special aspect given to the RN, they gained a far more utilitarian tool that is worth having. I would suggest the reverse for DoY however.....strip the ship of her Royal Navy HE. No 1/4-Pen rule. Bring her fire chance back in line with the other 14" guns (which ranges from around 25%-30%). Let her retain the special AP bounce angles over her sister KGV. In return for this aspect removal, grant the DoY her 25s reload, the extra heal charge and switch out the Hydro Acoustic Search with Defensive Fire to lean on her AA-Suite gimmick. Nothing else would really need to be changed. With these changes, DoY loses out on HE performance and ruddershift to the KGV. What she gains is more effective AP artillery, Impressive AA suite, and gain the Defensive Fire consumable that makes Hood capable of protecting itself from carriers. Major downsides? DoY would no longer be capable of punching uptiers with her HE, and her AP would only serve highly on cruisers and broadside battleships. The Royal Navy HE is a major part of what permits the design to function. This would majorly impact her performance. Major upsides? DoY's effective, not theoretical AP DPM will be much higher as the bounce angle change appears to have significant effect in my experience. She'll gain superior self-defense capability, making her more survivable against carriers. This itself isn't an outright buff, as carriers are not that present of a threat. In itself, it functions as the gimmick for what it is. Sometimes worthwhile, sometimes not. Anticipated argument: Some people like having the Hydrosearch, which is indentical to Fiji's. I can understand this to a degree....but it doesn't particularly fit the ship either. Bismarck's is a self-defense tool that works into her brawling strengths that is a self-encompassing ball of secondaries, hydro, turtleback, and fast reloading 380mm guns. DoY has a glacial ruddershift on top of bad turret angles that makes her terrible at fighting anywhere near ships where it might be useful. People have mentioned using it to push smokes and while I have done this, it's frankly insane. it'll surprise some DDs, but many will simply dump on the DoY quickly and the ruddershift will stall you from dodging, even if the hydro spots it from launch. As a defense tool to push into swamped areas, it functions for 1:30 and then you're free to be torped. No option for extended hydro either as far as I understand, but I could be wrong. It's of questionable use in my opinion, functioning mainly in questionable scenarios by way of questionable decisions. In this case, it can be made that one can choose and swap between Hydro and Defensive Fire on the same slot. Frankly though, it just makes the most sense to have a consumable that buffs your gimmick. So this is what it leads to. What would you prefer? A: DoY w/o RN HE shells, w/KGV reload, KGV Heal, DefensiveFire/Hydro consumable slot + AA-Suite (Don't forget the bounce angles) B: The DoY we have right now. Posted in this specific forum section for discussion. It is not a suggestion, yet.
  3. Duke of York - WG, Why?

    So I just finished both of the Duke of York related campaigns, which required quite a bit of play in the DOY. In playing it I thought it was not a terrible ship, but it felt like you had to constantly fight it to get it to do the things you want it to do. I originally thought that either increasing its heals to 3 standard, or making its fewer heals super ones (like the Nelson) would do the trick. Then after I finished the New Year Raid campaign I realized I had enough XP in the Queen Elizabeth to get the KGV. OH MY GOD!!! Even in the A hull configuration the KGV just felt so much better. And the only thing I can see that is really different are the main gun reload times and turret traverse (besides the aforementioned heals, which I didn't even use in its maiden voyage). So my question to WG is this. Why did you decide to nerf the DOY so much compared to the KGV? The only thing the DOY has over the KGV is hydro, and it's not that great of hydro and you only get 1 base charge. Or is the DOY supposed to be like hard mode? For those people who think playing the KGV is too easy? I just don't get why the one ship got nerfed so hard compared to the other, especially since they are basically the same ship. Inigo_M0ntoya would probably enjoy this, but it reminds me of that scene in Princess Bride where Inigo says he will fight with his left hand, to make the fight more challenging. I know this horse has probably been beat to death by now, but I just had to get that off my chest.
