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Found 4 results

  1. WOWS HAS STOLEN FROM ITS PLAYER BASE If you had captains with “Undistributed skill points”, WOWS HAS STOLEN FROM YOU. Demand your account be compensated one (1) Doubloons for per every 110 XP of the Undistributed skill points when version 0.10.0 went live. Those “Undistributed skill points” are Elite Commander XP. This should be a large pool of Elite Commander XP that you could use to turn your 19-point captains into 21-point captains or any way you choose. Instead, WOWS is holding it hostage by assigning it to a captain. This act has taken away your right to use it on the captain of your choice. The only way to regain the “Undistributed skill points” is a method that cost money in the form of Doubloons, dismissing the captain. WOWS has assigned the value of an “Undistributed skill point” to be 1 “Doubloon” per every 110 of XP.
  2. Since the new set of resource/doubloon coupons are out, wondering what ships would be the best With coal I'm still stuck in the middle as if I should get the Thunderer or Georgia first. I already have Jean Bert and Smolensk For steel, is the flint a good enough ship to use or should I should wait to get more steel for a ship like the neustrashimy. I already have the Stalingrad as my first steel ship. Also what would be a good doubloon ship for 6500 that I can use the coupon on?
  3. Is there a way to see my doubloon debit and credit history? I thought there was a way and now I can't seem to find it.
  4. So here is the situation: I got a JEAN BART as a gift from my friend. What if I purchase another JEAN BART in the premium shop? Anyone has idea how many doubloons it will be exchanged to? And what if another player sent a gift to u? Is it still the same case..?