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Found 16 results

  1. Cpt_JM_Nascimento

    Wallpaper version?

    Does anyone have this screenshot, but without the setence in the mid and the "collect" button? Thanks in advance
  2. Hey @Hapa_Fodder , I just want to get it down on the record that showing that you can do a mission in the Scenario game mode but then limiting the mission to T7+ is an confusing at best. The combination is impossible so why do they give a false impression that a mission could be done in a game mode when it really can't? I mean, why even allow that game mode on the mission?
  3. Hello, I was doing a mission on directive 5 and i have reach its goal of making over 70.000 damage with main battery guns: Mission still there without completion.
  4. I keep having issues with the dockyard loading. It will just give me the never ending loading circle, have the dockyard directive bar at the bottom but still display my port, or completely freez up my computer to the point where I cant even control alt delete I have to restart. Is there anyone else having a similar issue or know what I can do to resolve it? I have already re-downloaded the game and nothing has changed. It's very hard to check on the directives or progress to the next one when I cant even get to the dockyard to collect the previous one. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. Essentially, the title. After the unmitigated disaster that was the Puerto Rico, I'm legitimately surprised that WG decided to bring back the Dockyard again. I'm also rather surprised that I haven't seen a deluge of threads of people saying they're going to quit the game forever because of the return of the Dockyard. Really, that's about it. Just me remarking on the lack of an utter sh*tstorm that I'm seeing because of what might be the single most reviled decision WG has ever made in this game.
  6. As we all know the latest update brought a dockyard that barely works. I play on steam, so unfortunately the patch does not work and I am left unable to view the dockyard of spend doubloons on the starter pack for the dockyard. Any fixes?
  7. Am I not the only one who has this issue? After I updated my game, I tried to access the new dockyard feature in the game, but was met with an "endless loading screen". Because of this, I was forced to turn off/on my computer to escape this issue. I'm still not able to access it lest I want to get stuck in this situation. I already sent a ticket, and I'm hoping that WG would issue a patch to fix this issue soon.
  8. So with the announcement of the 'new and improved' (which I highly doubt, Wargaming didn't learn crap from the PR) what do you expect we will have to build? How hellish do you expect the grind to be? My vote for the ship is Agir, because Wargaming has already nerfed it into the ground, a perfect gift for the ened of a grind even worst then the PR. Please keep discussion to the potential ahips and potential hell grind, we all know Wargaming didn't learn anything from the PR, we don't need to discuss it further.
  9. Go here for the 8.11 live server thread NOTE: WIP on PTS and anything can change and probably will. And it changed. The information below is compromised. I will start new later today, but we will not have all the info until after the patch drops. Ok, so this is a preview of the Dockyard from the PTS, but I will update when we get the patch notes for the live server. There will be lots of pics in the spoilers as the mods don't like picture heavy posts, so do check those out. 8.11 is expected to drop Wed, Dec 11th at 8am EST (maintenance window starts at 5am EST) 8.11 is expected to end Wed, Jan 8th?? at 5am EST. So plan on being done Tue, Jan 7th. 8.11 looks to be running until as late as early morning Jan 15th as that is when Med Tokens convert to credits. Training screens from in-game and the Rules from the PTS so the numbers may not stay the same. So you can see there are 6 stages to complete to get the T10 CA Puerto Rico. Each Stage is broken up into Phases and there is a reward for each Phase (more below). You generate Construction Points (CP) every min and can get boosts to increase the CP/min rate. You will need to get multiple boosts to acquire Puerto Rico. You will want to get boosts as soon as you can to maximize the CP/min rate, but with application of all the available boosts, you can still get Puerto Rico very late into the expected 