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Found 17 results

  1. What happens when a player uses up all the Credits, Doubloons, and other items "gifted" to each new player of Public Tests? Do they use their own from that point forward, or are they resupplied? How do we know how much is remaining in our gifted assets in Public Tests and how much is our own assets from our main account? Under what circumstance would a Public Test participate obtain a ship in the Public Test not in the main account Port but find it in their port after the Public Test concludes? I have not seen this addressed anywhere but would certainly like to know.
  2. Thanks, WG, for the great Christmas gifts this year. I think this is the best one so far! I spent $116 on 16 Mega and 20 Big Gifts for myself. My son spent $75 giving me another 20 Mega Gifts for Christmas. I used Doubloons from those Gifts to grab another 12 Mega Gifts. Those 48 Mega and 20 Big Gifts netted: Signals, Camouflage, Coal, and Doubloons Dragon 45 Hydra 120 Wyvern 150 Leviathan 120 Basilisk 45 Red Dragon 15 Scylla 30 Frosty Fir Tree 104 New Year Streamer 192 Asian Lantern 10 Mosaic 5 Coal 32,500 Doubloons 17,000 (some spent on Mega Gifts) Ships Viribis Unitis Yahagi Yudachi Massachusetts Lenin Vanguard Kii Kaga Le Terrible Wichita Alabama Those 11 ships are the best Christmas haul to date. In 2016 I got 6 ships. In 2017 and 2018 I got 8 ships each year. This year the tangible value for the $191 that my son and I spent equaled $518! (I only monetized the ships and doubloons to determine that value.) Thanks for the Merry Christmas WG and I am looking forward to 2020 with 100 premium ships in my port!
  3. I'm only into my first 10 games thus far. However, I did learn a good lesson in that passing judgement on a ship based solely on "hard stats," caused me to miss out on a fun experience for a long time. Ever since the Mass has been available, I've always bitten my thumb at her "so to speak." This was mainly due to the fact that she has a very short main gun range "by USN standards," and I also knew her main battery accuracy was pretty not good. Also, I have the Alabama, which has good gun range and pretty decent accuracy. Therefore, it never crossed my mind to get the Mass. However, I got about 20k doubloons in my last round of santa crates. I saw I could get the Mass for 25% off, just under 9800 doubloons in the Armory. Since I do enjoy collecting ships, and getting Mass would give me all 3 t8 USN BBs currently available, I picked her up. I put my old 19pt NC captain in her "since I had him respeced for my Ohio," and off I went. I only managed 80k my first game, but I was playing it safe since it was a t10 game. Third game I was top tier and managed 140k and I don't think I'll have any issues doing a lot more once I get used to her. Basically, I learned that while not great, the main gun accuracy wasn't as "stupidly bad" as I thought it would be. Her secondaries are awesome and I've gotten a good amount of damage out of them every game so far. She also seems to deal with planes just as good as you would expect from a USN capital ship. Long story short, I'm glad I took the gamble picking the Mass up. I think I'm actually going to like her more than the tirpitz and Bismarck and I'll probably try her out in the clan brawl on Saturday.
  4. Rocket_Lawn_Chair

