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Found 26 results

  1. I'm certain many would be happy for this ship in the game. There have been many a post for these types of ships and the Pan American Dockyard would have been perfect for the secondary prize of another ship. This would have been ideal as the secondary and would made lots of people happy but I guess at the time WG eyes are set firmly on turning this game into something just about everyone that plays this game doesn't want. This ship could have made many people on two fronts happy but its WG I should know better. Would been fun having in game.
  2. LittleWhiteMouse

    Premium Ship Review - Repulse

    The following review of Repulse, the tier VI premium British battleship, was sponsored by my patrons on Patreon who helped me afford this ship. To the best of my knowledge, the statistics discussed in this review are current as patch 0.10.11. Please be aware that her performance may change in the future. I've had my head down for over a month, working on a handful of projects (including, but not limited to tier VIII submarines, tier VI carriers and updating my databases). However, even I've noticed the growing hype surrounding HMS Repulse and it's prompted me to throw this together. There's good reason that Repulse is creating a lot of noise. I played the Hell out of her back earlier this year when she was in testing. She was a monster then. She's a monster now. To be clear, Wargaming has nerfed her since I was testing her. The following changes were made: Her reload time was nerfed from 26 seconds to 27 seconds. Engine Boost's speed increase dropped from 15% down to 10% down to 8% (from ~36.5 knots down to it's current ~34.3 knots when the consumable is active) Her main battery rotation rate was buffed from 3.33º/s to 6º/s. Having taken her out again (yes, I whaled all the way up to Marlborough for this review -- thank you, patrons!), this hasn't been enough to tone Repulse down. And, as this review will detail, I'm expecting her to receive another round of nerfs once the population at large gets a hold of her. For those tempted to throw money at guaranteeing getting a hold of her, this may be reason for caution. No one wants a ship they spent time and money on to get nerfed out from under them. So, let's get stuck in on why I see Repulse as being a potential problem vessel that Wargaming will have to reign in with future patches. Quick Summary: A soft-skinned battlecruiser (with surprisingly trollish durability) that has incredible speed and accuracy. PROS Long ranged with a 19.76km reach which can be further boosted with a Spotter Aircraft. She uses Graf Spee (battlecruiser) dispersion combined with 2.0 sigma, giving her excellent accuracy. Her 381mm guns can overmatch up to 26mm of armour with AP shells. Her 381mm guns have 95mm of HE penetration. Decent fire angles and good gun handling. Fast reload at 27 seconds. VERY fast with a top speed of 31.7 knots. Has access to an Engine Boost consumable. Her Repair Party queues up 60%/33% of penetration/citadel damage. CONS Soft skinned structurally, with only 16mm of extremity armour (!) Thin belt of only 229mm. Main battery is only six guns which makes RNG feel more punitive. Only modest AP penetration and inability to overmatch 27mm+ hull sections. Terrible anti-aircraft firepower. Enormous turning circle radius of 860m. Only three charges base on her Repair Party. Overview Skill Floor: Simple / CASUAL / Challenging / Difficult Skill Ceiling: Low / Moderate / HIGH / Extreme Repulse's appeal for new players is the simplicity of her main battery firepower. Her guns are long ranged and accurate. Her ammunition choices are simplified too, with newer players able to spam either AP or HE and generate reasonable results (though AP is preferred). The two strikes against her for inexperienced players are her speed (which can get her into trouble with over-extending) and her soft protection scheme. These will both spake people who like to play aggressively. However, a cautious player won't struggle overmuch with either one of these problems. For veterans, Repulse is a kiting-daemon. You have the speed. You have the stealth. You have the range. You have the accuracy. You have the overmatch. Play keep away and farm damage like a boss. Options Repulse's consumables stand out while the rest is fairly standard. Consumables Her Damage Control Party doesn't have anything unusual about it and is normal for a British battleship. It is active for 15 seconds and it has an 80 second reset timer. It has unlimited charges. It's her Repair Party which is unusual. While it does heal up to the standard 14% of her starting HP over 28 seconds (with an 80 second reset timer), like other British battleship, it queues up to 60% of penetration damage received instead of the usual 50% for most other nations. In addition, Repulse queues up to 33% of citadel damage too. However, unlike most battleships, Repulse only starts with three charges instead of four. We go back to normalcy with her Spotter Aircraft. This increases her range by 20% (up to 23.71km) for 100 seconds. It has a 240 second reset timer and it comes with four charges. Finally, she gets access to a unique Engine Boost consumable. This provides an 8% speed increase for 180 seconds with only a 90 second reset timer. Repulse comes with three charges. Upgrades Start your upgrades with Main Armaments Modification 1. Next up, if you can afford it you should definitely grab Engine Boost Modification 1 from the Armory for 17,000 . This increases the action time of your Engine Boost consumable from 180 seconds to a whopping 234 seconds. If you can't, default to Damage Control System Modification 1. Aiming System Modification 1 is the only upgrade worth considering in slot three. In slot four, you have the choice. Because of her vulnerability to fires, Damage Control System Modification 1 is arguably optimal. However, expert players may want to swap that out for Steering Gears Modification 1 to help with kiting at very long ranges. Commander Skills I wish I could tell you that it was worth having a unique commander for Repulse, if only to make things more interesting. However, you really can't go wrong with a standard battleship build that you're going to use for the British battleship tech tree line. It should look something like this: You're not going to need Grease the Gears given Repulse's very fast turret traverse, so I suppose that's kinda nice. But given that you probably picked it up to help with some of the awful traverse rates found on the rest of the Royal Navy line, it's not the end of the world. I much prefer Priority Target, but that's a personal bias. Camouflage Repulse comes with two camouflages, Type 10 and Snows and Stars. These are cosmetic swaps of one another with the following stats: -3% surface detection +4% increased dispersion of enemy shells. -10% to post-battle service costs. +50% to experience gains. Her basic Type 10 camouflage. If this looks familiar, it's because the devs gave it to HMS Hood for some reason. You can unlock this palette swap of her Type 10 camouflage by completing part of the "Naval Aviation" collection. The Snow and Stars camouflage is pretty terrible. Firepower Main Battery: 3x2 381mm/45 guns in an A-B-X superfiring configuration Secondary Battery: Fifteen 102mm/45 guns with nine in 3x3 turrets with a pair straddling the first funnel and the final one superfiring over X-turret and then six single guns with three to each side. Let me get Repulse's secondaries out of the way first: They're terrible. She doesn't have enough of them, they're not accurate and they don't hit especially hard. The only thing decent about them is their range. Do not sink any upgrades, signals or skills into these things. Moving on. Repulse has some of the best, tier VI battleship main battery firepower. Here's why: Battlecruiser Dispersion + 2.0 sigma Nearly 20km worth of range 27 second reload 381mm AP shells with 26mm overmatching 95mm of HE penetration Good gun fire angles with 6º/s gun rotation But she only has six guns, Mouse, you might say. And you're correct to be wary of small gun armaments on battleships. Having only six guns means that Repulse has smaller alpha strike potential and lower DPM than her contemporaries (even with her faster reload time). This spills over to her fire-chance as well, making her one of the worst at her tier. One of the less appreciate drawbacks of smaller main battery armaments is that RNG feels more punitive with fewer guns. When firing with larger broadsides, having a pair of shells scatter wide is annoying but less impactful than it is for Repulse where every shell counts. The quality of her individual hits is an issue too. Repulse does not boast the high-performance Royal Navy HE shells, but rather a chimaera that uses the more modest baseline stats from HMS Hood (lower damage, lower fire chance) yet maintains the 1/4 HE penetration from Queen Elizabeth (95mm of penetration instead of 64mm). So her HE alpha strikes aren't terribly impressive and she's a poor fire starter. Repulse's HE would be largely forgettable were it not for the issues with her AP rounds which will force you to still use HE on occasion. Though the Royal Navy 381mm AP shells are capable of overmatching most targets up to tier VII, that doesn't quite reach the 27mm+ threshold found on many higher-tiered cruisers and battleships. Additionally, their penetration values are only good at medium to close-range and they're largely incapble of dealing with battleship belt armour at distances in excess of 14km. This complicates Repulse's gunnery if you're looking to maximize its efficiency, requiring that you aim more carefully, choose the correct ammunition and pick your targets. Thus, when Repulse is top-tier on those smaller, claustrophobic maps, her guns (specifically her AP shells) are much more impressive. When bottom tier, their efficiency falls away. Yet conscious of these drawbacks, the only other guns at tier VI I'd rather have are the 406mm off West Virginia '41 and I only say that by the slimmest of margins. Repulse's guns are hella-comfortable to use. Aim well, and you'll hit what you shoot at. Pick the correct ammo and aim at the right hull locations and you'll see consistent damage. What's more, between the ship's gun handling, long range and high speed, these guns are excellent for over-the-shoulder kiting, taking steady bites out of your opponents. Woe betide the cruiser that flashes broadside to Repulse up to (and including 20km) ranges. She can (and will) punish careless players spectacularly. Graphic dump time! Here's the bad news. In terms of raw numbers, Repulse's six guns just don't cut it, even with their faster reload. This doesn't tell the whole story though. You have to keep shell performance (penetration, overmatch) and accuracy in mind. Andrea Doria is the only tier VI battleship using SAP on the right graph. It's the same news when you look at her fire setting potential. It's not great but her accuracy helps ensure she gets more hits than these raw numbers would otherwise indicate. Royal Navy 381mm AP penetration obviously improves as you climb the tiers, but it's not exactly an impressive round when it comes to penetration. You want well in excess of 350mm of penetration to contend with most battleship belts (allowing your rounds to defealt some angling). Repulse doesn't have this until you get 14km or closer. Compare Repulse's dispersion (blue, on the left) with Ise's dispersion (peach, on the right). Both ships have 2.0 sigma. Repulse's battlecruiser dispersion gives her a tighter overall dispersion area, making those central-landing shells pack in even closer. Still, if you manage 25% accuracy in Fuso, you'd need to managed roughly 45% or better to keep pace with Repulse; which is a pretty tall order. The alternative is to get her guns in action for longer to compensate, and that relies on good positioning and survivability. Very comfy fire angles paired with a very fast (for a battleship) gun traverse speed gives Repulse brilliant gun handling. VERDICT: Their excellent accuracy and overmatch potential makes them deadly. Kite and kill. Durability Hit Points: 56,100 Bow & stern/superstructure/upper-hull/deck: 16mm / 16mm / 38mm / 26mm Maximum Citadel Protection: 26mm anti-torpedo bulge + 229mm belt + 102mm citadel turtleback. Torpedo Damage Reduction: 16% I've removed Repulse's 26mm anti-torpedo bulges to reveal the 229mm belt armour underneath. Note that normal tier VI battleships have 26mm extremities. Repulse has ... issues. I suppose it's kinda fluffy that a British battlecruiser has durability problems. In Repulse's case, this comes from two sources: Her extremities are VERY soft. Her citadel is vulnerable to overmatching from 380mm calibre guns or greater. The 16mm bow and stern sections of Repulse's armour makes her vulnerable, not just to AP overmatch (which I'll get into) but all calibres of HE rounds as well. Repulse's