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Found 4 results

  1. Ducati_Black

    [-BRS-] Black Ribbon Society

    Welcome to the Black Ribbon Society (-BRS-)! We are a clan of strictly 18+ individuals. We value having a good time, enjoying a good drink, and working towards improving teamwork/skill. We expect all of our members and friends to enjoy a good laugh and enjoy some good wins. Our focus will be on working towards a successful Clan Battles season and displaying our prowess in Ranked game sessions. If that doesn't float your boat...casual members are also welcome. Black Ribbon Society is just getting started. We are a group that understands it takes time and effort to get results. We have a wealth of experience in game (and in life) and in the competitive realm, some of it with some of the top clans. To join the Black Ribbon Society you need to meet a few minor requirements: 1. Have at least one T10 ship. We don't care which ship it is, just show us that you have put in the time to work through a line. 2. Be over 18 years old. 3. Don't be a "beating" in voice coms, we are all here to enjoy ourselves. 4. Must come on discord to meet us, and be on Discord to play with fellow members when around. 5. Maintain activity in World of Warships, playing at least once a month isn't much to ask. Vacations and burnout are valid excuses, just let us know before you disappear. 6. Have a sense of humor. This is a video game that we all play for recreation. 7. Clan Battles participation will be chosen based on team composition and fit, stats from "Randoms" don't mean everything. Message xTybaltx or Ducati_Black in game or Discord if you are interested and we will play some games with you. We look forward to seeing you on the field! Black Ribbon Society Discord
  2. We are a new clan starting up all of us founding it are coming from top hurricane teams. We are currently Selectively recruiting we value Quality over Quantity with the goal of eventually becoming a top tier competitive clan. We also aim the continually improve ourselves and those around us. Our recruiting requirements are 60% win rate Overall and around 2100 PR overall Must have Tier X's as our clan is highly Clan Battles focused Above 60% win rates in their Tier X and must play their Tier X's to a high level. Exceptions can be made(within reasonable parameters) for those who's abilities far exceed what their stats suggest. We also consider past 30 days all the way to 180 days. Player profiles must not be set to private. And must be able to fluently speak English Due to the nature of PR being easily farmed however we cannot base everything on statistics alone so each recruit will be decided upon based on a case by case basis and for those that are accepted in will be on a performance based trial run as to whether they stay and have a place or not. Many of our core founding members come from competitive backgrounds and can easily distinguish between exceptionally skilled players and stat farmers. For those of you interested in joining or any questions our Discord. Our discord is also open to anyone who would like to join and get to know us or if you just want someone to Div with.
  3. [Stark Fist of Removal] We're filling the clan with people who just want the benefits and maybe the occasional div, or a CW match for fun. There's a discord if you're into that, but you don't need it. West coast preferred, but not required (we have people from South Africa and all over). 50% and above win rate preferred if you're over a 1000 battles, just so we know you're not a bot, but new players are also welcome. Chill, play, collect that sweet sweet oil.
  4. Taichunger

    Narai, a teamwork way

    The upgraded Narai still retains much of the fun of the old Narai. Everything happens much faster, however, and it is no longer a shooting gallery. Our Operations division did this the other day with a string of five stars. Here is one good basic way to do this. In this operation a CV is less productive than a BB, so we generally run 3 BBs, 3 high DPM cruisers, and 1 DD, all driven by people who know what they are doing. The DD is captained by our fearless leader, @Lightninger, who has numerous youtube videos of how to run a DD in operations. The best BBs, we have found are Hood (super tanky, the guns are murderous when they hit, and the secondaries are surprisingly productive), Scharnhorst (obvious), and KGV (good damage resistance, HE fire chance like a bot, and 25 second reload). Basic plan is like this: 1. two ships, cruisers, must go through the islands and kill the Lexington that comes up the 10 line to escape off the map (purple). Two ships are necessary, because the Lex is protected by a Phoenix or Omaha and a DD, which WILL torp you and then go kill transports if it is not killed (ditto for that cruiser). The CV and the escorts must be killed, all three ships. One cruiser can go IF the DD comes over to help. You can do this with cruiser/BB, or BB and the DD (see below). 2. The DD has one major assignment: torp the Missouri. After that it can break off to help kill the Lex -- becoming the second ship committed to the Lex -- or hit the harbor. 3. 1 BB (yellow line) roars right down the center as fast as possible. The best BB for this and probably for this Op is the KGV. You can also go through the islands. 4. 1 high DPM cruiser, Helena or Atlanta, runs to the side harbor and kills all the transports (gray line). If you kill them all on your own you collect an achievement, Shark among Shrimps. 5. The other ships stay with the transports. Re (3) above: you might wonder how on earth a battleship could glide unmolested up the middle/through the islands, but that's what happens. If you switch between AP and HE, you can kill everything along the way before it bothers you. The Missouri's target priorities are DDs followed by cruisers followed by BBs. As long as other food is present it will ignore battleships (as it is doing in the image above, ignoring me), which means that you can put some damage on it as you pass by at point-blank range OR... ...as soon as you reach the Missouri the Lex in the harbor becomes visible. You can usually put 3 or 4 salvos into it from your front guns before it disappears into the wall of smoke the DD makes for it. If not for the smoke it would be killable by this BB. I have yet to cit it with KGV guns, though I have put 2-3 cits on the Ranger with KGV when it appears. The trick to getting safely in the harbor is to load HE when the CV disappears, as it is doing in the image above. There's a Dallas waiting by the entrance, but there is also a Campbelltown that will torp you as you enter the harbor (not visible in this image). So when you reach this point, slow to a stop (I am eating CV torps in that image because I slowed to avoid Campbelltown torps) so you can avoid torps from the DD, then enter the harbor and blap the DD with HE. If things go well someone on the other side will finish it. Good luck!