28 day long patch as long as the CP/min rate in the live server is the same as the PTS. Boosts to Construction Points per minute These are PTS numbers and have changed on the Live Server. There will be Ship Building (SB) Tokens to earn in the Directives, Daily Mission Chains and Daily Shipments (see below). Here are the boosts to the CP/min from the PTS. The rate change, instant bonus, Ship Building Token cost, and doubloon cost *may* or *may not* change on the live server. I think the Token and Doubloons costs may very well change. You must get the boosts in the order of each chain. The Free boost is first and the 3 dub boosts branch to to the right with the 8 Token boosts branching to the left. You can use both sets at the same time. Boosts Free boost: instant +500k CP and +6 pts/min 1st Token boost: instant +750k CP and +104 pts/min (1k SB Tokens on PTS) 2nd Token boost: instant +1.2M CP and +104 pts/min (1k SB Tokens on PTS) 3rd Token boost: instant +1.6M CP and +173 pts/min (1k SB Tokens on PTS) 4th Token boost: instant +1.6M CP and +173 pts/min (1k SB Tokens on PTS) 5th Token boost: instant +2.5M CP and +208 pts/min (1k SB Tokens on PTS) 6th Token boost: instant +2.5M CP and +208 pts/min (1k SB Tokens on PTS) 7th Token boost: instant +2.5M CP and +208 pts/min (1k SB Tokens on PTS) 8th Token boost: instant +2.5M CP and +208 pts/min (1k SB Tokens on PTS) 1st dub boost: instant +4.5M CP and +104 pts/min (1k doubloons on PTS) 2nd dub boost: instant +6M CP and +138 pts/min (1k doubloons on PTS) 3rd dub boost: instant +7.5M CP and +173 pts/min (1k doubloons on PTS) NOTE: The sheets in the spoiler have numbers from the PTS and we do not know if these numbers will be the same on the live server. You earn CPs every minute, even if you are not logged into the game. You need to earn 32,062,500 CPs to get Puerto Rico. I made two spreadsheets, one for Token boosts and one for Doubloon and/or Token boosts. They are point times for simplicity, like if you got all the boosts to that column at once. Meaning, if you got all three of the Doubloon boosts in the first hour after 8.11 goes live, then the H3 cell on the Doubloon sheet would show that you would get more than enough CPs to get Puerto Rico. These are PTS numbers and when the Dockyard starts and ends has changed on the live server. These numbers are no longer valid. How to earn Ship Building Tokens (SB Tokens) SB Tokens will be earned in patch 8.11 and used in 8.11 to boost the construction of Puerto Rico. There will very likely be other things you can buy with SB Tokens in the Armory and they will likely not be converted to credits until patch 9.1 (February-ish). IF you want Puerto Rico is HIGHLY recommended that you use it for CP/min boosts, until you know you will get PR. SB Tokens can be earned in Directives, Daily Chains and the Daily Shipments. Daily Shipments These will likely start on patch day which is likely to be Wed, Dec 11th at 8am EST. There are 10 14 rewards and you can earn them from Dec 11th until early morning Jan 1st, so over 14 21 days. So you have to start collecting by the 18th to get them all. You need only to log into the game, click on Daily Shipments, and then click accept to get the reward. We do not know yet how many SB Tokens we will get in the Daily Shipments. There are 5 per reward and 10 on the last reward for 75 SB Tokens total. Daily Chains These are the 6 Missions you complete for base XP. They are in two chains; one of 250, 500 and 1,000 base XP. The second is 1,100, 1,200, and 1,300 base XP. We do not know yet how many SB Tokens we will get each day in the Daily Chains. There are There are 640 SB Tokens from Wed, Dec 11th to Sun, Jan 12th inclusive. So 33 days in total to earn them. Directives The Missions from the PTS *MAY* be the same on the Live server but we will not know until the patch drops. @Ensign_Cthulhu made a thread on the DIrectives on the PTS for how they will work and an early strategy for grinding them. We are thinking that ship types, nations and tiers will likely stay the same on the live server. What we don't know is how much of each type of missions we will need; like how many credits for a mission for example. The spoiler has Ensign's first post. Phase Rewards These stayed the same on the live server The first number is the Construction Points needed to complete the Phase. The rewards may or may not change on the live server. Stage I 218,750 - 5,000 FXP 437,500 - 50 Zulu