extremities and superstructure can be penetrated by HE rounds of 96mm or greater. So not only is every destroyer out there very happy to make your acquaintance, even the small calibre secondary guns off a lot of battleships are capable of plinking some damage off your soft snoot and butt. Combined with Repulse's horrid anti-torpedo protection, getting in close to enemy lolibotes is generally a terrible idea unless you're particularly good at blapping them with your main battery guns. Note that this issue isn't unique to her. Other tier VI and VII battleships may also contend with small calibre HE shells doing damage to them, but normally, the offending vessel must have the Inertial Fuse for HE Shells commander skill to do so. So from an HE perspective, Repulse's extremities are a weakness but not a glaring one. That actually carries through when you look deeper into her AP protection. While her 16mm extremities look like huge weak points, there's hidden armour geometry that prevents these from becoming an automatic pass to her citadel. To be clear: Repulse still takes massive amounts of penetration damage through her butt or snoot, but it's not always going to be catastrophic citadel hits. Repulse has a lot of these hidden armour plates, including a 76mm turtleback along the interior of her anti-torpedo protection and hidden decks. While Repulse's citadel is still vulnerable, the slope of her turtleback is enough to prompt (though not guarantee) ricochet checks for shells fired at close range, giving her some rather trollish survivability at times. Hits from further out are a much greater danger in this regard, but thanks to her agility and speed, these are easier to avoid. Still, playing catch with large-gunned battleships is generally a bad idea in Repulse. It's best to break contact or Just Dodge™ until you can disengage. Though Repulse is capable of recovering up to 33% of citadel hits (be they from bomb, shell or torpedo), it's not something you want to fall back on. It's not all doom and gloom here, though. Extremities asside, Repulse's amidships hull cannot be overmatched. If you can bait shots here while angled, she can ricochet and shatter stuff for days. Similarly, while she may have fewer charges of her Repair Party, she still retains that Royal Navy 60% penetration damage queue, on top of that 33% citadel damage queue I mentioned before. So clever play can help mitigate this damage, particularly if you fight at a distance to give yourself more time to avoid return fire. The 25mm armour plate over Repulse's machine spaces and the 26mm citadel wall is a big weakness against 380mm+ AP rounds which can overmatch. From gamemodels3d.com. The arrow is pointing to the hidden 102mm v-shaped plate protecting Repulse from overmatching AP rounds. This links up to the fore-end armour belt which is visible in port. Repulse's effective hit point pool looks pretty average. Her 60% penetration damage queue and 33% citadel damage queue does allow her to make better use of her Repair Party than the ships like Dunkerque through Mackensen. Unfortunately, she's only working with four charges of her Repair Party which gives her less overall health than her hit points would otherwise suggest. VERDICT: Bad, but not like "historical British battlecruiser" bad. Agility Top Speed: 31.7 knots Turning Radius: 860 meters Rudder Shift Time: 14.4 seconds 4/4 Engine Speed Rate of Turn: 4.3º/s at 23.7kts Main Battery Traverse Rate: 6.0º/s Repulse's turn radius is bad and her rudder shift time isn't good either, but thanks to being able to overtop 30 knots in a straight line, her rate of turn isn't horrid (but I wouldn't call it anything more than average). Though she needs a lot of room to come about, she doesn't take forever to do it, so that's nice. Better still, with her excellent turret traverse rates, she can't out-turn her guns which is a novelty for British battleships. High speed solves a lot of issues, though it's not without its own set of troubles. Repulse is made to kite and control the engagement distances. Between her own high top speed and her Engine Boost consumable, she's more than capable of outrunning just about any threat she faces (or running it down for that matter). Stack this onto her good main battery gun range, decent fire angles and her not-terrible concealment values and you would struggle to find a battleship better suited to dictating when she gets spotted by her opponents short of the smoke-on-demand Italian designs. On paper, she is theoretically capable of playing keep-away to such a degree that she should be capable of mitigating any of the aforementioned durability issues raised earlier. However, the reality is that her tier bites her in the butt. As nice as Repulse's top speed is, lower-tiered maps are often too claustrophobic for her to make proper use of it defensively. So while her offensive power shoots up when she's top tier, her defensive attribute granted by her speed is compromised to a degree. This can be mitigated somewhat by choosing where to fight, ensuring you have enough open water to take full advantage of her speed, but this does limit some corridors through which she can fight and avoid damage. This is much less of an issue on mid-to-high tier maps when facing against tier VII and VIII opponents. This is, in of itself, a mixed blessing given the increase of larger calibre battleship guns at these tiers, to say nothing of the reduced efficiency of her own 381mm battery. The final issue with her speed is that it's far too easy to over-extend in Repulse. Though she's fast enough to disengage, she's also fast enough to be the first ship spotted if you're not careful. Note that Novorossiysk is not included here. I did not have her unlocked to confirm her in-port turning data when I made this graphic. I have her now, but I'm not redoing this! VERDICT: I love her speed and I'll overlook her other agility woes because of it. Anti-Aircraft Defence Flak Bursts: 1 explosion for 980 damage per blast at 3.5km to 4km Long Ranged (up to 4km): 28 dps at 75% accuracy (21 dps) Medium Ranged (up to 2.5km): 140 dps at 75% accuracy (105 dps) Short Ranged (up to 2.0km): 105 dps at 70% accuracy (73.5 dps) I'm not going to dwell on Repulse's anti-aircraft firepower very long. It's awful; some of the worst at her tier. All of her damage is focused around her 40mm pom poms and 20mm Oerlikon batteries which can only shoot when aircraft are on their final attack run. Thus, they're best described as a "revenge weapons", where any damage you're doing is after already suffering from the CV's predations. While this may end up netting you a kill or two against tier VI aircraft, Repulse stands no chance at dissuading the attentions of a tier VIII carrier. You're never going to deplane a CV with Repulse unless they deliberately orbit around your ship for minutes at a time. Though, this said, it's not like any of the tier VI battleships are particularly fearsome when it comes to their AA defense. Most are just practice targets for even mid-tier CVs. Thus, Repulse has to stick with her allies to have any hope of keeping CV-safe. This runs contrary to her preferred playstyle though -- where she takes up a flank and snipes. This leaves her dangerously vulnerable to aircraft attack. I suppose that's historically accurate and all but it makes for crappy game play whenever a CV is present and intent on ruining your day. VERDICT: Terrible. Just like the state of low-tier surface ship interaction with aircraft. Repulse's AA is so crappy, I couldn't even shoot down this single Bf 109 that didn't even know how to raise its landing gear. Vision Control Base/Minimum Surface Detection: 14.4km / 12.57km Base/Minimum Air Detection Range: 9.62km / 8.66km Detection Range When Firing in Smoke: 13.19km Maximum Firing Range: Between 19.76 and 23.71km when using her Spotter Aircraft Repulse pairs average visibility with excellent range. Combined with her accuracy over distance and her great top speed, Repulse feels far stealthier than her visibility attributes would otherwise indicate. It's only the presence of aircraft, submarines or aggressive destroyers that easily sniff her out. While a quick scan of the enemy roster will give an indication of how effective Repulse's ability to control engagement distances, the size of the map matters a lot as well. The ballistics of her guns do allow her to make use of island cover to a degree (though nowhere near as effectively as a cruiser might), these same islands can be her bane, concealing spotting elements and limiting her ability to kite effectively. Open water is truly where her home is and being able to dictate the range between herself and her chosen target is her bread and butter. VERDICT: Unremarkable concealment but good enough to make use of her speed and range. Anti-Submarine Warfare ASW Armament Type: Airstrike from 1.5km to 8km (plus bomb drop column) Number of Salvos: Up to two Reload Time: 75 seconds Aircraft: Two S.25 Sunderlands with 2,000hp per plane. Drop Pattern: 4 bombs each dropped evenly over roughly a 1.75km column Maximum Bomb Damage: 3,000 Fire Chance: 12% Nothing written here is going to last. We've already received word that with patch 0.11.0, ASW is changing significantly. I'm merely recording this for posterity -- Repulse's anti-submarine airstrikes were pretty good. Without knowing how the bomb blast radius is changing, I can't say for certain, but from the looks of the devblog, submarines are getting a whole lot more survivable against not only battleship airstrikes but gunnery as well. I'm taking you with me! Final Evaluation Repulse comes with a pretty hefty pricetag. If you don't want to participate in any of the dockyard missions, you're looking at a minimum cost of 20,400 doubloons. Alternatively, you can spend the dozens upon dozens of hours grinding to unlock her. If you're already planning to spend a lot of time playing World of Warships this holiday season, you can probably unlock her for free. Just be aware that this is a time commitment and any stages you're missing towards the Dockyard event's end will set you back 1,500 doubloons per. Repulse has a nominal value of 6,800 doubloons (including a port slot) -- so if you're shelling out more than for five stages, it's not worth the dollarydoos. Repulse is a great ship. She carries on the trend Wargaming has had as of late to reduce the theoretical damage output. In terms of balance, I think Wargaming's close, but I'm foreseeing this ship getting hit with the nerf hammer again before 2022 is out. A 28 second or even as much as a 30 second reload may be in the cards for this ship. It will depend how she fares in the wild in the hands of the community. I could be totally off base here, with her speed and survivability creating a perfect storm to make her newfish-bait wherein she gets herself killed way too early (and often) to bring the average score down. But it's hard for me not to see the potential here and worry. For those of you on the fence about opening your wallets, I would strongly caution you to expect the ship to get her efficiency reduced in some way. Instead of Repulse, I think the average player would do much better buying Warspite instead. Warspite trades a little main battery performance and straight-line speed for a slightly larger broadside, better secondaries (they're so good you can do a full secondary spec if you want), better armour and hit point recovery, better fire management and much (much!) better agility. Repulse goes fast and she snipes. Warspite can also snipe, though nowhere near as far. But she can brawl too. She's the better ship for all kinds of PVE engagements too if that's your thing. Repulse uptiers better, I'll give her that much, though the Grand Old Lady is no slouch. You might think Hood a better comparison to Repulse, but tier for tier, Repulse is so much better than Hood that it's no-contest. Here's the list of best to worst British battleship premium and reward ships in my opinion. Thunderer -- I'm biased. Warspite -- I'm very biased, but she's still amazing. Nelson -- ♪ Burn, baby, burn! ♫ Agincourt -- Are they ever going to sell you again? Repulse -- Repulse only rates this low because three of the above ships aren't even available anymore cuz of their performance. How bae-bote has dodged this bullet, I have no idea. Duke of York -- You're not terrible, but I hate what we had to lose to bring you into the game as you are now. Vanguard -- I hate your fire arcs, but you're better overall than Hood. Hood -- The CV rework butchered this ship. Dreadnought -- I want to rate you higher, but Wargaming has neglected low-tiers so badly that you're nothing but a bot-farmer. Marlborough -- Spoilers for my upcoming review! I'm happy to have Repulse in my port, but I am a self-avowed teaboo, so be aware of my bias. If you're a fan of historical British vessels, she's a must have and will serve you well. For anyone else, she's a good ship. Just be aware that her performance statistics aren't permanent.
