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Found 2 results

  1. A surprise Super Container from taking Try Your Luck. Its not the Best Premium you could get from a Box. But than the best premium is the Free Premium. Super Containers can be a bit disappointing most of the time. This Ship is my second Premium from a TYL Super Container, the first being the Anshan several years ago. Good luck and my RNG Favor you with those Containers.
  2. Short story, A Norwegian Frigate. Got into an accident with this, The Frigate didn't do so well. I'm sure that can be buffed out. Or call that dude who sells Flex Tape and Flex Seal, maybe he can help put the boat back together. Full story here, https://imgur.com/gallery/EeGlYJe Kind of reminds of that story about the Ship Captain who yelled at the light in the fog to yield to his right of way. Only to find out he was yelling at a light house. Also who knew Tankers could mount Hotel Yankee flags.