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Found 1 result

  1. Wargaming has replied, we did not lose our flags, or camo, but you will not get credit for the games. I would also assume the dubloons used for mounting flags will be returned? Hours of games lost and consumables used. 1x Anniversary container is not going to replace the flags I used, the camo's I used, the dubloons I used. All of those cost real life money. 1x Anniversary container does not compensate for all of that. You need to do better, 1x Anniversary crate, which I think we can all agree is pretty much a let down to begin with, is way not enough. You need to compensate players for everything they lost, not toss some charity bone like you are doing us a favor. It is a slap in the face to everyone who spent RL money on this game today and played it and then lost out on the items they paid for. I specifically went out and bought flags for this and used camo I was saving. I even bought a Sharnhorst to grind with yesterday. Now you are saying you can't reimburse me for the loss you caused? That is 100% not acceptable. An easy fix for this would be to do a query for every game played and then give a container for every game or every 2 games that was counted. This is real compensation. It costs you nothing and restores good faith to all those who are at a loss. It would make everyone whole and feel good about the experience, not feel like they just got screwed because of a technical failure caused by your company. select count(*) from WIN_TABLE wt where wt.Date = current_date_from_dual; If you are saying that is all you can give us, and this is a pattern, I am at a loss for words.