  3. The following review of Marlborough, the tier IX premium British battleship, was sponsored by my patrons on Patreon who helped me afford this ship. Yes, I whaled for this damn thing. To the best of my knowledge, the statistics discussed in this review are current as patch 0.10.11. Please be aware that her performance may change in the future. Wargaming has gone out of their way to actively sabotage anything redeeming about Marlborough. I would like to say that this is the kind of design I would have cooked up if I was actively trying to troll the community, but I have to be honest with myself: I am not capable of coming up with something this frustrating to play. Marlborough's sins are many, though the base premise is one that is very appealing: Lots of guns big guns firing very quickly. It's a testament to how badly the ship is built that this core design gets mangled so thoroughly. Quick Summary: A tier IX battleship with an enormous battery of sixteen, quick-firing 356mm guns. She has poor fire arcs, poor gun handling, anemic AP and HE shell performance, horrid accuracy and bad armour. PROS Enormous battery of sixteen 356mm guns with ridiculous DPM potential and fire setting. HE shells have 89mm of penetration. Solid top speed of 31.5 knots. Good concealment with a surface detection as low as 12.07km. CONS Horrible citadel placement and protection. Highly vulnerable to HE spam with her homogenous 32mm structural plate. Poor anti-torpedo defence. Some of the worst battleship sigma in the game at 1.4. Only modest range. Awful fire arcs and poor gun handling. Terrible shells with anemic individual performance across AP penetration, HE damage and fire chance. Slow rudder shift time. Unlike other British battleships, her Repair Party only queues 50% of penetration damage. Overview Skill Floor: Simple / Casual / CHALLENGING / Difficult Skill Ceiling: Low / Moderate / HIGH / Extreme Marlborough punishes players. If you try and use her as designed, you'll end up back in port very quickly. Her horrible citadel placement combined with terrible fire arcs means that if you open fire and the enemy shoots back, you're going to lose the exchange. And better still, she's just fast enough to get you into position to get spanked without enough agility or protection to survive attempting to disengage. This is toxic to inexperienced players who will find themselves getting smoked for playing the ship exactly as envisioned. How is that fair? Marlborough's carry potential is as mild as may. The surest path to reasonable numbers from this thing is to spam HE. But those reasonable numbers won't come quickly and you better know when it's safe (and necessary) to push. Marlborough doesn't do you any favours when it comes to outlasting the enemy and you're certainly not going to win any damage trades. Most of your game play in this thing devolves to bow tanking and hugging islands. Options The only surprises with Marlborough's options is how few (and crappy) they are. Consumables For instance: Marlborough only has two consumables. Her Damage Control Party is standard for a British battleship with a 15 second active period, unlimited charges and an 80 second reset timer. Her Repair Party is also standard, but not for a British battleship, which often have all sorts of weirdness going on. Instead, Marlborough's consumable is akin to one you might find on a French, German or Japanese battleship. Marlborough's version comes with four charges base and an 80 second reset timer. It heals up to 14% on her maximum health over 28 seconds. It queues up 10% of citadel damage, 50% of penetration damage coming from torpedoes, bombs, rockets and shells and 100% of all other damage types. Upgrades I'm not a fan of using upgrades to band-aid over flaws, but on Marlborough, it's almost necessary. Start with Main Armaments Modification 1. Next, start building up your anti-fire regimen with Damage Control System Modification 1, though we might not go full hog here. You have a choice in slot three. Aiming System Modification 1 is generally going to be optimal, HOWEVER, Marlborough's fire angles are crap and her gun handling isn't good, so Main Battery Modification 2 isn't a bad idea. it will also save you a couple of commander skill points from having to purchase Grease the Gears. Priority Target is much more important for Marlborough, so saving those two points here is pretty important. Similarly, in slot four, Damage Control System Modification 2 is optimal for reducing fire damage. HOWEVER, Marlborough's fire angles are crap and her gun handling isn't good. Therefore, having the improved rudder shift time from Steering Gears Modification 1 isn't a terrible idea. Concealment System Modification 1 is the only consumable worth considering in slot five. You've got another choice to consider in slot six. Understandably, having an even faster reload is most appealing in Marlborough. Main Battery Modification 3 enables that, dropping her reload from 25 seconds down to 22 seconds. However, given Marlborough's fragility woes, standing further back from the action isn't remiss. Taking Gun Fire Control System Modification 2 increases her range from a modest 20.86km to a respectable 24.2km. Commander Skills I don't think anyone is really surprised I get to re-use this same battleship commander skill graphic yet again. Without improved secondaries, there's nothing really noteworthy here, so fall back on the standard battleship survivability build. Camouflage Marlborough came with two camouflages when you unlock her via the dockyard. They provide the usual bonuses for a tier IX premium: -3% surface detection +4% increased dispersion of enemy shells. -20% to post-battle service costs. +100% to experience gains. Marlborough's War Paint camo is the typical over-the-top patriotic style we've seen repeatedly in World of Warships. As garish as the War Paint camo is, Marlborough's default Type 10 camo makes it look downright appealing. Blech. This camo pattern is hideous. The alternative palette (unlocked through the Naval Aviation collection), tones down the Type 10's garish colours at least. Firepower Main Battery: Sixteen 356mm/45 guns in 4x4 turrets with an A-B-X-Y superfiring configuration Secondary Battery: Sixteen 133mm/50 guns in 8x2 turrets in superfiring pairs firing forward and aft down each side. Let's start with the obvious: On paper, Marlborough has fantastic damage output. Sixteen battleship calibre guns with a 25 second reload are a potential nightmare. With the right upgrade, Marlborough can reduce this to 22 seconds. Marlborough puts a lot of shells downrange very quickly and she has the potential to stack damage out faster than her contemporaries. This is the dream that Wargaming is selling, but it's not a dream that's easily realized. As we'll see, there are a stack of problems that get in the way, making this advertised gameplay challenging to achieve at best and downright frustrating to pursue. Marlborough is a case study on why DPM charts shouldn't be taken at face value. Problem the First Much ado has been made about Marlborough's poor dispersion but it's not as bad as players imagine. This lies solely at the feet of her 1.4 sigma which is among the worst sigma values in the game. Marlborough's dispersion values are otherwise normal for a British battleship, using the same horizontal dispersion values as most of the British, American and German vessels. Thus any accuracy woes the ship suffers must be laid at the feet of her shell grouping. So the question becomes just how bad is 1.4 sigma? Well here, judge for yourself: These are three of my "standard dispersion tests". This is 180 AP shells fired at 15km at a Fuso bot. All of these tests were conducted using the Aiming System Modification 1 upgrade to reduce dispersion by 7%. The Fuso bot was stationary and lacking camouflage. Shots came in from right to left. Two of these dispersion tests were conducted with Marlborough's 1.4 sigma. One was conducted with King George V, who uses identical guns but has 1.8 sigma instead. The difference may be a little harder to discern than expected. Sigma is an often overvalued statistic among players and represeents only a trend, not a guarantee of better accuracy on a per volley (and per match) basis. Dispersion is highly volatile, even with excellent sigma parameters. Marlborough's poor sigma makes it less likely that shells cluster towards the centre of the target area, spreading them out to the same overall area as her contemporaries but more like a "shotgun blast" than ships with higher values. Still, thanks to RNGeebus, it's entirely possible to have good salvos with poor sigma and terrible salvos with excellent sigma. With how few salvos are often fired in a single match of World of Warships and how few key "match defining" shots are needed to make accuracy stand out for good or ill, Marlborough's poor sigma value generates vastly different experiences for players. Missing key citadel hits when the perfect broadside is available is infuriating and likely to stick in someone's head, especially with the knowledge that had the shells behaved, a Devastating Strike was guaranteed. I spent a few days combing over accuracy statistics of some of the better players who had unlocked Marlborough and compared them to how said players did in HMS Lion. The overall accuracy difference was about 1% to 4%. So Marlborough's accuracy is worse, but it's not worse on a level that would be readily apparent if you just went by number of hits. That's perhaps misleading as the quality of said hits will also suffer. There's an enormous disparity in player experience for having a salvo land three citadel hits versus one that lands three over penetrations through the super structure. So yes, Marlborough's sigma value is bad, but it's not game-defining terrible. It's a flaw that's worth keeping in mind, but I personally feel that the import of sigma is overvalued. Problem the Second Marlborough's TERRIBLE fire angles are why I hate playing her. It's no secret that I despise a ship with poor firing angles, particularly if it's paired with shoddy gun handling. Marlborough ticks both of these boxes and, as we'll later see in the durability and agility sections, compounds it with hilariously bad protection and sloppy turning. In order to fire all sixteen guns, Marlborough opens herself up to taking citadel hits in return from not only enemy battlehips but some high-tier cruisers as well. This danger is so pronounced that you can only cycle all your sixteen guns when the Red Team is too busy to shoot back. And so, her main selling feature is horribly compromised. In practical terms, Marlborough is not a sixteen-gun battleship. She's an eight-gun battleship, incapable of using her full broadside for fear of getting clobbered or beaching herself every time she does. For expert players, the big drawback here are her rearward firing angles. Marlborough cannot kite to save her life. In order to trade fire, her only option is to fight bow-in, preferably keeping an island to one flank to prevent crossfire. This severely limits not