  4. Christ You Doom Sayers

    After reading so much "omg mission cannot be done" cryings on both here and reddit. I thought the time period for the mission is extremely short. Then I just logged into the game "Time till end 8 days" EIGHT DAYSSSSSSS What in the hell is the rush man...
  5. Overall, I've enjoyed the campaigns and collections. They have at times been a challenge, so far, other than Yamamoto, I've completed all of them prior to the start of North Cape. And the only reason I haven't completed Yamamoto collection is that these containers just won't drop the ship photo portion of it. But, that's a permanent campaign/collection. North Cape isn't. I'm not gonna hide my opinion the New Years one, I get it, you want to make some money off DoY and encourage sales, did a similar thing with Graf Spee last year. I still think locking these campaigns like this is a jerk move, and it sucks I have to try and cram all of it in in 9 days. If I could knock out the other stuff but needed DoY to finish or it just made it easier, wouldn't care as much, but this can take time and I know I'm already losing at least one day because I have to work the coming Saturday. Also don't really like the time lock thing you guys do with this stuff because yeah, the hardcore/elite players will get it in a day, it'll still take time for those with less time, skill, or both to complete them. Don't see where it hurts you given some would be impatient anyway and have that kind of money, and you just gave away how many Ceasar's and Grasses along with all that other stuff to PvE players and returning players? But I digress. But, I've finished up what I can of North cape, and unless your game isn't showing rewards properly, all I get for the next mission is DoY. Where this becomes an issue is - my collection is missing 3 ship badges, and one other piece, with enough duplicates for 1 more collection piece of the 4 I need. So, assuming I'm right that those containers awarded are also collection containers, if I'm lucky, haven't been so far, I only need to get two, if I'm not, I need to get all four of them to complete it. Which, 5 citadels over time, not really an issue, 50k to BB's in one battle, might be a little trickier, but still easy enough, where I'm likely to get screwed is 20k to cruisers and 500k potential damage shot at me are easy enough, that, and win, can be a thorn in my side namely on the cruisers, but that, win, and survive, to say it'll likely be frustrating is understatement. Especially given that more often than not, battles I win in BB's I've ended up sunk basically drawing the fire and attention while the team shoots at them or simply dealing enough before I sink the team can finish them. And all reports have been this is an inferior KGV which does not exactly raise my spirits, but finally and TL;DR - My real issue is that North Cape ends up needing DoY to be completed, and now I have to try and complete BOTH in 9 days, once the mission unlocks, and I have to try and get that. In the past, the collections you could easily (by which I mean there were enough, not that they were mind numbingly simple) get the containers you needed to finish out a collection, or get enough duplicates to buy out the ones you needed. This was great and if we managed to finish ones like Bismarck, we could even have some extra's that gave us some credits instead. [and if all you wanted was the base point of the thread, stop reading here] Hood made that one easier, but didn't become mandatory. And I don't recall it having mission's of "Do X, win, AND survive a battle". Those types of missions as it is can be infuriating as it is, more so when you have no choice but to complete them which, maybe to the better/uni players, this sounds like a joke and is easy. But to someone like me who the day before these last missions unlocked got 4 or 5 dreadnoughts in a day without trying and several others over the previous days could not get one to save my life the last couple now that I could and did have it selected, literally the last type of mission I want to see, especially having to use one particular ship is "X,win, and survive a match". You guys wanna give those that buy the ship an edge with missions that make it faster and easier to get these campaigns done, I'm fine with that. Early access or ability to complete sooner, mostly fine with that other than how it's done here and with Spee. But to complete the collection tied to the campaign that earns a ship you need to unlock the ship to be able to finish that collection by doing missions with it in that campaign and still having the one you had to unlock it to be able to do, with a rather short amount of time, that to me is a bridge too far guys. I shouldn't have to do the DoY missions of the campaign to complete the collection, there should have been enough crates