Hotel signals 656,500 - 50 Zulu signals 875,000 - 1,000 coal 1,093,750 - 1 day WoWS premium 1,312,500 - Santa's Gift Container Stage II 1,781,250 - 2,000 coal 2,250,000 - 10,000 FXP 2,718,750 - 50 Papa Papa signals 3,187,500 - 50 Equal Speed Charlie London signals 3,656,250 - 3,000 coal 4,125,000 - Santa Big Gift Container Stage III 4,843,750 - 2 4th Anniversary Gift containers 5,562,500 - 2 4th Anniversary Gift containers 6,281,250 - 2 4th Anniversary Gift containers 7,000,000 - 2 4th Anniversary Gift containers 7,718,750 - 4,000 coal 8,437,500 - Santa Mega Gift container Stage IV 9,437,500 - 3 days WoWS premium 10,437,500 - 10 Hydra signals 11,437,500 - 10 Basilisk signals 12,437,500 - 10 Scylla signals 13,437,500 - 10 Leviathan signals 14,437,500 - 1 New Year T8 perma-camo DD, CL/CA, or BB once. Note that one of the two New Year perma-camos in the PTS may be a stand-in for the US Flag alternate Puerto Rico perma-camo. Stage V 15,750,000 - 10 Dragon signals 17,062,500 - 10 Wyvern signals 18,375,000 - 10 Red Dragon signals 19,687,500 - 10 Ouroboros signals 21,000,000 - 5,000 coal 22,315,500 - 1 New Year T8 perma-camo DD, CL/CA, or BB once @Ensign_Cthulhu got this during the PTS, so you can get up to 2 T8 perma-camo and can pick the DD, CL/CA, or BB to put them on. Stage VI 23,937,500 - 5 Spring Sky one-use camo 25,562,500 - 5 Asian Lantern one-use camo 27,187,500 - 5 Mosaic Sky one-use camo 28,812,500 - 2,000 steel 30,437,500 - 10,000 coal 32,062,500 - T10 CA Puerto Rico Here is the New Year perma-camo. You can mount it once on a DD, CL/CA, or BB and it is permanently locked to that ship. @tfcas119 noted that the alternate Puerto Rico perma-camo may be the live server reward for one of the two new Year perma-camos on the PTS. I added his pic in the spoiler. This changed, the two New Year T8 perma-camo do not stand in for the all American perma-camo. You get some other way or with the PR, not sure yet. Ship Building Collection You get 5 Ship Building containers in the Daily shipments, 24 in the Directives, and 12 in the Gorizia combat missions for a total of 41 Ship Building containers. Nothing yet on if premium Ship Building containers will be sold. This is NOT, repeat NOT a subscription collection, so it will NOT drop in daily containers. There will be a ship building collection in 8.11 and the items will be in the Ship Building containers. There are 20 items with 5 sub-collections of 4 each. You will get a WoWs premuim day for each sub-collection and Santa's Big Gift container s the final reward. This does not appear to be a subscription collection as there is no Collect/Don't Collect toggle in the Dev Bulletin pics. On the PTS, there were many missions with a Ship Building container as a reward, so hopefully that will translate to the live server. Snowflakes Every tier 5 plus ship will get ONE snowflake per ship during patch 8.11. This is one snowflake per ship for the WHOLE patch. It is NOT a daily snowflake. If this works like all the other flake events, if you acquire a new tier 5 plus ship, you will get a snowflake for the new ship. You blow off the snowflake by winning a game in a Random, Co-op, Scenario, Ranked, and/or Clan battle. This event will have the tech tree and premium ships all have the same rewards based on tier. Note, penalties for leaving a game early still apply, so starting and leaving a co-op game before you sink WILL turn you pink and possibly then orange if you do it enough. 400 coal - T5 tech tree or premium ship 500? coal - T6 tech tree or premium ship (nothing official yet, but PTS has 500) Still don't know how much coal the T6 will give. Probably 500-ish. 750 coal - T7 tech tree or premium ship 75 steel - T8 tech tree or premium ship 75 steel - T9 tech tree or premium ship 1 Santa Gift Container - T10 tech tree or premium ship. This is the smallest size. You do get more Santa containers from Directives, the Dockyard, Daily Shipments and the collection. The Captain's Logbook This is a new part of the port that lets you see the items, ships, flags, etc that you have at a glance. It is not replacing the Inventory or carousel, but is another way to view your stuff. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/game-updates/captains-logbook/ NOTE: WIP on PTS and anything can change and probably will. And it changed. The information below is compromised. I will start new later today, but we will not have all the info until after the patch drops.