only her firepower but overall flexibility. Marlborough should be treated as an eight-gun battleship that can occasionally fire sixteen guns. Between her awful fire angles, poor protection and agility, she cannot take advantage of her full broadside unless the Reds are already losing or they're idiots. While bow-tanking at high tiers is nothing new, it is much more pronounced iwht Marlborough. Thus, I feel that it's this second issue, Marlborough's gun handling and fire arcs, that is the most damning for the ship. But we're not done trash-talking yet... Problem the Third Marlborough's AP shells are effectively non-functional. Alright, I'm exaggerating but Marlborough's AP shells are very bad. As 356mm rounds, they lack penetration necessary at this tier. Outside of 14km, they lose all ability to contest battleship belt armour and their ability to citadel enemy battleships falls away significantly closer. Given Marlborough's horrible fire angles, gun handling and protection woes, taking her into a brawl to be able to use her AP decisively is a loser-move. Firing at range means aiming for superstructures and the upper hull, but her dispersion makes that a bit of a crap shoot anyway. You would think that it would get better when facing cruisers but it's still a mixed bag. While she has the penetration necessary to land citadel hits against cruisers at just about any range, she lacks the ability to overmatch anything but very light cruisers like Minotaur, Edinburgh or Smolensk. I would have thought Wargaming would have at least gone so far as to give her AP rounds improved auto-ricochet angles to prop up their poor penetration values and lack of overmatch but it's not meant to be. This means that most cruisers can simply face-tank Marlborough's salvos, risking only taking over penetrating hits through their superstructure or turrets. And speaking of over penetrations, Marlborough doesn't even benefit from the short fuse timers of other Royal Navy battleships. Her 0.033s fuse timers makes over penetrations much more likely against cruisers, especially ships with a narrow beam like Ochakov and Smolensk. With her AP rounds being such poor performers, that just leaves her HE. Problem the Fourth So Marlborough is ostensibly relegated to being an HE spammer. With Marlborough's AP being so crap, I would have thought that Wargaming would have leaned more heavily on Marlborough's HE performance but that's not the case. Like Agincourt and Repulse before her, Wargaming has been nerfing the HE performance of newer Royal Navy battleship designs. But while Agincourt's HE was only gently nudged away from these higher damage and fire setting values, Marlborough's were thoroughly gutted. So while Marlborough is an HE spammer, she's a bad HE spammer, especially when you remember that between fire arcs and accuracy, you're not landing as many hits as her on-paper design would have you think. Those fearsome 10k+ salvos just don't materialize very often and Marlborough is usually only slapping targets for 3k at a time (if even that -- her individual shells usually strike for 480 to 1,584 damage). She's not even a particularly fearsome firebug. On paper she's the best at her tier. In practice, Alsace and the German battleships are more apt. Marlborough just doesn't get to fire all sixteen guns often enough (or hit often enough) to realize anywhere close to her potential. The best thing she has going for her is the increased HE penetration on her shells, but 89mm of HE penetration isn't that much more effective than the 59mm of HE penetration she would have otherwise had. There's a few decks and upper hulls that she can now directly damage that she might not have otherwise, but it's such a niche ability that it's not a merit worth considering. Marlborough's fire setting potential is the best at her tier though it's surprisingly only marginally better than that of Lion. This, of course, hinges on the ability to be able to fire all of her guns and hit stuff reliably ... which you won't. Problem the Fifth This last bit is just nit-picky but it plays into how inept Marlborough's base design is. The best way to counteract all of Marlborough's gunnery and durability issues is to keep her at range. From further away, she's a less appealing target. This, in turn, gives her more opportunity to take full advantage of her fast-reloading broadside. Her HE (crappy as it is) isn't affected by distance and her armour becomes more effective against AP rounds fired back at her. But, once again, Marlborough is held back. While her 20.86km range isn't terrible (it's average for her tier) there's two things to keep in mind. First, Marlborough does not have access to a Spotter Aircraft consumable to provide a temporary boost to her reach. Second, unlike most of the other battleships at her tier, Marlborough's performance improves considerably the more reach she has. When you're bad or your battleship is bad, humping the back of the map and farming fire damage is the way to go. If Marlborough had a few more kilometers of base range, then her design would work as advertised. As it is, taking Artillery Plotting Room Modification 2 helps band-aid a lot of her other problems. Secondaries They suck. Ignore them. Summary Marlborough is a ship that punishes you for trying to play her to her advertised strengths. Her guns are difficult to bring to bear. And when you do get guns on target, she's not going to land as many hits as you might imagine. And what few hits you do land aren't likely to be effective on a per-hit basis. Would that Marlborough's problems end here, but there's more problems coming that compounds her gunnery woes. Her dispersion is bad, but it's not as bad as you're imagining. She has a lot of guns and they do fire quickly, but it's rare you get to use all sixteen of them. Her individual shell performance sucks. Unless you can land a lot of hits, her salvos don't feel particularly strong. VERDICT: Wargaming believes that you should be punished for wanting to shoot Marlborough's guns. Shame on you. Durability Hit Points: 76,800 Bow & stern/superstructure/upper-hull/deck: 32mm / 19mm / 32mm / 32mm Maximum Citadel Protection: 381mm belt Torpedo Damage Reduction: 23% You could be forgiven for imagining that Marlborough's citadel layout mirrored that of Vanguard or the King George V-class battleships. But it's worse than that. It's much worse. While those battleships have citadels that sit at or just slightly above the waterline, Marlborough's citadel is hiked up to her nipples. The one (and only) advantage of this is that her citadel roof is made up of the 152mm reinforced deck found on most ships that's usually hidden by the armour viewer, making her immune to overmatching AP rounds that strike at a shallow angle. But, because her citadel sits so high (indeed, taking up the full height of her belt armour) the above advantage is irrelevant by making lateral hits against her citadel such an easy shot. I might have been okay with this if she had REALLY THICK armour, but 381mm of nearly vertical plate with no extra bells and whistles is pathetic at tier IX. Marlborough is dangerously vulnerable to citadel hits against her contemporaries at almost any distance. But it gets worse. Remember those awful fire angles we discussed earlier? If you try and fire sixteen guns at a target, their return fire can (and will) citadel you. Marlborough's fire angles are so terrible that incoming shells striking her belt will auto-pass their ricochet check a minimum of 81% of the time when she's firing forward and ALWAYS when she fires over her shoulder to the rear. It's never (EVER!) a good idea to trade fire with enemy battleships using all of Marlborough's guns. You'll give up huge chunks of your health if you don't simply die. Things don't get much better against cruisers or destroyers. Her homogeneous 32mm structural plate makes her an easy HE damage farm from heavy and light cruisers. Given her damage output woes, she's not likely to fare well in these trades. Incoming torpedoes from lolibotes and subs don't have to contend with very much anti-torpedo protection either. And if you're thinking "oh, well she's soft skinned because Royal Navy battleships get a good heal", stop right there. Marlborough has a worse heal than any of the other Royal Navy battleships in the game. So not only does she take more damage than other Royal Navy battleships, she doesn't recover health anywhere near as quickly. If you see Marlborough on the enemy team, know that she's an easy target. As an xp pinata, there's a lot to like with Marlborough. But playing her? She's a total drag. Marlborough's potential health is totally average. But when you combine this with her poor protection scheme, she's a lot more fragile than these numbers suggest. There are hidden armour plates in the bow and stern of Marlborough. Unfortunately, her citadel sits so high that any shells bouncing off these plates will just slam into her 305mm bulkheads and citadel her anyway. VERDICT: Bad, horrible and terrible. Agility Top Speed: 31.5 knots Turning Radius: 860 meters Rudder Shift Time: 16.8 seconds 4/4 Engine Speed Rate of Turn: 4.2º/s at 23.5kts Main Battery Traverse Rate: 4.0º/s I wish Marlborough's agility was enough to bandaid her other problem. Sadly, one issue sours the experience. Let's start with the good: Marlborough's top speed is great. 31.5 knots is very comfortable at this tier. Similarly, her 860m turning radius isn't terrible; it's better than a lot of the other high-tier battleships, so I've got to give her a pass here as well. These two factors combine to a 4.2º/s rotation rate when she's at top speed which isn't stellar but it's okay. Unfortunately, this is enough to allow her to out-turn her turrets, but I've already complained enough about that. So you're probably wondering where the issue is. It's her rudder shift time. 16.8 seconds isn't appalling but it's pretty bad. And given her fire angle woes, her lack of torpedo protection and her citadel vulnerability, it's just that much worse. Marlborough feels like she handles poorly. Just Dodging™ isn't in her repertoire and you can forget being able to swing her butt out and back in order to flash her guns and avoid return fire. If she had Vanguard or Yukon's rudder shift time, I might be more forgiving here but given what Marlborough needs, her agility just doesn't deliver. Two things to note with this graphic. First, Giuseppe Verdi's agility is assumed -- I have not tested it yet. She appears to have the same agility as Marco Polo (I suspect her agility performance is cloned) but until I get my hands on her, I won't know for sure. The second item to note is the lack of data for Prinz Rupprecht. I have not unlocked her yet to test her. VERDICT: Close but no cigar. Anti-Aircraft Defence Flak Bursts: 3+1 explosions for 1,540 damage per blast at 3.5km to 6km Long Ranged (up to 6km): 80.5 dps at 75% accuracy (60 dps) Medium Ranged (up to 3.5km): 528.5 dps at 75% accuracy (396 dps) There's not much to say here. Marlborough doesn't put out a lot of damage overall. She's pretty crappy when