so that no matter what, I was done that collection when I got DoY and could just focus on New Years raid. But that's my opinion. And maybe, under normal circumstances, this isn't an issue, maybe I'm a 1 in 1000+ fluke where RNG bent me over and made it impossible for me to complete the collection without DoY. Opposite side of the coin, someone should have looked, seen it was possible, and go "guys, maybe we should add another container to each final mission reward". Because the Titanic was unsinkable, Goliath was unbeatable, and the Japanese couldn't attack Pearl Harbor - Until it did, he was, they did it. Or, Wargaming was/is trying to force people to buy the ship to complete the campaign, which, I'm not okay with. Look, I get they are a business, the goal is to make money, etc. But it's like this that drove me away from Warplanes. And it's also the kind of stuff that makes me reconsider spending money on the game, because I do generally enjoy it, I want it to grow and thrive same way I wanted Warplanes to till it became apparent that group wanted the game to die. What little I make off what few days of work I get I can spare that's not to pay for my cheap cell phone goes to trying to keep my premium time up, maybe a premium ship when I've had a lot of extra work, but not many extra events this past year. I'm not a whale that drops 100 dollars once a month, sorry, wish I could, but wheres the point where you incentive and just try and keep the ones that try and keep premium up, occasionally buy a ship, etc because odds are they outnumber the big spenders and out spend them overall too. -I'm a CV player, yet you've either ignored or butchered my class at any given time, never an in-between, you've failed, for going on 3 years now or is it 4, I've lost count of when they were introduced in Alpha/Beta Weekends, to address the actual problems instead of trying to fix symptoms which has made it worse, not to mention of 4 premium CV's, 3 in the past year. The first was an OP razor balanced mess that still needs addressing, Kaga's main issue is AA that annihilates it's planes, when it's not using manual drop to obliterate things, Enterprise has USN fighters, that are still OP against all but formerly Lex AS that could match in fighter groups and had better numbers overall because also 2 groups of American fighters that are OP, and introduction of AP bombs that are their own separate issue because where as the HE bombs were inconsistent and problematic, they were still decent, they just needed to be a bit more accurate to solve their issues minus that of fire in general, but these things when they don't bounce and do nothing can be as or more devastating than TB's with even less control over dodging them which is just plain wrong, and all I need to say of the last is Graf Zeppelin for everyone to know the issues with that. The fact that ANYONE at your company thought that historically tier 6 planes for this game given the year they were made, armament, performance, etc, artificially buffed to tier 7 numbers in stats and all, but considered tier 8, was a good idea, seriously has me questioning what, if any, research you've done on aircraft, and to be brutally honest competence of those involved in the design and balance of the ship. Not to mention giving it 3x TB groups initially, that testers had little time with the rushed release version that was shoved out despite issues, and that going off the facebook stuff that was linked your making the same damned mistake that made USN fighters and AS an issue, too many fighters with a high DPS, and despite dropping the tier of the planes to 7, which while more fitting of their stats still hilariously unhistorical, not increased the ships reserves which someone made me go do the math the thing can hold over 100 planes, has me further questioning it. - I play PvP. Other than the occasional scenario, bots are boring to me. I prefer live, thinking opponents, even if they, and teammates at times, make me angry. Other than some short breaks, sometimes forced by situations, I'm a consistent player. But, those who chose to leave and always play vs bots got what is currently 30 dollars, usually closer to 50 when not on sale, of ships along with other things that ratchet up that price tag like free xp, 10 point captains with the ships (plus one for the PA DD's) which are usually reserved for the mega overpriced money to burn bundles, premium time, etc. Just for logging in. It's one thing I'll never get the ranked ships, I'm not that good and don't want to deal with the overly toxic bull that gets generated there, they certainly earned those ships. There's what other ones like Vampire we earned, or Mikasa, usually sub tier 5 ships that get played occasionally other than ARP and some of the campaigns. Which, we had to earn and work for - or pay for. And