  10. I found checking in on the dockyard animation and descriptions to be a very cool addition to this holiday season in WoWS. I will honestly be looking forward to when and if the ability to build a new, and possibly somewhat more obtainable, ship returns. I played a lot of games to complete 3 sets of Directives and a bunch of dailies to get some free boosters and my Gorizia, but pretty much gave up on going any further due to an impending feeling of futility in facing another set of formidable progress bars. So alas, with only about 14 hours left and not having bought 24,000 gold worth of boosters, I don't think I am going to make it. I did not build a spreadsheet to calculate completion times and confirm this, but I am pretty sure I will fall short. However, I did want to memorialize the state of my Puerto Rico here, even if she is unfinished. She has a completed hull and propulsion, and I wish I could take her into Co-op and use her to ram some bots and complete "potential damage" missions. A bonus is that with so little superstructure, it is literally impossible for her to take 10K salvoes above the hull and it should be much harder for enemies to set her on fire. On second thought, a fun event might be a "Demolition Derby" style contest in which we can ram each other's uncompleted PR's until one final victor remains floating? It could be a cool way to test a new ramming dynamic in which each ship does not automatically die on first contact - which I personally think has always been the goofiest part of the game. Anyhow, adios to my 66% Puerto Rico. You would still cost more gold for me to buy now (25,000 gold after the effort of grinding completing four of six stages?) than what the paid boosters would have cost, so my wallet will unfortunately have to remain untapped. You may soon be gone from my client, but you will live on for a while longer in my heart. I truly hope all of the tiny welders can go on break now and get some rest. PS - please feel free to share the state of your dockyard here, to memorialize your X% Puerto Rico (or what a completed one looks like, too), if the spirit so moves you. I, for one, will be grateful to have gotten some dockyard swag and a free Tier VII ship, at least, for falling short.
  11. So I was thinking...that if you are one of the few that bought the Puerto Rico, earn the Puerto Rico but still have some tokens left over, or not going for it at all that you could spend the Ship Building Tokens on Coal or Steel. Such as say 1 token equals 100 Coal. And/or 1 token equals 50 Steel. Technically you're still using the Ship building tokens to build a ship for yourself so it makes sense to me.
  12. Thank you very much for the refund of doubloons spent for dockyard boosts. I was feeling cheated when I realized the dockyard on the NA server was vastly more difficult than my experience on the PT server led me to expect. I rushed in without reading the details of directives. Only when CCs reported the situation did I realize I could never finish enough directives to complete the ship within the short space of time allowed. The refund of doubloons has restored my confidence in WOWs / WG's business model and relationship with their player base. Happy New Year. Meadowhawk509
  13. @turbo07 How am I to spend my tokens for the next booster when all I get is this?