it comes to how many flak explosions she generates (even if the individual hits are beefier than many at her tier). The best that could be said about her is that she has good reach with her long-ranged batteries so she can support her allies decently. But she just doesn't generate the numbers needed to make any CV player balk. VERDICT: A whole lot of meh. Vision Control Base/Minimum Surface Detection: 15.36km / 12.07km Base/Minimum Air Detection Range: 11.94km / 9.67km Detection Range When Firing in Smoke: 13.35km Maximum Firing Range: Between 20.86km and 24.2km when equipped with Artillery Plotting Room Modification 2. Marlborough's concealment is good. As it stands presently, Marlborough has the tenth lowest upgraded surface detection of all of the battleships within her matchmaking spread. She ends up with a surface detection around 12km which is very comfortable and about on par with a lot of cruisers she faces. With her guns silenced, she has little to fear from being spotted by larger ships, with only the usual culprits of submarines, aircraft carriers and destroyers being able to routinely outspot her. In late game settings, this gets quite powerful, particularly when she needs to disengage. It's unfortunate that she cannot pair this with good kiting fire angles, but such are the woes of her design. There are two other flies in the ointment. The first is her relative lack of range with no ability to boost it short of taking a 6th-slot upgrade. The second is a lack of any bonus detection consumables. Though the days are long gone where orbiting aircraft could help sniff out threats, consumables like Hydroacoustic Search aren't unheard of on a fair number of battleships and Marlborough goes without. Overall, her concealment is one of the few straight-up good things about the vessel. Marlborough has excellent concealment for a battleship. VERDICT: Good, but not good enough to save the ship. Anti-Submarine Warfare ASW Armament Type: Airstrike from 1.5km to 10km (plus bomb drop column) Number of Salvos: Up to three Reload Time: 75 seconds Aircraft: Two S.25 Sunderlands with 2,000hp per plane. Drop Pattern: 4 bombs each dropped evenly over roughly a 1.75km column Maximum Bomb Damage: 3,000 Fire Chance: 17% I'm again merely reporting this for posterity's sake rather than speaking towards its efficacy. The Royal Navy battleships have some of the better airstrikes in the game at this stage in testing. But with overhauls planned, who knows how things will change in the future? VERDICT: Don't know, don't care until things get closer to final. Final Evaluation Welcome to flavour country. Like the tobacco industry, Wargaming will tell you their product is well researched and fine for consumer consumption. This is despite their own evidence that players do not enjoy ships with compromised main gunnery performance. Playing Marlborough isn't likely to give you cancer as far as I'm aware. It just feels like it. This is a bad design on Wargaming's part. The amount of arrogance or ignorance needed to think that it's a good idea to [edited]-slap players for playing the ship the way they promoted her is just astounding. The worst thing is that Wargaming is patently aware that frustrating gunnery isn't received well by the player base, yet they go out of their way to cook up this mess. I'm glad most players I've encountered seem aware that this ship is poorly designed and are keeping away. I really wish Wargaming would stop jerking us around with bad products like this. But let's talk about what a "bad" product means in the context of this game, because invariably there's going to be someone that enjoys this ship -- whether by it's own merits or simply to because they're an unrepentent hipster that can't help but find enjoyment in things panned by the community. It's important to appreciate that unlike her sister game World of Tanks, bad premiums in World of Warships create the illusion of being redeemable. Any ship in the game is capable of damaging any other. It was a meme back in the day, but you could take a tier II Umikaze into tier X matches and with a bit of skill, still pull of some surprising numbers. This addage holds true for Marlborough. She's a bad ship, make no mistake, but she can still generate numbers. Fire and HE spam are the great equalizers after all. All it takes is someone stubborn enough to sit behind the helm and keep trying and Marlborough will eventually deliver. What makes Marlborough bad is the amount work needed to get the same results as other ships. Meanwhile, your team is forced to carry harder to make up for your ships deficits. This isn't an insurmountable ask by any means given how World of Warships is designed. But Marlborough is still a liability. This is obviously in the context of PVP modes. Bots are dumb and you can make nearly anything work in Co-Op. It wouldn't take much to make Marlborough less punitive to play. Wargaming can't do much about her fire angles without clipping into the ship's geometry, so that's a wash. But they could do one of or any of the following: Drop her citadel down another deck. Give her an improved Repair Party. Increase her range by 2.5km. Give her Duke of York's improved auto-ricochet angles (60º to 75º) on her AP shells. Give her King George V's HE rounds. Improve her rudder shift time dramatically. Improve her gun handling dramatically. Even the addition of only of these would vastly improve the experience of playing Marlborough. Some are admittedly powerful (KGV HE, I am looking at you) and might necessitate further balancing measures. Preserving her as-advertised 25 second reload might necessitate giving up range, speed and concealment. I would happily sacrifice those to make her a better gun platform. Main battery performance is the key aspect of game play for battleships in World of Warships and Wargaming screwed it up bad with Marlborough. You shouldn't feel like you're fighting with the ship in order to fire her guns -- especially not with a vessel that comes with a $200 price tag. Shame on you, Wargaming. Mouse out.
  4. Not so long ago, WG announced the Pan-American tier VIII premium dockyard battleship "Atlântico". She is a Brazilian battleship based on a combination of two main projects, primarily Design 782 (a proposed alternative to Design 781, which was chosen by Brazil in 1914 to be built under the name "Riachuelo"), from which it takes most of its characteristics (armor, main battery layout, hull shape), and additionally Design 686 (one of the proposals for a Brazilian battleship in 1910-1911, which would eventually result in the "Rio de Janeiro", later "HMS Agincourt"), from which WG took the inspiration to add an intermediate set of armaments in the form of 8x2 234mm guns (Design 686 called for only 3x2 240mm guns). The ship is also presented under a series of modernizations that could've happened had she actually been built. Historical inaccuracies with the ship itself aside, the biggest issue me and many other Brazilian players had was regarding the name chosen for the ship, "Atlântico". This has to be one of, if not the worst case of misnaming a ship in WoWs, worse than Congress, Milano, and Yukon combined. In this post, I intend to explain why it's such a poor choice, and how it could and should be changed. Before I do that, however, I would like to point out that I tried reaching out to WG to raise this issue through our Brazilian CM, and the fact I'm writing this should show how successful I was, so my only option is to reach out to the community, and hopefully expose the issue enough for WG to at least explain their reasoning for choosing such a terrible name, and ideally changing it before it's too late. So, why is "Atlântico" such a bad name? Simply put, this battleship is a modified design from 1914. Brazil would only name a ship "Atlântico" 104 years later, in 2018, with the purchase of the British carrier "HMS Ocean". To put it into perspective, in 1914 Brazil hadn't even celebrated 100 years since its independence. The name is completely disconnected from any standards the Brazilian Navy would've had at that time. I can only assume that the reason for choosing this name had more to do with marketing than history, since "Atlântico" being the name of the main capital ship in the Brazilian Navy right now might attract more players who neither know nor care about Brazilian naval history, but are aware of our Navy's recent acquisitions, if only by name. While Brazil may have only had two dreadnought battleships, plus a third that was built, but never served Brazil, and a fourth that was ordered, named, and then canceled, that is still four named ships of this type, enough to form a pattern to understand naming conventions in the Brazilian Navy, so let's take a look at those first: -"Minas Geraes", "São Paulo" and "Rio de Janeiro": These three Brazilian states from the southeast region gave name to three Brazilian dreadnought battleships. They were (and still are) all highly populated, and had a strong economy, making them particularly valuable for the nation, and worthy of having their names used in what were the most powerful ships in the Brazilian Navy at the time. From these examples, it's very clear that Brazil had a standard for naming dreadnought battleships after its most relevant states. From that, we can guess what other Brazilian ships of this type could be named, states such as Paraná and Santa Catarina (also important states with economic relevance, they are located in the south region of Brazil, between São Paulo and Rio Grande do Sul, the latter having its name used in one of our Bahia-class cruisers, also acquired in the early 20th century), or Pernambuco (State in the northeastern region, part of the Brazilian coast, and as such, also an important state, in fact, "Pernambuco" was one of the main names considered for our modern carrier "Atlântico") or even Amazonas (well known for its great size and major forests, and also for having its name used in the frigate comanded by Admiral Barroso, one of the most famous Brazilian Admirals, during the Battle of Riachuelo. The name was going to be used in one of the Barroso-class cruisers, the sistership to the tier II cruiser "USS Albany"), though any of our 26 States' names would be preferable over the Atlantic Ocean. -"Riachuelo": The last of the dreadnought battleships Brazil tried to acquire changed the naming convention of the previous dreadnoughts of the nation. Instead of being named after a Brazilian State, it was named after the Battle of the Riachuelo, a major and decisive battle in the Paraguayan War, won in 1865 by the naval forces of the Empire of Brazil, led by the previously mentioned Admiral Barroso in his flagship, the "Amazonas". The name "Riachuelo", chosen to be carried by this Brazilian dreadnought, would become a common name for Brazilian submarines in modern times. During the last decade of the Empire of Brazil, the navy named it's largest battleship, acquired in France, as "Riachuelo", setting an important precedent in naming conventions and breaking away from the naming conventions of