    Disappearing doubloons

    In the past I had 700 doubloons. Recently I noticed that I now have 400, but I have never used any doubloons to purchase anything. What happened? Can I get those doubloons back since I never spent them on anything?
  5. So, with the contest winner for the Blyskawica camouflage being available to earn in the game I started to read the rules and the way to get the camo for my Blys. One phrase kept me thinking, and this is why I would like some clarification from WG staff @Femennenly @iKami @Gneisenau013. In the description of the mission in the march combat missions page it states the following: The way this is worded (especially the "a permanent camouflage" and not this camo contest one) implies that whoever has Blyskawica, that obviously comes with her own permacamo, will be getting a doubloon compensation. Is this just an error in translation or actually true? Thanks in advance.
  6. WOW - There should be a way of earning Doubloons in the game, either through daily missions or inviting friends to join the game. Even if it is a small amount (10, 20, 30 doubloons per mission) it would be a great way to increase player activity. Each battle played should also include opportunities to earn Doubloons. Top three scoring members on winning team win small amount of doubloons.
  7. DISCLAIMER: THIS IS PURELY CONJECTURE AND THEORY, TRY IT AT YOUR OWN RISK. Since the CV rework is fast approaching I wanted to check if there can be any obscure way to profit from it, thanks to the compensations you may get on your CVs. So while looking at the rules on this link something caught my eye: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/public-test/carrier-underwood/ This makes sense since odd tiers will be removed; what makes this very interesting is the current 50% discount we get on permanent camos of Tier V-IX. This leaves 2 odd tiers, VII and IX with permanent camos. The tier VII ones cost 1k doubloons, the tier IX ones 2k doubloons. What does this mean? If the rules do not change in the meantime, you can spend up to 6000 doubloons on the permanent camouflages at a 50% discount, to get back after the rework 12.000 doubloons back. And because the XP spent on the ships can be refunded you don't even need to play them, just Free XP to them, buy the perma camos and then get your double doubloons and Free XP back. Personally I am considering trying it out on the Hiryu. I would like to point out again that this is purely theoretical and that you won't know for sure until the rework happens and all the rules are finalized. As with any investment, there is risk involved.
  8. I purchased BLACK MASSACHUSETTS B last week, could anyone tell me where I can find the combat missions to get Doubloons as part of the package I bought. help will welcomed. Many thanks.
  9. Col_Calibre

    Getting Back Unspent Doubloons

    How do I get back some doubloons that were accidentally spent ? There were only $250. spent for a 24hr time to have a Premium Account. When I pressed the Purchase button, I thought I would get another step before it took the cash. It didn't have one. I've not done anything with it so I haven't spent it on anything. Is it possible I could get them back ??
  10. Anyone able to help? Much appreciated. I am having a difficult time finding info as to purchase doubloons for a friend. Thanks!!
  11. I want to make a suggestion, and I know this is a strange request. I would find it interesting that there would be a scenario. where players have to fend off raiders controlled by ether AI or players while defending a convoy. This event would be a special event and would be only available for a short time so that way it would not be a regular thing and would not detract from the sale of gold doubloons. Players defending receive nothing for sinking the ships they are defending. for ever ship that makes it to port or destination they could receive gold doubloons, coal, steal, or even extra credits. or even the possibility of a super container. if the attackers are controlled by players they will get the same rewards by sinking the convoy ships. (player warships don't give any prizes). I know the Halloween mode is coming up. It might be too late for this year but perhaps next year. this event would not be a every day event but only available for a short time.
  12. Dear Wargaming, over the years i have probably given you a couple hundred of my real dollars in return for fun and engaging gameplay. BUt every 4-6 months i hate this game and your deceptive penny-ante tactics to squeeze just an extra buck or two out of each player It is deceptive and underhanded, and it is intentional. It is as unnecessary as it is enraging and it replaces every hour of enjoyment i have had playing with jut a general sense of being ripped off and taken advantage of, taken for granted... I'm not a player, i'm sheep. Of course i'm talking about your sneaky "Resupply using in-game currency if unavailable" tickbox in the consumables, camouflage and signals tabs. If there is a single player that intentionally chooses to burn doubloons this way, i will bet they also have a huge horn growing out of their forehead. Like 99.99% of your player base, this box is unchecked on every ship and in every tab it exists. In fact, the only time it is checked is after a patch, when Wargaming enables them all for me. I am pretty good about going through and unchecking it, but i am not perfect, i forget, i miss one... i see i have flags to spare so don't notice Until i look up and see my doubloon total is down 20, 50, 100 gold. THAT is when i realise my mistake, and that Wargaming has picked my pocket again. I open tickets, i complain, this should NEVER happen, and always the response is the same, Wargaming never reimburses doubloons you spend even if by mistake. Enough is enough. Even if i am the only player that gets suckered like this, it is something that i should never have to worry about. Fellow players, if this has happened to you, reply to this post, if you think its pretty crap way to reward players for spending real money, keep it on the front page. But this shouldn't happen, i should NEVER be out doubloons like this, I should never have to double check and see that the game clien t is going to steal from me. Whatever is patched or updated, My settings should never default to one that will cost me my E gold.
  13. When you move a captain up the line into a new ship you have a couple of options to avoid spending doubloons on getting your captain retrained and back to 100% performance on his skills. 1. Probably known already by most, but will state it anyway. If you have a premium of the same line move the captain over to it and earn enough XP to retrain the captain then move him back to the ship he came from. 2. Move captain up the line. Spend the 200k credits to cut training by half. Then click on your captain and hit the + button next to him. Finish retraining using Elite Captain XP. For this option to work you have to already have a 19 pt captain earning elite xp, Voila fully trained. Option 2............made me sag my head yesterday. As long as I have been around I somehow some way did not know you could do this. I'm not one to shy away on spending doubloons training and respeccing captains. I like to tinker with silly builds. Full AA build with Manual AAA FuryTaco. Check. Why. Just cause. Spending doubloons to tinker is one thing. Wasting them when I didn't need to is another. Figure if I didn't know there is bound to be another vet or non-vet that didn't know either. Hope this helps someone. Cheers.
  14. Avenge_December_7