  14. WE at POPS manage to grab with our grubby hands a image of the upcoming secret tier10 premium soviet sub. i present you, the alicorn.(image taken with ultra settings in world of warships) yes it can carry planes and launch them to attack targets while you are on surface. from what we could get,this will be a dockyard ship for the upcoming christmass 2020 event. i would like to thank our good boys at POPS for risking their lives: floridastan small dog Chicago09 middayfenrir serbertz namedphenomenon
  15. There's been a discussion as to whether WG knew what they were doing and cheated players who bought boosters for doubloons, or if those players simply misread things. Its the former. WG concealed essential information from people considering whether to buy doubloon boosters before the dockyard construction starts. I'll believe this is a mistake if/when they refund those doubloon purchases and allow reconsideration with the full info. WG has also lied - not difference of opinion, factual lies about a number of things since e.. Sub_Octavian with this on Reddit. Related to other "Oh, its really all about the Gorizia" posts, but this is literally off by an order of magnitude and has been proven so. There is no basis in reality for this representation. Reality is here. So keep that in mind when seeing any post from WG about what the amount of work involved in this grind is. Okay, so besides the extensive marketing of the Puerto Rico and the dockyard feature as the main focus of 8.11/Christmas, and not disclosing the actual directive requirements while using much more "positive" language about them, what did WG deliberately hide while encouraging people to buy boosters ASAP? What they hid was the base rate of Puerto Rico completion. What is that and why is it important? It is the background rate that you are boosting, with the combined rate being what runs 24/7. This is not viewable in-game because the passive construction has not yet begun. You can see the TOTAL points required but you do not see how quickly you earn them. This is how many points you will have before you build anything with tokens or buy anything with doubloons. The rate is 125 points per minute in the first of a series of images from the TEST server found here. These are from the test or other development client because they include a number of shipbuilding tokens that were only available in testing acceleration. No such number exist in the finalized client. Because this is at the start, this might well be accidental itself but the picture is there. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/general-news/new-year-2020-event/#dockyard The base rate does not appear in the text of the article (or the later patch notes). The only comment about it is: Okay, fair enough right? The event is about earning tokens for boosters and it doesn't say BUY the boosters? In reality of course, it might as well; no one can do this for free in the time allotted even if they want to. But it doesn't. Expecting people to complete some token boosters at least, perfectly reasonable. That base rate makes an enormous difference. 28 days is 40,320 minutes. At 125 per minute this completes 5,040,000 points of ship for you before the clock stops; if it was 250, it would be 10,080,000. Pick your own number. This starting value matters quite a bit because you have it the longest. Why do I have a problem with this obfuscation? Well on test where you can view the base rate and try out the math of the boosts the ship didn't cost 51.3 million points. The scale on test was ~ 32 million. While everything on test was subject to change, the total required went up to 51.3 million and the base rate (a) was not changed and (b) was not disclosed to players at large. There is no way in the live client when you are considering whether to buy doubloon boosts or not to see where that leaves you. And the overall math is so complex that people - initially working without the base rate - needed to build their own spreadsheets to work out that it is effectively impossible to get Puerto Rico for free if you are following the license agreement. It wasn't until today - after mass outrage - that WG presented its own spreadsheet. This sheet shows that with the live total and base rate, its still effectively impossible to complete with purchasing one doubloon booster. Note that this information still is not available on the main website or in the client where one can buy the doubloon boosters. If you are a lower information player, you might still be doing this without being able to learn So why are they doing this and why don't I think it is just sloppy? Because this is textbook Sunk Cost Fallacy. You can ignorantly (not as a pejorative) push an unrecoverable button to spend 6,000 doubloons to "ease your grind" then, when you fail to get the ship - and you will almost certainly fail with what doing Directives 2, 3, 4, and 5 within 3 calendar days is, never mind *completing* Directive 6 - you have bought nothing and are faced with either eating that loss (correct action) or pressing the button again for higher values (human reflex so long as they can). If you knew what the base rate was on launch of 8.11, you could - as complicated as it is - do your own math and come to the conclusion that this probably is not a good investment. However, a person had no way of knowing the base rate was so low relative the ship that it would still be effectively impossible and that's what tips this over from caveat emptor to practices that are, absent refunds, a scam. I'm sure this will be locked but don't really care. People need to understand this.