man-o-wars (Brazil was the only nation in South America to operate such vessels). Based on the fact that this name remained extremely relevant, we can look into other names that also relate to the Paraguayan War in order to find something more suitable for the inaptly named "Atlântico". One big example is "Humaitá", a name that refers to the Fortress of Humaitá, a major fortification in the Paraguay River, that was considered to be the "Gibraltar of South America". Seen as the main bulwark closing access to Paraguay by river, the fortress was taken by the Brazilian forces in 1868, in what became known as the Siege of Humaitá, yet another major victory in the Paraguayan War that is celebrated to this day alongside the Battle of Riachuelo, throughout the 20th Century and in modern times, wherever there's a Brazilian submarine named "Riachuelo", you can expect the next ship in the class to be named "Humaitá". Another example is "Aquidabã" (or its old orthography: "Aquidaban")*, a name that refers to the Aquidabán River, where the last battle of the Paraguayan War took place, in 1870. The name was chosen to become the second battleship under the Riachuelo-class (although slightly smaller than the lead ship) in the 1880's. Unlike "Riachuelo" and "Humaitá", the name "Aquidabã" was not used after 1906, when the Brazilian ironclad carrying the name was sunk in an accident, probably because the battleship was used as flagship of the opposing forces during the civil war that broke out after the monarchy was overthrown in 1889. Part of the navy rebelled against presidential authoritarianism - high-ranking officers included - leading to an episode know as "Revolta da Armada" (literally, revolt of the navy), which joined forces with the Federalist Revolt raging in the southern states of Brazil. This rebellion would set two groups inside the Brazilian Navy and the rivalry would last for another half century. To avoid further animosity inside the navy, the name "Aquidabã" hasn't been used since. Regardless, the name still fits the naming conventions of Brazil, especially for a ship based on an alternative design for the dreadnought "Riachuelo". Additionally we can also extend this standard to include other names used by Brazilian ironclads and frigates during or after the end of the Paraguayan War, as well as names of any ships that took part in the major battles of the conflict. Naturally, this once again leads us to some previously mentioned ships, like the frigate "Amazonas", but we also get a few new names, such as "Ipiranga", "Beberibe", "Belmonte", "Araguari", "Iguatemi", "Mariz e Barros", "Herval", "Cabral", "Lima Barros", "Silvado", "Sete de Setembro", "Pará", "Alagoas", "Piauí", "Ceará" and "Santa Catarina" (and wouldn't you know, these last five names are based on Brazilian States, it's almost as if we usually name our ships after those, rather than... the ocean). Many of these names were used and re-used to designate coastal and fluvial monitors and smaller armored vessels during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. So, that's what we get with the existing standards for Brazilian battleship names, but I am not done yet. I am not joking when I say "Atlântico" is one of the worst names WG could've chosen, as it is so bad we Brazilians would rather get something akin to the american cruiser "Congress", a name that isn't necessarily fitting for a ship of the type WG wishes to introduce, but at the very least, it's a name that was used before in a ship of the same Navy, any ship at all. While less than ideal, there are some good names with meaningful history behind them that can result from this otherwise lesser standard, for example: -"Niterói" (or its older orthography: "Nichteroy"): Named after the Brazilian City of Niterói, which used to be the Capital of the State of Rio de Janeiro. The name was used by a few Brazilian ships throughout history, a notable one was the frigate "Niterói", the first ship in which served the legendary Admiral Joaquim Marques Lisboa, Marquis of Tamandaré, back in 1823. It would also be the name of the modern Niterói-class frigate that would carry the ashes of this same Admiral, now recognized as the Patron of the Brazilian Navy, back to the city where he was born (Rio Grande, in the State of Rio Grande do Sul) in 1994. While not within our standards to name a Battleship after a city, the fact this name also carries with it the history of the Patron of the Brazilian Navy does give it much more value, more than... the ocean. -"Rio Grande": It seems pointless to repeat myself, but once again, this is the name of a city in the State of Rio Grande do Sul, the historical significance of which comes from being the birth place and final resting place of the Patron of the Brazilian Navy. The name was used before by a Pará-class monitor that participated in the Siege of Humaitá. -"Solimões": The name refers to the Solimões River, and was commonly used by Brazilian monitors. -"Paraguassú": Another name of a river used by a brazilian monitor. -"Brasil": Much like "France" or "United States", Brazil also named an ironclad after the entire nation. -"Angostura": Not as well known as "Humaitá", Angostura was also the name of a Paraguayan fortress that was taken by Brazilian forces in 1868, during the Paraguayan War. The name was first used in an Imperial Marinheiro-class corvette, but was also chosen as the name for the fourth modern Riachuelo/Scorpéne-class submarine, earning a meaningful spot alongside her undeniably more famous sisters, "Riachuelo", "Humaitá" and, to a lesser extent, "Tonelero". -"Tonelero": A name used mainly by Brazilian submarines of the Oberon and Scorpéne classes, it references the Battle of the Tonelero Pass from 1851, where Brazilian forces broke through the forces of the Argentine Confederation. For even longer than "Angostura", the name "Tonelero" stood side by side with "Riachuelo" and "Humaitá". -"Independência": Literally the word "independence", this name references the Brazilian Independence. It was considered for a Brazilian pre-dreadnought, but would end up only being used with any level of significance in modern times as the name of one of the Niterói-class frigates. -"Constituição": Literally the word "constitution", it is currently the name of another Niterói-class frigate, but was also used in the past to name a Brazilian frigate that took part in the Cisplatin War. -"Vitória": Literally the word "victory", it was for a brief period the name of the Brazilian monitor later renamed "Paraguassú". -"Guanabara": The name used notably by one of the Balao-class submarines transfered to Brazil, and currently used by a patrol boat, it refers to the Guanabara Bay, in Rio de janeiro. -"Recife": The name of the Capital of the State of Pernambuco, it was not commonly used, but happened to be the name of a Brazilian frigate that served as our flagship in the Battle of the Tonelero Pass. -"União": Literally the word "union", it is currently known as the name of yet another Niterói-class frigate, but was also the name of a Brazilian corvette during the Battle of the Tonelero Pass. I should make it clear that I don't like all of these names, but all of them would be preferable over "Atlântico", at worst they have more meaning and history behind them than "Atlântico", and at best they actually fit with the naming conventions of the Brazilian Navy in 1914. If it was up to me, my ideal choices would be "Aquidabã", "Humaitá", "Paraná", "Santa Catarina", "Pernambuco", and "Amazonas". Others may have different preferences. As a reminder of how bad the name that WG chose is, the official launch of World of Warships predates the first Brazilian ship named "Atlântico", this game is older than the name WG chose for a battleship from 1914, you can't make this stuff up. So please, WG, listen to the very community you are trying to please with this ship, and change its name. Thank you.
  5. As per the title, can you still obtain the 4,000 research points from the Dockyard event if you have not yet unlocked the research bureau ? Planning for the future, i wouldn't hate to waste those points (receiving another currency alternatively). Thanks in advance
  6. I ended up missing a box when I claimed dockyard stage 4-11 rewards. It showed up in the notifications yet not in the containers section. Note I already had several of the special ones I was saving for a day where I can use the premium time. I claimed the 4-11 stages on 12/12/2021 around 5pm pacific. So I filed a ticket indicating what happened. I claimed rewards 4-11 at the same time. It skipped 4 which is a Santa's gift container. The other rewards all came in and or activated. I didn't see it even mentioned in the notifications to the screen. stages 1-3 were blue and 4-11 were gold. Stages 12 and one were white, so the system knew I had reached it but not claimed it. They also showed the checkmark and said obtained, but nothing received for stage 4 And supports response from some Time warped universe...note the dates in the response! Hello, Commander. Thank you for contacting customer service. I appreciate time and effort that you spent on creating ticket regarding this matter. As for this, I'd like to note that I double-checked this case but didn't find out any issues. Based on our data, you have successfully received the mentioned container on December 9 at 21:14 PT. Furthermore, you have successfully opened it on that day at 22:07 PT and received x50 signal flags Equal Speed Charlie London. Should you have any other issues, please don't hesitate to contact us. Best regards, XXXX So I filed a note in the ticket about their research and dates used. Anyone else run into game issues OR support issues like this? Has anyone x that spent $ on this game run into the issue? Maybe claiming 8 stages of rewards are too much for the system. I would have expected Support to at least check the right dates in the database as part of their research. Not give an absolutely wrong answer. Oh well, it's wg so as expected. Just something to watch out for if anyone is doing the dockyard rewards.
  7. Special Operation P Scapa Flow U - 47 enters the base and sinks HMS Royal Oak, one of the most famous and daring Naval Operations in the Second World War. I have long advocated special two ship premium sales, not just throwing any old ships together but ones that have significant history. This is just such one, it has it all adventure, cunning, daring and most of all HISTORY. WG could make a fortune here in sales and appease the history collectors . Alternatively WG why not have a dual dockyard featuring both ships being built side by side, again you have a historical precedence here, these ships are legendary, its a win win for all. And you get to redeem more goodwill will your community.
  8. 6fingeredman

    ZF-6 Dockyard End Time

    Can someone please confirm when the Dockyard event ends for me? I couldn't fine the end time on the event page other than when 10.5 drops, and all it says in game is 2 days. I'm cutting it close and want to spend as little as possible finishing the event.
