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Found 3 results

  1. I wasn't completely intending on being a seal-clubber. I just wanted to get some commander's XP on my 19 point Iowa captain and after a FDG game where I died pretty badly, I wasn't up for another high-tier match.
  2. Exeter, I'm taking back everything negative about you that I've said with one exception: your 8.4-second rudder shift is still horrendous. Note: I accidentally used my 10-point Bert Dunkirk with DCF, LS, BFT, and CE rather than my 19-point Jack Dunkirk. Oops. 20190331_212705_PBSC505-Exeter_04_Archipelago.wowsreplay
  3. As a player who still hasn't wrapped their head around the Warrior's Path map, I wanted to ask for advice on how Warrior's Path can be played, and about strategies to counter enemy pushes. Specifically, I wanted to ask how others apply the strategies in @hangglide42's excellent tutorial on the topic to this map. On one hand, this map reminds me of Fault Line from the mid-tiers. Ships on the 8-10 lines are isolated from the rest of their teams at A and B. This means teams usually find success playing an A/B strategy: C should be lightly contested by a cruiser or DD while the rest of the team sets up a defensive line around B. By the time any enemies cap and push out of C, they should be easy targets in open water. On the other hand, this map also reminds me of Shatter, another high-tier map. B cap is too exposed to fire from all directions and nearly impossible to hold if capped early in the match, so most teams opt for an A/C stategy. A is open and more conducive to long-ranged artillery battles, while C tends to be a stand-off until one team manages to break through. Once a break-through occurs on either flank, the retreating team is pushed back into open water and usually can't regain the lead. And of course, B/C, 1 End-Cap-Only, and others are also fair game. I haven't played enough battles on this map to get a good sense of what works best, though I'm pretty sure I've had more losses than wins. What are your thoughts on how Warrior's Path can be played? What strategies/counter-plays do you think are optimal?