while I get incentives, the PA DD captain, credits, XP to jump to mid tiers or higher, and some premium time as "come on back, try our new line" would have been fine with me, that, is an incentive, even if the PvE players ended up with it like they did here, I'd have liked it too of course, but I'm not going to mind overall. The line was crossed with the 30-50 dollars in ships and 10 point captains for each, at that point it went beyond incentive and basically became a slap in the face for regular players who play PvP all the time. And where I took issue. - I don't have a lot of money, but I do spend what I can to try and support the game cause I want to see it stay open and keep going. But then you have these staggered releases with Hipper, I think Spee, and after saying you wouldn't do it again, Hood where the only time to get just the ship, no extra nonsense that jacked the price up, was after the campaign and collection that had tasks for Hood, but could thankfully be done with other ships just a bit harder. And now I find myself at a point I can't complete a collection because I don't have 44 dollars minimum to drop on Duke of York, that gets me a camo for DoY and some crates that haven't exactly given me much beyond 25 flags, tied to a campaign to earn the ship, that is time locked that means I have to try and do those last missions, that should be optional or a bonus, at the same time as one that requires me to have the ship to even start. Call me entitled, call me a whiner, link the gif making it out I'm throwing a tantrum, I really don't care. I just want the class that brought me here balanced right, so that it's fair to those that play it and those against it, not a return to the death gods they were early in Alpha or the over nerfed inconsistent mess they've been since. I'm not demanding Wargaming give me things because I'm loyal, and I understand giving players incentives to come back, but with this bit where they gave them all that AND the two ships, there should have been some equity here given all that was given and that it went to players that left AND PvE players. Even just one of those ships with a captain would have been a bit more even and all for those of us that pay PvP frequently. And I get it, Wargaming's a business, I gt trying to draw people to buy ships, I'm fine with giving those that buy it a leg up completing or finishing campaigns/collections sooner, missions with extra HP, etc. But these staggered releases, and what I'm experiencing with the North Cape campaign, that really comes across as "if you don't have money, bugger off" because I can't finish without a ship that I still have at the time of this posting 2 days till I can earn it, and another campaign I'm locked out of till I do, making it those that can drop 100+ dollars get a ship before those that can get one but only the ship and slot at price, I'm not okay with this, it's not right and wheres the incentive to keep spending the little I can if it really seems you only want the big spenders? I get life ain't fair better than most, it's why as irritating as it can be and all at times to always be bottom tier at times when I play, I don't come about MM, or about divisions, all that jazz. But when it comes to who can buy a ship when it goes up for sale, be it the super package or the base, when it comes to "login and get things" when you get past the line of incentive to "freebies", when it comes to the collections and campaigns and the overall balance of the ships, things that Wargaming can, does, and should control - there should be fairness and equity for all.
  6. HI all As a Scharnhorst fan I have waited for this exact day ever since this great KMS ship came on line and in game, the day when The Duke would show its bow on the server and although the DOY has been out for few days, this day the 26th ( my time ) December is the time for old scores to be settled. So for the next 2 days or so as I get a bonus of having a second 26th Dec due to the northern hemisphere time line to go DOY hunting in my Scharnhorst. To all the DOY Captains no offence and nothing personal but its time for your ship to atone for the past, judgement day has come. Regards P.S. The author would like to point out that the nature of this post is done in the spirit of humour and fun however DOY's will be sunk on sight cheers.
  7. Is the campaign here to stay, or is it like last year for Spee and running on a time limit? I know the event itself isn't structured the same, I'm just unsure if I can relax and just pewpew along through it. I hope I can, oh, I really do. Anyone know?
  8. I finished the Duke of York campaign on the Public Test Server hoping to get the DoY itself to test, but instead the reward ship is the Tirpitz. Oh well. Just a PSA for those of you with same thought. I didn't see that in the patch notes....