  9. It's a bit slow; just under 40 knots with speed boost. The AP is really nice, and can take big chunks of cruiser and battleship health. The reload booster is just long enough to kill a destroyer and disengage. The torpedoes are nice and fast with the torpedo module and hit very hard. The 8km torpedo range is short, but with a very low 5.8km ship detection it's not a big issue as long as you keep an eye on the radar ships. More importantly it's fun to play, which I cannot say about anchorage, hizen, or puerto rico. Probably the best dockyard ship released so far, as far as fun goes. Completing the last three stages (6000 doubloons, $25USD) gets you 10,000 coal, which almost covers the entire cost of the Speed Boost module in the armory. 8/10 Wunderbars
  10. I finished up all 19 phases of the dockyard today. That is a healthy set of rewards for just playing for free. Thanks, WG! What I can't decide on is whether to complete the dockyard for the ZF-6 or not. I've got the dubs but I haven't seen too many positive reviews of the boat. Please share your thoughts - from those who have her or those who adamantly won't get her. I do consider myself a DD main (and play a lot of CL) but I don't go buying every DD that is available. I am happy to let them "come to me" in a Santa crate. I also don't find the KMS DD line that appealing. I haven't even tried the new line. I just like my IJN torp boats best. Edit: on top of the awards above, the crates gave more special signals. Nice!
  11. Italian BBs are due early in 2021, though two T9 BBs (Hizen then Marco Polo) back to back seems inconsistent with what WG has done in the past with the dockyard. Probably one of the Ducas will be the 1/2 or 2/3 dockyard consolation prize. The only alternative could be Vampire II with Mysore as the consolation prize, but that would be even more inconsistent because they likely would not sell her simultaneously with the event as they have done with post Puerto Rico dockyard ships. She would also be the first DD in the dockyard (although that would not be a bad thing) and the first T10 since the botched Puerto Rico rollout of the dockyard. Also there hasn't been any clue that we are getting a Commonwealth tech tree line for the Vampire to correspond with, though I'd love to see one. That leaves the Vampire as a resource/FXP or Research Bureau ship. She looks like a coal or FXP ship to my eye, but that is more rampant speculation.
  12. Allow me to get this out of the way as the title may not be the clearest - this is actually not a rant against the event to get Oklahoma, other than there should have been enough crates in missions to ensure getting it if RNG gave you the finger and not require daily login cause sometimes things go wrong and you cant or don't. More that events like this, the Dockyard events, etc - THIS is how they should be. That if you play a ship around the same tier as the reward one (in this case 4-6, in the case of PR 9-10) for a couple hours a days during the course of the event - you get the ship. Not 12 hours a day for a month+, not 8 hours a day and 30+ dollars, not 6 hours a day in tier 9 and 10 with your absolute A-game basically setting personal records in the ships you do best in for a tier 4-6 ship - A couple hours every day if your already at that tier, if you have something under that tier that the missions apply to then yeah - maybe you have to put in closer to 5+ hours a day, every day of the event, and your fine. Because this is the first event in years that I can remember - I could use ships of the same tier, and still just knock it out as I go, in fact while knocking it out - I knocked out some of the Epoch missions which included ships I needed to grind XP on, I was able to do grinding on Colorado (seeing as the issues that prevented me from getting daily containers just barely cost me Kansas before that - which was also a fairly good set considering but maybe a bit much for a tech tree ship). I didn't have to play specific ships, I didn't have to play the best ones I have, I didn't have to play the boring as hell meta - I could just play with a focus on the missions objectives when they weren't overly general (like do damage). For the first time in a long time doing one of these mission chains for a ship or the like - I actually had fun and don't feel burned out trying to do it. For a tier 5 ship - the challenges were FAIR, which is more than I can say for a lot of these types of things you've done. Because I don't have a problem with a challenge - I just want a fair one, preferably without me having to treat the game like a full time job. But that's me - I like my events that even if they can be a bit of a grind at times cause MM won't give you games where capturing or getting base defense is easy let alone normally happens - they don't FEEL like a grind.
  13. To complete a stage requires finishing 6 directives. Do you get the Stage final reward (dockyard token) when you finish 6 directives, or do you have to complete all the directives in the stage to receive the token?
  14. Ok, I understand Dockyard is meant to be a fixture for the game in the long run, it is a nice extra layer of content and generates revenue, but as it is now there are some limitations to being really engaged in the dockyard dynamic. IMO the more evident are: Reward ship being uninteresting for many players, and time constraints when added to the rest of the events, missions and grinds. My proposal is turning Dockyard into a permanent fixture, to have a Dockyard Tab in your port screen and there you select which ship you want to build from a list of suitable ships from different tiers, in order to keep revenue up, a proportional fee in doubloons could still be required to "launch" the ship (as it is now). Construction process requirements could vary from ship to ship to have a fair degree of variability and keep things fresh, for example you could need some "base resources" in the form of coal, steel or even research points, you can even throw in some modules from the tech tree that required to be unlocked and bought to be "fitted" into the ship, and also some the usual "labor" of completing tasks and mission. Anyway, that's just extra and could be adjusted, the main thing here is to be able to select which ship to build and to remove the time limit to completion. By making it more interesting and accessible to every player, you could guarantee an increased revenue from the Dockyard mechanic, some players that don't partake in the Dockyard event would be enticed to use it to build ships of their choice, and some "hardcore" players could even be able to build many ships in the time span of a regular Dockyard event.
  15. I’ve already spent the 8k doubloons for the boost at the beginning of the dockyard event. I have a little over 3500 doubloons currently. If I bought the last two dockyard boosts with those doubloons would that mean I effectively get more RB points? Reason I’m asking is I’m a little over 10k RB points away from Ohio and the dockyard event SHOULD get me the rest without needing to reset a line again.
  16. Cpt_JM_Nascimento

    Wallpaper version?

    Does anyone have this screenshot, but without the setence in the mid and the "collect" button? Thanks in advance
  17. Hey @Hapa_Fodder , I just want to get it down on the record that showing that you can do a mission in the Scenario game mode but then limiting the mission to T7+ is an confusing at best. The combination is impossible so why do they give a false impression that a mission could be done in a game mode when it really can't? I mean, why even allow that game mode on the mission?
  18. I keep having issues with the dockyard loading. It will just give me the never ending loading circle, have the dockyard directive bar at the bottom but still display my port, or completely freez up my computer to the point where I cant even control alt delete I have to restart. Is there anyone else having a similar issue or know what I can do to resolve it? I have already re-downloaded the game and nothing has changed. It's very hard to check on the directives or progress to the next one when I cant even get to the dockyard to collect the previous one. Any help would be appreciated.
  19. Essentially, the title. After the unmitigated disaster that was the Puerto Rico, I'm legitimately surprised that WG decided to bring back the Dockyard again. I'm also rather surprised that I haven't seen a deluge of threads of people saying they're going to quit the game forever because of the return of the Dockyard. Really, that's about it. Just me remarking on the lack of an utter sh*tstorm that I'm seeing because of what might be the single most reviled decision WG has ever made in this game.
  20. As we all know the latest update brought a dockyard that barely works. I play on steam, so unfortunately the patch does not work and I am left unable to view the dockyard of spend doubloons on the starter pack for the dockyard. Any fixes?
  21. So with the announcement of the 'new and improved' (which I highly doubt, Wargaming didn't learn crap from the PR) what do you expect we will have to build? How hellish do you expect the grind to be? My vote for the ship is Agir, because Wargaming has already nerfed it into the ground, a perfect gift for the ened of a grind even worst then the PR. Please keep discussion to the potential ahips and potential hell grind, we all know Wargaming didn't learn anything from the PR, we don't need to discuss it further.