    Doubloons, Doubloons, Doubloons

    Based on Abba's song "Money, Money, Money": I grind all night, I grind all day, to buy the ships I want to play I'm so poor And after all the service fees I have no money for my fleet My hands are sore But in the port, there's a place to click If I got me a premium ship I wouldn't have to grind at all, it'll be like having my own mall Doubloons, doubloons, doubloons Such a boon In the whaling world Doubloons, doubloons, doubloons Will get them soon In the whaling world Aha aha All the ships I could buy If I had a couple doubloons It's the whaling world It's the whaling world Those ships tempt me very much but rotate out in a rush Haha, denied And even if I bought them all, I couldn't play them well at all I need a guide I'll have to save up some free xp For Missouri or Musashi A million credits in one game, I'll put the results in a frame Doubloons, doubloons, doubloons Such a boon In the whaling world Doubloons, doubloons, doubloons Will get them soon In the whaling world Aha aha All the ships I could buy If I had a couple doubloons It's the whaling world It's the whaling world Doubloons, doubloons, doubloons Such a boon In the whaling world Doubloons, doubloons, doubloons Will get them soon In the whaling world Aha aha All the ships I could buy If I had a couple doubloons It's the whaling world It's the whaling world
  15. So here I was, all set to get myself some coal... saw the little "this is new" WG button on the container choices, dutifully chose the "more resources" option, and... WHAMO! Super container... Containing 1,000 doubloons! Now, don't get me wrong, that was awesome, but... Is this some ploy to get people to choose coal? I would have done it anyway! GG Wargaming, and thanks for the doubloons WoWS NA!!! ~Beorn
  16. Hello fellow Warshippers, Few things to cover. Ever since I have started Warships. I have always struggled to get to maintain a comfortable amount of credits/coins. I'm fully aware, that some ships have a 'baked in' credit earning built in (which is great for WG to do for players, and should maintain it), such as; SIMS, Missouri. I generally play with higher tier of ships; meaning T7's and above, mostly at T9/T10's. A. What is your method of either maintaining a positive credit standing? B. The "Doubloon Blowout 3" (Link: Doubloon blowout 3) Is this the right time to maximise on the purchase? or is there better time/opportunity to maximise the money to better deal? (I'm thinking of buying the T10 permanent camo for the 50% repair cost reductions for my T10 ships in port. To help with question A) Your suggestions, and methods will be appreciate it. Best wishes, LowSpeed_US
  17. Karma. I set a "goal" when they introduced it to get mine to 300. Seemed like a good number to strive for. So now that I have gotten there I only have satisfaction from achieving the goal. You get karma for good play and good manners. It is a point system that recognizes desirable effort. Still no indication from WG on what the plans are for karma but a few things I would like to see tied to it. 1. Coal, or better yet, steel. From what I have read this "commodity" will come from clan achievements, some missions, crates. Why not as a reward for good behavior. 2. Doubloons would also be nice. 3. Even (real) supercontainers with a higher chance for ship drop, doubloons, high credit amounts or high elite/free XP amounts. Set any of these rewards on reaching target numbers. Maybe at 50, 100, 300, 500, and 1,000 karma. Make the rewards larger at each stage. And if you implement something like this make sure those who have passed one or more of the reward levels get the cumulative rewards! Still having fun and going on three years of play. Keep it up WG!