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Found 1 result

  1. So I am something of a champion of the unloved boats in this game. I have worked with many of what are considered the 'worst ships' and have found very few that I could truly not make work. I like Mutsu, I love Ashitaka, Izumo was always a favorite, and I'm currently smitten with Azuma. I find that knowing where to be, what ammo to fire when and especially when to attempt to get out of a bad situation makes a world of difference with these ships. I'll admit, they are not for everyone and even I have bad games every so often, but they are not the garbage boats that everyone seems to think of them as. Case and point, my Azuma. Yes, she has exploitable flaws as all balanced ships should, but with planning and skill, you can overcome many of the flaws and get truly great performance out of her. If there was no challenge, it wouldn't be very fun (or balanced) for very long. Now first off, I need to tell you that, yes, I do prefer to play in co-op these days and no I don't really care that many of you out there think it is 'easy mode'. I made this choice because I'm a brawler at heart (and randoms got too static and stale for my taste long ago), I prefer smaller teams, and I got sick of the salt and rage in chat. At the tiers that I tend to play at, the bots are not the stormtroopers that live in the kiddie pool of tiers 1-4, they tend to be able to shoot better than most players and they can dodge torps like you wouldn't believe. If they actually were to start using tactics, they'd be superior to about 90% of human players, but fortunately, they don't do that yet. Anyways, that mess out of the way, I was just taking my Azuma out to grind up xp for my daily containers, trying to work on the AL chibi collection for flags and a captain that I really don't need, but what the heck (hopefully the voice acting is good, might find a use for her someday, but Iona is staying put until Yoshino comes out, then Chihaya Gunzo will take over the Azuma). It was one of those matches where there weren't enough humans to fill out the team, so at least half the team was green bots (which are usually inferior to the red bots, makes for more of a challenge, and I'm fine with that). I started out with support, but as the battle got rolling, my support went to a different cap point and I was pretty much on my own and trouble was headed my way. I got into a brawl, got out of the brawl, got back into another brawl, and ended up with a rather nice score at the end of it all, no hits to my citadel, and a fair few hits from my IFHE secondaries to boot (the IFHE is more for the main guns, to enable me to punch through those pesky 57mm decks that some T9 and 10 BBs have). Don't take my word alone for it, I have the replay up on wowsreplay.com, specifically at https://replayswows.com/replay/50560#stats. Results screen pics are also in the spoiler, forgive the hastily censored names of the other humans.