  22. Go here for the 8.11 live server thread NOTE: WIP on PTS and anything can change and probably will. And it changed. The information below is compromised. I will start new later today, but we will not have all the info until after the patch drops. Ok, so this is a preview of the Dockyard from the PTS, but I will update when we get the patch notes for the live server. There will be lots of pics in the spoilers as the mods don't like picture heavy posts, so do check those out. 8.11 is expected to drop Wed, Dec 11th at 8am EST (maintenance window starts at 5am EST) 8.11 is expected to end Wed, Jan 8th?? at 5am EST. So plan on being done Tue, Jan 7th. 8.11 looks to be running until as late as early morning Jan 15th as that is when Med Tokens convert to credits. Training screens from in-game and the Rules from the PTS so the numbers may not stay the same. So you can see there are 6 stages to complete to get the T10 CA Puerto Rico. Each Stage is broken up into Phases and there is a reward for each Phase (more below). You generate Construction Points (CP) every min and can get boosts to increase the CP/min rate. You will need to get multiple boosts to acquire Puerto Rico. You will want to get boosts as soon as you can to maximize the CP/min rate, but with application of all the available boosts, you can still get Puerto Rico very late into the expected 28 day long patch as long as the CP/min rate in the live server is the same as the PTS. Boosts to Construction Points per minute These are PTS numbers and have changed on the Live Server. There will be Ship Building (SB) Tokens to earn in the Directives, Daily Mission Chains and Daily Shipments (see below). Here are the boosts to the CP/min from the PTS. The rate change, instant bonus, Ship Building Token cost, and doubloon cost *may* or *may not* change on the live server. I think the Token and Doubloons costs may very well change. You must get the boosts in the order of each chain. The Free boost is first and the 3 dub boosts branch to to the right with the 8 Token boosts branching to the left. You can use both sets at the same time. Boosts Free boost: instant +500k CP and +6 pts/min 1st Token boost: instant +750k CP and +104 pts/min (1k SB Tokens on PTS) 2nd Token boost: instant +1.2M CP and +104 pts/min (1k SB Tokens on PTS) 3rd Token boost: instant +1.6M CP and +173 pts/min (1k SB Tokens on PTS) 4th Token boost: instant +1.6M CP and +173 pts/min (1k SB Tokens on PTS) 5th Token boost: instant +2.5M CP and +208 pts/min (1k SB Tokens on PTS) 6th Token boost: instant +2.5M CP and +208 pts/min (1k SB Tokens on PTS) 7th Token boost: instant +2.5M CP and +208 pts/min (1k SB Tokens on PTS) 8th Token boost: instant +2.5M CP and +208 pts/min (1k SB Tokens on PTS) 1st dub boost: instant +4.5M CP and +104 pts/min (1k doubloons on PTS) 2nd dub boost: instant +6M CP and +138 pts/min (1k doubloons on PTS) 3rd dub boost: instant +7.5M CP and +173 pts/min (1k doubloons on PTS) NOTE: The sheets in the spoiler have numbers from the PTS and we do not know if these numbers will be the same on the live server. You earn CPs every minute, even if you are not logged into the game. You need to earn 32,062,500 CPs to get Puerto Rico. I made two spreadsheets, one for Token boosts and one for Doubloon and/or Token boosts. They are point times for simplicity, like if you got all the boosts to that column at once. Meaning, if you got all three of the Doubloon boosts in the first hour after 8.11 goes live, then the H3 cell on the Doubloon sheet would show that you would get more than enough CPs to get Puerto Rico. These are PTS numbers and when the Dockyard starts and ends has changed on the live server. These numbers are no longer valid. How to earn Ship Building Tokens (SB Tokens) SB Tokens will be earned in patch 8.11 and used in 8.11 to boost the construction of Puerto Rico. There will very likely be other things you can buy with SB Tokens in the Armory and they will likely not be converted to credits until patch 9.1 (February-ish). IF you want Puerto Rico is HIGHLY recommended that you use it for CP/min boosts, until you know you will get PR. SB Tokens can be earned in Directives, Daily Chains and the Daily Shipments. Daily Shipments These will likely start on patch day which is likely to be Wed, Dec 11th at 8am EST. There are 10 14 rewards and you can earn them from Dec 11th until early morning Jan 1st, so over 14 21 days. So you have to start collecting by the 18th to get them all. You need only to log into the game, click on Daily Shipments, and then click accept to get the reward. We do not know yet how many SB Tokens we will get in the Daily Shipments. There are 5 per reward and 10 on the last reward for 75 SB Tokens total. Daily Chains These are the 6 Missions you complete for base XP. They are in two chains; one of 250, 500 and 1,000 base XP. The second is 1,100, 1,200, and 1,300 base XP. We do not know yet how many SB Tokens we will get each day in the Daily Chains. There are There are 640 SB Tokens from Wed, Dec 11th to Sun, Jan 12th inclusive. So 33 days in total to earn them. Directives The Missions from the PTS *MAY* be the same on the Live server but we will not know until the patch drops. @Ensign_Cthulhu made a thread on the DIrectives on the PTS for how they will work and an early strategy for grinding them. We are thinking that ship types, nations and tiers will likely stay the same on the live server. What we don't know is how much of each type of missions we will need; like how many credits for a mission for example. The spoiler has Ensign's first post. Phase Rewards These stayed the same on the live server The first number is the Construction Points needed to complete the Phase. The rewards may or may not change on the live server. Stage I 218,750 - 5,000 FXP 437,500 - 50 Zulu Hotel signals 656,500 - 50 Zulu signals 875,000 - 1,000 coal 1,093,750 - 1 day WoWS premium 1,312,500 - Santa's Gift Container Stage II 1,781,250 - 2,000 coal 2,250,000 - 10,000 FXP 2,718,750 - 50 Papa Papa signals 3,187,500 - 50 Equal Speed Charlie London signals 3,656,250 - 3,000 coal 4,125,000 - Santa Big Gift Container Stage III 4,843,750 - 2 4th Anniversary Gift containers 5,562,500 - 2 4th Anniversary Gift containers 6,281,250 - 2 4th Anniversary Gift containers 7,000,000 - 2 4th Anniversary Gift containers 7,718,750 - 4,000 coal 8,437,500 - Santa Mega Gift container Stage IV 9,437,500 - 3 days WoWS premium 10,437,500 - 10 Hydra signals 11,437,500 - 10 Basilisk signals 12,437,500 - 10 Scylla signals 13,437,500 - 10 Leviathan signals 14,437,500 - 1 New Year T8 perma-camo DD, CL/CA, or BB once. Note that one of the two New Year perma-camos in the PTS may be a stand-in for the US Flag alternate Puerto Rico perma-camo. Stage V 15,750,000 - 10 Dragon signals 17,062,500 - 10 Wyvern signals 18,375,000 - 10 Red Dragon signals 19,687,500 - 10 Ouroboros signals 21,000,000 - 5,000 coal 22,315,500 - 1 New Year T8 perma-camo DD, CL/CA, or BB once @Ensign_Cthulhu got this during the PTS, so you can get up to 2 T8 perma-camo and can pick the DD, CL/CA, or BB to put them on. Stage VI 23,937,500 - 5 Spring Sky one-use camo 25,562,500 - 5 Asian Lantern one-use camo 27,187,500 - 5 Mosaic Sky one-use camo 28,812,500 - 2,000 steel 30,437,500 - 10,000 coal 32,062,500 - T10 CA Puerto Rico Here is the New Year perma-camo. You can mount it once on a DD, CL/CA, or BB and it is permanently locked to that ship. @tfcas119 noted that the alternate Puerto Rico perma-camo may be the live server reward for one of the two new Year perma-camos on the PTS. I added his pic in the spoiler. This changed, the two New Year T8 perma-camo do not stand in for the all American perma-camo. You get some other way or with the PR, not sure yet. Ship Building Collection You get 5 Ship Building containers in the Daily shipments, 24 in the Directives, and 12 in the Gorizia combat missions for a total of 41 Ship Building containers. Nothing yet on if premium Ship Building containers will be sold. This is NOT, repeat NOT a subscription collection, so it will NOT drop in daily containers. There will be a ship building collection in 8.11 and the items will be in the Ship Building containers. There are 20 items with 5 sub-collections of 4 each. You will get a WoWs premuim day for each sub-collection and Santa's Big Gift container s the final reward. This does not appear to be a subscription collection as there is no Collect/Don't Collect toggle in the Dev Bulletin pics. On the PTS, there were many missions with a Ship Building container as a reward, so hopefully that will translate to the live server. Snowflakes Every tier 5 plus ship will get ONE snowflake per ship during patch 8.11. This is one snowflake per ship for the WHOLE patch. It is NOT a daily snowflake. If this works like all the other flake events, if you acquire a new tier 5 plus ship, you will get a snowflake for the new ship. You blow off the snowflake by winning a game in a Random, Co-op, Scenario, Ranked, and/or Clan battle. This event will have the tech tree and premium ships all have the same rewards based on tier. Note, penalties for leaving a game early still apply, so starting and leaving a co-op game before you sink WILL turn you pink and possibly then orange if you do it enough. 400 coal - T5 tech tree or premium ship 500? coal - T6 tech tree or premium ship (nothing official yet, but PTS has 500) Still don't know how much coal the T6 will give. Probably 500-ish. 750 coal - T7 tech tree or premium ship 75 steel - T8 tech tree or premium ship 75 steel - T9 tech tree or premium ship 1 Santa Gift Container - T10 tech tree or premium ship. This is the smallest size. You do get more Santa containers from Directives, the Dockyard, Daily Shipments and the collection. The Captain's Logbook This is a new part of the port that lets you see the items, ships, flags, etc that you have at a glance. It is not replacing the Inventory or carousel, but is another way to view your stuff. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/game-updates/captains-logbook/ NOTE: WIP on PTS and anything can change and probably will. And it changed. The information below is compromised. I will start new later today, but we will not have all the info until after the patch drops.
  23. I found checking in on the dockyard animation and descriptions to be a very cool addition to this holiday season in WoWS. I will honestly be looking forward to when and if the ability to build a new, and possibly somewhat more obtainable, ship returns. I played a lot of games to complete 3 sets of Directives and a bunch of dailies to get some free boosters and my Gorizia, but pretty much gave up on going any further due to an impending feeling of futility in facing another set of formidable progress bars. So alas, with only about 14 hours left and not having bought 24,000 gold worth of boosters, I don't think I am going to make it. I did not build a spreadsheet to calculate completion times and confirm this, but I am pretty sure I will fall short. However, I did want to memorialize the state of my Puerto Rico here, even if she is unfinished. She has a completed hull and propulsion, and I wish I could take her into Co-op and use her to ram some bots and complete "potential damage" missions. A bonus is that with so little superstructure, it is literally impossible for her to take 10K salvoes above the hull and it should be much harder for enemies to set her on fire. On second thought, a fun event might be a "Demolition Derby" style contest in which we can ram each other's uncompleted PR's until one final victor remains floating? It could be a cool way to test a new ramming dynamic in which each ship does not automatically die on first contact - which I personally think has always been the goofiest part of the game. Anyhow, adios to my 66% Puerto Rico. You would still cost more gold for me to buy now (25,000 gold after the effort of grinding completing four of six stages?) than what the paid boosters would have cost, so my wallet will unfortunately have to remain untapped. You may soon be gone from my client, but you will live on for a while longer in my heart. I truly hope all of the tiny welders can go on break now and get some rest. PS - please feel free to share the state of your dockyard here, to memorialize your X% Puerto Rico (or what a completed one looks like, too), if the spirit so moves you. I, for one, will be grateful to have gotten some dockyard swag and a free Tier VII ship, at least, for falling short.
  24. WE at POPS manage to grab with our grubby hands a image of the upcoming secret tier10 premium soviet sub. i present you, the alicorn.(image taken with ultra settings in world of warships) yes it can carry planes and launch them to attack targets while you are on surface. from what we could get,this will be a dockyard ship for the upcoming christmass 2020 event. i would like to thank our good boys at POPS for risking their lives: floridastan small dog Chicago09 middayfenrir serbertz namedphenomenon